God is not solitude, but perfect communion. For this reason the human person, the image of God, realizes himself or herself in love, which is a sincere gift of self.BENEDICT XVI, ANGELUS, Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, Sunday, 22 May 2005.

Pope Benedict Xvi

This title means everything. Wednesday was very rough on us, and we wanted to show everyone that we are the best team. We knew Trinity would be tough, but we figured playing our game would be enough.

Michelle Quibell

I've been in these games enough that (a 3-0 lead) after the first against a good team means nothing. Trinity has a lot of firepower. They showed a lot of resilience coming back.

John Malloy

I collect Cat's Meows and I did one before on my church, Trinity Lutheran.

Angie Jaynes

Trinity has great female athletes and LaGrange is very tough if they play to their potential. I think our team's success has come one game at a time.

Jef Flournoy

Trinity is definitely the best team we played all year. They're certainly stronger than Harvard. They just have balance all the way down. We just found a way today. But that was just a great women's college squash match.

Dave Talbott

The difference tonight was we didn't communicate on the field. (Trinity Prep) won every single ball. They jump well; they're a good, strong team.

Blendal Elias

Trinity does a great job of slowing the tempo down. If you take two different styles of play, we're at different ends of the spectrum. … But I thought defense was the difference for us.

Chris Renner

I don't think we got started on the right foot. We didn't come in with the same intensity as we did against Trinity. The thing about college baseball is that every out matters; when you give teams extra outs, they take advantage.

Jim O'leary

We did a good job of putting the ball in play. We caught some breaks from their defense. You'll never see a Trinity team make that many mistakes in a game. We'll take whatever we can get right now.

Chris Goodman

Trinity pressured us with man-to-man defense the entire game. And then two of our players fouled out.

Jeff Thorne

LODGER, n. A less popular name for the Second Person of that delectable newspaper Trinity, the Roomer, the Bedder, and the Mealer.

Ambrose Bierce

We got it to a manageable margin near the end of the half once we got out of the shock mode. But Trinity really cranked up the defense. We're just not strong at the guard position and they (Trinity) just overplay so strongly. It was difficult.

Mick Fleming

RECTOR, n. In the Church of England, the Third Person of the parochial Trinity, the Cruate and the Vicar being the other two.

Ambrose Bierce

It was a tough loss but the kids played hard. We just made some mistakes and Trinity just executed better than us. We'll get another shot at them Friday.

Matt Magee

I was very flattered ... but as long as the Trinity community will have me, I'll consider this my home.

Bob Beatty

It's unfortunate that our only loss to a team in Illinois came in the sectional. Our free-throw shooting has not been what we've wanted it to be all season [10-for-24 against Trinity].

Dave Power

We'll know more about Justin later on. We think it was a neck sprain, but they wanted to be safe so they took him to Trinity West.

Ron Sines

We purchased Monmouth on Valentine's Day in 1978. At first, we thought about moving here, even interviewed at Trinity School for our daughters.

Ron Riches

Trinity likes to get up and down the floor. They are very athletic and they like to run. If we want to get the win we can't turn the ball over and we will have to control the boards.

Hank Hargraves

USAGE, n. The First Person of the literary Trinity, the Second and Third being Custom and Conventionality. Imbued with a decent reverence for this Holy Triad an industrious writer may hope to produce books that will live as long as the fashion.

Ambrose Bierce

We are ready for the playoffs. But we first have to get by Trinity. I think if we can get Tyler McDonald and Jordan Oldham to make 10 points each, along with our two leading scorers than we have a chance to get the win.

Hank Hargraves

We played good teams all year, and Trinity is a good team as well. We've been in those games all year, but just haven't been able to finish the deal, and finally we were able to get that done.

Todd Hague

That was awesome. It looked like (Trinity Prep was) going to work us really hard there in the first half, and my team finally stepped up and started challenging them.

Trevor Waters

Both the region and state tournaments are at Trinity. They're beating us by 10 strokes, but if our guys play well, maybe we can clip them.

Tom Willis

This is very important for us. The girls needed to find out that they can win without Tanya. To actually go out and win a game against a quality opponent like Trinity is a huge boost for us.

Bill Wolf

We need to dominate this weekend. We need to be the same team that beat Trinity. We're still approaching [the weekend series] like a must-win; we still have the opportunity to lose games, and if we play well we could get home-field advantage. We need to try to get back on the right track.

Jim O'leary

I'm not sure, but we had something like 130 points while St. X had around 120 and Trinity 105. It was a real good meet for us. I told the kids coming in I thought we had a chance to win it and we just had some excellent performances.

Larry Watkins

That as much as anything was a concern for me ... could we score? I didn't think Trinity would go off against us for a really big score, but I didn't know if we could keep up.

Bill Reath

Trinity has a strong basketball tradition and an outstanding program. I think it's a team we can play with.

Randy Lambert

The only thing that made a difference for me is the issue of the Trinity - I was not comfortable with the idea that God has a son.

Radwan Masmoudi

Basketball's a game of runs. Trinity Valley's one of the best at doing that. The run in the first half didn't bother me that much. The biggest thing that made me nervous was that I had to burn so many timeouts early to try to keep everything in check.

Tracey Stellato

The Trinity game is definitely something I'll always remember.

Jerry Blazick

[He was] a solemn, unsmiling, sanctimonious old iceberg who looked like he was waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity.

Mark Twain

It's weird looking at this Trinity game as a district game. But all three of our district games are on the road this year, and we needed this.

Chris Renner

Once (Trinity) hit a couple of shots, we had to extend out defensively. That opened things up for them. Their quickness suddenly became a factor and our slowness became a factor.

Tom Pardalis

I want to leave something great here and go to another great program. For me to be able to go and represent Trinity, a small school, it'll open people's eyes that you can make it wherever you are. It's hard work and dedication.

Stevan Ridley

Our first half play was extremely positive, some of the best combinations we have seen by our guys all year. The first 30 minutes of the second half belonged to Trinity Christian as we came out sluggish with our effort and pressure.

Russ Lawson

Junior golf is awfully good with the West brothers and Hunter Hamrick and the Sellers kid. There are a bunch of good golfers. I hope this will continue. I see some young kids coming on. Thank goodness some of them are at Trinity.

Jim Tuley

By Saturday night, the numbers were high enough to close (school) Monday and Sunday School at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Deanna Hindenach

We wanted to press here. We saw how Trinity struggled against Bottineau's press (in a quarterfinal loss Thursday). And at times it was working for us. But there also were times when they were beating us. I think we were tired (after a late 60-59 quarterfinal loss to Kindred on Thursday).

Jerry Strahm

We are hoping to build from our first win last week. Trinity has a very good program. Their offense is excellent. They will be ready to play after having last week off.

Chris Hutchens

I think our post-season experience is big advantage for us going into the playoffs. We have a lot of experience. We are just looking forward to playing Trinity.

Matt Colvin

We have a lot of momentum going. We're hoping the (district-opening) game against Trinity doesn't come back to haunt us, but I feel like we'll be set to play them the next time.

Connie Hogan

FLESH, n. The Second Person of the secular Trinity.

Ambrose Bierce

We have a young team this year, with only three seniors and two juniors. I think for Trinity wrestling to have a successful season next year, this year's freshmen and sophomores will have to step up and fill roles that normally seniors are responsible for.

Mike Blair

We felt that the turnout was a huge success. It's really encouraging to see that so many people at Trinity are excited about becoming involved in this event. So far, many people have expressed interest and are forming teams. Students are starting to recognize that this is a great opportunity for all aspects of Trinity to come together in one night.

Jennifer Wise

We've done well so far with just the one-point loss, but we've still got Trinity again, North Hardin again and undefeated Holy Angels left to play. Those are three tough games, but we're looking forward to the challenge.

Jim Maurer

Therefore when the mind knows itself and loves itself, there remains a trinity, that is the mind, love and knowledge. But the mind is here accepted not for the soul, but for that which is the more excellent in the soul. But these three, though they be distinct from one another, are, however, said to be one, because they exist substantially in the soul.

Peter Lombard

We've got a tough road ahead here in January. We got Bolingbrook and Trinity coming up and you've got to be ready.

Kevin Connor

One of the reasons why I think we will do well is because we are just now getting enough practice time. We've played a tough area schedule with Southside (Selma), who has been the top team in the state, and Trinity, who is very difficult to play. We think we are prepared for this game.

Chauncey Shines

We tried to play a 2-3 zone to limit the second-chance efforts. We just didn't do it, though. You can't give up second shots to a team like Trinity because it will kill you.

Mick Fleming

But the Trinity defensive guys kept talking trash, and that just made our line mad. At halftime they told me that they'd just have to open the holes a little bit bigger. And they did.

Victor Anderson

Rain or shine, and it doesn't matter what sport, boys or girls, those guys show up to show their support for Trinity. It's hard to make generalizations, but they just want to be a part of something else, to be part of a team. OK, they lack the athletic ability of the others, but they are dedicated. There's always room for them.

Ed Dalton

We started out playing in a section this year where four other teams [Lebo, Bethel Park, Canon-McMillan and Trinity] filled with players with a tremendous amount of experience, but you just never know how the season may unfold.

Ernie Koontz