Peter Mandelson
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"Peter Benjamin Mandelson, Baron Mandelson" Privy Council of the United Kingdom/PC is a British people/British Labour Party (UK)/Labour Party politician and President of the international think tank Policy Network. He was the Member of Parliament (United Kingdom)/Member of Parliament (MP) for Hartlepool (UK Parliament constituency)/Hartlepool from UK general election, 1992/1992 to Hartlepool by-election, 2004/2004, and served in a number of Cabinet of the United Kingdom/Cabinet positions under Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He was also the European Commissioner for Trade between 2004 and 2008.

Mandelson was one of a group of people behind the rebranding of the Labour Party as "New Labour" and its subsequent landslide victory in the United Kingdom general election, 1997/1997 election. He resigned twice from the Cabinet before leaving Parliament to take up an appointment as a European Commissioner. He later rejoined the Cabinet for a third time, being made a life peer in the House of Lords.

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