Chen Cheng
FameRank: 4

"Little Generalissimo"

/allegiance = Republic of China (1912–1949)/Republic of China

/serviceyears = 1924–1950

/rank=General officer/General

/commands=18th Army (National Revolutionary Army)/18th Army

11th Division (National Revolutionary Army)/11th Division

/unit=11th division


* Northern Expedition (1926–1927)/Northern Expedition

* Encirclement Campaigns

* Second Sino-Japanese War

** Battle of Shanghai

** Battle of Wuhan

** Battle of Changsha (1939)/Battle of Changsha

** Battle of Zaoyang-Yichang

** Battle of West Hubei

** China Burma India Theater of World War II/Burma Theatre

* Chinese Civil War

** Battle of Huaiyin-Huai'an

/awards=Order of Blue Sky and White Sun



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