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It's not the fall that kills you; it's the sudden stop at the end.

Douglas Adams

A sudden bold and unexpected question doth many times surprise a man and lay him open.

Sir Francis Bacon

I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.

James Madison

Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation.

James Madison

Laughter is nothing else but sudden glory arising from some sudden conception of some eminency in ourselves, by comparison with the infirmity of others, or with our own formerly.

Thomas Hobbes

You can train as hard as you want to, and your spike catches in the ground and all of a sudden you have a hamstring or groin pull. You can't measure when [injuries] will happen. You do your best to try to prevent it.

Will Ohman

Ante has always shown that he is a big-game player. He can go through a match doing nothing and all of a sudden produce a world-class goal that wins the game.

Lawrie Mckinna

I have to infer that's the explanation for the sudden drop.

Brad Hunter

A lot of things are going to have to change for them to be ready for next season. This is a wake-up call because all of a sudden you are trying to complete on a new level.

Marcus Hahnemann

It's kind of like being a fireman, and I've done it myself, so I understand what they go through. It's a lot of sitting around and then all of a sudden you get the call, 'Oh, you're on.' So it's my job, really, just to make sure that they're ready to go.

Peggy Taphorn

If I were invested with a manager and all of a sudden the market was down 20 percent and my manager was only down 2 percent, I'd question that.

Justin Dew

It's a weird scene. You win a few baseball games and all of a sudden you're surrounded by reporters and TV men with cameras asking you about Vietnam and race relations.

Vida Blue

It looked like we were struggling to clear the ball. We've used the same clear pretty much the whole year and all of the sudden we're not making our looks or our reads.

John Desko

Marketing comes up with a wonderful campaign and they don't tell anybody. It was a great campaign but nobody told manufacturing and they don't have enough staffing and nobody told HR and all of a sudden what could have been a very successful campaign turns into a customer satisfaction nightmare.

Howard Dresner

That was probably a nine?point swing in the meet. All of a sudden they got the pin and that changed the momentum.

Dan Cummings

Many physicians assume that the vast majority of adult cardiac arrests in hospitals are from sudden arrhythmias, and life-support protocols reflect this assumption. Our findings show that progressive respiratory failure and shock is more common than arrhythmia in adults, and in such cases, emergency procedures should focus on breathing problems.

Dr. Vinay Nadkarni

Men are made uneasy; they flinch; they cannot bear the sudden light; a general restlessness supervenes; the face of society is disturbed, or perhaps convulsed; old interests and old beliefs have been destroyed before new ones have been created. These symptoms are the precursors of revolution; they have preceded all the great changes through which the world has passed.

Henry Thomas Buckle

Any time you have a sudden, unexpected spike in enrollment, it can be a financial burden for the local districts, and we are working with them to make sure they get their money as fast as possible.

Dana Tofig

It was a quiet Sunday morning, and you're sitting there watching the fisherman have a good time, and then all of a sudden you hear this, and you could even feel it, the ground when it fell.

John Morgan

Most of them are still psychologically lost, I would say, because they say they haven't experienced such a thing like this. All of a sudden there is a 10-meter wave crashing down on them -- they just didn't know what hit them.

Colin Travertz

I knew what was coming in, and I was hoping that Jasmine would still be willing to learn and improve herself. All of a sudden, she showed up this year bowling really great, and she hasn't stopped. It's like she's a different kid.

Sandy Postma

I mean, Jane Wyman did a lot of silly parts for years and then all of a sudden went serious and was tremendous.

Cleo Moore

A joke is not a thing but a process, a trick you play on the listener's mind. You start him off toward a plausible goal, and then by a sudden twist you land him nowhere at all or just where he didn't expect to go.

Max Eastman

What happened with Peyton is when she came back for this season, she realized that she could be good. It's one thing for your mom and dad and coach to tell you, but when you believe it, all of a sudden, you start to evolve. As she got more and more success, you could see her become more confident. Being a self-advocate, she would push herself.

Mike Feldman

I was asked to do a play the other day, and I turned it down because I couldn't do both. And, all of a sudden, I got really scared. But I couldn't really take it on and go to all the designing meetings I have to and all the casting meetings. We have designers now but no cast.

Blair Brown

All of a sudden, you had a culture, ... It was THE lifestyle. Kids believed, 'We might not have had all the amenities of other cities, but man, we have the best music.'

David Carson

That was just the icing on the cake. It was time for both sides to part, they were bitter and I was bitter. It was like everyone against me all of a sudden.

Tuffy Rhodes

Once we get the primary engine in the backup (car), we should be fast. I am not really sure why the (primary) car did what it did. I was down low and the car was sticking, and then all of a sudden it was headed to the wall.

Joe Nemechek

Relying on a third party is always a concern. You could all of a sudden get a McDonald's ad in the middle of your map.

Steve Tallen

The biggest issue in China is the arbitrariness and the sudden changes. Services like Yahoo say they have to follow the rules in China , but the rules are always changing… It's like an intimidation tactic.

Danny O'brien

All of a sudden, it hit a pocket of wind.

Joe Nedney

It was like we clicked all of a sudden. We limited James Kenan to very few shots. That was very pleasing to see.

Kevin Hicks

It was a good round until I got to No. 17 and then it turned into a great round. I was holding on to a good round and then all of a sudden the chips fell in the right spot. That is the game of golf for you.

Jim Rutledge

All of the sudden these people know more about our area than we do. They form all these groups and committees and tell everyone what they're going to do for the community.

Wayne Harris

We just looked at the top numbers and started a concentrated effort to try to collect. It's amazing when you put on a little pressure - all of a sudden they come up with a check for you.

Charles Bennett

There are moments, you reach moments, when all of a sudden time stops and becomes eternal.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Confront a child, a puppy, and a kitten with a sudden danger; the child will turn instinctively for assistance, the puppy will grovel in abject submission, the kitten will brace its tiny body for a frantic resistance.

H. H. Munro

All of a sudden, we can't get it. It's not available, but you don't know what happened. It could be weather; it could be issues at the manufacturer in China. You never know.

Jessica Lei

All the sudden you have people where in the past there weren't people there. People cause emergencies.

Kevin Klein

Employers are not going to break out of the recent hiring pattern. There will be no sudden explosion in hiring.

Jeffrey Joerres

Steve informed me his mother was Irish, which I was unaware of. All of a sudden I started looking at the boy a bit differently, and I have kept an eye on him since.

Don Givens

Once you accept your own death, all of a sudden you're free to live. You no longer care about your reputation. You no longer care except so far as your life can be used tactically to promote a cause you believe in.

Saul Alinsky

Typically when you have people with sudden wealth, they need a long-term plan to protect it from themselves. There's this initial pent-up desire to spend. Cars, houses, and gifts of money for so-and-so. Everyone is going to be your friend.

Mark Groesbeck

All of the sudden the wrong guy was taking the ball out of bounds and our guards weren't coming to meet the ball; they ran through some passes. We have five turnovers at halftime and we have nine in the second half. Those nine were when they made their run.

Steve Mcclain

It was my decision to balance what was most important to people in South Mississippi with this all-of-a-sudden national crisis of not enough gas or diesel fuel.

Jim Compton

Frankly, I don't think they've worked members very much, and then all of the sudden we get an ultimatum. It just doesn't feel to me like there's been enough groundwork done.

Marty Brown

All of a sudden, I got to thinking that this building has a real good chance of ... becoming certified at a very high level without totally breaking the bank.

Beezer Molten

ABRUPT, adj. Sudden, without ceremony, like the arrival of a cannon- shot and the departure of the soldier whose interests are most affected by it. Dr. Samuel Johnson beautifully said of another author's ideas that they were 'concatenated without abruption.'

Ambrose Bierce

All of a sudden, the ads in the paper show special mortgage deals, special incentives. That's an absolute indicator that the market has softened.

Robert Toll

We understand that this might be sudden for people and there are a lot of questions from taxpayers.

Barry Miller

We were going pretty well there for a bit. And all of a sudden, we've been sliding. We just have to find a way to get ourselves out of it.

Mike Glumac

He was the muscle for Ryan. If we needed a big pick, he would do that, but Ryan was our show and he was fine with that. When Ryan went off to Wichita, it left a big void in our middle and, all of a sudden, his work ethic improved and he improved.

Dave Magley

Typically, there are a few niches, and everybody sees they are growing more rapidly, and so they jump on these niche markets. And all of a sudden they are no longer niche markets, and there will be too many players, and it's going to be very competitive in a short period of time.

Peter Pollak

I had no idea why, but all of a sudden I wanted to sing, ... And I loved it. I didn't have a choice. I just gravitated toward it.

Johnny Mathis

It does certainly seem like everyone is interested in AOL these days, particularly because of its (large volume of) traffic, ... There is no clear indication that AOL is even looking to sell, but now, all of a sudden, they are the most popular girl at the dance.

Gary Stein

[The complications involved in caring for someone with Alzheimer's] are probably just going to begin to surface over the next few weeks, ... We have situations where all of a sudden families are becoming first-time, 24-hour caregivers.

Kathleen O'brien

I used to have to force myself to go, okay, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing and then all of a sudden a thought of some where could come in. Now I can just focus and not think about anything. So, yeah, I guess I do that a lot.

Nancy Johnson

I never saw him. I asked coach, 'How did he do that?' My teammates said I was dribbling like crazy and he still caught me. All of a sudden, he's at the other end.

Leandro Barbosa

We played lousy; very, very badly. Our defense didn't play well, and all of a sudden, we're not hitting the ball, just popping up and swinging at bad pitches.

Harvey Staver

Clive is a World Cup winner and I have spoken to him about his experiences of sudden-death situations. He came up with the idea of staging the shoot-out, which I thought was great.

Adrian Boothroyd

Then all of the sudden, the money slacked off here and there until it eventually dried up again.

Ron Black

You play great in a tournament and all of a sudden, you're out of the tournament and in last place. It's a shame to play that well for that long and then have that happen.

Bob Tway

The lights were flashing and I heard the air horn of the train. I looked to my left and I looked straight, and here's this truck going across the tracks. All of a sudden it hit, and a big fireball occurred.

Jack Mitchell

It's that sudden, jerky, fast-twitch ... It's just constantly there. It's a weird kind of feeling... As long I was going straight forward, I was fine. Anything side to side, any time I opened up my hips, that's when it shut down.

Dirk Johnson

One of the major issues we run into in the local area that seems to hinder the development of housing is the appraisal gap. When that last nail is pounded in, sometimes all of a sudden the cost of the home is considerably higher than the value of the home.

Brandon Warren

All of a sudden, there's a new risk to being long whereas before it was a one-way bet. The IEA release has capped the market.

Gary Ross

The greatest part of this job is to show these younger kids their heritage. Heritage gets lost with a lot of these kids. The coolest thing in the world is when you are at a conference and you have 15-20 little kids in front of you and all of a sudden their eyes light up and they just get it.

Albert Martinez

[The intrinsic attraction of flat tax has been most pithily expressed by none other than Clint Eastwood.] All of a sudden, what do you have? ... You have the whole tax system run by a little old lady on a home computer, doing the work of all these thousands of bureaucrats and accountants.

Dirty Harry

He was lined up straight with the ship canal. All of a sudden, he went port (left) and hit the wall.

Dale Mitchell

All of the sudden, the president now has two openings. That's not unique, but it's rare.

Allan Wolf

All of a sudden, instead of 100 or 200 people in the audience we were playing for 1,000 to 2,000 people. People wanted to re-discover this stuff that was gone for 60 years.

Hankus Netsky

We booked $21 million of advertising against that down payment in the first 12 days of selling, ... All of a sudden, the speculation that we overpaid went away.

George Bell

The U.S. economy is a very strong economy; if there is a sudden cutoff of Saudi oil, and Americans suddenly have to pay a lot more to get gasoline, we'll do it.

Amy Myers Jaffe

We?re like an advanced college course. Harry gives us background information. All of a sudden I feel connected to this music.

Diane Burbank

When you're out there by yourself, all of sudden you start thinking about survival. You're thinking, 'God, what does this group of animals want?

Alan Kendall

He's very exciting. He'll give you a little juke and shake, then all of a sudden he explodes. He's fast, elusive and very powerful.

Marvin Bridges

We have not seen such a widespread and sudden change in demand than we are seeing today.

Michael Lehman

Typically there's a sudden onset of severe pain when the vertebra collapses, ... Most of the time the incident can be set to a particular movement or activity.

Nelson Watts

This guy to me looks like the next great player [at VMI]. He does a lot of stuff. He'll hit a 3. He'll drive it on you. He'll get a rebound. He'll make a steal. All of a sudden, he's got the stat sheet filled up.

Jimmy Patsos

All of a sudden, we needed something like $250,000, so we had to go out and pursue the company in a whole different aspect, and we found somebody who was willing to put their money in.

Steve Wozniak

All of a sudden it went from being a place that was really skeptical about filming to a place that, like, would do anything. They really did go completely out of their way.

Gregg Kavet

You start out happy that you have no hips or boobs. All of a sudden you get them, and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping.

Cindy Crawford

We came to a big meet and acted like we deserved to be here. We were put into some real good heats, and all of a sudden, we were in the fast races with some really good teams with really good traditions of track and field. Just to compete and hold our own was great.

Jennifer Joyce

You never imagine that an accident could happen and it would affect the lives of so many people. All of a sudden they had to start over from scratch.

Chris Henry

It was shocking to us. He was here for one year, and then all of a sudden he took off. A lot of us had our heads down. We're thinking coaches are looking at us as a team where you get your credentials up and then head off to a high-profile place.

Jacob Burtschi

I doubt it given that everybody had a fair shot at the transaction. Everybody's had their chance. I can't imagine that there's some disappointed overlooked player that's going to show up all of a sudden.

Paul Puryear

I wonder about that. If you've got a big kid that you go into all the time and all of a sudden that big kid goes one for 10, do you say you live by the inside game and you die by the inside game?

Mark Trakh

This may well be another consequence of our use of antibiotics. It's another example of an organism that all of a sudden has gotten a lot meaner and nastier.

John Bartlett

Child custody has always been a state responsibility. Now, the federal government and the attorney general are trying to all of a sudden take that away, without ever interviewing the child.

Spencer Eig

We were really good at manufacturing. We have a real niche ... so we started manufacturing index tabs and started marketing those nationwide and selling to other printers and print brokers, and all of a sudden that business took off. The norm was two weeks, and we were offering next-day service, which really got people's attention.

Lindsay Gray

It's hard when all your life you're used to a big pocket and all of a sudden, it's half the size. With the new regulations, you obviously have to concentrate on getting those pucks into your pocket. But the glove is now smaller and lighter and it means you can make some saves that you never could before. I try to freeze a lot of pucks on to my body.

Hannu Toivonen

If there's just a handful of them and they all take five hours each, there's half a person a week that all of a sudden you have to hire. Everything that involves a person costs you money somewhere.

Kerry Smith

We hadn't heard about any for a while and then, all of a sudden, two in one week.

Mary Harris

You throw just one or two streaming media feeds into the mix and all of a sudden you're bumping up against your bandwidth limitations. In a medium-sized company it's not unheard of for one person who's streaming a video feed to affect network performance by 20 or 30 percent.

Paul Myer

I believe she reached a correct decision in this case. One could make the argument that as long as you can get it from the school premises [on a computer] that it is all of a sudden subject to the same regulation as if it was produced in school. But that would be a dangerous approach to take.

Ken Gormley

I always loved fish-eye lenses. It came from how radical my [eyeglass] prescription was. It wasnt until someone dropped LSD on me back in the early 70s that, all of a sudden, I realized again what my prescription did to my vision. I was always looking into these extreme-convex lenses my whole life.

Mark Mothersbaugh

A sudden and violent crash in crude oil prices cannot be dismissed.

Thorsten Fischer

Developing countries need to prepare themselves for adjustments, some of which could be sudden.

Francois Bourguignon

If they go so far as to make some sort of express deal, then all of a sudden it can become criminal. There's a lot of nodding and winking and that's why I say the entire campaign finance system we have is in some way a sort of organized, legalized bribery.

Randall Eliason

I'm looking forward to this year. I still have a ways to go, but I like where it's going right now. You never know what you're going to shoot in the first round of the year. All of a sudden, things started working just fine.

Don Pooley

Residents expect and receive the finest health care, but the system has been unraveling. Citizens are not aware that all of a sudden what's been available to them in the past may not be available in the future.

Rich Meiers

I'm 62 years old. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. My family and I were all in bed. All of a sudden, the house just started shaking. It was so strong and so loud. My son yelled for us to get downstairs, but by the time we did, it was all over.

Will Brown

The knee was not designed to be hit with all that force at all those angles, ... It has very strong ligaments, but when that sudden force is applied to those ligaments, especially with a lot of torque, things tear.

Nicholas Dinubile

I thought it was way over the net, and it kind of dropped. I heard it hit the cross bar, and I thought it was wide. And all of a sudden, it's in.

Jocelyn Thibault

The game could have gone either way. We didn't execute the first three possessions (of the fourth quarter) the way we should, all of a sudden were down by six and the game goes by the wayside.

John Tiziani

Jocelyn had been playing in the middle, but we moved her to the outside in practice and all of a sudden things started to click and she's been putting the kills down.

Patty Avery

All of a sudden, they ran up to me and tore the leash from my hand and started tearing her up.

Jamal Williams

That last couple of months of high school were beyond belief. The phone calls, the scouts at the parks. Then all of a sudden you're in the Gulf Coast League. That was his immediate first lesson: It was nice to be All-American but a couple of days in Gulf Coast League and he was like, 'Holy cow, everybody's good here.' He figured out pretty quick to leave your ego at the park.

Larry Hermida

They want to make it sound like there's all of a sudden going to be all this alcohol flowing.

John Hatch

Lionel Richie, love song, OK, thank you very much, good-bye. And all of a sudden I realized that, in my career, what has made my career has always been the surprises.

Lionel Richie

I just had a sudden burst of energy and motivation to take it up a notch since it's the start of Ivy season.

Janet Kim

They want the best players there - and all of a sudden they skip three guys.

Greg Owen

I've always wondered what it would be like if somebody from outer space landed with three heads. Then all of a sudden everybody else wouldn't look so bad, huh? Well, OK you're a little different from me but, hey, ya got one head.

Cyndi Lauper

You take a turn and you think it's the river, and all of a sudden you're on dry land and you have to back-paddle.

John Brill

All of a sudden one of my guys noticed they were doing this, ... And then after a little reflection, my team started thinking 'how can we do a better job of this?'

Craig Newmark

It seems more sudden this year, since we just had a homecoming last spring, but the change is good.

Amy Jordan

It looked to me like the world had ended. One second, it was a bustling city. The next second, people vanished. It just looked like, all of a sudden, everybody was gone.

John Scales

We totally agree with the results of the autopsy. This is typical of sudden cardiac death.

Leo Bokeria

If, all of a sudden, the Florida delegation drops out of the equation, it makes the rest of the country much more vulnerable. The coastal states that don't want to see [outer continental shelf] development really need to hang together, or they're going to hang separately.

Lisa Speer

We've built up an entire industry, ... and all of a sudden, we're not welcomed. It's not the practice of forestry when you are mapping oak woodlands.

Chuck Hughes

I was grinning and laughing on 14 and my caddie asked me why, and I wouldn't tell him. I just felt I couldn't go wrong and that feeling is such a good feeling. I wish I could have that every day. All of a sudden today, everything seemed to go in.

Anders Hansen

I thought there was no way Jimmie could win the race, or I wouldn't have left. All of a sudden I hear he wins, and I go, 'You've got to be kidding me?' That was just a phenomenal win.

Jeff Gordon

If you can lower the risk factors by even a small percentage, then all of a sudden, that dollar you spent on wellness has turned into three or four dollars.

David Michel

Nikki Sudden believed in rock 'n' roll — and how hard was that in this cold new millennium?.

Dave Kusworth

They'd asked that we all stay down on the first floor. Then all of a sudden, we looked and there was water seeping in under the doors. The wind was blowing. The kitchen and everything was flooded downstairs, so they weren't able to do anything for us. So they scrambled around and found some bread and made sandwiches for us. They got water up to us. We fared very well.

Barbara Folk

We're going to bring it to people who aren't expecting it. All of a sudden we just show up... and hopefully it's enjoyable for everybody. Which I think it will be.

Jesse Weidenfeld

Our role is not to jump-start a campaign and all of the sudden make a candidate competitive.

Paul Kirk

We think the stock is undervalued at current levels but there is no other reason for the sudden jump in the stock price.

Adrian Gonzalez

We have a market all of a sudden. The downside is, we don't have product. It's not fun not being able to help people in their time of need.

Gary Linden

It's easy to say that, but what happens if we start doing that continuously and then, all of a sudden, people are putting a deaf ear to when we actually have a problem? We don't want to do that so much that people are getting numb to the real thing.

Lt. Ruben Diaz

Often there are not enough adult bodies in a classroom, which boosts the stress level for everyone. So all of a sudden if a couple of kids are needy, they risk being expelled.

Claire Lerner

We've never ever had a chance to go on. Now all of a sudden, these kids that have been with me for four years get this golden opportunity to go to state. This has been a huge year.

Mark Hoekstra

We found the original draft of the scientific paper, which said, 'secondhand smoke increases the risk of sudden infant death,' in Phillip Morris's corporate files along with their suggestions to Sullivan to change it.

Stanton Glantz

Middle age snuffs out more talent than even wars or sudden death does.

Gerald Brenan

The only downside was that we started the second half with the same crap we've been doing. We had turnovers on our first four possessions, and all a sudden, our lead goes from 18 to 11.

Tim Parmeter

We put ourselves in a position where all of a sudden our No. 5 guy had to play better than his average. He didn't play badly at all. That's just a lot of pressure on one kid.

Kevin Lynch

What was happening, you had pastors who had been gearing up for all of their life to go plant a church somewhere . . . and now, all of the sudden, they're realizing there's no land out there.

Harold Christ

One day we had everything, then all of a sudden we don't have anything.

Donald Rhodes

I was in a really bad place. ... I wanted to find the joy of it again, ... You lose sight of the reason you got into it. ... you start making that dime and all of a sudden ... it gets weird. I started losing the joy of it all, and I wasn't happy anymore.

Chris Cagle

We start by looking at our customers' needs, what they currently have and determine where the gaps are. Using our toolkit, we then design, build and deploy a solution that meets those needs. In this increasingly 'on demand' world, Sudden Network™ Solutions enables us to rapidly and cost-effectively meet our customers' ever-evolving connectivity needs.

Robert Ford

No warning, whatsoever. All of a sudden, it's a pop, pop, pop.

Jeff Banks

It's not like all the sudden it's my first game or a lot of other guys' first game, and we're being thrown into the fire. It's another game. When they tell me I'm in, I'm going to go in and play ball hard just like I always do.

Israel Idonije

All of a sudden I had the hottest amusement device of the decade. I went from not having any money to having a lot of money. I was getting' it on, boy. I thought I was a movie star.

Sam Reeves

If you have a course that's flat like this floor and designed like a well-prepared highway, they go and they don't think about it, and all of a sudden there's a turn and they crash into the net. But if you make this with little bumps and rolls, the racer has to think about it and he's aware of his situation. We see that slows them down.

Guenter Hujara

If it can be verified, we don't need faith... Faith is for that which lies on the other side of reason. Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and sudden, startling joys.

Madeleine L'Engle

You see a lot of people with gray hair who are out running and riding bikes and jogging. I don't think they will all be coming in here all of a sudden.

Terry Brown

The international community shouldn't think that because there's been a little bit of change in the data, China is all of the sudden exceedingly powerful. Problems and complications are still there.

Li Deshui

What happens is everybody thinks the danger is you're going to read this stuff and all of a sudden you'll start acting that way.

Chris Crutcher

We see this huge plane coming towards us then all of a sudden it's on its side horizontally, wings both up, then next couple of seconds it crashed into the BMW dealership.

Chalsey Kwon

If a company has stable earnings quarter after quarter, ... and each quarter its earnings go up another penny, and then all of a sudden, they don't go up anymore, investors go nuts.

Jason Zweig

So I was the associate editor of a medical journal in Chicago, and I was thirty seven, and all of a sudden I just sort of started going through this dark night of the soul... where I just... . Is this going to be it for me, am I going to be spending the rest of my life writing about cataracts and hemorrhoids... and... . just not what I wanted to do, and I was just intensely depressed all the time.

John Mahoney

The law changes and flows like water, and the stream of women's rights law has become a sudden rushing torrent.

Shana Alexander

It's what they do. If you're a welder and all of the sudden you're not the most popular welder on the block, are you going to quit welding? It's the same with any other occupation. Nobody should expect them to quit doing what they do.

Ray Waddell

New York now leads the world's great cities in the number of people around whom you shouldn't make a sudden move.

David Letterman

The fact that all of a sudden, we've increased the Sun sales force by well over 1,000 storage-savvy salespeople combined with the breadth of the product line allows us to have a fundamentally different conversation with a customer than we were able to have before.

Mark Canepa

There is a sudden reluctance on the part of the prosecution to accord the accused persons their right of a fair and speedy trial.

David Mpanga

It's unlikely. From what was said the day he died, that he was found lifeless, it looked very much like a very sudden death from heart failure.

Leo Bokeria

[Drew] all of a sudden seems like he finally has a handle on what the heck we're doing. Hopefully this is who he is.

Tom Cable

Compared to yesterday the front-end was in bad state. During the race I felt some vibration and the bike didn't allow me to ride well. Then all of a sudden the bike switched off and that's when my race ended.

Makoto Tamada

You see Duke and North Carolina on national TV and all of a sudden I'm playing on their floors. It was a great experience. You see them on TV, but it was fantastic being and playing there.

Jawaan Alston

That was a big swing. Had they?d been able to chip one in, all of sudden their intensity level is going to go up.

Brian Mccloskey

All of a sudden, it just sounded like the house was coming down on us. It just scared us so bad.

Mary Bowen

We didn't think anything of it. Then, all of a sudden a boss called out and said 'follow us' and we started running.

Andy De Leon

All of the sudden, there was political support for the notion that inflation was not just a tax, but a virus that attacks an economy.

Harvey Rosenblum

It's a tough thing to have to adapt to when you're a very good athlete and a lot of things that require physical agility and capabilities and all of a sudden you break your neck and you can no longer walk.

Mike Nyeholt

All of a sudden you?d be talking to someone at the store and they?d be like, have you heard of this North American Training Lodge?

Michelle Dunn

The market is in great shape. All of the sudden people are trying to get ahead of earnings and when companies miss by a penny they get pummeled for it. It's ridiculous.

Neil Hennessy

It was so amazing. There was hardly anyone on the beach and then all of a sudden people came rushing to help.

Mary Mcmillan

If teams above feel they are safe and we can get a couple of wins, then all of a sudden some pressure comes on that's out of their control. Then who knows what it might do.

Justin Marshall

I have struggled. If you do racing all of your life, and then all of a sudden it ends, what do you do? Do you go back to school, do you start a business? All we know how to do is race. That's all I've done since my dad put me in a go-kart at 4.

Jerry Nadeau

We were in coach No. 3. And all I could see is the car in front of us start going like this -- crazy -- and all of a sudden things started flying. Things were just flying all through the air.

Craig Roberts

All of the sudden the guy just hit it and took off.

Brian Watson

All of the sudden, he took off and I just had nowhere to go. It was a pretty serious dunk.

Ben Luber

I never expected the movie to become as big as it has. I thought that we'd be lucky if a handful of people outside of our small group would get to see it. Everyone involved with the making of this film was shocked that all of a sudden, lines from the movie had become lines that people would say to each other in everyday life. None of us expected that.

Aaron Ruell

All of a sudden there's a big stimulus to the economy - interest rates are down, money supply has grown and oil prices are lower, ... From a macro perspective, the evidence states that the economy will recover, perhaps as early as the first quarter of next year.

Bob Turner

Real progress in understanding nature is rarely incremental. All important advances are sudden intuitions, new principles, new ways of seeing.

Marilyn Ferguson

The big mistake that men make is that when they turn thirteen or fourteen, and all of a sudden they've reached puberty, they believe that they like women. Actually, you're just horny. It doesn't mean that you like women any more at twenty-one than you did at ten.

Jules Feiffer

Millions of Americans rely every month on the agencies we serve. Millions of others are living less than one paycheck away from hunger. When people hit sudden hard times including illness, loss of a job, or disruption in health insurance, they are forced to turn to the America's Second Harvest Network for help.

Robert Forney

I was thinking I probably needed a couple more [birdies] on the back, but turns out I didn't, ... All of a sudden, I'm sitting there at 18 and thinking, `Well, Nick Price has to make birdie to tie me' ... and he knocked it over the green and made bogey.

Lanny Wadkins

Five years ago, there was the crossover energy where all of a sudden, 'Time Magazine' and 'Newsweek' were saying things like the 'Latino Wave was coming.' But it didn't really happen that way.

Gabriel Abaroa

We plan to start our playoff, if we have one, on 18. And then play 10 and 18, and stay in that rotation. And it will still be sudden death.

Hootie Johnson

It's just like a hitter. You start thinking so much and things start to happen and then all of a sudden your game plan is out the window and you're trying something else, which you shouldn't do.

John Rodriguez

We were ready to go to Indonesia to help over there ... when all of a sudden Katrina hit. The real mission statement, I guess you would say for Morrell, is to assist in the reconstruction of devastated areas throughout the world.

Merrill Osmond

We have seen a tremendous amount of cargo coming into the port. It's sort of a miniature major port all of a sudden down there.

Robert Cross

All of a sudden just out of nowhere, this big blue streak jumps up onto the table and goes flying by me, and I looked up, and it was Antonio Davis jumping up on the table and jumping by. And it scared the heck out of me.

Steve Scott

It's not the speeding, it's the sudden stopping that's the thing.

Frank Hargrove

The good thing about it is we've practiced with Anthony. He got an opportunity to play in the second half. It's not like we're in Week 9 or 10 and all of a sudden you throw him in there.

Derrick Mason

I don't think it's worth it. We invested so much money, and all of a sudden, we met the opposition at the public hearing. I wish we had a public hearing first.

Sam Varano

It's tough, but you can't do anything about it except put up or shut up the next time you play them, ... Even this year, they came in here and we were beating up on them and -- boom -- all of a sudden they sneak it away from us in the last six minutes. We've got to find a way to solve that.

Scott Schultz

If they have to look up and throw, they don't want to change their style all of a sudden. They have to be able to adjust quick and I talked to them about that.

Dave Colley

What's so great about sports is we can teach them the basics of any sport in one day. And in one day, all of a sudden they realize they can be active for the rest of their lives.

Kirk Bauer

I am saddened to have to report that, following emergency surgery that we had hoped would correct a sudden deterioration in her condition, my niece Susan Ann Catherine Torres has passed away after only five short weeks with us.

Justin Torres

If I ever marry, it will be on a sudden impulse - as a man shoots himself.

H. L. Mencken

Too many times, you read too many instances where relationships develop and all of a sudden an officer is going to do something that's wrong on behalf of the inmates such as being in stuff he should not be having. We just wanted to cut that off before it even gets to that.

Jon Rogers

As we look back at it, none of us would have anticipated that we would come back as fast as we did. One of the primary reasons you can cite for that sudden rise really was the emergence of Jeff Garcia. I mean, if he doesn't play like he plays, we might be five years in the rebuilding.

Terry Donahue

I think the moral majority and religious right have been shrinking and having not quite as loud a voice in America, and all of a sudden people are coming to their own realizations going, 'Joe down the street is gay and he's a great guy.'

Jason Priestley

As I look back on it, I know our season ended the day J.V. died because I know none of us got over it. You just lose focus. All of a sudden you find out in some ways how childish you've been in the way you've devoted your whole life to this game. Then all of a sudden it hits you that there are bigger things in play.

Dan Dierdorf

When they see images of guys like Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks and Roy Campanella, whom they recognize as household major-league stars, and realize they came out of the Negro Leagues, all of a sudden that mindset changes.

Bob Kendrick

We decided we would offer lotteries to those charities on the basis that we would give them as many as was needed as long as it didn't exceed their voluntary income, because that sudden influx of funds would create problems for them.

Andrew Williams

You know we're the only city -- I think we're the only big city in America ... there may be an exception or two ... that women are running the Police Department, Fire Department and our emergency services. That's why I feel so safe. And I'll tell you why. Women put their egos aside. You get these guys in uniform, all of a sudden it's their way or no way.

Gavin Newsom