"Appius Claudius" is a combination of first name (praenomen) and family name (Roman naming conventions/nomen) that was traditional in the Claudia (gens)/gens Claudia during the Roman Republic. Appius was a particularly common praenomen for the branch of Claudii who used Pulcher as a cognomen. Men known as Appius Claudius include:

* Appius Claudius Sabinus Inregillensis, Roman consul/consul in 495 BC

* Appius Claudius Crassus, a decemvir in 451 BC

* Appius Claudius Caecus (PW 91), censor in 312 BC

* Appius Claudius Caudex (PW 102), consul in 264 BC

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul 212 BC), consul of 212 BC

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul 185 BC), consul of 185 BC

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul 143 BC), politician of the 2nd century BC and consul 143 BC

* Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus, born Appius Claudius Pulcher, but changed it later after his adoption by Marcus Livius Drusus

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul 79 BC), consul of 79 BC and praetor of 88 BC, father of Publius Clodius Pulcher

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul 54 BC), son of previous, praetor of 57 BC and consul of 54 BC, brother of Publius Clodius Pulcher

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (consul 38 BC), adoptive nephew of previous and consul in 38 BC

* Appius Claudius Pulcher (triumvir monetalis)

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