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The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways - I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows.


The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways--I to die and you to live. Which is the better, only God knows.


There are two ways of disliking poetry; one way is to dislike it, the other is to read Pope.

Oscar Wilde

We don't see the end of the tunnel but I must say I don't think it is darker than it was a year ago, and in some ways lighter.

John F. Kennedy

The creator of the universe works in mysterious ways. But he uses a base ten counting system and likes round numbers.

Scott Adams

Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.

Lao tzu

You can't choose the ways in which you'll be tested.

Robert J. Sawyer

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always.

Mahatma Gandhi

For men who had easily endured hardship, danger and difficult uncertainty, leisure and riches, though in some ways desirable, proved burdensome and a source of grief.


There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.

Benjamin Franklin

There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.

Booker T. Washington

Can you have more than one major MISSION pervading your life? NO. That would be like coming to a fork in the road and trying to go both ways by straddling it.

Charles Garfield

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Nelson Mandela

You will find that the mere resolve not to be useless, and the honest desire to help other people, will, in the quickest and delicatest ways, improve yourself.

John Ruskin

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

People are always asking me when I'm going to retire. Why should I? I've got it two ways -- I'm still making movies, and I'm a senior citizen, so I can see myself at half price.

George F. Burns

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

Thomas A. Edison

If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

Thomas A. Edison

Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever.

Margaret Cho

Every poem can be considered in two ways--as what the poet has to say, and as a thing which he makes.

C. S. Lewis

Words like 'retirement' just don't appeal to boomers. We are really careful in our language. They are looking more for individuality and ways to express themselves.

Andrew Smith

It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word.

Andrew Jackson

The universe seems wondrous to me, with or without God. It has powerful lines and uncompromising ways. Patience and time sit like sages on the planets, strong and impersonal. There is a stark beauty to all of this.

Real Live Preacher

Surely, God on high has not refused to give us enough wisdom to find ways to bring us an improvement in relations between the two great nations on earth.

Mikhail Gorbachev

Companies get an incredible return on their investment and feel they can't stop spending the money. They're still looking for ways to influence the process, and there are still many ways to do that.

Chellie Pingree

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.

Albert Einstein

One should as a rule respect public opinion in so far as is necessary to avoid starvation and to keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny, and is likely to interfere with happiness in all kinds of ways.

Bertrand Russell

Given that the regulation would be largely social in nature, it would be difficult to pursue without majority support from deer hunters. We will continue to look at different ways of managing deer populations that incorporate biological and social aspects of deer management.

Lou Cornicelli

It was a big statement, ... That's what we try to do all the time. I was telling some of the guys, 'We are a blue-collar city. We are a blue-collar defense.' We may give up a few plays here and there, but the most important thing is keeping them out of the end zone and we were able to do that today against a great offense, an offense that can beat you in so many ways.

Terrence Holt

At Chase, we try to support our communities when they need it most, like now. We find creative ways to provide affordable housing, and we are proud to help New Orleans, a community with a dire need for quality housing for its working families.

John Kallenborn

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

There are two ways of resisting war: the legal way and the revolutionary way. The legal way involves the offer of alternatinve service not as a privilege for a few but as a right for all. The revolutionary view involves an uncompromising resistance, with a view to breaking the power of militarism in time of peace or the resources of the state in time of war.

Albert Einstein

He's good-looking, he's got a great charismatic presence, and he's a very good actor. He hasn't always had the material or opportunity to show just how good. In a lot of ways, he's very underrated. When he came aboard, he went all the way.

John Dahl

It does look like consumers are becoming a little more prudent and finding alternative ways to pay, such as debit cards.

Allen Grommet

One of the ways to chip away at the financial literacy problem in our country is to get to the kids early and let them develop positive behaviors and attitudes.

George Carlin

We're looking for better ways to hire local veterans. Federal law gives priority to veterans and special consideration for combat veterans.

Dave Easter

For a first-year event, I'm very pleased with it. It brought new technology, new ways of doing things, but it is coming together very well.

Dale Phillips

But what happens in the fourth grade you get individual ways you write - you have a unique way of making your A, O or E's.

Anita Seamans

When it became a million-dollar prize, the ante went up in all kinds of ways ... It's a daunting day and it's a heavy responsibility for judges. It's a million dollars!

Peggy Katalinich

We are developing unique ways to use the phone, which has not been done anywhere else, ... a perfect fit.

Michael Josephson

It is Margaret Thatcher's fault, ... Inspired by busy little demons, she slashed and burnt her way through the old order. Sentiment was given short shrift, as short as the trade unions: nothing including old-fashioned industry was to obstruct economic progress. Making things was slow. There were quicker ways to get rich...

Stephen Bayley

In many ways I think the French electorate will decide the timing because if the French vote 'no' then there will be really no rational reason for him to stay on.

Frank Dobson

They have quite a ways to come to meet standards, but they can.

Jerry Buendel

It's a long ways back on straight ice if the other team gets deuce early on you. When you've got hammer, you want to hold them to one. Then you might have a chance.

Shannon Kleibrink

The metabolism of the oil industry picks up pretty smartly when oil gets above $40 a barrel. It's fair to say there are a lot of bottlenecks in the oil and gas industry, so in many ways it's ripe for investment.

James Gelly

I'd love to see light at the end of the tunnel, but it seems it's quite a ways off. We really need to fix this situation.

Pat Widlitz

I don't smoke or drink, I walk 5 miles a day and I'm on a nearly vegetarian diet. In some ways, my great lifelong love of sports has gotten me through this period and when ESPN came to me with this idea, I immediately saw it as part of my recovery.

Joe Eszterhas

In some ways, it fits even better with what his role is on the broadcast these days. Mike still has it. He still pulls it off. Sometimes he can't remember what he had for breakfast, but he can still pin someone down on an interview.

Jeff Fager

I go through it with a fine-toothed comb. It's like slicing and dicing all different ways and running the numbers through all sorts of checks.

Bruce Sauter

I think he's got to, at some point, learn how to play long segments of games and learn how to win when you don't feel 100 percent. In the playoffs, if you want to win one or two rounds, you have to go 10, 15 games in a row and find ways to win when everything isn't just right.

Brad Shaw

I'm so excited. I heard about it last year and I wanted to go. If this is one of the ways we can get people to learn about Christ, I want to be a part of it.

Jackie Evans

Success can make you go one of two ways. It can make you a prima donna - or it can smooth the edges, take away the insecurities, let the nice things come out.

Barbara Walters

You really can encourage people to behave in certain ways. But if we have plans that depend on human behavior, they ought to be realistic.

Baruch Fischhoff

We have a really long history of partnerships, and they are increasingly important. They have always been bread and butter, if you will. ... This is in many ways all about partnerships and how we fit together.

Wanda Yuhas

We're trying to look at ways to standardize divorce paperwork, so we can easily redact social security numbers and other sensitive information before it is posted. Having to go through page after page would take forever.

Richard Dymalski

Maybe this is the moment to start the healing process. One of the ways people heal is by being distracted.

Ken Ehrlich

We will do all we can to solve the issue by peaceful means, but one of the ways to do that is to prepare for all scenarios, including military ones.

Gholamreza Ansari

In many ways we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece.

Nia Vardalos

Wine resonates with its environment in ways we're just beginning to understand.

Clark Smith

It's not like we're trying to figure out ways not to serve the client, and I think that's the piece that gets lost when everyone is asking why didn't someone do this or that. We all want the same thing. The question is, can we find it?

Charles Johnson

'The Big House' is 'The Big House', but there's ways to prepare for it. I think we're pretty adjusted to it. We go week-in and week-out with crowd noises in big stadiums, so I think we'll be fine with it.

Jeff Samardzija

He's one of those kids you can go to in a lot of different ways. He's able to make some nice catches and he's also able to run with the ball pretty hard. He's probably our most consistent running back, but at times he was our top receiver (last year). When you put those two together, not to mention having him return some punts and kickoffs back, he just brings a wide array of talents to the team.

Rod Losier

We don't delegate what each member does, they must reach out in their own ways.

Traci Dickson

Obviously I can relate to them some ways better than older coaches. Sometimes I've had to establish myself. In some aspects I'm the adult, but in some aspects, I'm the older brother.

Coleman Bates

I will bring new vision and ideas on ways to help the freshman class be successful and unite as a whole. I want to be class president because I am hungry - hungry in a way that RDH won't fill. I am hungry to see the class of 2009 reach its full potential as one of the largest and most ambitious classes in school history and truly make a difference in our campus community.

Terry Brown

The church as a whole has come to the revelation that the old ways of trying to get the gospel out don't work for the young generation. If you want people to hear the good news, you have to make it really good news.

Janice King

So, they'll be looking at two things, one, did the structure hold up? Did it fail in unpredictable ways? We also expect them to give us very important feedback on what data they need to collect in the future.

Robin Murphy

Motherhood has relaxed me in many ways. You learn to deal with crisis. I've become a juggler, I suppose. It's all a big circus, and nobody who knows me believes I can manage, but sometimes I do.

Jane Seymour

Some of the species, like the pipistrelles, are increasing, and the rarer species, which include the greater horseshoe bat, are actually stable, so we are trying to find ways to increase their populations.

Richard Dodd

Genius can probably run on ahead and seek out new ways; but the good artists who follow after genius - and I count myself among these - have to restore the lost connection once more.

Kathe Kollwitz

The mission (today) is still the same -- evangelization. The focus of our work is still what are the best ways to spread the good news in the black communities. ... What has changed is how we go about responding to that mission.

Beverly Carroll

There's a sense we've lost control of the borders. States are caught in the crossfire between Congress and the public, showing ways they can respond to the problem.

Ann Morse

It's a tough loss. It's going to hurt for awhile. But the kids have to be resilient, the coaches have to be resilient. It's still early enough in the season where we can still perhaps make a run in the league. But we have to improve. We have to find ways to win games like this.

Jon Constant

Things don't fall apart. Things hold. Lines connect in thin ways that last and last and lives become generations made out of pictures and words just kept.

Lucille Clifton

When they're put back into popular culture and the media in ways that don't seem consistent with their sacredness, their holiness, that's where blasphemy occurs. The test of blasphemy is often not whether we as the consumers feel a T-shirt of an icon or a statue is misplaced or misused. The real test is what do members of that community of faith think?

Bob Hodgson

I think it's really up to businesses to come up with creative ways to attract customers. We have a lot of promotions planned.

Tom Craig

They just don't get to that point of thinking. I guess it's too novel for them in some ways.

Marco Gonzalez

He is his same self in a lot of ways. He just doesn't always remember.

Dot Helms

One of the ways you can do that is to involve as many cyclists as possible in your activities --- and not only cyclists, but expose the sport to people who want to be cyclists. A great way of doing that is with a group ride. It gives the people the forum to meet other riders and get to know other riders.

Dan Butler

Spending patterns are changing in ways that support the continued growth of gift cards. Consumer acceptance of gift cards, coupled with a growing hunger for 'experiences' rather than 'things,' create an excellent opportunity for restaurant companies.

Michael Allenson

We're always looking for new ways to get the word out about our program.

Patricia Baker

Companies out of India and China will be disruptive business models, coming at you in ways you can't anticipate.

Jayant Sinha

There are so many different ways lives work out, so many stories, and every one of them is precious: full of joy and heartbreak, and a fair amount of situation comedy.

Sean Stewart

We have been working with them. They had some great suggestions about ways we could deal with the very few businesses and people that don't seem to want to engage in good business practices. The majority are trying very hard to treat their customers and their consumers fairly, so we don't want to be punitive to those in business that are doing well, but we need to get this information out.

Rep. Susan Lawrence

His standard line was, 'So what the ... do I know?' He knew about his own normal self, the ways he couldn't function.

Dennis Mcnally

And malt does more than Milton can To justify God's ways to man.

A. E. Housman

They're screaming out. They're fed up and they've discovered creative ways to go about venting their frustration.

Tamar Jacoby

Offensively and defensively, we didn't play intelligently in the second half. There are ways you play when you're in foul trouble and we didn't do it.

Dave Glasgow

They are all implied from the founding, and are all quite venerable ways of going about the interpretive process.

John Harrison

[The offense] did start to click a little better. But we've still got a long ways to go. It's a new offense, they're still learning it.

Paul Morrell

I shall always be consistent and never change my ways so long as I am in my senses; but for the sake of precedent the Senate should beware of binding itself to support the acts of any man, since he might through some mischance suffer a change.

Tiberius Caesar

There are several hundred municipal mandates in Connecticut. Many of these are partially funded or unfunded and are problematic and unfair because they create financial burdens that cost taxpayers money. Cities and towns have only two ways to pay for these mandates: increase taxes and fees or cut programs and services.

Peter Gioia

In many ways what's been happening in the economy hits them (working poor families) the worst. Those with higher incomes are more likely to have employer-provided insurance. And many lower-income (people) have Medicaid to fall back. For that in-between group, there's nothing.

Larry Levitt

This is not about individuals keeping their jobs but rather about finding better ways of doing things and working smarter.

Barbara Stewart

GM taking the step to tear down the buildings and find ways to redevelop the property is a good thing, ... It's a positive development.

Bob Burns

A lot of what we will do is get our arms around what we have. Look for ways to create synergy and then get everybody driving down the road in the same direction.

Don Snyder

There are ways to get noticed and ways to be taken seriously that would be beneficial to Iowans, as well, and the governor has not demonstrated he is capable of doing it all.

Cullen Sheehan

It is not a good way to promote Muncie. There are ways to have a good time without breaking the law.

George Saunders

The film, as crazy as it is, is a love letter to comedians and comedy and all the different ways they improv around something.

Bob Saget

We give in the ways we can. This is something I can do.

Val Hiser

I think of the present digital/IT evolution happening in the global industry as the most exciting period I have ever witnessed. And somehow new ways of distribution will come into play but let's start with reopening the Chauvel for the independent filmmakers of Sydney and Australia. In the wealthiest city in Australia, can't we raise $250,000 or so to keep our film culture alive?

Frank Shields

We can always create more inventory. You don't just turn people away. The challenge is finding new ways to accommodate people.

Mark Richardson

The old ways are dead. And you need people around you who concur. That means hanging out more with the creative people, the freaks, the real visionaries, than you're already doing. Thinking more about what their needs are, and responding accordingly. Avoid the dullards; avoid the folk who play it safe. They can't help you any more. Their stability model no longer offers that much stability. Th.

Hugh Macleod

Suppose a minor-league basketball franchise wanted to come to South Jersey? This project will produce revenue in ways we haven't even thought of yet.

Joe Cardona

It's a matter of someone doing the legwork to contact those churches and have them put it in every Sunday bulletin, ... And these are economically feasible ways to advertise. The NAACP branches aren't going to charge the school districts. The churches are going to be ecstatic the districts contacted them.

John Jordan

I think in some ways it's kind of a relief to have it behind us. It's an opportunity to go forward without any distractions; there's not any 'what ifs,' and I think it's welcomed.

Austin Croshere

I am concerned. ... When you read a bill, you have to figure out ways around it to cover all the possible loopholes, and I'm not sure that has been done.

Robert Marshall

These types of skills assist students in a number of different ways. They learn to present themselves in a persuasive manner and they also gain confidence that is needed in any walk of life. The learn how to publicly express themselves.

Bradley Wirth

I'm surprised he doesn't get more recognition nationwide. He's a much better 3-point shooter than he was a couple of years ago. He can score a ton of different ways.

Gary Close

The word has been removed from the NOI (notice of intent) that discussed mechanical ways to remove milfoil at the lake.

Vanessa Gulati

We started using a lower octane a while back when the prices went up, ... I'm looking at some other ways to cut costs and still protect the people.

Norman Fisher

I think we're better than what we showed out there today...I'm sure we're better. But we've got a ways to go to be competitive in this conference. We'll see what happens next season.

Mark Soll

God is not a specific religion. God is God. We choose different ways to meet together, worship him, follow him.

Scott Hubbard

I think he's such a special, talented athlete. He can beat you a lot of ways. He's got great hands, so he can catch the ball. He has great moves. He can outrun you. ... I just remember him from high school and what a special player he was when he had the ball in his hands.

Billy Hite

We're trying to address the issue of cost. We're very aware of cost sensitivity and we're looking at ways to make this technology affordable.

Karl Johnson

It's a struggle if you are a single working parent or even if both parents are working to come up with creative ways to connect with your children. We are looking for this program to help.

Scott Toney

We're both mothers of small children. We've been involved in our communities, in all ways, and I think for myself ? and Kim can speak for herself ? but the thought of being taken away from my children, I can't even imagine it. It's my worst nightmare.

Cheryl Everall

We keep a schedule of people who volunteer to walk with me. I'm going to do that every day until Election Day to remind people when, and the different ways, to vote.

Kathy Pastryk

He finds different ways of teaching. He finds the ways to make you understand.

Sarah Mattson

I am gutted that I did not take the £50,000. I am gutted that I did not walk out the winner but at the end of the day there are so many ways to make £50,000.

Makosi Musambasi

We'll end up raising our prices across the board, a minimum of 5 percent. We're having to identify other ways to come up with the revenue source we need.

Dan Adams

The (WWE) has its ways of determining who is going to win and maybe NASCAR behind the scenes is trying to do the same thing. I take it personally. I do take it personally.

Jack Roush

There are a few ways to get into health administration. One is to graduate with a bachelor's degree in health. The other is to get a business degree in accounting or finance, and just happen to land a job in health care.

William Walence

Microsoft has remade the desktop world, ... But if you've watched history, there's a slag heap of proprietary companies who have fallen by the wayside because they were stuck in their ways. Just look at the minicomputer business, for example. The world is about open standards and open source. I can't understand why anybody would want to continue making closed-format documents anymore.

Peter Quinn

In the past, the information collected as a byproduct of operations wasn't tapped for its inherent value. Today, people are looking for ways to use it both inside and outside their operations to the benefit of the greater supply chain.

Chris Heim

This is part of our overall strategy to continue to find ways to operate a far more fuel- and cost-efficient system.

Rick Delisi

We have an 'older' club this year. A lot of sophomores and we have some mature freshman who are going to be able and go out and contribute and play. [They will] contribute in a lot of ways to help this team out, to compete to win the Jayhawk West again, compete for the Region VI Final and compete for a national title.

Chris Finnegan

I'm getting there. I'm catching up, I think. I feel like I have a ways to go.

Koren Zailckas

We need to build on the success of Social Security by developing bold and innovative ways for Americans to build wealth and save for retirement. I believe we can work together in a bipartisan manner to accomplish these goals.

Debbie Stabenow

This applies to many film jobs, not just editing: half the job is doing the job, and the other half is finding ways to get along with people and tuning yourself in to the delicacy of the situation.

Walter Murch

Piracy has taken a hit, but it's always going to be a problem. It's human nature to find ways around paying.

Jimmy Schaeffler

With such a substantial increase in our budget, I think that it is a mistake to add [the World Language program] in. This sends the wrong message because we should be looking for more cuts, not ways to add programs in.

Tom Fiorentino

It's very sad that the city and Port Authority care more about real estate than finding ways to work with the companies who are being damaged by this mishandling of maritime commerce.

Matt Yates

There's a lot of different ways to reach people. Some people will go to the Web site. Other people you can reach with direct mail. And there are other people who have the radio on all the time. It's important to reach people in every way that you can.

Rob Schilling

We must show humility and be humble, ... And we must turn away from ways that are unpleasing to God.

Robert Pitts

Every day, we challenge ourselves to think of ways to improve our products, the way we manufacture them and how we can become better members of our community. I believe this packaging and labeling initiative is another step in an industry-wide movement towards becoming more aware of what goes into the products we consume.

Jeffrey Swartz

Governor Rell created the bipartisan Commission on Education Finance to find better, fairer ways of distributing state funds for local education. Everyone agrees that more fairness can be injected into the way grants are calculated, and Gov. Rell feels this Commission is the best approach for exploring all options.

Adam Liegeot

Colorado State is setting the standard for the 21st century land-grant university by seeking new ways to provide research, knowledge and information to the industries that drive our state economy. The Competitive Edge newsletter is one way to get the latest research on industry and issues directly to the people who can best use that information.

Larry Penley

Is bigger better? ... Bigger is more expensive in many different ways. Do you really want that big dining room for the dinner parties you will have three times a year?

Chris Lynch

At the moment you choose which clothes you want to wear and you look the same to everyone. But there's some people out there for whom you would like them to see you in a different way. You will be able present yourself in different ways to different people using this digital fashion concept.

Brian Pearson

They made a decision and they wanted to stick by their decision, ... I didn't feel upset about the situation. I thought it could have been done in different ways, but for the most part I want to move forward.

Antonio Gates

I made over forty Westerns. I used to lie awake nights trying to think up new ways of getting on and off a horse.

William Wyler

One of our main goals as a company is to increase our earnings. The whole energy efficiency program and energy labeling program marries up to that strategy because it's one of the ways we can reduce operating costs.

Frank Frankini

It's great to hear from people who have been touched by these songs. It has been good to know that the Lord is using this in ways I am not even aware of.

Jim Cole

We've got inexperienced guys out there taking over these positions and guys playing both ways to fill in. But we've got no excuses. We've got to get in better condition in order to do that.

Scott Sherrill

I felt a part of it in some ways, not as a teammate, but as a former player who spent his whole career with the Red Sox. I always root for them and I hope they do well.

Bob Stanley

In extraordinary ways, through words and deeds, Sean O'Sullivan has demonstrated the power of ideas to change the world, ... Through Sean's million-dollar 'Change the World Challenge' gift, he is inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs at Rensselaer to follow in his fine footsteps.

Ann Jackson

There are different ways the city could be involved. We've not made any determination in terms of incentives, but ... a large majority of these developments ... there are some types of incentives that are involved.

Justin Ohlemiller

[The second version] will look at how we can control the hardware using the standard ways of rebooting. We will also look at how we can make the integration of clusters into the applications, including workstation applications, even easier. We are also looking at performance monitoring tools for the cluster space as a whole, which is a big area for development.

Kyril Faenov

This administration has taken the FCAT as a sole determinant. And now it will determine whether a teacher is doing a good job and we think there is so much more to it. There are so many things a teacher does in the classroom such as, classroom management, understanding his or her students and finding ways to reach the students. This provides a narrow approach to determine an outstanding teacher.

Mark Pudlow

He's a good athlete with game-changing ability, ... Sometimes we use him as a decoy. He also plays both ways all the time and has one interception for a 100-yard touchdown (in a 48-20 victory over Briggs on Sept. 2).

Todd Boyd

It's almost as if laws aren't necessary if people start instinctively behaving in ways that don't tread inordinately on each other's turf.

Mark Caldwell

With a shrinking labor pool and a lower unemployment rate, employers are going to have to find ways to train people who are unemployed to fill the jobs that are available.

Andy Katz

Neil betrayed our trust in so many different ways that it is almost impossible to describe.

Joseph Flaherty

He's a threat to beat you in so many different ways.

Omar Minaya

We had to be creative to find ways to protect our members.

Mike Old

For four days we played really good defense, all five guys on the floor. And on offense we can hurt you in a lot of different ways.

Rich Utter

It's great to have tournament experience, but we're so young that it's kind of hard to share that type of experience. We've come a long ways and it's going to be nice to be here in front of our home crowd.

Amy Statz

There is a recognized need that there is still a ways to go in increasing their capabilities. Yeah, they've got a few pickup trucks it's better than walking. Yeah, it would be nice if they all had Bradleys. We're not there yet.

Barry Venable

People change, not necessarily in negative ways. Sometimes goals and intentions in life aren't aligned. It's just choices we make in life. Otherwise, why aren't we with the person we were with in seventh grade?

Kirstie Alley

All is for the best in the best of all possible ways.


Instead of looking for ways out, we need to look for reasons to keep this branch here.

Ron King

State government and industry officials are searching for ways to stimulate California's business climate. Offering at-risk businesses a rate incentive is a proven approach to achieving this important objective.

Bill Bryan

We don't have a park dedication policy like a lot of surrounding cities. But hopefully we can get one to pass. We're trying to research as many ways for funding as possible.

Chris Esser

It raised a lot of money at a time when we were having very high oil company profits - it worked. In many ways we're in a similar situation today. It might be a good idea again.

Robert Mcintyre

In some ways, it was surprising, and in some ways, it wasn't. She doesn't want to lose control of the company but did want to fight for what she perceived to be a high risk.

Terry Giles

Domestic violence is a whole pattern of behavior. There are a whole lot of ways that it impacts the workplace, starting with absenteeism and lost productivity.

Laurie Fogelman

We believe that this program is one of the best ways to create real added value for college students.

Michael Edwards

We don't assign stories based on gender, but now that Ruth Davis Konigsberg has helpfully shown us the error of our ways, henceforth all assignments will be equally balanced between the sexes.

David Remnick

They had different ways of looking at things but needed a universal way.

Brenda Dunn

They have an impact in the sense that those who'd like to assume that 9/11 was a unique episode will now have to recognize that this is an ongoing project, ... We are a long ways from taking care of the problem and it will flare up in different places, in different forms and we'll have to use all the means at our disposal -- including preemption.

Tom Lantos

If you look around, our community has become more diverse in a lot of ways. There's something new happening here and we ought to pay attention.

Doug King

They (CSFB) will be at least as obliging as the former management, because one of the ways to judge how well these mergers works is to track how much business is retained.

Richard Herring

Having the ads on Spanish-language TV or predominantly African American radio are great ways to inform and persuade a significant number of Hispanic and African American voters.

Ray Sullivan

Fifty years ago, there were no fish below the sewage-treatment plant because there was no oxygen. Now, there are reproductive issues. I don't know which is worse in some ways.

Sheila Murphy

They've always delivered for us. I think the union, the UAW, the local and regional level, have been very, very supportive with new concepts, new ways to do business. They're really way ahead.

Thomas Lasorda

It's been the source of some very innovative ideas. It gives designers a chance to stretch the limits in a context that's even potentially meaningful. Given the economics of the industry, it can be difficult to create meaningful, new ideas about games. The workshop serves to remind the industry of the foundation of games--creative new ways to play.

Ron Meiners

Rather than blindly insisting there is zero error in fingerprint matching, we should acknowledge the obvious, study the errors openly and find constructive ways to prevent faulty evidence from being used to convict innocent people.

Simon Cole

It's not that I'm angry at him. I love Jimmy. I just want him to understand that there are better ways to deal with things. He has to set standards. There are ways to act when things don't go well.

Arthur Blank

A versatile player, Amy can play any position. She is quite athletic and good on the ball. She plays basketball, as well, so she is a strong all-around athlete. She is going to help us in many different ways.

Pete Kowall

When we went to the 4-3, I thought we gave them some problems. We're going to make changes every week on the fly. We've got a lot of different ways of being aggressive.

Mike Vrabel

CEOs diverge from 'normal' successful executives in various ways, creativity being the most important. CEOs also tend to score well above average in their ability to advocate and sell ideas and in tough-mindedness, their resilience in the face of criticism.

Wayne Nemeroff

There are better ways of doing things than to just implement it on us. It hurt a lot of teachers that we couldn't compromise. For every one bad teacher you get several good ones. We don't want the collective bargaining changed for one bad teacher.

Tim Marchant

I am a Republican. I'm loyal to the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. And I believe that my party, in some ways, has strayed from those principles, particularly on the issue of fiscal discipline.

John Mccain

I am an eyewitness to the ways in which people relate to themselves and to each other, and my work is a way of scooping and ladling that experience.

Richard Neutra

We have to prepare for the worst. ... We have to be thinking about care in ways we've never thought of before.

David Grossman

Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.

David Joseph Schwartz

Advertisers are looking for new ways to get to the mass audience and see grocery stores as a big marketplace. The customers are in the stores, the wallets are in their pockets and the TV programming allows vendors to talk directly to them with their products in close proximity.

Ken Goldberg

I think in many ways they torment mainstream Americans because we worry sometimes that they may be happier than we are without some of the conveniences that we have. We worry maybe they are really happier than we are or maybe they really are doing better socially and mentally than we are.

Don Kraybill

It's about a quick deal. It's people looking for alternative ways to invest money and as a result buyout firms are attracting a huge amount of cash.

Martin Littler

Over 25 percent of Townsend land is zoned as open space, so business cannot go there. We have a small percentage of commercially zoned land and another small part zoned industrial. We have to look at ways to work around that.

Gregory Barnes

We have good technology and good databases. It means you can organize people quickly, easily and cheaply. It means you can ride the media phenomenon of the moment, which is what, in some ways, Cindy Sheehan has become.

Tom Matzzie

I think there were bad calls both ways.

Kelly Gray

It's a human story, a tragic story and, in some ways, an inspirational story. These people were unbelievable.

David Gerber

Fires can do anything. It's still a ways away from Palm Springs at this point. What I think is more at risk is that the fire will get established in rugged terrain and we will spend a long time and a lot of resources putting it out.

Ruth Winstrom

The Grateful Dead gave birth to punk rock in more ways than we realize. That whole concept of 'Do It Yourself,' giving the finger to The Man, that backlash to the '60s.

Josh Clark

I've always said we have to find unconventional ways to find talent. And if we just depend on the draft to find talent, then we would be sitting five years from now waiting for Santa Claus to come.

New York Knicks

We have kids out there who may not necessarily be at the top of the academic scale, but they are making positive contributions in many other ways, too.

Bobby Bailey