"Garry Kimovich Kasparov" is a Russian Federation/Russian (formerly Soviet Union/Soviet) chess International Grandmaster/Grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, and political activist, considered by many to be the Comparison of top chess players throughout history/greatest chess player of all time."Most experts place [Bobby Fischer] the second or third best ever, behind Kasparov but probably ahead of Anatoly Karpov/Karpov." – [http://www.guardian.co.uk/obituaries/story/0,,2243266,00.html Obituary of Bobby Fischer], Leonard Barden, The Guardian, 19 January 2008 From 1986 until his retirement in 2005, Kasparov was ranked world No. 1 for 225 out of 228 months. His peak Elo rating system/rating of 2851, achieved in 1999, was the highest recorded until 2013. Kasparov also #Other records/holds records for consecutive professional tournament victories (15) and Chess Oscars (11).

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