Jim Sensenbrenner
FameRank: 6

"District abolished"

/office3= Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee

/term_start3= 2001

/term_end3= 2007

/preceded3= Henry Hyde

/succeeded3= John Conyers

/office4= Chairman of the United States House Committee on Science and Technology/House Committee on Science and Technology

/term_start4= 1997

/term_end4= 2001

/preceded4= Robert Smith Walker/Bob Walker

/succeeded4= Sherwood Boehlert

/office5= Wisconsin Senate/Wisconsin State Senator

/term_start5= 1975

/term_end5= 1979

/office6= Wisconsin State Senate Assistant Minority Leader

/term_start6= 1977

/term_end6= 1979

/office7= Member of theWisconsin State Assembly

/term_start7= 1969

/term_end7= 1975


/birth_place= Chicago, Illinois/Chicago, Illinois

/residence= Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

/alma_mater= Stanford University, University of Wisconsin

/occupation= attorney

/religion= United Episcopal Church of North America/Episcopalian (formerly), Anglican Catholic

Catholic Church/Roman Catholic (since 2014)

/spouse= Cheryl Warren Sensenbrenner

/children= Frank SensenbrennerBob Sensenbrenner


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