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I mistrust all systemizers and avoid them. The will to a system is a lack of integrity.

Friedrich Nietzsche

It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

Henry Ford

The creator of the universe works in mysterious ways. But he uses a base ten counting system and likes round numbers.

Scott Adams

Affection cannot be manufactored or regulated by law. If one has no affection for a person or a system, one should be free to give the fullest expression to his disaffection, so long as he does not contemplate, promote, or incite to violence.

Mahatma Gandhi

It is impossible to design a system so perfect that no one needs to be good.

T. S. Eliot

Man with all his noble qualities, with sympathy which feels for the most debased, with benevolence which extends not only to other men but to the humblest living creature, with his god-like intellect which has penetrated into the movements and constitution of the solar system- with all these exalted powers- Man still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.

Charles Darwin

Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.

Charles Kuralt

Nothing is so well calculated to produce a death-like torpor in the country as an extended system of taxation and a great national debt.

William Cobbett

In this new system, the star players have to be star players. If they aren't, you are probably not going to be successful.

Doug Armstrong

The test of every religious, political, or educational system is the man that it forms.

Henri Frederic Amiel

Freedom is a system based on courage.

Charles Peguy

I'm in favor of legalizing drugs. According to my values system, if people want to kill themselves, they have every right to do so. Most of the harm that comes from drugs is because they are illegal.

Milton Friedman

In a bureaucratic system, useless work drives out useful work.

Milton Friedman

We have our database set up to calculate the time a practitioner spends with patients in general. We've recently put in place a note/charting system by which we can calculate time, including the initial evaluation, casting, scanning, alignment, and fitting. We can pull that information in the future and, say, look at the time practitioners are spending on casting, or on evaluation.

Joseph Miller

It's clear that there will always be roads in national forests. But it is a welcome change that the forest service has put the brakes on what has been a massive road-building system. Any new road building will have to meet rigorous testing and that's a positive change.

Jay Watson

What is UVSC's role in the Utah system of higher education in general and, more specifically, to the local community?

David Keller

Selection of the staff travel system was crucial since it would be one of the few applications to be used by every single employee of the airline around the globe. We are impressed with the high level of professionalism, knowledge and adaptability of IBS.

Rob Fyfe

Our recommendations are not a Chinese menu, ... They are a whole system. If all of the important elements are not adopted, it makes it very difficult for the others to succeed.

John Lehman

When we have an outage, all the refrigerators, food coolers, generators are affected. The biggest problems were the fans under the hood system, which sucks up the hot air and steam and pumps it out of the building. We couldn't use the grills, the ovens or flattop (grills). We can't cook any burgers or French fries without the vents because of health code regulations.

Doug Sudnick

Finishing 3-1 on our part was really good. I think we are definitely passing much better. Our offense is definitely working, and we are learning a new defensive system and still working the kinks out. It's our goal to make it to the playoffs and these things are stepping stones to do that.

Dina Graves

It's time for an entirely new system.

John Lehman

The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty, and truth. To make a goal of comfort or happiness has never appealed to me; a system of ethics built on this basis would be sufficient only for a herd of cattle.

Albert Einstein

Hurricanes rarely sustain such extreme winds for much time. However we see no obvious large-scale effects to cause a substantial weakening the system and it is expected that the hurricane will be of Category 4 or 5 intensity when it reaches the coast.

Richard Pasch

This construction will bring huge environmental benefits: a sustainable transport system linking the two sides of the Alps. You have to look at the big picture.

Stefaan De Rynck

I understand that laws like this are necessarily broad to prevent future loopholes, but this bill would seem to cover things as innocent as the Linux operating system and many legitimate security diagnostic tools, which in the wrong hands could be used for criminal purposes.

Tom Newton

We're telling people in that area that power could be out a week, because we have to rebuild the system.

Laurie Parker

There is a process within the system that he could have followed to keep it from being sold. Mr. Maynard went a direction that is inconsistent with being loyal to the scouting program as a whole.

Gary Hampton

I learned the system and got better with it through the year. But I was only there, what, like four months? Those guys had been together for three years.

Cuttino Mobley

They've essentially been found guilty before even going to court. It's just a symptom of how bad the entire judicial system is.

Jocelyn Mccalla

If I'm a doctor in an emergency room, I can log onto the system and see if either of the other two hospitals in the area knows anything about the patient. If they do, I can enter their system to check the lab reports.

Frank Richards

We need about 90 days after the building is completed, to receive, unpack and load furnishings, install shelving, put in the communication system with over 100 computers and bring in new materials that are now in storage and organize them.

Bob Cannon

I've got to believe that what we can put forward will actually improve education right across the city, will give us a system where we can increase levels of attainment right across the city.

Rodney Berman

I think it's largely symbolic just to show that we're a small little city here in Flat Rock and we can reach out our hand and say we care about what happened in this country. She's an individual that went against the system, and she made a difference.

Councilman Kenneth Wrobel

Plenty of them are putting their stuff out there in the hopes of being found by the existing system.

Laura Behrens

We decided what we wanted in our house and built the solar system around that. Our house is an affordable house and is an interpretation of what a solar house of today could look like.

Alex James

The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight-of-hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin... But if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit .

Josiah Charles Stamp

We try to treat the kids like pros with free food catered during our tournaments, a gift bag with a sweatshirt or jacket and (provide) ball boys and girls for the finals with a PA system so the chair umpire can call score on center court.

Ryan Wolfington

It is good and reassuring that the system in Turkey is able to detect cases consistent with the disease, but it is premature to say these are human cases of avian flu.

Mike Ryan

Clearly, we need a more efficient needs shelter for Jackson County. We as a hospital system will work closely with the Red Cross and other appropriate entities to help improve these conditions.

Richard Lucas

If you look at why our graduation rates are low, it's because our high school students are inadequately prepared for college. But, I don't want to focus the blame on the K-12 school system.

Ray Grasshoff

This survey is a clear message to the citizens of California that our out-of-control legal system is hurting our state's economy and in urgent need of reform.

David Houston

When the report of a broken line came in, we got it repaired as quickly as we could and now we're purging the system. The interruption in service started around 2 p.m. yesterday (Thursday), and we're still working on some problems as a result of the break.

Flavio Gonzalez

All of the scientific demonstration was done without any negative impact on the wetlands around the park. It was all done with the goal of preserving the quality of a wetlands system in an urban setting.

Ganesh Gopalakrishnan

California is now going to have a prison system that is like that of the other states and the federal government. Integration means people won't be coming off buses (into prisons) and have the color of their skin determine their cellmate.

Bert Deixler

Aaron has good size and can be physical. He has good range and a knack for the ball. He has a good feel for the position, but he is still learning our system.

Darrell Dickey

They're not group animals, they're completely solitary, so if the baby's mother is taken away, there's no system of aunts ... their whole system is destroyed.

Joanna Lumley

It never really fell in the hills that feed our system. We're not breathing any sighs of relief at this stage.

Alan Seay

I think so much these days people who don't have regular business in the criminal justice system determine guilt or innocence (from what is) in the press.

Sam Shaw

The lack of a true national health care system is a man-made disaster that is causing unneeded pain, suffering and death.

Deborah Burger

A cow's immune system is similar to humans.

Jim Chapman

Commanders are working on contingency plans for additional officers to be available. They're working on a pager system and getting the necessary equipment in place should something develop.

Mike Hanson

The bottom line is that we have to keep the transit system running because the health of this city depends on it. I apologize to our riders but we have to pay a little more.

Howard Moscoe

The solar system is not a stable and quiet place.

Jack Lissauer

As it turns out, these crashes are not exploitable but are instead Windows performance issues that could cause some WMF applications to unexpectedly exit. These issues do not allow an attacker to run code or crash the operating system. They may cause the WMF application to crash, in which case the user may restart the application and resume activity.

Lennart Wistrand

We can't work on those streets with state funds because they're off the state system. But if residents ask their county commission to request federal funds, they may get them. Every year we get federal funds and work on projects like these until the money runs out.

Bill Henderson

I believe in the American system and am proud to be a part of the American judicial system. It's got problems, but it's still the best one on earth.

John Wilkerson

If you exercise, you call into action nearly every body system including your heart and lungs, and molecules and hormones dash madly around the body.

Steven Blair

Frustration is simply the lack of a system. I find that if we keep it simple and focus on no more than three things, we handle things so much better.

Sue Shipman

It's so hard to get a dismissal at this early stage. But we think this whole thing was conjured up by a guy who knows how to use the system.

Charles F. Gay Jr

Many chips work well enough for them to work in the system. Functional verification ensures that.

Brian Bailey

We're not prepared to talk about expanding it to juice and sports drinks until we know the system is working OK.

Andrea Cohen

With a business system operating in nearly 200 countries, we are not immune to the economic difficulties that currently exist in many markets around the world.

M. Douglas Ivester

The nervous system and the automatic machine are fundamentally alike in that they are devices, which make decisions on the basis of decisions they made in the past.

Norbert Wiener

We should know our offense, know our system, know each other well enough that we should be able to put eight, 10, 12 goals on the board every night that we play. Not doing that is extremely frustrating. I feel like we let our defense down. We're asking them to hold really, really good offenses to five goals a game, which is ridiculous. You can't expect that.

Xander Ritz

Normally, for timber, you plant in the wintertime because that way you have a lot of natural moisture, six months of, hopefully, rainfall to develop a growth system so it can make it through the summer.

Charles Long

I absolutely believe that church officials intentionally sent abusive priests to minor communities, transient communities, where kids may be less apt to tell and have less faith in the justice system.

David Clohessy

It actually missed every single major hub airport in the United States, at least a direct hit that is. As a result, the system was not damaged that much as far as passenger traffic throughout the rest of the United States.

Rally Caparas

We have bankruptcy because we recognize that bad things happen to good people. It's meant to give someone a fresh start. That idea is pretty well gone now. The new rules turn a compassionate system into a punitive one.

Mike Hacker

The choice open to us is not between a system in which everybody will get what he deserves according to some absolute and universal standard of right, and one where the individual shares are determined partly by accident or good will or chance, but b.

Friedrich August Hayek

Not only can they use one system to meet their needs, but it's really becoming the desirable thing to do.

Dan Riordan

We are yet to know when we can see an operable fuel hydrant system.

Grant Fenn

If you don't handle them, we shut your application down. That dramatically increases the reliability of the system.

Anders Hejlsberg

The main source of inflow to the lake is the Bear River system.

Brian Mcinerney

"Can you not see that it is the INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM and not the "boss" which must be changed?"

Lucy Parsons

With one of the most ambitious seasons in recent history planned for the Canal System in 2006, it seemed only fitting to have the canals open ahead of schedule so that more people could come out to take advantage of this tremendous resource.

Carmella Mantello

This way, a person with a disability isn't left hanging while the request works its way through the system.

Sarah Hawthorne

We will continue to work with law enforcement agencies in other countries to return their convicted criminals and to insure the integrity of the immigration system.

Martin Ficke

I feel that Lynda [and] our family have been betrayed by a federal judicial system that put a cold-blooded murderer back on the street.

Ray Collins

We want to see a strong public role in administering and managing the system. If the counties would wash their hands of it and say, 'We're turning it over,' we would have some large concerns.

Tom Frazier

We have a great drainage system, so our carts go out all the time.

Tom Gill

Contrary to many published reports, the E.U. has not advocated a U.N.-controlled system. Rather, it has called for the creation of a new forum built on existing structures.

Michael Geist

We'll run through a lot of things that we're going to do at nationals and find out if there are any glitches in the system. That way we can fine-tune. We'll have a month before the national championship and we can get everything in place before we actually run the NCAA Championship.

Tanya Chaplin

If you really want to do something about this, then change the system that allowed me to, with a few selected donations, attract the interest of the head of Chinese military intelligence.

Johnny Chung

Sometime they don't let you know that they know that they don't know everything, but the core of the medical approach is that you try to identify pathologies, which are subsystems within the human body or the larger system that are having undesirable consequences.

Guy Burgess

Governor Lynch thinks the cuts are unfortunate, but it is a decision that belongs to the University of New Hampshire and the university system.

Pam Walsh

We are delighted to have signed a contract with INO. The Christian labels have been highly responsive to this new technology and quick to embrace the Promo Only MPE(TM) System. We have forged a great relationship with INO since we started the summer of 2005 and this contract is testimony to that.

Dean Ernst

He's not that elusive. He's cutting too much. That'll get worked out of his system.

Ben Sirmans

Games allow writers to express creativity in a process that won't get as bogged down as the Hollywood studio system. Writers are artists, and they like to see their work out there.

Randall Jahnson

What's great about these girls is they've bought into our system. All they ever talk about is defense. And today, that's what won it for us.

Mike Helmer

Instead of wondering how they'll work together in the system they should start the season with a lot of confidence. They should be able to attack right away.

Bob Blecher

The more expensive our system becomes the bigger the gap between the health care haves and have-nots.

Paul Ginsburg

It reinforces the strength of the handicap system. Any well-sailed, well-founded boat has a realistic chance of winning this race.

Geoff Lavis

This new research is a new piece of the puzzle in the complex system of bodyweight regulation.

Katrina Kelner

For Gary to say the negotiations are now only a matter of dollars and cents is both simplistic and misleading. There continue to be a myriad of issues to address, including player rights and system issues that impact the daily lives and careers of players, the way the game is played and marketed, and the growing financial disparities between clubs in a league with no meaningful revenue sharing.

Bob Goodenow

The DPRK is a chronically food-insecure country. It's never going to produce enough food to feed itself without massively overhauling its agricultural system.

Richard Ragan

Having a flexible system like we do have in the Bay Area -- highways, BART, ferries, buses -- doesn't just play out well every day, it plays out well in an emergency. Ferries performed well in the last earthquake, and a stronger ferry system would perform even better in the next earthquake.

Randy Rentschler

But it stays within bounds, and that's an unusual system.

Richard Barber

The lesson I learned was: When in doubt, build your own damn truck. It's a lesson we all need to learn. You need to educate yourselves, learn every language you can. You need to not be a slave to the credit system and gain economic independence. You need to build your own damn truck rather than wait for someone to give you one.

Luis Valdez

It has always bothered me that we don't use a purchase order system so therefore outstanding expenses cannot be tracked. It is a reasonable solution to several of these billing and budget issues.

David Hamm

I like the bus system, ... It's reliable.

Debra Moore

They're saying that maybe you should have someone independent test the system of record.

John Hagerty

We're not looking at individuals. We're looking to see if there's a breakdown in the system. This is a situation that is very volatile.

James Coleman

As our system becomes less stable because we must now begin to understand that Crime, Disease, Poverty and Malnutrition are but natural components parts of our per-technological social structure.

Howard Scott

When you have this kind of problem, it calls into question the entire system. As an investor, you question whether the liquidity in that market is there, whether you can buy or sell exactly when you want to. And maybe you decide to sell off your stocks if you don't trust the system.

Yakov Amihud

This kind of shallow stream system seems to be the place where many features of land-living animals first arose.

Ted Daeschler

Immune system genes respond to pathogens, which change rapidly, so the genes also change rapidly. If the pathogen is no longer there, then you don't need the immune system gene in the host.

Jianzhi Zhang

Put yourself in the shoes of a victim of a very traumatic crime, ... I don't think this increases their confidence in the system.

Mark Larson

Here in San Diego, we have proven that the border infrastructure system does indeed work. It is highly effective.

Jim Henry

Last year, we went down to the final lap of the final race. I just don't see how [the system] can get any better than that.

Benny Parsons

This was OK'd by [the department of] system safety 20 years ago when these cars were rebuilt.

Charles F. Seaton

This is sound educationally, and it solves a myriad of problems within our system.

Carla Sullivan

Our workers comp debt is the Achilles heel of our state's economy, and I firmly believe that in order to create more good jobs in West Virginia this system must be fixed and it must be fixed now. We cannot afford to wait even one more minute.

Joe Manchin Iii

Drake does a great job with its defensive system. But we were only 5-for-19 on three-pointers and I don't remember many of those being tough shots. Basically, they hit shots and we didn't.

Steve Merfeld

Marriage or cohabitation is often a shift from teenage grazing or cooking for one to establishing a family identity. It brings together two independent food choice systems to be coupled as one joint system.

Amelia Lake

The Chemical Companion makes it easy for first responders to access information quickly from multiple paths. The system is also very robust and easy to update so we can continue to add more chemicals.

Gisele Bennett

They have some compelling data on the potential volume of people who are going to come here and potentially be in need of some assistance from the medical system. Because of advancements in electronic data management, this is one of the first times they have been able to look prospectively at this issue.

Simon Rego

The women of South Dakota will still be able to access safe and legal abortion as this case works its way through the court system.

Kate Looby

He's a great coach, and he's going to make you better. He asks every player to believe in what he's teaching and believe in the system. He's such an exciting coach, you see him jumping on the sidelines and stuff. As a player, you like to see him get excited because he's excited for you and he wants to win, and that's been exciting for us. You just want to do what he asks.

Carl Elliott

The organization of American society is an interlocking system of semi-monopolies notoriously venal, an electorate notoriously unenlightened, misled by a mass media notoriously phony.

Paul Goodman

The temptation to moralize is strong; it is emotionally satisfying to have enemies rather than problems, to seek out culprits rather than the flaws in the system.

William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

There is no one teacher, no one school and no one system that can meet all the complex and diverse needs of each child. But a community united in such a cause can.

Cindy Taylor

Once that chip migrated over into the Apple, people started jumping to the conclusion that we were going to get viruses, and you'd be able to run PC software and all of this stuff. These machines aren't going to do that. It's still the Mac operating system. What's more important to us is that Apple has gone to this chip for one reason: It's a dual core processor.

Rick Chaney

We have a lot of character on our team. What we pride ourselves on is being tough. I'm not worried about us bouncing back. We'll get this out of our system tonight.

Chris Walker

There are varying levels of intricacies of how a parking guidance system could operate. It could direct users to a specific floor or a specific parking space.

Wendy Abrams

For me the problem is not political. The problem is social inequality. There is a mass of people who depend on patronage, and that allows our feudal political system to survive. So we cannot reform the causes of mass poverty.

Sheila Coronel

The governor has serious reservations about the bill since the only provision it allows for is time; it does nothing to contribute to the betterment of the school system. The governor's decision is not political in nature. He believes that students in Baltimore City could lose an opportunity to receive a sound education. This is an opportunity the administration feels has been denied for a decade.

Shareese Deleaver

This happens to quarterbacks who are able to stay in a system for a number of years and not have to change verbiage and reads, ... We've changed a little bit, but this happens to all of them. It does slow down for them, because they see things more clearly.

Rich Gannon

People without an internalized symbolic system can all too easily become captives of the media.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

My message to the United States is a simple one: use the WTO system, but do not expect us to bend it to suit a timetable that you are seeking to impose by means of illegal unilateral action.

Leon Brittan

I just don't think it's fair that teams that abuse their caps, they had a way to eliminate some of their problems. I don't like that part of the system. There should be some penalty for the teams that didn't handle their caps.

Tom Donahoe

It reflects an understandable frustration, at the local level, that we've got a broken immigration system, I don't think it is going to contribute one iota to stopping people from coming to this country.

Angela Kelley

This isn't about saving money, this is about saving lives. Just focusing on foster care is too late. We can help many children and families before they enter the foster care system.

Marianne Udow

Every one of the recommendations in our report, whether they are recommendations to the Congress or recommendations to the states, are designed to improve confidence in our system of federal elections.

D. James Baker

Everyone, from the coaches down to the players, have bought into the system and the cross-training.

Sean Orr

All of these guys have been great to help get the younger guys caught up in our system and the way things are done.

Doc Beeman

It's hard for people to understand bringing 450 or 500 new kids just 'boom' into the system, ... For our staff to make it so seamless is just a tribute to the amount of preparation they do to get things ready.

David Wilkerson

It is in our policy to facilitate their movement into the system so that their education is not as interrupted as their lives are.

Jane Riley

We believed we were operating within the system, but we recognize the confusion of the process.

Lara Ramsburg

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with the North Dakota University System to ensure that the benefits afforded in their technology investments are realized to the greatest extent for their students and faculty.

Jim Mcglothlin

We developed this system to aid other workflows. If you don't have the right people reporting to the right people, the routing won't work. The great thing is that it reduces the data entry at the back end and empowers the managers and employees on the front end to make transactions.

Terry Marshall

We'd like to say it's an integrated system. It only works when it's all put together.

Barry Martin

Given the fact we're a public agency, we don't find it acceptable to have a loss at all. Our violation system now should serve as a deterrent.

Joelle Mcginnis

Frank Pinckney took a first-rate health system and developed it into a renowned academic medical center. Every resident in this region stands to benefit from that.

Mack Whittle

Active Directory, when it's in place, will be great. We don't have to have just one domain. Our clients are now requesting things from our system. From the accounting side, they want billing; they want to look at their billing [online]; they want us to be able to work on contracts immediately.

Steve Sommer

The oil system, both upstream and downstream, is being run close to sustainable limits and the tensions created by the absence of slack are now the key driver of prices.

Barclays Capital

The system we have is working.

Carol Lear

The most important thing is to understand how each river or lake system functions, how and when the nutrients enter it, how they are released from the sediment, and the conditions that trigger algae blooms.

Grant Douglas

This is about whether the criminal justice system has any role in the war on terror.

Juliette Kayyem

As perfect and as great as our system is, there are still flaws. And this is why it's important that people stand up and find adequate means to compensate those who have been locked up wrongfully.

Darryl Rouson

They missed an opportunity, ... There needs to be more attention to hard realities, like higher gas prices. What can we do to enable a better transportation system? That's where the debate should be, and you hear very little discussion about that. All of us need to get more serious on transportation.

Kevin Mccarty

I decided to run (for the school board) because of my interest in education and my educational background. I believe I have a good understanding of how the school system operates.

Arlene Sukraw

Planning and developing areas where people have accessibility to services without having to depend on a public transportation system is a big need.

Barb Anderson

There's no question that Japan is one of the fastest-growing Linux markets. As the number of Linux servers deployed in Japan continues to grow, U.S. vendors are recognizing that this could be a very lucrative market for system management solutions.

Dave Rosenberg

It's partly assuring our citizens, but it's also reminding our agencies that we don't condemn private land for private uses. When you see all the people saying the system is broken and they are coming to get us, it's politically fairly important to get on the record.

Keith Phillips

This is part of our overall strategy to continue to find ways to operate a far more fuel- and cost-efficient system.

Rick Delisi

Puts in concrete a severely dysfunctional system.

John Lehman

Through superior application of world-class RFID and information technologies, the end result of our system will be to provide the central agency with the tools it needs to monitor poultry movement. With agency-designed alerts, the RTAC-PM system will allow the deployment of agency protocols to rapidly and effectively contain an outbreak of disease.

Perry Law

I think a lot of the problems they've been having with?supply chain bottlenecks?look like they've kind of worked their way through the system.

Scott Burns

Right now what's on the table that's being proposed are changes which are frankly going to change the fundamental nature of our health-care system in this province.

Gil Mcgowan

Those who run this country, the ruling establishment, are not particularly bothered by the collapse of the justice system. It is the common people in this country who are being hurt.

Prashant Bhushan

This is a disappointing and sad day for me and my wife, and my family. I would like to make it very clear that I had no prior knowledge of these allegations that have been filed. It is now in the hands of the judicial system where it will take its due course.

John Daley

I honestly thought Warhol was a bit of a fraud. [But] once you get into it, you understand why he was revolutionary. He is the modern idea of what fame is. He did to himself what the old studio system did to its stars - package it, make it accessible.

Jared Harris

This may be the only realistic approach, and is anyway a major improvement on the current system, but it will nonetheless disappoint those who might be expecting an immediate improvement in the job prospects of most existing claimants.

John Philpott

We started off the season making a few more turnovers than we would have liked, but a lot of that had to do with all the new players learning a new system.

Joddie Gleason

We ought to work collaboratively to fix what is now broken, which is a system that provides across-the-board pay raises to everyone regardless of their performance.

Robert Shea

The real question in this case ... is who makes the threshold determination of using a civilian or military legal system. It's a classic case of executive and congressional power versus judicial power.

Michael Dorf

I am disgusted and worn out with the system that seems to prevail.

John Buford

Google's architecture can scale. Using commodity hardware, Google can deploy more capacity at a lower cost and more quickly than a competitor relying on a system built with brand-name hardware.

Stephen Arnold

It's time to modernize the health care system.

Craig Barrett

I think much will depend on the system we play, and there could be a bit of versatility in there.

Alex Mcleish

I respect the jury system. I respect the jury process. I strongly disagree with the verdict.

Bruce Barket

Is not the whole world a vast house of assignation to which the filing system has been lost?

Quentin Crisp

The availability of more than one transportation system offers a robustness that has great advantage over reliance on a single system. We would like an independent way of getting access to the International Space Station (ISS).

Alan Thirkettle

It's all about the dollar signs. Even though we're the best quality plant in the Ford system, it comes down to the dollar.

Chris Kimmons

The mathematical theory of random polynomials and random matrices has already found many applications in physics. Indeed the Hamiltonian of a complex or chaotic system can often be viewed as such a matrix.

Jean Dalibard

They were huge users of water, ... It was built to satisfy that system and that capacity is still there.

Bob Bowman

Too many lawyers really lacked an understanding of too many areas of science, and too few scientists really understood the workings of the legal system.

Ben Wecht

Despite elections and the experience of post-Soviet personal freedoms by the Russian people, the fate of democracy in Russia is perhaps more ambiguous now than at any time since the collapse of the Communist system.

Richard Lugar

If we fail in in our levy attempt, we will lose our progress. We will likely slide into a near total collapse of this school system.

Paul Allison

The United States brags about its political system, but the President says one thing during the election, something else when he takes office, something else at midterm and something else when he leaves.

Deng Xiaoping

This is an example of a time when something unfortunate, inappropriate happened but the system was there to make sure there was a remedy for it.

Nancy Adams

It's just an outrageous situation where people have gone through this system that has been established, such as it is, and the (U.S.) government itself has found there's no reason for them to be held any longer, and yet they continue to be held.

Curt Goering

It's basically a system without any teeth. It's a green light -- anything goes.

Pete Didisheim

The one thing I would never do is support a proposal that would jeopardize the benefits of retirees or near-retirees who have spent their lives paying into the social security system.

Sue Kelly

People assume it's being tough on crime, but what you're doing is throwing these kids away. Studies show that kids who are put into the adult system re-offend quicker and more seriously.

Abby Anderson

Current grove designs are older and machines tend to be large. If you don't have enough space, you can't make that system function.

Barbara Carlton

People in the U.S. were hoarding gold. It was undermining the nation's financial system. And FDR, almost as soon as he became president, within a couple of days, took us, by executive order, off the gold standard.

David Redden

Joe has demonstrated great ability in communicating the system objectives of our researchers and developers to our traders. As we continue to expand our proprietary product offering, this will be instrumental in ensuring that our day-to-day trading operations personnel understand our objectives so we maintain exceptional performance levels.

Irwin Berger

This is the first big test for our trolley system, and we're looking forward to it. There's enough parking downtown if we utilize all of it.

Paul Rapp

Sound is more emotional than picture. Think of a car door slamming in the movies. It's the great audio system that makes the door slamming sound real, not so much the picture.

Richard Bowden

Over the years we have had to replace shoes (treads on the rolling tracks) and we added two driver cabs. We also recently added an exhaust system to reduce the decibel level because we needed extreme hearing protection for workers around the crawler.

Jessica Rye

This is the free-enterprise system at work.

Meg Olberding

You use a lot less water because you are actually getting water right to the root system. Plants don't absorb water through the leaves. Wet leaves are more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal diseases and insects.

Kathleen Patterson

One of the things we would like to have our money go for is a microphone system. The museum has no sound system. We have speakers every month, and very often, when the room is full, it's difficult to hear them.

Mimi Pearson

It is important we have a checks and balances system. A bicameral legislature provides a diversity of membership, leadership and outlook that can't be achieved in a unicameral legislature.

Ari Adler

Carol's ability to build partnerships is unique - she has gathered various people and agencies from around the region and led the formation of a small business services delivery system that is effective, efficient and will serve this community for years to come.

Tom Poorman

Public confidence in the integrity of the Government is indispensable to faith in democracy; and when we lose faith in the system, we have lost faith in everything we fight and spend for.

Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won't.

Alfred Korzybski

The cult of the jellyfish is no less an imposition of a religious movementthan is the cult of the dinosaur. When designing a methodology it isundoubtedly far easier to construct a system that discourages individualdifferences, than it is to construct a system that that leverages andencourages them, but that does not mean that a methodology designed foran array of idealized.

Beau Sheil

A single base station will handle 30,000 subscribers using 300 minutes per month, based on current cellular-usage models. But we expect to drive a change in usage patterns. Even at 3,600 minutes per month, the system will support 2,500 users.

Chris Whiteley