Alvin Toffler
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"Alvin Toffler" is an American writer and futurist, known for his works discussing the digital revolution, Telecommunication/communication revolution and technological singularity.

Toffler is a former associate editor of Fortune (magazine)/Fortune magazine. In his early works he focused on technology and its impact through effects like information overload. He moved on to examining the reaction to Social change/changes in society. His later focus has been on the increasing power of 21st-century military hardware, the proliferation of new technologies, and capitalism.

He founded Toffler Associates, a management consulting company, and was a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation, visiting professor at Cornell University, faculty member of the The New School/New School for Social Research, a White House correspondent, an editor of Fortune magazine, and a business consultant.

Toffler is married to Heidi Toffler, also a writer and futurist. They live in the Bel Air, Los Angeles, California/Bel Air section of Los Angeles, California, just north of Sunset Boulevard.

The couple’s only child, Karen Toffler, (1954–2000), died at the age of 46 after more than a decade suffering from Guillain–Barré syndrome.

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