Brian Grazer
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"s "Time 100/100 Most Influential People in the World"

* 2010 – Simon Wiesenthal Center Humanitarian Award, together with Ron Howard

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"Brian Thomas Grazer" is an American film and television producer.

He co-founded Imagine Entertainment in 1986, with Ron Howard. The films they produced have grossed over $13 billion. The movies include four for which Grazer was personally nominated for an Academy Award: Splash (film)/Splash (1984), Apollo 13 (film)/Apollo 13 (1995), A Beautiful Mind (film)/A Beautiful Mind (2001), and Frost/Nixon (film)/Frost/Nixon (2008). His films and TV shows have been nominated for 43 Academy Awards, and 131 Emmys.

In 2002, Grazer won an Oscar for Academy Award for Best Picture/Best Picture for A Beautiful Mind (shared with Ron Howard). In 2007, he was named one of Time Magazine"s "Time 100/100 Most Influential People in the World".

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