Andrew Steele
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"Andrew Steele" is a United Kingdom/British 400 metres and 4x400 m relay runner in athletics (sport)/athletics.

He was educated at St Bede's College, Manchester/St. Bede's College, Manchester. He is the son of Chris Steele (doctor)/Dr. Chris Steele, the resident health expert on ITV Network/ITV's This Morning (TV series)/This Morning.

In 2008, Andrew competed in his first Olympic Games – 2008 Summer Olympics/Beijing 2008. He ran a personal best time of 44.94 seconds in reaching the semi-final in the individual 400 m event and as part of the Great Britain team, finished fourth in the final of the 4x400m relay - 0.6 seconds away from a medal.

Andrew spends a few months each spring training at the Australian Institute of Sport, in Canberra.

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