"Robert Myers" may refer to:

*Robert Myers (physicist), theoretical physicist

*Robert J. Myers (1912–2010), American actuary who co-created the American Social Security program

*Robert L. Myers, Pennsylvania politician

*Robert E. Myers (businessman) (born 1946), American financier

*Robert E. Myers (record producer) (1912–1976), classical producer and artists & repertoire specialist

* Robert Edward William Myers (1947–2008), politician in Saskatchewan, Canada

*Robert ÆOLUS Myers, American composer, performer and producer

*Robert Hill Myers (1856–1921), politician and judge in Manitoba, Canada

*Robert Manson Myers, author; winner of a List of winners of the National Book Award/National Book Award

*Bob Myers (born 1974/1975), basketball executive and former college basketball player

*Bobby Myers (American football) (born 1976), American football player

*Bobby Myers (racing driver) (1927–1957), American stock car driver

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It's really good for the family. Now they can get through their grieving and move on.

Robert Myers

The father tried to help...and got struck himself, ... I met with Raleigh a couple days later, took his written statement, and observed about six stitches in the back of his head.

Robert Myers

Having an advising core for 7,000 students in one shop just boggles the mind, ... If they did that, they would be saying, 'Oh, these guys are engineering wannabees.'

Robert Myers

Raleigh told me a bloody pen and a bloody beer bottle had been wiped off and taken inside.

Robert Myers

There are rules how any type of seeds can come into the U.S., ... [The government] want seeds to be minimally fumigated, treated for insects and diseases.

Robert Myers

You don't have to ask for volunteers, ... We have them coming up here, asking, 'Where do you need me?'

Robert Myers