James Martineau
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"Dr. James Martineau" was an English Christian philosophy/religious philosopher influential in the history of Unitarianism.

For 45 years he was Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy and Political Economy in Manchester New College, the principal seminary/training college for British Unitarianism.

Many portraits of Martineau, including one painted by George Frederick Watts, are held at London's National Portrait Gallery, London/National Portrait Gallery. In 2014, the gallery revealed that its patron - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - was related to Martineau. The Duchess' great great grandfather, Lupton family/Francis Martineau Lupton, was Dr James Martineau's great nephew. The gallery also holds written correspondence between Martineau and Poet Laureate, Alfred, Lord Tennyson - who records that he "regarded Martineau as the master mind of all the remarkable company with whom he engaged". Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone/Gladstone said of Martineau; "he is beyond question the greatest of living thinkers".

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