Donald Kennedy
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"Donald Kennedy" is an United States/American scientist, public administrator and academic. He served as Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (1977-1979), President of Stanford University (1980-1992), and Editor-in-Chief of Science Magazine (2000-2008). He was forced to resign as president of Stanford University in 1992 in the wake of a scandal involving expenses charged to the federal government.

Donald Kennedy was born in New York and educated at Harvard University (Bachelor of Arts/A.B.; Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D., Biology, 1956). He has spent most of his professional career at Stanford University, which he joined as a faculty member in 1960 and where he was chair of the Department of Biology from 1964–1972, then director of the Program in Human Biology from 1973-1977. Kennedy is on the board of directors of the Lucile and David Packard Foundation.

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