Ralf Schumacher
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"Ralf Schumacher" is a retired Germany/German racing driver. He is the younger brother of seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher and the pair are the only siblings to have won races in Formula One.

Schumacher began karting at the age of three and achieved early success, before he made the transition to car racing in the German Formula Three Championship and the Formula Nippon series. He first drove in Formula One with Jordan Grand Prix for the 1997 Formula One season/1997 season. Schumacher moved to the Williams F1 team in 1999 Formula One season/1999 finishing in the top ten of the Drivers' Championship that year. He won his first Grand Prix in 2001 Formula One season/2001, en route to 4th place in the Drivers' Championship, and subsequently won five more victores over the course of two years.

Schumacher left Williams at the end of 2004 Formula One season/2004 and joined Toyota Racing in 2005 Formula One season/2005. However, his performances throughout 2006 Formula One season/2006 and 2007 Formula One season/2007 resulted in Schumacher leaving Formula One, as a result of internal pressure. After leaving Formula One, Schumacher joined the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters in 2008, achieving minor success, and retired from motorsport at the end of 2012 to enter a managerial role within DTM, mentoring young drivers.

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