Roy Jenkins
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"Roy Harris Jenkins, Baron Jenkins of Hillhead", Order of Merit/OM, Privy Council of the United Kingdom/PC was a Politics of the United Kingdom/British politician and writer.

The son of a Welsh coal miner, Roy Jenkins later became a union official and Labour MP. He also served with distinction in World War II. Elected to Parliament as a Labour Party (UK)/Labour member in 1948, he served in several major posts in Labour Government 1964–1970/Harold Wilson's First Government. As Home Secretary from 1965–1967, he sought to build what he described as "a civilised society", with measures such as the effective abolition in Britain of capital punishment and theatre censorship, the decriminalisation of homosexuality, relaxing of divorce law, suspension of birching and the legalisation of abortion. As Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1967–1970, he pursued a tight fiscal policy. On 8 July 1970, he was elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, but resigned in 1972 because he supported entry to the Internal Market/Common Market, while the party opposed it.

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