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Chicago is a great theatre town, with theatergoers that are both discerning but adventurous, ... I know that Spelling Bee will be right at home here, and I'm thrilled that the Drury Lane Theatre is available to us. It has just the right feeling of intimacy for this show.

David Stone

Reviewers must normally function as huff-and-puff artists blowing laggard theatergoers stageward.

Walter Kerr

One of the most important American playwrights ever. I think his work is going to speak to generation after generation of theatergoers.

Rocco Landesman

Everyone and everything winds up lost in this ... adaptation of Tolkien 's cult-inspiring trilogy of fantasy novels. That includes plot, character and the patience of most ordinary theatergoers.

Ben Brantley

Families today have such limited time. People's lives seem to be so busy. But there's nothing like going to a live performance together. The earlier you start, hopefully they will be theatergoers in the future.

John Mcewen

Chicago theatergoers are savvy. They want to see the best and the brightest and they want to see it first -- preferably before it goes to Broadway or, in the case of 'Wicked,' early into the show's first national tour.

Eileen Lacario