Jim Allchin
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"James "Jim" Edward Allchin" is an United States/American blues rock guitarist/singer, philanthropist, and a former Microsoft executive.

He assisted Microsoft in creating many of the system platform components including Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, server products such as Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Server, and developer technologies. He is best known for building Microsoft's server business. He is also known for his leading role in the architecture and development of the directory services technology Banyan VINES. He has won numerous awards in his career such as the Technical Excellence Person of the Year in 2001. Jim Allchin led the Platforms division at Microsoft, overseeing the development of Windows client from Windows 98 to Windows Vista, Windows Server from NT Server 4.0 to Windows Server 2008, as well as several releases of Microsoft Servers/Microsoft server products as well as Windows CE and Windows Embedded line of products. After serving sixteen years at Microsoft, Allchin retired in early 2007 when Microsoft officially released the Windows Vista operating system to consumers. He is now a professional musician.

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