"Jim" or "James Boyd" may refer to:

* James Boyd (born 1977), played with the Jacksonville Jaguars

* James Boyd (Australian politician) (1867–1941), member of the Australian House of Representatives

* James Boyd (boxer) (1930–1997), American boxer

* James Boyd (novelist) (1888–1944), American novelist

* James Boyd (schoolmaster) (1795–1856), Scottish schoolmaster and author

* James Boyd, 2nd Lord Boyd (c. 1469–1484), Scottish peer

* James Boyd, 9th Lord Boyd (died 1654), Scottish noble

* James Dixon Boyd (1907–1968), Irish-American professor of anatomy

* James E. Boyd (politician) (1834–1906), American politician, governor of Nebraska

* James E. Boyd (scientist) (1906–1998), director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute 1957–1961

* James Edmund Boyd (1845–1935), U.S. federal judge

* James H. Boyd (1809–1877), American politician, mayor of Jackson, Mississippi

* James Harbottle Boyd (1858–1915), Hawaiian colonel

* James I. C. Boyd (1921–2009), British author and narrow gauge railway historian

* James P. Boyd (1826–1890), Canadian businessman and political figure

* James William Boyd (1822–?), supposed double of Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth

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Up until now, the aircraft carried no major defects.

James Boyd

It will be a complete departure from anything a business traveler has seen so far.

James Boyd

The seat's designed to provide a feeling of privacy, but you're in a cabin with 28 other passengers, ... To say it's designed for intimacy implies more than what we intend. I'm sure our passengers will be more than appropriate as they always are.

James Boyd

Typically when you look at business class seating, the sleep position is a derivative of the sitting position -- it always keeps you in cradle position. What we're trying to accommodate is a number of different sleeping patterns during a 14-hour flight -- on your side, on your back, on your stomach or moving around between positions.

James Boyd

To victimize a child, ... to essentially breach a position of trust ... is of great concern to the community. [It] makes the entire community concerned about the safety of its public places.

James Boyd

From Los Angeles to Singapore, passengers are saving two and a half hours. And to New York passengers are saving up to four hours in flying time.

James Boyd