Evan Bayh
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"Birch Evans "Evan" Bayh III" is an American lawyer and Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic politician who served as the junior United States Senate/U.S. Senator from Indiana from 1999 to 2011. He earlier served as the List of Governors of Indiana/46th Governor of Indiana from 1989 to 1997.

Bayh first held public office as the Secretary of State of Indiana, elected in 1986. He held the position for only two years before being elected Governor. He left his office after completing two terms and briefly took a job lecturing at Indiana University Bloomington, before being elected to the U.S. Senate seat once held by his father, Birch Bayh.

On February 15, 2010, Bayh announced he would not seek reelection to the Senate in United States elections, 2010/2010. After leaving the Senate, he became a partner with the law and lobbying firm McGuireWoods in the firm's Washington, D.C., office, and also became a senior adviser with Apollo Global Management. He was hired as a Fox News Channel/Fox News contributor in March 2011. In June 2011 he became a messaging adviser for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. On October 27, 2011, it was announced that Berry Plastics Corp. appointed Bayh to its board of directors. Bayh also serves on the board of directors of Marathon Petroleum, the 2011 spin-off from Marathon Oil.

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