When David [Arquette] and I got engaged we started therapy together. I'd heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, so we decided to work through all that stuff early.

Courteney Cox

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

Hubert H. Humphrey

Some clients get little from therapy but a great deal from the forum that we teach, which is great.

Ron Bauer

In the early 1990s, the German authorities separated radiology into diagnostics and therapy so I obtained two more MDs. Then, in the mid-1990s, with the number of tests increasing, I had to appear before a board to be re-certified.

Rajeev Diddy

That was a bad scene, but Luis is in good spirits now, and it's not easy to be that way when you're in this kind of situation. He's got a lot of therapy to do. We're not even thinking about an estimated riding time right now. We just want to get him back 100%, and if it takes a while, that's OK.

Alex Procel

Therapy was the biggest romance of my life.

Dar Williams

The study further confirms aspirin's benefits for patients with known cardiovascular disease. It also shows there is no increased risk of bleeding, which eliminates the main reason why physicians and surgeons would ask patients to discontinue aspirin therapy.

Scott Wright

What can I say, the best therapy for me was to get in my Marlboro car and drive it.

Al Unser

Psychoanalysis is that mental illnes for which it regards itself a therapy.

Karl Kraus

Some patients aren't good candidates for current therapy strategies. Plus recent studies suggest that diet may play an important role in the development and recurrence of prostate cancer.

Aaron Katz

With some companies, the only thing they reimburse for is prescribing. There's little or no therapy.

Ronald Brown

Forty percent are cured and 50 percent are significantly improved. The other 10 percent have issues beyond the scope of physical therapy.

Aniela Orr

Audrey read a newspaper article about dog therapy and became very interested, especially as Teddy is very lovable, has a sweet temperament and is comfortable with children.

Paula Almallah

Effective prophylaxis and treatment for infections caused by biological threat agents (BTA) rely upon early diagnosis and rapid initiation of therapy. However, most methods for identifying pathogens or infectious agents in body fluids and tissues required that the pathogen proliferate to detectable and dangerous levels, thereby delaying diagnosis and treatment.

Rasha Hammamieh

From where I sit, most bee venom therapy treatment is done on arthritis, multiple sclerosis and relieving numbness in an arm or leg.

Ross Hauser

Like all parents, my husband and I just do the best we can, hold our breath and hope we've set aside enough money for our kid's therapy.

Michelle Pfeiffer

The notion that androgen deprivation therapy will hold prostate cancer at bay while you die of something else is not proving to be entirely true.

Tomasz Beer

These are numbers we can hang our hats on and will help us when we discuss options using this procedure rather than drug therapy.

Hugh Calkins

Gene therapy has been out of favor but we're finally getting to the point where the products are in later stage clinical trials.

Jim Mccamant

[Van Meir said she ultimately concluded that the therapy was merely] the bait ... I believe they will use any way they can to get kids involved. For them, the end justifies the means.

Alfred E. Newman

This paper shows that it's worth the effort to clone an embryo and make a stem cell line because it should be useful for therapy.

Tobias Brambrink

When the doctor released me, he told me to come back slow and not to act like a maniac. My knee's been steadily improving. It gets better all the time. We see playing games as an extension of my therapy.

Rachel Phillips

Each girl will be given a therapy ball to take home and use for activities which might be to sit and bounce as they watch their favorite television show.

Debby O'neill

I had to stop going to physical therapy after awhile because I couldn't afford the co-pay. I went through $25,000 of savings paying the bills until that ran out.

Ray Noel

I've had patients who did very well with bee venom therapy but found the injections too painful.

Ross Hauser

Essentially the same men who would be candidates for a prostate surgery are also candidates for radiation therapy.

Paul Barrett

It is a good therapy because she progresses. But it is very expensive.

Laurent Robin

It's not the only answer, but it's just plain fun, and it's a motivator. If you enjoy it and your muscles are improving, it motivates you to work hard in other therapy.

Peter Henderson

Much to our delight, it appears that this intensive therapy introduced years and years ago seems to have this long-term benefit on heart disease and stroke.

David Nathan

There are still risks associated with hormone replacement therapy.

Len Lichtenfeld

After ten years in therapy, my psychologist told me something very touching, he said, 'no hablo ingles.'

Dennis Wolfberg

We will examine the condition of their arteries before, during and after therapy, and compare it to women on no therapy to see if the hormones cause or prevent changes leading to heart disease.

Dr. Nanette Santoro

For all of us, getting out on the field is therapy. When we leave the field, when we leave the training environment, when we have quiet moments, that's when we think about Doug and everything that he has meant to us, and that's when it's difficult.

Steve Sampson

As well as the books for parents, we buy educational books for the children and little gift bags. At this year's social, we and other parents will also be sharing information about the medical aspects of Down syndrome, including therapy programs.

Marianne Flanagan

Pierre needs to rebuild the strength in his shoulder through therapy and treatment. He should be fully recovery in approximately three to four weeks.

Matt Sokolowski

PENS therapy involves the insertion of very fine needles -- they are actually 32 gauge, about the size of a hair -- into the soft tissue or the muscle.

Paul White

It has set a whole new standard. Never before were we able to tell our patients that you could actually see better after therapy. In the past, we were always telling our patients that the treatment just slowed down the progression of vision loss, but now we have a new standard. We no longer will accept vision loss.

Dr. Philip Rosenfeld

This is the way we're going for patients with HIV (who are) starting therapy for the first time. It's becoming very easy and safe and effective.

Dr. Joel Gallant

The problem is, I don't think I've got too much to offer at the minute. I'm busy working on myself. This sounds like real therapy talk, but it's like, you've got to be happy with yourself before you can go out and get yourself a girl.

Robbie Williams

We need it for our psyche. It's like group therapy. We've likened this to a jazz funeral, we mourn on the way there, and rejoice on the way back. We've got to start rejoicing!

Arthur Hardy

This is sham therapy. It has absolutely no effect on cancer cells. And tragically, some consumers lost a lot more than $15,000. They lost time.

Howard Beales

Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.

Louis Nizer

It was amazing. Therapy for six and one-half years seems to have driven a dramatic effect.

David Nathan

Right now, the techniques for gene therapy are kind of brute force. You put the gene in and hope it goes into the right place. There's no selection. What we would like to do is put the gene into stem cells, grow them and watch them to be as sure as one can be that we've got the right gene into the right cells and nothing untoward has happened.

Harvey Lodish

We wanted to see if hormone therapy would do for elderly gentlemen what it would do for their best friends, elderly male dogs.

Charles Brenton Huggins

Art therapy is about the creation and the discussion of the intent of the client. It's a different way of sharing. No matter how healthy, verbal expression is the hardest thing to do.

Kelly Roberts

Early detection and antibiotic therapy has been promoted as a means to delay chronic bacterial lung growth and prolong life, and breath analysis may be an effective first step toward treatment. In the long term, these findings on sulfide levels also might help uncover some of the underlying mechanisms of the disease.

Dan Cooper

There is no reason to use the combination therapy for primary prevention, whereas it might be useful in patients who have already had a heart attack or stroke.

Dr. Deepak Bhatt

Acting is probably the greatest therapy in the world. You can get a lot stuff out of you on the set so you don't have to take it home with you at night. It's the stuff between the lines, the empty space between those lines which is interesting.

Robert Carlyle

It's been our goal for several years to treat the whole patient, to work as a team, as opposed to individuals, to find out what the patient did at home and to incorporate that activity into therapy.

Lisa Shirk

There are people who have used the laser therapy who have been smoke-free for 15, 16 years or longer that they've never picked it back up again.

Jim Flint

Hereditary neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease have no cure and no effective therapy. Since the mutation initiates coding for the defective, toxic protein, we feel that it is likely that a successful effort to stop the steps leading to mutation will likely stop the progression of disease.

Cynthia Mcmurray

I try not to think about my life. I have no life. I need therapy.

Keanu Reeves

One of the big concerns is if these stem cells express (produce) genes that can cause cancer. After implanting them into a patient, it would be cancer waiting to happen. You want to make sure that the cells you use for therapy are actually normal and are not in any way screwed up to start with.

Tobias Brambrink

The sound from crystal bowls travels in sound waves and enters into the body, releasing energy blockages that may be causing bad vibrations. Sound therapy works at a cellular level, it actually moves things around and it affects you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It really does have the ability to create change in you.

Christine O'grady

British women feel happier and more in control of their lives when their home is clean and tidy. Cleaning is the new therapy.

Dee Smith

After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, 'No hablo ingles.'

Ronnie Shakes

These benefits were seen in women who had consistently used hormone therapy and had been in menopause for at least five years.

Hugh Taylor

The real issue here is why are some people becoming ill and even dying after they are subjected to gene therapy. Until we get the answer to that question, we ought to have at least a partial moratorium on some of these experiments.

Jeremy Rifkin

Therapy has totally changed these days. When I first started up in town 18 years ago there were 10 chemicals (medicines to treat cancer), now there are 50.

Paul Dugan

There's this halo, sacrosanct idea of gene therapy, that no one could be involved unless they're completely trustworthy, that maybe left more blinders on than in other areas.

Sidney Wolfe

Money spent on expensive and unproved magnet therapy might be better spent on evidence-based medicine.

Bruce Flamm

At this time, the negatives outweigh the positives with regard to cybercounseling, ... When all you have to work with is a text-based message, you miss many of the vital cues available in face-to-face interactions. That is antithetical to doing good therapy.

Larry Rosen

Brain tumor patients tend to suffer a lot of cancer symptoms even after therapy.

Paul Fisher

I am expecting more improvement. She doesn't have to be back to normal in order for us to release her. We send people home for home physical therapy all the time. But because she needs such intense therapy, we thought we would just keep her here and do it here.

Maggie Mermin

It doesn't do a lot of good for me to interpret the study if nobody knows about it. There is value in my being able to interpret the study and communicate those results to another physician so he or she can make whatever management or therapy decisions are required.

Andrew W. Litt

Doctors have talked to me about growth hormone therapy. There is limb lengthening surgery, as well.

Joyce Wawrzonek

Sound therapy is ... starting to be taken more seriously. Mystics have always believed in its healing qualities, along with shamanic healers, Tibetans and ancient Egyptians. Now science is starting to justify why it works.

Christine O'grady

Anybody who can't get their fill of basketball in March needs to go get therapy.

Susan Williams

The long-term goal is to develop new ways to evaluate a patient's asthma to allow us to design individualized therapy for that patient based on the type of inflammation in their lungs or the genes they have. We are a long way from being there, but this research is a start.

Wendy Moore

I had to go through therapy to learn to socialize and express my feelings. In a way, it was immature, and I had to grow up.

Gary Grahl

We don't know who they are, why they're there, what kind of therapy they're receiving, or who they have access to. From a child welfare perspective, what the church is asking everyone to do is trust them. There's enough information out there and enough research finding about pedophiles that certainly suggests there's a high rate of recidivism.

Bryan Samuels

Our study indicates that cancer remains an important contributor to overall mortality in these men, particularly those with high Gleason score and high serum PSA. These data will be useful for men with localized prostate cancer choosing between aggressive treatments such as surgery or radiation, observation and androgen deprivation therapy.

Tomasz Beer

If we can give patients exercises that are easily altered for home practice, they will be much more likely to continue therapy on their own and have success. Because mental practice can produce such powerful reactions in the body and the brain, we think stroke patients can benefit substantially from this exercise.

Stephen Page

[For Behar, the therapy was successful and her cholesterol levels came down.] It was almost like the kind of high you get when you drop some weight, ... [The weight loss] was like in two months and how much [weight] could you lose in two months, 5 pounds? You know it was like weight loss but it wasn't.

Joy Behar

Music is usually resorted to as a form of self-therapy when you?re not involved enough in what you?re doing so that part of your mind needs to be distracted from what otherwise would become boring.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Under normal circumstances, testosterone is what stimulates prostate cancer to grow, so one form of hormone therapy stops production, while another blocks it from reaching prostate cells.

Paul Barrett

This type of information is a reaffirmation of previous data, which shows that there are clearly gender-specific responses to therapy. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, and the data here shows that men and women clearly react differently to a very simple and commonly used medication - aspirin.

Michael Watkins

Drug therapy is a valuable tool, especially for the large numbers of individuals who fail repeatedly to lose weight and to maintain that lost weight.

Judith Stern

Music therapy is a non-threatening form of intervention. It helps people open up. We've seen many people benefit, including those suffering from forms of dementia such as Alzheimer's. We've also seen evidence of music helping in neurological rehabilitation as people relearn a gait and learn to speak after a stroke.

Al Bumanis

The true clinical importance of our findings, in which patients and practitioners need to balance the risk of these infections with the benefits that patients with acne will receive from this therapy, will require further investigation.

David Margolis

Most people, when they hear about whole body vibration therapy, they tend to laugh.

Gianni Maddalozzo

In the developing world, where the penetration of antiretroviral therapy in adults is limited, the priorities were made to determine if one could prevent the next generation from getting infected.

Donna Mildvan

The real risk factors are things like diet, smoking, obesity and high blood pressure. Hormone replacement therapy is a teeny-tiny risk. It makes no sense for someone who weighs 250 pounds and smokes to say she doesn't want to take HRT because it will give her a heart attack.

Dr. Lauren Streicher

Lacy tends to be calming. She is not part of the therapy, but she's therapeutic.

Linda Martin

The therapy will help boost the man's immune system to help fight the disease. Very strict precautions have been taken as Congo fever has a very limited scope of treatment.

Leon Mbangwa

It took a little therapy, but we recovered.

Walt Crowley

Findings strongly support the implementation of intensive therapy as early as is safely possible and the maintenance of such therapy for as long as possible.

David Nathan

It's a program that uses magic as a form of therapy for people with disabilities, where magic is taught to patients in hospitals to help them regain their dexterity and their coordination by learning sleight of hand, in addition to boosting the patient's self-esteem by giving them a skill that an able-bodied person doesn't even have.

David Copperfield

I came back to a couple of homecoming events, like when I went into the Wall of Fame. And I have been in La Crosse for a couple of physical therapy conferences. Every time, I sneak into Mitchell Hall and look at the (championship) banner. It brings back great memories.

Mary Hansen

We tell them they're not therapy, but if you get eight, 10, 12 people together, they can help one another.

James Lafferty

A lot of biotechnology companies are in the research and development stages, ... From a fundamental point of view, investors need to look at valuation and calculate the potential for success with any therapy.

Ren Benjamin

Religious attendance is not a mode of medical therapy. While this study was not intended for use in clinical decision making, these findings tell us that there is something to examine further.

Daniel Hall

It helps me go on. It's like my therapy.

Brandon Moore

It's not anything serious. It's a lower body injury and he's in therapy right now.

Jacques Beaulieu

I work out a lot of personal problems, I do a lot of my self psycho-analyzing. I use it as my own mental therapy, along with the socializing with my friends that I run with.

Rae Clark

The scientific evidence is substantial and it indicates that hormone replacement therapy causes breast cancer.

Howard Snyder

Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers, Democrats Demand Rove Apologize for 9/11 Remarks.

Karl Rove

It's clearly attributable to the aggressive anti-retroviral therapy.

James Oleske

We found that people with depression who have increased activity in one area of the brain and decreased activity in another in response to emotional stimuli are more likely to respond to a specific treatment -- cognitive therapy.

Greg J. Siegle

He was smart when he was off. He did therapy and did everything right. He still has a ways to go to get ready for downtown.

Mike Watt

So many cancer therapies are as poisonous to healthy cells as they are to cancer cells. A therapy that is able to distinguish between healthy and cancer cells could be less difficult to endure for those with cancer.

Craig Meyers

She may have some additional physical therapy when she comes back (from leave) but she's doing very well now.

Glenn Mitchell

Clearly, this is about the most traumatic event a child can experience. Children are resilient and, placed in a warm and nurturing environment where they feel safe and secure and given the appropriate therapy, and it can be very long-term, they can respond.

Alane Fagin

We went out after Hurricane Katrina to give any kind of support we could. We played with kids, signed autographs, just talked to people. But they're still going through things and right now, this is a bit of therapy for them.

Scholanda Hoston

They're large, but docile. This is the only large animal experience a lot of the kids have, ... Llamas are full of expression. And they give unconditional love. Many of the geldings are used as therapy animals. They're the Lay's (potato chips) of the animal world - you can't have just one.

Amanda Hill

I'm going to be in therapy for a long time. Hopefully for the rest of my life.

Debra Lafave

We don't believe hormone therapy will make wrinkles melt away once they're already there, but the results of our study shows that hormone therapy can prevent them. Hormone therapy makes wrinkles less severe and keeps skin more elastic.

Hugh Taylor

It's done in honor of all those who lost their lives in the war. To do things in the community in their name is our therapy.

Larry Santamaria

Our team needed this. We needed a break-out game, so it was good therapy for us. It helped restore some confidence.

Doyle Geddes

He participated in physical therapy sessions yesterday morning and afternoon, sitting in a chair for over 30 minutes during each session.

Joanne Drake

Supermodel Kate Moss has left a U.S. clinic after undergoing a program of therapy.

Kate Moss

Therapy? I don't need that. The roles that I choose are my therapy.

Angelina Jolie

That's one of the reasons why we have him in therapy. That's the million-dollar question a judge is going to ask.

John Waldron

This new therapy is very exciting because there has been no effective therapy for protecting babies from CMV.

Patrick Duff

Think about what happens when you have your leg amputated and you get a prosthetic limb. They don't say 'OK, you've got your limb, hop on out of here and you're done.' They say you've got to have physical therapy. But in our field, nobody provides any kind of therapy after.

Robert Sweetow

(Thought field therapy) is drug-free, rapid and non-invasive, and it's appropriate for all ages.

Lois Sugarman

I started swimming at the age of 8, ... The reason I started swimming was because I had an ankle injury and my parents threw me in the pool for therapy. It just kind of stuck after that.

David Peterson

He's banged up. We're taking a much more conservative approach with him this season. He's two weeks into his therapy sessions. Hopefully, he'll be ready to throw two or three innings against East Aurora (Saturday).

Mark Foulkes

It doesn't show that I have anything torn, by the test that the trainer did to my shoulder. He doesn't seem to think I have anything to worry about. It's just a deep bruise, I guess. We'll see what happens tomorrow. We're going to keep packing it in ice and getting therapy and try to get it going.

Bernie Williams

We are tremendously excited about how this transaction strengthens our company's position in the heart-valve therapy space and further heightens our growth potential in the cardiac surgery market.

Michael Dale

Traditional therapy focuses on the individual, looking at our unconscious motivation, etc.. Then there are family-systems theories that focus on the family as a unit, a single organism. 'Codes of Love' integrates both. It's a firm review of the literature and a new blending of very important skills.

Mark Bryan

Sometimes some of the best therapy happens in a basketball game, with a coach. Sometimes the best conversations happen in a smoke pit.

Marika Sandrelli

I'm looking for the therapy crowd and the low-impact aerobics crowd. It's an alternative to a gym. There's no membership.

Stephen Potter

Smile, it's free therapy.

Doug Horton

Mike has been working at a high standard in complementary therapy for many years and this is a further extension of his excellent work. He continues to push the boundaries of care to a higher level.

Adrian Wilson

For years healthcare has been moving away from the inpatient care trends that our current facility was designed around. Outpatient services at SCMC (e.g. physical therapy, outpatient surgery, CT scans) have increased 33 percent over the past five years. The new facility's floor plan is arranged to accommodate this continuing shift in services.

Todd Willert

She's one of the most compliant patients I've ever seen. She does homework and more, and comes in with more problems, more issues and more ideas that she wants to work on in her therapy. She knows what she wants to achieve, and she keeps on breaking barriers.

Nancy Mason

I'm in favor of drug therapy and being aggressive with drug therapy with patients who are high risk for cholesterol, ... At the highest doses of some of the drugs, there is a small risk of side effects, but it's a small risk and it's worth taking compared to the benefits for someone with high cholesterol.

Frank Sacks

I think it's going to be a great adjunctive therapy. Patients generally like the robot. Many think of it as similar to a video game.

Richard Hughes

Few drugs are as immediately effective for heart failure as diuretics. Any patient in whom these drugs are prescribed should feel at ease with the therapy, provided they are under the care of a team of health care professionals who are actively evaluating electrolyte balance and kidney function.

Clyde W. Yancy

There are avoidance measures you can take, ... If you know you're sensitive to a trigger, like dust mites, cigarette smoke or animals, you can use medication, or if someone is highly allergic, he or she might consider desensitization therapy.

John Winder

I'm feeling great on a day-to-day basis now, ... Originally, it was supposed to take eight weeks, but after eight weeks I was still having problems running or sitting too long bothered me. But I started to incorporate yoga with my physical therapy and that helped me along.

Trish Stratus

It's truly revolutionary technology for delivering radiation therapy.

Minesh Mehta

We hope that our study will stimulate continued interest in researching the potential benefits of combining Chinese herbal therapy with conventional therapies for people with cancer.

Michael Mcculloch

This is really America in therapy, people trying to get themselves together and be whole.

David Viscott

Both studies clearly show no increased risk of coronary heart disease with estrogen-alone therapy.

Ginger Constantine

Jobs are a great therapy. If you have a job, you can find a way to get health insurance. You can support your family -- on and on and on.

Jerry Davis

It's such a rewarding craft. You make it. You wear it. You have pride that you made it and people compliment you. It just makes you feel good. It's the best therapy.

Sally Manzone

The overall direction this is moving is to develop a gene therapy for arthritis in which therapeutic genes are put into people's joints to treat the disease.

Christopher Evans

The doctor said it looks good. I was just excited to come out here and put on a uniform and shoot. I have been working real hard with therapy.

Brittani Nichols

The paradigm of treating menopause symptoms with the lowest effective dose of hormone therapy, for the shortest period necessary, is very sensible.

Hugh Taylor

Use of this information to select and treat the patients at highest risk for progression earlier may help prevent irreversible liver damage and improve patient compliance with therapy. These results may also enable more cost-effective and timely demonstration of efficacy for new drug therapies by enriching trials with those individuals more likely to suffer from disease progression.

Kathy Ordonez

We have long sought the answer to the question: Does postmenopausal hormone therapy prevent heart disease and, if it does, what are the risks? The bottom-line answer from [the Women's Health Initiative] is that this combined form of hormone therapy is unlikely to benefit the heart.

Claude Lenfant

These new findings suggest the possibility that if a woman starts hormone therapy sooner rather than later, perhaps we will see some of the protective effects on the heart that natural estrogen provides - or at least it won't increase the risk of cardiovascular-related harm.

Dr. Nanette Santoro

Golf is a challenge, but it's also my therapy. That's what gets me through a lot of things.

Custis Wright

This would be an absolutely novel treatment. Given what a big problem brain trauma is in society, any new therapy could make an important difference.

James Baumgartner

Our study provides beginning evidence for the important role art therapy can play in reducing symptoms. Art therapy provides a distraction that allows patients to focus on something positive instead of their health for a time, and it also gives patients something they can control.

Judith Paice

Nolan got the surgery lined up for me. I had surgery and, later that night, he had me doing some therapy. He worked with me. Nolan is a big reason I'm back.

Nevin Lubarski

Patients (in the study) went through an induction and maintenance phase (consisting of fewer drugs), while patients now continue on a chronic three-drug therapy. If somebody is failing chronic administration of three drugs, it could be that they have mutations from all of the components.

Mark Feinberg

Demonstrating efficacy of ISIS 301012 in patients with FH may lead to an advance in therapy for these desperately ill patients and establish ISIS 301012 as a powerful new cholesterol-lowering drug. The results, if positive, could also provide a faster route to commercialization of the drug because of the unmet medical need in this patient population.

Mark Wedel

When I resigned, I resigned. So I wept over it and I grieved. I got therapy. It was tough because I love coaching. I really believe it's a passion and it's a gift.

Beckie Francis

With current gene therapy, it's possible to switch genes on and off, but you don't really know if you are affecting other parts and processes of the cell as well. You may be able to get a plant cell to produce a certain desired product, but the yield may drop significantly.

Victor Lin

You know I think that going into therapy is a very positive thing, and talking about it is really helpful, because the more you talk the more your fears fade, because you get it out.

Fran Drescher

My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it's like therapy.

Pamela Anderson

It's therapy. That's what it is, it's therapy. I am living with cancer, but I'm not going to die of cancer. I'm going to die of old age.

George Dacy

There are patients at higher risk for coronary heart disease who aren't getting aspirin therapy who could benefit, and there are also those at lower risk who are taking aspirin but shouldn't be.

Michael Pignone

I'm encouraged. After we passed the word and made the announcements, we have plenty of interest. These players have done everything we've asked them to do. I've enjoyed being around them. It's therapy for me. I think it's going to be an enjoyable season.

Joe Francisco

These results, like the 14-day study before it, are unprecedented, and offer strong support for a three-month course of therapy as optimal duration.

Mark Augustine

With breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy, we have the opposite, ... We have lack of agreement, lack of uniformity, lack of consistency. That tells me that if hormone therapy has an effect on breast cancer, it has to be a small (one). If it were a major effect, a large effect, we would have agreement.

Leon Speroff

I'm not as klutzy as I used to be . . . . I've had visual therapy and all kinds of things to help, but I still wrap my purse around chair legs when I stand up to leave. I do ridiculous things on-camera because I do them in my life all the time.

Shelley Long

How is Rain'ee going to get to school? How is she going to get to therapy.

Mike Walker

Applied to women, this lifetime study suggests that having an estrogen deficiency in the pre-menopausal years predicts a higher rate of heart disease after menopause, even when treated with hormone replacement therapy after menopause.

Jay Kaplan

These newly injured service members were in prime physical condition prior to suffering their injuries and are counting on the system to assist them in re-achieving that physical conditioning through the provision of top- notch physical and occupational therapy and the availability of the full range of prosthetic equipment and devices.

John Melia

Most practices would see children, but they were adult-oriented. They did not specialize or focus on pediatrics, whereas in other larger communities, there are plenty of pediatric therapy providers.

Kristen Rojas

The entire family went through therapy, me last, finally at my wife's urging that I was in such bad shape that I needed to.

Gary Requa

Positive therapy goes beyond traditional therapy because it focuses on positive attributes that we identify to help people flourish and thrive, things like happiness and creativity. The medical model is to focus on troubles and pain. People come to therapy because they are in pain, but positive therapy focuses on moving forward rather than focusing on the pain.

Fred Gerhard

If you can detect the disease earlier, perhaps you have better chance on deciding the therapy and perhaps prolong the life of the patients.

Daniel Chan

It's not just vision therapy, it's occupational therapy, ... The fact that they have visual impairment doesn't mean they have to be stuck at home.

Benjamin Harris

We don't do therapy here in a one-on-one sense, in the traditional way. These kids are savvy. They've been there, done that.

Julie Wells

The doctor said if I kept playing it would be really bad. I couldn't play for three or four months and I had to go to physical therapy twice a week.

Jenny Lee

This is the first time that a study does it right in asking the effects of screening separate from therapy.

Donald Berry

It's worth remembering that only around 25% of patients used it as a combination drug when it was previously marketed. Combination therapy is very expensive and frequently does have side-effects.

Orla Hartford

This is the recommended therapy for all patients. We get 100 percent of our patients on it.

Dr. Jessie Wing

In any physical therapy program for this you will cross-train the muscle (by) doing another activity that strengthens it beyond (what) is needed for daily activity.

Russell E. Windsor

Understanding this has a lot of implications for treatment. They are being treated by current guidelines but still aren't better. Either the guidelines are wrong or it's the wrong therapy for those patients. That's why we're doing this research, to find answers.

Wendy Moore

This means a short-term therapy that is just as effective at preventing events but is much safer translates in the long term to an important difference.

Salim Yusuf

Stem cells hold great promise for human therapy. In an optimal world, we would make stem cells genetically matched to a patient.

Tobias Brambrink

I ran away when I was 18 and now I still can't stop hurting myself because of the pain he caused me, ... I go to therapy twice a week and I'll go the rest of my life until I can deal with this.

Anne Marie

We'll get those results, brace her, get her into physical therapy and see if she'll be able to play in the tournament.

Martina Martin

Words like -- 'you did a bad job and you always do that' -- they tell you in therapy that 'you' is a very destructive word unless it is used in a positive way.

Nancy Friedman

The question isn't whether hyperthermia works, but how do we apply the therapy so it achieves the desired goal and how do we inform physicians on its proper use. Our goal is to enable doctors to write a dose prescription for heat treatment that is user-friendly and can be 'filled' as we would any other prescription.

Mark Dewhirst

Even if the answer to FOP is only for FOP, it wouldn't in any way dissuade me from working on it, ... I would hope we can make a difference for these kids (and find) medications, treatment or therapy that would enable them to prevent a joint from turning into bone or restore movement to some joint already frozen.

Fred Kaplan

When people are afraid that someone is going to control their lifestyle, and think that there's no effective therapy, they don't want a diagnosis because it's like a sentence that's inescapable.

Greg Cole

The notion is that prevention beats therapy.

Dr. William Schaffner

He made so much progress while we were in Atlanta and my hope is his progress will continue with the therapy he's going to be receiving two to three times a week in Huntsville.

Kelli Wildman

CARTI Kids are current or former pediatric cancer patients who are receiving or have received treatment from one of our seven radiation therapy centers across Arkansas.

Mary Machen

Sometimes the best therapy I can recommend is getting a new puppy or kitten. It's not a betrayal of their other pet; it's just a new beginning and a way to move past the grief.

Julie Breault

I quit therapy because my analyst was trying to help me behind my back.

Richard Lewis

Mrs. Reagan remains at his side and is actively participating in his physical therapy sessions. She is encouraged by his progress, but has been advised by the doctors to remain cautious in her optimism.

Joanne Drake

High notes are exactly what I use as therapy to heal.

Mark Baxter

When you have a sports and athletic facility like the YMCA, it's natural to add a physical therapy arm.

John Mcgee

Therapy should be the first course of treatment.

Aniela Orr

I'm a typical middle child. I'm the mediator. The one that makes everything OK, puts their own needs aside to make sure everybody's happy. It's hard to change your nature, even with years and years of therapy.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

This therapy has to be given within minutes, ... You have to rush. So there is a big push. It's a setting where you could imagine errors happening.

Christopher Cannon

He's not 100 percent yet but he'll continue with the water therapy and riding the (stationary) bike and they might even let him do a little shooting. As long as he doesn't go crazy, anything that gets the blood flowing there helps the healing process. It was a positive report.

Bruce Weber

The fight that we have for hyperbaric therapy is well worth it because it saved her life. And now she's walking.

Shannon Kenitz

If you start therapy early, there is a greater chance of returning airway functioning to normal.

Robert Nathan

For this reason, while we believe that many more people could benefit from taking aspirin, it is important for patients and their physicians to discuss the issue and weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks to this therapy.

Dr. Jeffrey Berger

All seven groups concluded that the decline in the rate of death from breast cancer is a combination of screening and therapy, and not restricted to one or the other.

Donald Berry