Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.

Freeman Dyson

Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.

Patricia Fripp

I'm an enemy of what I call 'computer theology.' There's a class conflict out there. There's a techno-elite that lives in a different world.

Walter Mossberg

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Technology without hatred can be a blessing. Technology with hatred is always a disaster.

Simon Wiesenthal

Many people see technology as the problem behind the so-called digital divide. Others see it as the solution. Technology is neither. It must operate in conjunction with business, economic, political and social system.

Carly Fiorina

This is why I loved technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy.

Cory Doctorow

Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.

Putt's Law

The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple.

Freeman Dyson

Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.

Carrie P. Snow

We are surrounded by engineers' folleys: too many technical solutions still looking for problems to solve.

David Tansley

Five years ago, we thought of the Web as a new medium, not a new economy.

Clement Mok

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.

Alice Kahn

There is an evil tendency underlying all our technology - the tendency to do what is reasonable even when it isn't any good.

Robert M. Pirsig

Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.

Joseph Wood Krutch

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

Richard Feynman

Technology is a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn't have to experience it.

Max Frisch

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

Edward Teller

Technology: No Place for Wimps!

Scott Adams

We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.

Carl Sagan

The idea that Bill Gates has appeared like a knight in shining armour to lead all customers out of a mire of technological chaos neatly ignores the fact that it was he, by peddling second-rate technology, who led them into it in the first place.

Douglas Adams

I've always wanted to own and control the primary technology in everything we do.

Steve Jobs

Hotels historically have lagged in terms of technology, but they are better at adapting to technology than five or 10 years ago. This whole movement is making the guest experience feel more like being home.

Robert Mandelbaum

Lakeland is not just the geographical center of Florida anymore. It is also the center for information technology.

Piyush Patel

Expect by the end of this month for us to be making announcements about the location, size, technology and regulatory schedule.

Bill Harvey

Anything that helps enhance democracy to give average people a voice is a noble and good use of technology.

David Sifry

My work suggests the next major move in those names will be down. Since technology stocks tend to be high-expectation stocks, when those expectations roll over, the sector does badly.

Brian Rauscher

This latest win confirms our ongoing commitment to providing operators with innovative technology to enable them to easily replace and upgrade their HLR capacity to support subscriber growth needs at reduced capital and operating expenses. Motorola endeavors to ensure that operators in emerging markets get the most out of every function and resource in their network.

Ali Amer

That is the plan for our standard technology. Immersion is still an option that we're looking at for 32-nm.

Mark Bohr

We believe the Emerging Technology Fund has become our most effective tool for attracting or retaining companies that are looking to expand here in Massachusetts.

Stephen Mulloney

I think the market is scared by uncertainty and that's what this election is giving us. And the most uncertain sector fundamentally is technology.

Brian Belski

For a first-year event, I'm very pleased with it. It brought new technology, new ways of doing things, but it is coming together very well.

Dale Phillips

Right now, everything is in place for the competition to really begin. In the past, manufacturers were tinkering with standards and technology, but now that they have that all figured out, the race has begun.

Ted Schadler

When the fund began, there were dozens of technology stocks on our recommended list because of the so-called 'Asia Contagion,'.

John Buckingham

The advent of 3G technology will be market-oriented, and we will make it sure people can use wireless 3G services during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Wang Xudong

I'm an African bringing my culture to the Western world. But I use technology and rhythm and blues and jazz and rock. I make it easier for you by combining your tools with mine. But then some will say the music is not pure.

Angelique Kidjo

The idea that Sudan could buy and make use of extremely sophisticated nuclear technology is obviously a question mark.

Jon Wolfsthal

They were not secure. The college is no more or less secure than anyone else. While the school now employs the best practices for security and privacy, all security and technology can be broken.

Sandy Goldstein

The technology is out there. We just need to find the right type of car.

Karen Clysdale

It's one thing to advertise a product on TV. It's another thing to create an ongoing program with consumers. People are spending less time with TV and more time with new forms of technology. When we understood what consumers are doing with technology, we wanted to partner with one of the most powerful brands.

Andy Jacobs

It's a simple story, yet with all the complexities of myth. The technology was so understated. I thought he (George Lucas) was an amazing director who had created this totally believable world.

Liam Neeson

In November 2002, we started producing engines that have cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems, which is an emissions control device and was new technology for engines at this time.

Jim Mcnamara

A couple of things are safe to say. From the community end, there's a demand for this kind of service. ... From a technical end, Wi-Fi is still a challenging technology.

David Keyes

We expect that this new investment by Ford will take the Philippine automotive industry to its next level of development by establishing its leadership in the Flexible Fuel technology in the region. Flexible Fuel technology is part of Ford's global vision on innovation, and with this investment Ford intends to build the Philippines as its ASEAN Center of Excellence in Flexible Fuel Technology.

Peter Daniel

We plan to build new services around this technology for our partners.

Tom Buiocchi

Honestly, we do it because it's fun. Beyond that, it's also the prestige and getting the public excited about science and technology.

Shawn Jordan

Technology shares have risen significantly recently. But some investors are wondering whether electronics companies' first quarter won't be as good as people had thought after Intel's lower-than-expected earnings.

Harvey Chang

Clearly we think we [also] have a lot of creative talent and we have technology and a lot of things that are available to ... make our movies ... just as successful.

Dick Cook

We achieved a significant milestone with the creation of the world's largest LCD panel this quarter. The technology involved in creating a 100-inch LCD TV panel will be a catalyst for further TV innovation as we continue to meet the high demand for better picture quality and larger sizes.

Bon Joon Koo

Valuations are getting stretched, especially in the technology sector. There may be some recovery in the economy, but the notion that it will translate into a big jump in corporate profits - the jury is still out on that.

Chuck Carlson

We are delighted to have signed a contract with INO. The Christian labels have been highly responsive to this new technology and quick to embrace the Promo Only MPE(TM) System. We have forged a great relationship with INO since we started the summer of 2005 and this contract is testimony to that.

Dean Ernst

A time will come when this ... whole discussion is entirely academic, because our technology and our shelf-space capabilities will be rising at roughly the same rate, in my opinion, as high-definition television begins to arrive throughout our society.

Leo Hindery

Technology has been, and always will be, my one true passion professionally.

John Mckinley

There is something magical about reverse directories. Making this information public is a healthy thing. And we are using technology the way it should be, by bringing together groups of sellers and buyers who now have no way to reach each other.

Felix Kramer

There's a whole lot of modern technology, and we have an awful lot of old buses. We just haven't had the opportunity or the resources to get into that whole technological world.

Bob Bourne

Even though you can improve the technology and the building techniques, you're still going to have more people in harm's way.

Mary Comerio

A growing number of organizations are interested in moving away from closed, proprietary technology platforms in favor of an open computing model. As one of the fastest growing operating systems in the world, Linux is emerging as a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows as an email and collaboration platform.

Michael Loria

We are in a different age than we used to be. It's more technology driven than it used to be. Why not make some changes?

Scott O'donnell

I truly think that one day it will save a life, this technology. Whether it's disease control or tumor detection, it certainly seems like it's headed in the right direction.

Tim Kehoe

The reality is technology is here, technology will only improve and certain technology companies will dominate in the next five to ten years, ... The problem is determining which ones and at what value.

George Rodriguez

As our students are majoring in information technology, they need to be able to convey information overseas. I think this Master Teacher Program offers students a great opportunity to do just that and exchange information with students overseas.

Kiwame Kono

This is a great opportunity to train the next generation of IT (information technology) professionals. They are the first line of defense.

Jeff Wright

We are thrilled to partner with Evergreen Solar, with its proprietary String Ribbon technology and rapidly expanding manufacturing capability. Our relationship with Evergreen ensures that as the market for solar continues to expand, GRO will continue to grow with it. GRO customers can be confident that they will have ready access to solar installations, at a steady price, for years to come.

Jeff Wolfe

[Technological hurdles remain daunting, but that hasn't stopped] people with gleam in their eyes, ... I think Shell has something that could turn out successful. They've been working on this technology for a long time.

Robert Hirsch

These dogs, with their super-sensitive noses, remain the quickest and most accurate detection devices in this age of technology.

Chris Ellison

Toyota obviously has staked a lot of its prestige on this technology, so if there is a developing negative backlash in the U.S., they are going to work very hard to reverse that.

Alan Baum

In the technology world, we like to have a little more to go on aside a PowerPoint slide and a vision.

Warren Holtsberg

I consider my future flight to be a small part of an important trend to make space accessible to more people, not just to experts. I am very much in favor of commercial space travel, which promises to advance technology just like commercial aviation did many years ago.

Charles Simonyi

Today, the airline catering industry has the capability and technology to create menus based on diverse dietary requirements and food preferences. We hope to use the study to develop new initiatives with the airlines.

Helmut Woelki

I am very happy that we are continuing our brilliant collaboration with Cervlo. It has been a pleasure being part of the developent of their bikes. I've been constantly impressed with their technology and it means a lot to me that we have best material available. Cervlo's bikes give us a competitive edge and I know that I can win the biggest races on these bikes.

Ivan Basso

The game improvement technology [these irons] incorporate makes them an ideal high-performance option for players looking for a little more help from their equipment.

Drew Isaacman

We're not discussing the merits of higher education or the college of technology. We're talking about the place we live. We've got kids and cars all over the place already.

Naomi Miller

The main problem is things keep getting worse in the technology space.

Phil Dow

It's ridiculous to be sharing information that is sensitive in nature, whether it's financial or medical, by the use of faxes. We want Prudential to realize that their technology is out of date and [that] they are not paying attention.

Jody Baxmeyer

I believe technology can really save time, and time is money.

Alan Rimer

We've taken a potentially life-saving idea, applied our proprietary technology, and developed mobile phone- and Web-based software called ICE First to store and automatically update emergency contact and medical information. ICE First puts medical and emergency preparedness in the palm of your hand.

Keith Buckley

We didn't have any quantitative analysis on the broad effect of digital on watches. It was more anecdotal and 'gut' sense that cell phone and other technology would begin to eat into watch sales.

Don Montuori

Xbox 360 is a new product with new technology, so the slow start is understandable, but next Christmas the Xbox is not going to be there by itself. Newer consoles from Sony and Nintendo will also be there.

Brian O'rourke

That would make for a much quicker response to a flu outbreak, and would help move vaccine technology into the 21st century. Right now vaccine technology is in the middle of the 20th century. It just doesn't make sense to rely on outdated methods that have been around 40 years.

John Mccamant

New technology has made using this type of pureed food easier and more cost effective.

Tres Maley

Throw enough time and money at a technology problem, and it can be overcome.

Keith Waryas

We're interested in investigating the use of this technology as a navigation aid for military divers in murky waters where visibility is extremely limited.

Jan Walker

Many kids who are using this type of technology are plugging virtual rock concerts into their ears. Parents, grandparents and all other significant adults in our children's lives need to be aware of the risk and make sure the children are, too.

Pam Mason

We are slaves to this consumer society, ... When this civilization ends, what are they going to see when the archaeologists dig us up? I think they're going to say we worshipped technology.

Adam Horowitz

We want to offer job training and mentoring and build the site with more robust, reliable and flexible technology.

Craig Newmark

I never met a consumer technology I didn't like. You build it and I'll buy it.

Robert Mankoff

The problem is the technology picks up some kind of anomaly or variation of soil. We go in with big backhoes and bulldozers, we spend all day doing it, and all we hit is rock or water tables.

Lauren Mack

We have to ask ourselves anew the larger question: What surveillance power should the government have? And to what extent should the government be allowed to manage the development of technology to embody its surveillance capability?

Daniel Solove

Because technology is our business, we understand that the rapid advancement in computers and equipment encourages users to replace their machines frequently. Instead of merely discarding their older computer by tossing it into the landfill, we are offering owners the chance to help a student and community connect with technology.

Tom Hamby

We have a good track record with proven technology. It is a long-term confidence that we are building with our customers, to achieve a win-win situation.

Ridzuan Ali

Technology shares are usually stratified.

Stephen Barnes

What this means is that Windows becomes the platform for virtualization. Customers will consolidate existing systems to Windows using virtual technology. This is very compelling to our customer base.

Bob Kelly

It's important for local businesses to have technology-enabled marketing solutions like this available to them. With the Internet becoming an increasingly popular medium to find products and services, local businesses need to harness that power in order to grow.

Gordon Bridge

We incorporated in '97 and started working it really heavy in 2000, ... The main reason for our growth is our commitment to leading commercial technology and integrating that into the federal space.

David Phelps

The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.

John Naisbitt

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with the North Dakota University System to ensure that the benefits afforded in their technology investments are realized to the greatest extent for their students and faculty.

Jim Mcglothlin

We're trying to address the issue of cost. We're very aware of cost sensitivity and we're looking at ways to make this technology affordable.

Karl Johnson

Within the capital spending sensitive Information Technology arena, the lack of follow through to even higher levels of growth has been very disappointing to the investment community. Yet, one needs to recognize that tech spending has been coming back for almost two years now and is not only now emerging from a long slumber, as many seem to think.

Tobias Levkovich

While the cause of the symptoms was not identified, the polling showed that people are listening louder and longer _ habits made easier by strides in listening technology, but ones that may also contribute to hearing damage.

Alex Johnson

I think the industry has literally been shaken by this month's events. There was a broad agreement that we really needed to focus efforts, particularly looking at technology and training.

Carol Raulston

They truly illustrate the progress of technology in the digital age.

Gary Shapiro

We're looking for new viewing platforms. We recognize that traditional platforms can and will flourish. But what we are seeing with technology advances is that consumers want content when and however they can get it.

Ray Cole

We're living in a world where technology is a huge part of our lives, but it can be a blessing and a curse. Some people think this technology can make us more productive. But it's not helping us with social skills. It's alienating us from other people.

Jacqueline Whitmore

The Java services are not quite mature enough for full EAI, ... This technology is going to be essential, and companies will want it in-house.

Shawn Willett

We continue to receive strong orders from our broad customer base across leading edge and mainstream technology nodes. As a result, our revenues and the average selling price of our wafers increased during the fourth quarter.

Richard Chang

We're starting to catch the technology wave and stocks tied to Internet are the stand-outs.

Julio Ziegelmann

This is a significant breakthrough of China's space technology since the successful spaceflight of manned spacecraft Shenzhou-5.

Wang Yongzhi

General Dynamics has had a great partnership with the Army for many years, from modernizing telecommunications systems at Army bases worldwide to building communications networks inside the Pentagon. We are pleased that the Army has once again chosen General Dynamics' expert engineers and IT professionals to support its information technology requirements.

Mike Chandler

Whoever comes in, they will have to transfer technology into China.

Li Hui

We believe Roaming Messenger has a unique technology in the exciting and growing wireless sector. Especially their focus in the Homeland Security industry which continues to mature.

Brian Keane

Over the next two years, the guys making the technology are probably going to have a market. It won't be a lot of money, but there will be a market.

Gerry Kaufhold

Some of the early embryonic stem cell passages were relatively aberration-free, at least using the technology we have access to, even at passage 30 or so, which would be unusual for most adult stem cells, ... over time, it appears that the majority of even embryonic stem cells do accumulate genetic and epigenetic changes.

Johns Hopkins

[Carr] seems to talk about the end of innovation, but there will always be innovation. Information technology is not electricity where the unit is an electron; in IT every byte is different. It is what is transported that matters.

Doug Richard

The advanced imaging and planning capabilities that this technology offers is enhancing how we perform neurosurgery here at Penn.

Sean Grady

This is a historic event for our industry. It puts us in position to achieve our ultimate goal, which is for this technology to compete on its own with traditional sources of energy.

Howard Wenger

We've always had a policy of qualifying and buying the very best technology that we can put in our systems. We intend to continue to buy disk drives from IBM, contingent on their ability to meet our standards.

Mark Fredrickson

You should want the highest form of technology and security for your privacy information, and frankly, we don't have that today.

Richard Clarke

Investors are more aware of the risks associated with these offerings. We'll see more consolidation of technology funds and that's a healthy thing.

Christopher Traulsen

We expect that the mutual goal of ZF and IBM to deliver products of the highest quality and reliability, utilizing IBM's world-class foundry technology, will result in a successful long-term relationship.

Tom Reeves

[Cathedral City City Councilman Paul Marchand piggybacked off another's question regarding the price of gasoline. Marchand focused on Westly's intention to run for governor and asked for] a commitment to (putting California) on a leading edge (of clean technology) beyond just hybrid vehicles, ... absolutely and unequivocally yes.

Steve Westly

As you get below 20 employees, IP technology is difficult.

Lawrence Byrd

Large-cap information technology shares found few buyers. That's because they most reflect the nervousness in the New York markets.

Tetsuya Ishijima

These groundbreaking games helped pioneer the video game industry. We intend to bring these classics back to life by updating them with the latest technology and interactive game design, while preserving their heart and spirit.

Tom Dusenberry

The encapsulation was that somewhere along the line, technology and the application of technology around mobile services became cool.

Michael Gallelli

This increase shortchanges American consumers and national security because automakers already have the technology to raise fuel economy much more significantly.

Daniel Becker

Judging by the way it was put together, it is space technology. Experts estimate it cost tens of millions of dollars to make. You can make such a technological wonder only under laboratory conditions.

Sergei Ignatchenko

I think the technology Ascend has acquired gives them the lead over existing data networking companies in offering full-featured SS7 technology. Stratus offers SS7 technology on a high-end computer platform, whereas Cisco offers more low-end signaling.

Christin Armacost

We have stayed alive for the past 25 years. Investors in the company are willing to take a risk because they have so much faith in the technology.

Claude Corkadel

The technology is increasing so we have to try to learn to adjust.

Cody Rutledge

Electronics today is a series of struggles. It's satellite versus the iPod, satellite versus high-definition radio. That's why it's critical for satellite radio to get a foothold in the next three to five years. If it doesn't, some other technology will render it obsolete.

Russ Meyer

The issue with technology is, it's -- by definition -- change. You can't just go to sleep and say I'm going to forget it for 20 years.

Marshall Acuff

We've seen them use technology as a subterfuge to take work away from us. We have to make distinction what jobs will be lost due to new technology and what jobs will be lost because they use the technology to move the work to other people.

Steve Stallone

People want to believe that technology permits an answer to everything in a criminal case. That's just simply not the case. In the real world, we don't have DNA evidence available in 60 minutes or even a day.

Dennis Godfrey

Consumers are generally bashful about trying technology they don't understand. Ultimately, this will prove to be a marginally accepted product.

Gene Munster

The Quicken Tax Freedom Project is one program that will help bridge this country's technology gap by making electronic tax preparation affordable and accessible to those who otherwise may not have access to a computer or the appropriate software. We think it is important for everyone in the country to be able to enjoy the great benefits of the new digital revolution.

Bill Harris

The contract girls will be lending their beautiful assets to set us apart in the wireless market, ... I'm really jazzed that with our proven management team and extensive content library, will be #1 in this exciting new technology space.

Jenna Jameson

Technology, of course, is not the only distraction.

Jacqueline Glassman

Job creation is concentrated in the service sector, ... High-growth areas such as financial services and information technology require skilled workers.

Jonathan Loynes

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.

R. Buckminster Fuller

It's hard to without technology.

Michael Burkett

About 20 to 30 years ago, you exclusively got exposure from the radio, ... These are some pretty interesting times to be around. I was very close friends with Ray Charles. We had a common love of technology in making records, and compared notes on how it was done. I wanted to be involved as a blind person, with Braille and synthetic speech. You do what your heart tells you to do.

Ronnie Milsap

We're going to see the same thing happen in technology and telecom. Balance sheet constraints and problems are going to drive a lot of consolidation.

John Orrico

They believe technology is the path to their future, and they are making that investment now. There is no hotter vertical market moving forward than education.

Tom Davies

They will need to upgrade the search capabilities to be more personal, targeted and better. An area of technology they should work on is context of search. So if you type in the world 'Polish' and you're looking for Polish ancestry, you won't get results for car polish.

Allen Weiner

People are in agreement that there should be reductions. But when we invest our customers' money we need proven technology.

Dan Bishop

Iran is determined to use peaceful nuclear technology and no intimidation or threat can make us give it up.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Our customers define us as a trusted and established technology partner that not only provides a well-integrated blade cluster solution, but also understands the rest of their computing needs. We are happy to provide our customers the flexibility, high-performance and simplicity to help them achieve their business objectives.

Daniel Kim

Solar has always been the little cousin left out. It always has been pitted as this boutique, niche technology for backwoods hippies or Malibu millionaires.

Bernadette Del Chiaro

The world has the knowledge, resources, and technology to end extreme poverty, but time is running out.

Kemal Dervis

It's been important for Apple to overcome objections regarding sales of its servers into the large or mid-size enterprise. Apple's been challenged by a pervasive perception that its server offering is not compatible with existing technology.

Tim Deal

Cisco is a proxy for the rest of tech. They touch every level of technology in their business.

Brian Finnerty

Sprint Nextel is committed to evaluating and supporting the best next-generation technologies available to deliver cutting-edge services for our customers. We believe that UMTS TD-CDMA technology holds great promise as a next-generation platform for operators globally, especially for both mobile broadband and mobile TV applications.

Barry West

Our product provides comfort, convenience, safety, and savings, while contributing to the reduction in global energy consumption. We believe we must deploy our technology on a rapid global basis to help relieve the pressures on our energy infrastructure.

Neal Hunter

Technology should fare real well, given all the business being done on the Internet right now. Those subject to the Internet, like a Sun Microsystems, those type of companies should have excellent earnings.

Tony Dwyer

A lot depends on the value of the intellectual property. In the bio sector, no one knows what the future holds and if they have promising technology, there could be support. They are targeting a large potential market.

James Barrett

This is part of a trend where government is adopting a lot of the technology software companies already have.

Rob Rachwald

This is a pretty common problem in the technology world. This is one of those unfortunate cases where consumers were caught in-between the change.

Richard Shim

I'm confident that if the technical community were to help turn out Senator Hatch, 534 other people in Washington would pay closer attention to technology in the future.

Steve Urquhart

I don't think with today's technology we can have a voting system that is fully electronic that can be trusted.

Avi Rubin

During this year of disasters - here and abroad - the U.S. private sector's donation of medicines, water purification systems, vehicles, satellite phones and logistics and technology know-how have undoubtedly saved lives.

John Castellani

PDP makers have more room to cut prices by improving technology and saving material costs.

Chris Kim

Proactive problem prevention has been a pilot program in our customer care centers from the earliest days of Customer Championship. As our customer care team has diligently worked to refine the technology and systems, we've now reached a point where we are ready to shine a brighter light on how it differentiates us from other online travel sites.

Michelle Peluso

Steve is a visionary in technology, and Disney is very focused on technology. But I don't think there is anybody at Disney who is a technology visionary. There is a fit.

Anthony Valencia

Services integration is a key success factor for the deployment of IPTV. As the worldwide leader in both broadband access technology and triple play deployments, Alcatel has the commitment and experience required to ensure that all the pieces come together in a timely manner.

Monika Maurer

We had some downgrades in the chip sector, so there are some worries about inventories and decelerating growth that's weighing on technology.

Robert Harrington

IBM has taken a leadership role in this area and is prepared to be a technology partner with companies around the world to take advantage of these new developments.

John Patrick

This is a potential platform technology for developing many other kinds of therapies.

Claudio Soto

Technology of course makes it easier for this sort of thing to be possible.

Bob Stezzi

I think that any time you have a successful business, others try to emulate it, and certainly Medic was one of the more-successful technology businesses that have been created here. We had a lot of people take notice and want to get in that industry.

John Mcconnell

My best recommendation is to price per acre for services rendered. You pay for technology as it is utilized.

Sid Parks

More than ever, financial executives are intricately involved from a finance, technology and operations perspective, and they thrive on their central role in driving the company's growth.

Paul Mcdonald

It hooked me and the rest of the school and was our impetus to really push into the technology area.

Pat Coleman

[Starting December 26, Headline News Space Science and Technology Correspondent Allard Beutel looks at the technological vision put forth by Kubrick and co-screenwriter Sir Arthur Clarke. In a five-part series called,] 2001: A Space Prophecy, ... 2001.

Allard Beutel

Technology today is on the verge of just exploding the communications field and turning the global village into reality.

Douglas Buchanan

We will not step back one inch from our obvious right (to nuclear technology).

Ali Hosseinitash

A lot of people are learning about our technology for the first time, ... We will be able to have a new nationwide video system that would be launched in competition with franchise cable companies.

Sophia Collier

The study underscores the critical role universities play in a country's national innovation system, not just in the training of new scientists and access to the best talent, but in the ease of developing and licensing technology.

Carl Schramm

My sense is that technology in and of itself is not a lure, but if you don't have good technology, it's a problem.

Laura Perry

The closest person in scale is probably Microsoft, but by their own admission their technology is behind. And if I had to guess I'd say it's 18 to 24 months behind.

Peter Misek

Any fund that's heavy in technology has not done well.

Sheldon Jacob

Internet phone service was the first technology that worked after Hurricane Katrina. But Internet phone service won't work in a power outage and neither will a cordless phone.

Joel Gurin

We are committed to providing an integrated solution for our customers in the sterilization industry. Our solution encompasses securing long-term strategic partnerships, complemented by a full breadth of advanced sterilization technology and services.

Steve West

Using this technology we can have much broader protection, which is important because the virus is always changing.

Dr Andrea Gambotto

We have more than 150 patents pending and 16 patents issued related to our ISA247 technology. These patents include compound claims, methods of manufacture, use claims and analytical methods. Our intellectual property position continues to be strengthened with the addition of this new patent. We will continue to pursue additional patentable claims for ISA247 where appropriate.

Dr. Randall Yatscoff

We have good technology and good databases. It means you can organize people quickly, easily and cheaply. It means you can ride the media phenomenon of the moment, which is what, in some ways, Cindy Sheehan has become.

Tom Matzzie

What I love about new technology is that it really pushes the art. It really pushes it in a way that you can't imagine until you come up with the idea. It's idea-based. You can do anything.

Robert Rodriguez

The government must avoid picking winners and losers by imposing regulation based on the particular mix of technology a video provider deploys.

Kyle Mcslarrow

You have a confluence of forces coming together in technology and the media to make it happen and it's worldwide and it's multiplying like lice.

Stuart Fischoff

The new funding will carry the company into 2007 towards profitability, enabling us to not only continue innovating on our antenna diversity technology, but also to deploy it shortly in cell phones on a worldwide basis.

Osmo Hautanen

This 'digital archeology' program represents a serious commitment to go further into the past, and to begin to take advantage of the benefits for artists and for music fans of digital download technology. Hopefully, the first round of recordings selected for this initiative will start to satisfy consumer demand, as more and more people buy their music online.

Barney Wragg

Until now, the Germans thought, 'We can make it with diesel.' They saw hybrid as a technology that was just filling a gap. Now they're seeing that, particularly in the U.S., they're missing a market.

Arndt Ellinghorst

They're losing patients to technology.

Manuel Delgado

Given the rise of chronic conditions and the rapid aging of the population, there has never been a more urgent need to improve quality and reduce costs through the optimal use of technology. I look forward to helping frame the discussion of how technology can help connect people and information in new and important ways that can enable better healthcare at lower cost.

Louis Burns

This revenue growth marked another milestone in our strategy to focus on opportunities in the digital intermediate services market. The company is experiencing first hand, the immense growth and popularity of digital intermediate (DI) technology and is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional quality and competitive pricing in that arena.

David Waters

The advancement of science and technology alone cannot make humanity happy.

Kazuo Inamori

We hope that helping to make the Mercury Mariner Hybrid a success will encourage Ford to invest in better technology to increase the fuel economy of its entire fleet.

Dan Becker

It will be using both push and pull technology. There are some announcements that we will need to push out and make sure everyone hears.

Linda Hendrick

GM continues to demonstrate bold and innovative leadership in products and technology. On these fronts and more, GM is truly on a roll.

Brent Dewar

The major benefit to Marshall is an increase in funding which is gained from a royalty stream ownership interest in Vandalia due to our technology license.

Justin Swick

The Republic of China of Taiwan is in need of resources and has to look at the markets of the world, ... We have the technology and the capability, but we don't have the markets here in Alaska.

Frank Murkowski