Aaron Allston
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"Aaron Dale Allston" was an United States/American game designer and author of many science fiction books, notably Star Wars novels. His works as a game designer include game supplements for role-playing games, several of which served to establish the basis for products and subsequent development of TSR, Inc./TSR's Dungeons & Dragons game setting Mystara. His later works as a novelist include those of the Star Wars: X-wing (series)/X-Wing series: Wraith Squadron (novel)/Wraith Squadron, Iron Fist (novel)/Iron Fist, Solo Command, and Starfighters of Adumar. He wrote two entries in the New Jedi Order series: Enemy Lines: Rebel Dream/Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream and Enemy Lines: Rebel Stand/Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand. Allston wrote three of the nine Legacy of the Force novels: Betrayal (Star Wars novel)/Betrayal, Exile (Star Wars novel)/Exile, and Fury (Star Wars novel)/Fury, and three of the nine Fate of the Jedi novels: Outcast (Star Wars novel)/Outcast, Backlash (Star Wars novel)/Backlash, and Conviction (Star Wars novel)/Conviction.

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