Clare Short
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"Clare Short" is a British politician, and a member of the Labour Party (UK)/Labour Party. She was the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Ladywood (UK Parliament constituency)/Birmingham Ladywood from 1983 to 2010; for most of this period she was a Labour Party (UK)/Labour Party MP, but she resigned the party whip in 2006 and served the remainder of her term as an Independent (politician)/Independent. She stood down as a member of parliament at the United Kingdom general election, 2010/2010 general election. Short was Secretary of State for International Development in the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair from 3 May 1997 until her resignation from that post on 12 May 2003. Shortly before her retirement from Parliament in 2010, she was strongly rebuked by her own party when she announced her support for a hung parliament, a situation which subsequently occurred at the United Kingdom general election, 2010/2010 General Election.

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