Bob Hawke
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"Robert James Lee "Bob" Hawke" is an Australian Politics of Australia/politician who was the List of Prime Ministers of Australia/23rd Prime Minister of Australia and the Australian Labor Party/Leader of the Labor Party from Australian federal election, 1983/1983 to Australian Labor Party leadership spill, December 1991/1991. After a decade as Australian Council of Trade Unions/President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, he was elected to the Parliament of Australia/House of Representatives as the Labor MP for Division of Wills/Wills in Australian federal election, 1980/1980. Three years later, he led Labor to a Australian federal election, 1983/landslide election victory and was sworn in as Prime Minister. He led Labor to victory at three more elections in Australian federal election, 1984/1984, Australian federal election, 1987/1987 and Australian federal election, 1990/1990, thus making him the most successful Labor Leader in history. Hawke was eventually replaced by Paul Keating at the end of Australian Labor Party leadership spill, December 1991/1991. He remains to date Labor's longest-serving Prime Minister, Australia's List of Prime Ministers of Australia by time in office/third-longest-serving Prime Minister, and is currently the oldest living former Prime Minister.

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