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The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and that all the pains I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time.

George Bernard Shaw

All my life, affection has been showered upon me, and every forward step I have made has been taken in spite of it.

George Bernard Shaw

The teacher pretended that algebra was a perfectly natural affair, to be taken for granted, whereas I didn't even know what numbers were. Mathematics classes became sheer terror and torture to me. I was so intimidated by my incomprehension that I did not dare to ask any questions.

Carl Jung

Everyone who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching.

Oscar Wilde

Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.

Oscar Wilde

[Medicine is] a collection of uncertain prescriptions the results of which, taken collectively, are more fatal than useful to mankind.

Napoleon Bonaparte

I've always taken risks, and never worried what the world might really think of me.

M. C. Escher

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.

William Shakespeare

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

William Shakespeare

There is a tide in the affairs of men Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

William Shakespeare

Well, the fact is that one cannot retrace one's steps, and the steps one has taken greatly influence the future.

Vincent van Gogh

The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.


The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

Hubert H. Humphrey

I have taken all knowledge to be my province.

Sir Francis Bacon

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.

Lyndon B. Johnson

By their essential nature triumphs can't be given. They must be taken, and the worse the odds and the fiercer the resistance, the greater the honor. Victories can't be gifts.

Lois McMaster Bujold

Justice is not to be taken by storm. She is to be wooed by slow advances.

Benjamin Cardozo

There are two things that will be believed of any man whatsoever, and one of them is that he has taken to drink.

Booth Tarkington

You must have taken great pains, sir; you could not naturally been so very stupid.

Samuel Johnson

It's taken a long time to get to the actual building. There were a lot of months of frustration and anguish in the middle. I breathe a lot easier now.

Keith Gibson

Through that process I came to the realization it was time, ... This is the end of a storybook career that has taken me above and beyond my wildest dreams.

Pat Day

I just didn't make a good play. I have to get it by. The puck hit him and he ended up scoring. I probably should have taken a penalty on him.

Jamie Heward

Eve was not taken out of Adam's head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him.

Matthew Henry

The revolution of electronics hasn't taken away the good smell of books. It's really hopeful to see.

Robin Wright

Everything has gone beyond my expectations. I've had a great summer, and the fans have been tremendous. Chicago has taken us in and has been great.

Jennie Finch

She lit it when Jill got taken and it's been there the whole time.

Paul Taggart

I never have taken a picture I've intended. They're always better or worse.

Diane Arbus

This is another attempt by Bob Beers to get under Jim Gibbons' skin. If he has taken Beers' bait, that's good for Beers. It's allowing Beers to effectively control the agenda.

David Damore

He's moved back to the sixth man spot, and he's really taken ownership of that.

Brian Barber

In the last year or so, this has really taken off like a freight train without brakes.

Philip Mote

They've been saying that they didn't want any part in this, and I don't think anyone has taken them seriously, and now they've said it unequivocally that they don't want to be bought out.

Harvey Saferstein

This is the first step in making amends for what has taken place.

Anton Valukas

To me that's the best part of the show and the best part of the business. Occasionally you are blessed with the chance to do something that people are so taken with they hold it dear.

Anthony Stewart Head

The 'lighter' side of life deserves to be taken seriously when considering the facilitation of human success and development.

Matthew Gervais

The investigations are on and action will be taken against the involved people.

Gopal Sharma

The push to prosecute companies and make the next settlement bigger than the last has taken on a life of its own.

David Chavern

Millions of dollars have been spent on these lawsuits (restricting casinos), and no one has stepped up and taken responsibility for paying the bills. The question is, who is paying for it.

Tom Shields

Significant steps have been taken since 9-11 to protect out country here at home, but much remains to be done, ... Americans from across the political spectrum must come together to develop the next phase of our efforts to counter global terror.

Warren Rudman

If that's taken out you're going to have a lot of people claim that we have bottomed. That's the key.

Todd Clark

They're not group animals, they're completely solitary, so if the baby's mother is taken away, there's no system of aunts ... their whole system is destroyed.

Joanna Lumley

There's some nice symmetry because now we've taken back the 75 basis points Greenspan gave us last year. The Fed has been saying steady as she goes for the last few years if you add it all up, and maybe this is where we will stop.

Chris Grisanti

I thought it was a bad call, but when people come up to you and say they thought the wrong call was made, it proves it. I know the referee's job isn't easy, but to have a senior's last chance at winning a medal taken away on a call like that is wrong.

Al Sears

We've taken immediate steps to prevent something like this from occurring.

Denise Almazan

Unfortunately, it's taken us until the ninth inning to get back into every game. Timely hitting has to come sooner than the ninth.

Ryan Doumit

It's been pretty exciting lately. It's taken kind of a while for us to get to this point. It's nice to see our guys playing like we know they can.

Rich Kolimas

It is very sad for a man to make himself servant to a single thing; his manhood all taken out of him by the hydraulic pressure of excessive business.

Theodore Parker

The commission is determined to intervene in cases where measures taken by undertakings jeopardize the proper functioning of the single market, ... Such measures constitute a very serious infringement of European competition rules and must be dealt with severely.

Mario Monti

Florida is one example of how partisan politics interfere with having folks' votes being counted accurately. Americans have taken elections for granted for far too long.

Ion Sancho

Dave hasn't been taken down all season. That's quite an accomplishment.

Don Cooley

With Dark Crusade we have taken a very different and exciting route with the single player game, allowing the player to conquer the globe as any of the seven unique playable races .

Ron Moravek

It's something that needs to be taken care of.

Tyler Browne

The Galt House has assured us that our needs will be taken care of as far as the show producers and technical staff that have to be in the Galt House to produce the show.

Aimee Boyd

Sovereignty is not given, it is taken.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Carol started it. He's taken it to another level.

Sandy Botham

I don't know where her life journey has taken her since 1989. She never did anything anti-gay. But you never know where people go in the political spectrum over the years.

Louise Young

I was taken off-guard by our start. I thought our team was prepared mentally and emotionally. As much as they spread the field, there's a lot of running room. Even if you play perfectly.

Steve Roberts

Besides, they must be educated on the use of condoms. They should also be motivated to seek early and complete treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Communicating messages through peer educators comprising sex workers and fellow drivers needs to be taken up on a large scale.

Alok Srivastava

He's really taken the bull by the horns.

Tim Wolf

But when they are taken on by terrorist organizations, they are asked to ensure they don't draw attention to themselves in that way.

Roland Jacquard

The theory seems to be that as long as a man is a failure he is one of God's children, but that as soon as he succeeds he is taken over by the Devil.

Henry Louis Mencken

He has taken a great interest in the broadcasting side. He wants to have the absolutely best product out there.

Tyler Barnes

When you consider the fact that we've taken them to overtime twice this year, and the fact that we were all over them the first game and should have won and we were all over them again in this game and should have had it, we thought the tie showed a good effort.

Scotte Massey

She's taken the belief that missing kids need to be found and she thinks about it. It's the best ending it could have been.

Teri Knight

It's been pretty extraordinary. Despite the press conference on Wednesday it's taken me a bit of time to get over the defeat [at Fir Park]. It was hurting. Someone just asked me did I have any regrets and my only one would be that, due to circumstances, I don't have a chance now to go and try and regain the championship for next season. It's gone. There's a finality to it.

Martin O'neill

He has had several job offers, but hasn't taken those. He's asked to be allowed to come to my office and to go to a meeting with his priest and attend a 12-step meeting once a week.

Tod Young

The survey for the final reading would have taken place over the past 10 days or so, when market volatility was particularly high, ... Because of that, the final reading very well could have come in below the preliminary reading. The fact it came in higher shows a certain amount of resilience in the consumer sector.

Patrick Fearon

I'm just working a whole lot of hours. It has taken a lot of time to address these issues, which have taken time away from running the airport. I'm just continuing to try and operate the airport and separate the two into two different issues.

Scott Brownlee

I'll say one thing for television. It has taken children and educated them far beyond anything I was ever involved with as a child.

Bill Bixby

There's definitely been strengthening in the job market, but it's taken a long time for (hiring) to reach even where it was in early 2001 when employment growth was decelerating. Employees are feeling more confident about their prospects, but you can also say there's still a bit of wariness.

Sophia Koropeckyj

I'm fired up. We've already taken groups to athletic events in Houston. Victoria is a baseball town. I think there's lots of interest here.

Dick Phillips

Any car can be taken . . . no car is immune.

Frank White

It's a huge turning point for the country to be able to see this on such a huge scale. It's taken us 20 years to get to this point.

Laura Hall

All issues have been sorted out and a decision has been taken.

Praful Patel

There were some tempers that flared and got out of whack for about two days and then festered some over the winter, which did concern me. It's been taken care of now.

Terry Ryan

When I can look life in the eyes, grown calm and very coldly wise, life will have given me the truth, and taken in exchange - my youth.

Sara Teasdale

I think our schedule does a great job in preparing us for the sectional. We're looking forward to playing schools our size. We've taken some lumps, but we've learned from our mistakes and we're starting to make progress.

Drew Trost

They feel it's being taken care of, but if you look at it, it's not being taken care of.

Tom Foley

These are symptoms or warning signs that abuse is taking place or may have taken place.

Susan Fletcher

It has been a major decision for me and not one that I have taken lightly, nor have I taken it in the last few days.

Nasser Hussain

We were taken to Arkansas in trains like this.

George Takei

It's a big credibility issue for the drug war, more than anything, because there is a big contingent of people in Congress and the (Bush) administration who have taken a hard line against drug trafficking. It's very odd and hurts their credibility if these same elements in Congress and the administration remain silent on this and just let it slide.

Adam Isacson

The first two years were taken up with dealing with the aftershocks of Midnight 's success, ... I began to think I should write another book.

John Berendt

We've taken some shots for us not having enough energy. That's not going to be the case anymore.

Rick Torres

We have already taken all steps necessary. Once it has touched European soil, then we have raised all the measures we should take.

Markos Kyprianou

When life seems chaotic, you don't need people giving you easy answers or cheap promises. There might not be any answers to your problems. What you need is a safe place where you can bounce with people who have taken some bad hops of their own.

Real Live Preacher

Casual dining over the last 10 years has taken off.

Carol Dover

The common man is really put out a lot, and this creates a general panic which has taken place in India.

Ambika Soni

Most of the harvest, 18 of the 30, came from the west side of the range. We would have preferred a few more taken on the east side, but that's the way it worked out.

Brian Mastenbrook

It's a good day anytime a No. 4 guy beats a No. 2 one. That was a good win for him. He got a little confidence on his feet and got the takedown. I teased him this was the first time in his life he's ever taken feet as a choice, and he got the takedown.

Rich Urano

He got punched two or three times. He was taken to New York University Hospital. At the hospital, he indicated it was both of them who hit him.

Bruce Regenstreich

It's a validation that what we're doing is novel. And especially since it's financing that's taken place after we've gotten the product out to market, it's a validation that we've executed well and that people who bought the product have embraced it.

Jason Krikorian

The Legislature passed three different, conflicting versions that address when an abusing child addresses another child, and abuse has taken place.

Patrick Dougherty

We've taken a potentially life-saving idea, applied our proprietary technology, and developed mobile phone- and Web-based software called ICE First to store and automatically update emergency contact and medical information. ICE First puts medical and emergency preparedness in the palm of your hand.

Keith Buckley

It was our first experience with something like this, and it was an eye-opener to us all. The first thing you say is that they shouldn't be here in the first place. That isn't the case. The big lesson is that people come to this country like our forefathers did trying to improve themselves ... then they get taken advantage of.

Gene Williams

The judge has taken responsibility for finding the facts. He doesn't have confidence that the Justice Department will do so because it appears they have stonewalled for at least three years.

Sam Schmidt

Here in Detroit, it is synonymous with a car that didn't sell. We must have taken a bath on that thing.

Bob Kreipke

We have a high concentration of tall trees in this park. In the last two days, we've been assessing trees that are twisted, leaning and didn't stand straight. We've taken a lot of trees down.

Warren Holliday

We have not taken this decision lightly.

John Orr

Right now, I'm very fortunate I'm making my living being a professional, and everything else that has happened in my career. But one day it's going to be all taken away, and I'm still going to play tennis because I love it.

Monica Seles

Certainly, if the market remains volatile, and we see enough of these Enron-like situations, where people are retiring into poverty, then we're going to see the climate shift. A lot of people were hoping to retire at 45 or 50 before the market downturn. Now, they have to work another 10 to 15 years. Those years have been taken away from them.

John Hotz

Owning the Blues has taken its toll on my family. Seeing all of the fans leaving in tears after another Blues' loss is just too much. My family and I can't take it anymore.

Bill Laurie

We wouldn't have taken the chance.

Shannon Olson

It's been uplifting for them to come to a place where their needs are taken care of. (Now) they've found jobs, some found homes and some are in hotels.

Charles Armstrong

He?s the most improved player I have. My last five years I always ask kids or I challenge them, ?can you take someone?s job from them?? ..He?s taken the starting second base position ..His range is excellent.

John Fote

I want him to be put to death so that he can just be taken away from this world. I believe in the death penalty. And, after observing him in the courtroom and interacting with a lot of the family members, as well as talking to them about their loved ones, I want him to be put to death.

Abraham Scott

WMF exploitation has taken off in the past twelve hours. It's likely that WMF exploitation will be very successful in the near term.

Ken Dunham

Kumble is a great bowler having taken close to 500 wickets. He is a difficult bowler to face on any wicket.

Paul Collingwood

The beautiful thing about the Steelers is they accommodate everybody. They make sure every autograph is signed and every picture is taken before they start the second half.

Chip Herrmann

The test of an author is not to be found merely in the number of his phrases that pass current in the corner of newspapers... but in the number of passages that have really taken root in younger minds.

Thomas W. Higginson

It?s really the systematic approach that?s been taken.

Lewis Wade

There is nothing in nature that can't be taken as a sign of both morality and invigoration.

Gretel Ehrlich

John Roberts consistently has taken the most narrow, restrictive views of civil rights and women's rights.

Debra L. Ness

I guess it's still an issue (not being able to play football). I try to hide it, try to be strong, try to overcome that obstacle, but I also realize my (original) dream has been taken away.

Victor Thompson

There are ways to get noticed and ways to be taken seriously that would be beneficial to Iowans, as well, and the governor has not demonstrated he is capable of doing it all.

Cullen Sheehan

I have to go for the underdog, Rutgers, because Yale has taken credit for so many more other things. If it was Yale, it was probably cucumber sandwiches.

Bob Sloan

It's always been there for Melissa. She's always taken a back seat, not wanting to get involved. She's had great practices. I told her she had to step up. They were in a triangle. We can't have Ryan and Rayne handle and run an offense.

Joe Masleh

Web site owners spend countless hours and money in acquiring traffic only to see the majority of their Web site traffic leave with little or no action taken. Unlike other on-line reminder services, we believe that the reminder should be initiated through the product or service and not from a tedious end-user administration panel.

Uri Lederman

The easiest connections for Republicans to make in the fall are how much money Democratic House members have taken from Speaker Black and how vociferously House members have defended Speaker Black.

Joe Sinsheimer

If you look at the nature of the crime that has taken place clearly the person responsible for this matter must be treated with extreme caution and considered to be dangerous.

David Cook

I wouldn't jeopardize Shauna, my closest friend. I knew what it's meant to her to get to the games and as much as I wanted to be here, if I didn't think I could do it, I would have taken myself out of the sled. I didn't want to have on my conscience us not doing well because of me.

Valerie Fleming

We're both mothers of small children. We've been involved in our communities, in all ways, and I think for myself ? and Kim can speak for herself ? but the thought of being taken away from my children, I can't even imagine it. It's my worst nightmare.

Cheryl Everall

The number of times the exam will be available to be taken will be reduced as well. The maximum amount of administrations per year will be fixed at 30, which equates to approximately 2 times it can be taken each month.

Matt Fidler

Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.

Charles de Gaulle

I'm doing a lot of child research now because of my son. I've taken him to swimming class, and I go to Mommies and Me, and... I get all the parenting magazines. I think with women who are doing it all for the first time, and are not quite my age, there's this process of discovery.

Deidre Hall

We have taken a number of very important actions to improve productivity and reallocate resources to the faster growing areas of the business.

Mark Loughridge

Davis wants to make sure that these brave victims of financial friendly fire are taken care of.

David Marin

Foul trouble killed us. We didn't get to do what we wanted to do. We wanted to pressure them, but that was taken out by the foul trouble. We settled into a zone defense and they shot the ball over us. You have to give Morton credit. They got the good looks and knocked down the shots.

Brett Mackey

They were each lifted up individually in a hoist, in a basket, that was lowered to them, lifted up in the helicopter, taken to the ground.

Greg Shipley

Swift action must be taken to take care of the matter and set the facts straight.

David Wang

We had a lot of offers that if we'd taken them we wouldn't be happy. We didn't sign immediately with the label (Polygram) that put out the soundtrack. It wasn't the logical step for us. We entered a period where we worked really hard. We went on tour and recorded, instead of doing what was expected. No, it was about John and me doing what we wanted.

Lou Barlow

In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.

Bertrand Russell

This has been a great concern of these folks in terms of data leakage, in files being copied on to these devices and then taken home or potentially lost.

Shanen Boettcher

Father's hot-button issue is donor intent. Foundations are too often taken in a radical direction.

Jack Templeton

We learned no team can be taken lightly.

Cassie Cooper

I wasn't afraid of the ball. I have taken a couple (shots), you just have to get up and do it again. You have to be fearless out there.

Dr. Michael Smith

Everyone's taken notice; the word on the street is that BlackBerry is in a jam.

Bob Egan

I can't tell you how much work we have put in. You add up how many swings we have taken, it probably doubles what we had last year. Now, they are having success and they are believing what we are telling them.

Cory Lewis

Piracy has taken a hit, but it's always going to be a problem. It's human nature to find ways around paying.

Jimmy Schaeffler

Right now, we just don't have a closer. We've been able to get leads on teams, but we can't hold them. Our early season injuries have really taken a toll.

Tim Hulsey

Hitler invaded in March 1938 and everything after that went downhill. My husband was in the concentration camp and everything was taken - but material values at the time didn't matter one bit. It was only after that it did matter.

Maria Altmann

Once again, the remarkable entries received show that Canadian youth are moved by the challenges faced by the developing world. By participating in this contest, Canadian youth have taken a first step in getting involved in the fight against poverty and inequality around the world.

Aileen Carroll

I can think of no place in Washington in which more damage had taken place than there.

David Major

They're playing very, very well. They're playing fast. They're playing very physical. They're not making many mistakes. They're taken a lot of pride in being very consistent.

Montae Reagor

We don't disclose the strategy we use when buying or selling stocks when they're added to or taken out of the index.

John Demming

His work as well as his family haven't seen him since this past Saturday, so we believe he has taken flight to some other location. He's originally from El Salvador so we need to get the word out pretty quickly on him and see if we can locate him.

Rob Rogers

With him, we need to get him a touch every time down the floor. Some of the times we got away from that earlier in the season. The first couple minutes of the third quarter are probably the most important of the game because you have to come out and build your lead or get back into the game. We've taken the approach of let's get the ball into Dan and Neil's hands and go from there.

Darin Hazel

[The tour, which has taken the four performers all across the country, has been] awesome, ... It's wonderful getting to play for everyone.

Jody Evans

As for what concerns me in particular I have only in my life carried to an extreme what you have not dared to carry halfway, and what's more, you have taken your cowardice for good sense, and have found comfort in deceiving yourselves.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

I have been here since he started and if you look at the squad now compared to the one he inherited it's markedly different and I think he would say himself that it has taken until now for him to get the squad he wanted.

Chris Paterson

The server that was potentially affected was taken offline immediately. The university continues to explore safeguards and precautions to ensure something like this doesn't happen in the future.

Hilary Crnkovich

Up to now, the figures given were estimates as the victims' bodies had been taken to morgues around the region and information about the number of dead was coming in from different services.

Andrzej Gaska

The band is going from strength to strength every day. 'Tis a difficult thing to suddenly come forth as a real band if it is forced. As I suppose you must realise, the last year has taken me beyond any emotion or sensation I have ever chanced upon.

Carl Barat

With a lot of these pills there is a withdrawal syndrome. Anything that's sedating, if you stop taking it, can cause rebound insomnia. The combination of knowing you haven't taken the drug, which is a psychological effect, and the lack of a pharmacologic effect, are both sort of pushing toward a poor night of sleep.

Paul Glovinsky

We've taken the position that both conferences know South Dakota State University. It is their decision, and we're going to respect that.

Fred Oien

Most of the beachfront lots are taken up, and some have bought property on the bay side.

Jerry Parker

It's certainly not our intention to inconvenience folks. But it's better for them to wait for the arms to be taken care of or repaired rather than have a terrible incident.

Joe Arbona

The only thing I think is someone stole him. It had to have gotten into somebody's car and taken here.

Chris Norrman

We've made a quantum leap forward in our efforts to prevent the use and abuse of alcohol. We've taken a strong stance and made some progress. Attitudes have changed. We're all in this together, shaping the way kids grow up and look at the idea of drinking.

Diana Greene

This goes hand in hand with other initiatives that the governor has taken to fight lead poisoning, protect the environment, protect children's health. It's something that we support.

Gerardo Cardenas

I didn't expect the FEMA camp to be as organized and as helpful as they were. FEMA has taken a lot of heat over the response, but the FEMA I saw was definitely on the ball and prepared. They are doing a great job.

Lon Lack

We anticipate by the end of 2007 we will have taken the number of hotels to at least 20 and we will be well on our way to achieving our medium term objective of 25.

Robert Cook

We want it going somewhere where it will be taken care of properly and displayed properly. The painting and everything that would be involved is big.

Kevin Cox

We had the buses take them home if there would be someone there. If not, they were taken to the rooms we have at Harrison Elementary School.

Ann Owen

On average, 80 per cent of all asphalt pavement is now recycled. That's taken a great deal of weight off landfills.

Michael O'connor

We've had aluminum railings from bridges and manhole covers taken for scrap, but we've never seen anything of this magnitude before.

Steve Pageau

[? He's learning how to deal with rough patches.] We go through tough spells, and it's up to you to take something out of it, ... Some people take the good out of it, some people just fall off the radar. I've taken something good out of it, and I really feel like I'm knocking at the door right now.

Freddy Adu

We have to show a little bit of defiance. Congratulations to England but they rode their luck. If there hadn't been all those delays for rain and bad light (at the Oval) I'm sure we would have won and taken the Ashes back home.

Melanie Phillips

It is vital to be taken to a hospital with the facilities and trained staff to treat stroke patients.

Bob Goldstein

This administration has taken the FCAT as a sole determinant. And now it will determine whether a teacher is doing a good job and we think there is so much more to it. There are so many things a teacher does in the classroom such as, classroom management, understanding his or her students and finding ways to reach the students. This provides a narrow approach to determine an outstanding teacher.

Mark Pudlow

I told coach Mayer before wrestling started that this could be the day that he finally gets taken down, but it didn't happen.

Don Cooley

I think the jobs we had with Russell were always taken for granted. The entire community thought it would never happen. We'd had a relationship with Russell for about 100 years. We always thought Russell would be our support beam.

Don Mcclellan

It is important to record that the Minister made it clear that the brief we got was a position taken by government at that stage of the process and we would like to believe that as we progress with the process and further input is received by the authorities, the substance of the current position as briefed may be amended to take into account the additional inputs.

Jack Murehwa

They have enough peer pressure to deal with as it is. I hope everything is taken care of and they don't have to go through this again.

Gina Miller

If the Dow were to close lower for the year, it would be a more psychological negative. The S&P is more important for the overall health of the economy, and we're eking out a small gain now, which for everything the market has endured, shouldn't be taken lightly.

Neil Massa

They could have extrapolated from [the dominance of Microsoft's] existing software packages. They would have to have established that an abuse had already taken place.

Wilko Van Weeld

Basically, I think we have to pull back. We have to be careful not to prescribe just to please [adults]. A multi-faceted approach needs to be taken with behavioral, educational and medical facets all involved.

Diane Meyers

Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

A lot of people don't realize that when it gets taken away from you, you just love it that much more.

Jeff Horner

We learn how other schools accomplish their things. It's a way for us to pick up on trends that are happening and what's going wrong or right for each government. They've taken cues from us as well.

Roger Ludy

The church roof collapsed, but it is not possible to say right now how many are dead. The bodies are being taken to hospitals.

Patrick Onyango

She's very distressed to see her reputation taken away.

Jane Moscowitz

To say there's no more of a heinous crime, you must not be reading the newspapers or watching television because there are all kinds of stories out there of little girls getting taken and killed. I can think of thousands of crimes that are more heinous.

Jeff Kline

We've had really good practices. They've been high tempo. We've paid attention to detail in practice. We just haven't taken it to the field for whatever reason.

Jim Haslett

That is the core position that the state has taken. I'm sorry if I did not articulate that.

Carolyn Snurkowski

Here, it's taken for granted ? antibiotics, drainage equipment. There, as a surgeon, we have to use the basics.

Vance Moss

She started off slow but she's really come around lately. She's taken a little longer to develop and adjust to the different track.

Tom Engle

He (O'Connor) can't be indiscriminate. He can't tear down a house here and tear down a house there, because then it looks like it's more for show. But if they can do three, even though they need 30 taken down, if those three are strategic, it's a tremendous plus.

Jerry Shuster

It's pale in comparison to the damage of property and lives taken without a system. So the dollars I think, based on what it would accomplish, are certainly reasonable.

Sheriff Richard Meyers

Someone has taken all of this away from me and everyone who loves her.

Sharon Rocha

We've taken a lot of their advice because they're the guys out there building things.

Chuck Tomb

What else can you name that has gone up that much? Probably not even gasoline. You have to ask why. The only conclusion I come to is, the federal government has grown bigger and bigger and has taken on more and more of the states' job. Government has become everything to everybody, and it was never meant to be.

Ralph Mcgill

The change is being driven by what we believe were inappropriate actions taken by Fifth Third after our bankruptcy filing.

Kate Moser

I have a good idea which way I'm going, but I don't want to make it official yet. There's still a couple of days, so we'll see. It's a tough situation. I know that it's not anything I've done. I think the circumstances were just unfortunate for me. There's not much I can do. I've taken care of what I can control.

Dustan Mohr

Anyone who wants to do this job - if you're not organized, maybe you shouldn't be a head coach. Marvin learned and took those things from other people. He built things his own way; he does it his way. But he's taken something from everyone he's worked for.

Jay Hayes

It's very hard for me to accept this, ... Nobody here could ever perceive this taking place -- to have a fetus taken out of someone's womb and then doing an Amber Alert to try to find a child.

Ben Espey

The plan was taken to Venice police, reviewed, suggestions were made and approved. Same with the (Venice) fire department.

Sheila Weiss

This has taken a toll, financially and emotionally. His family is dealing with this in a very real way every day.

Mark Rush

I was deeply disappointed, ... I know my leader was and others throughout our party are, and we'll have to wait and see when Congress returns what if any action might be taken against him.

Harold Ford

I've taken criticism from the first day. It's been hard this year, no question. The incident with Kyle shocked us. But we're not recruiting with a win-at-all-costs attitude. I think what has happened this year with us is some guys are making decisions without thinking about the team.

Ritchie Mckay

This tournament will afford us a chance to see how prepared are we for Africa and cannot, therefore, be taken lightly.

Neil Tovey