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It's not a ladder we're climbing, it's literature we're producing. . . . We cannot possibly leave it to history as a discipline nor to sociology nor science nor economics to tell the story of our people.

Nikki Giovanni

People are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future.

Chuck Palahniuk

Who you are moment to moment is just a story.

Chuck Palahniuk

He who comes with a story to you brings two away from you.

Irish Proverb

There are one-story intellects, two-story intellects, and three-story intellects with skylights. All fact collectors with no aim beyond their facts are one-story men. Two-story men compare reason and generalize, using labors of the fact collectors as well as their own. Three-story men idealize, imagine, and predict. Their best illuminations come from above through the skylight.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

If an idiot were to tell you the same story every day for a year, you would end by believing it.

Horace Mann

It is our American habit if we find the foundations of our educational structure unsatisfactory to add another story or wing. We find it easier to add a new study or course or kind of school than to recognize existing conditions so as to meet the need.

John Dewey

The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Douglas Adams

Listening to both sides of a story will convince you that there is more to a story than both sides.

Frank Tyger

It is a negatively developing story. When a company cuts its dividend, that screams 'run away from this credit.

John Atkinson

The story of life is quicker then the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.

Jimi Hendrix

It's like your batteries get low, and you need to charge them on someone else's story.

Margaret Cho

It gets down to core values, how you can live and keep things straight and maintain an even keel. It helps to listen to people who share how they've done it. It's an everlasting human story.

Robert Browning

I want to tell you a terrific story about oral contraception. I asked this girl to sleep with me and she said 'no'.

Woody Allen

It says an awful lot about the individuals involved, ... To respond the way they have. To not let it bother you, to roll up your sleeves and go to work. They've gone out and made a case for keeping the team together. It's a great story.

Bryan Colangelo

Shell dictated the whole story.

Charles Peterson

It was the basic story of having to leave it all behind, ... My grandfather was a lawyer and landowner who had it all, and when he came [to America] he was selling strawberries.

Al Montoya

I went to Bali for two months and met my wife, and that's how the story started... We had a very simple beginning, selling art on the street.

Andrew Jack

I know this story. I lived it with him ... the trials and tribulations.

Carl Mcnair

We were not very good on the mound. That was the story.

Mike Scioscia

This was the story of our season. We had a hard time putting together four complete quarters all year.

Ray Moyer

It was a good look. Our kids battled. We just couldn't grab the lead. I think if we could have grabbed the lead, it would have been a different story.

Jon Kraus

What we're getting in the Hong Kong story this year is the re-rating of the market, the growth of the China play potential of the market, and I think people have completely discounted any problems at all with the hand over.

Nicholas Horsley

I'd write one character's story for all eight episodes, then the next character, while one of the other writers may be working on pieces of another character's story.

Tom Fontana

I think the story is done on those stocks.

Neill Pickering

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.

C.S. Lewis

It's a classic situation of expectations getting ahead of the story.

Bruce Cranna

Gary Pruitt is the best young executive in the group. Right now, I have a hard time getting institutional investors interested in McClatchy, frankly. But with this merger, McClatchy becomes the most interesting name in the group. It goes from an interesting little niche story to a major story.

Doug Arthur

If I can tell you the story from beginning to end in five minutes, I'm ready to start writing. Then it's a constant spreading out of that five minutes.

Richard Price

It's a typical story for university environments.

Carl Follstad

As Americans and as journalists, we just feel this is a story we want to stay around.

Jon Klein

We advised clients to downgrade the shares because this is a company that has a troubled balance sheet, and the Mexican receivable issues problem adds another layer to the story of a company that is struggling to turn itself around.

Ben Reitzes

My life is the story of a man who always wants to carry too much. My spiritual quest is the painful process of learning to let go of things not essential.

Real Live Preacher

People were housed in various places. Everyone went to the high school gymnasium so the Red Cross could verify that everyone was accounted for. ... Any time you don't lose your house it's a happier story.

Pat Dell

If we put $50,000 in an account for legal fees, then $50,000 will be gone. I think we need to hear the whole story.

Michael Buckley

The Ghost Rider's not particularly heroic in this story; he has his own agenda and won't let anything get in his way.

Garth Ennis

It's becoming a broader story than first thought.

Greg Canavan

I think we're getting 90% of the story.

Jackie Spinner

The real story is that there is no story. The truth is that after 11 years together, we are still happily married. Boring but true.

Richie Sambora

The typical journalist's typical lead for the typical Canadian story nowadays is along this line: that Canadians are hard at work trying to gain a reputation as a nation of rapid social change.

Stockwell Day

We sought them out. They are up-and-coming, but the majority of the reason is because of Matt Doherty. It's an interesting story. People want to know how he's doing.

Jim Gorman

The public is only receiving one side of the story as all of the charges in their most sordid representation.

Merle Smith

This has been a time of tears and a time of laughter, a time of celebration and a time of mourning, a time of story telling and a time of lament.

Jim Short

A story about... I play a guy who is with... Patricia Arquette is my wife and we're having troubles. It's a raw relationship. And she ends up dead and they think I did it. I don't think I did.

Bill Pullman

Absolutely not. It's wrong, end of story.

Greg Mitchell

If you pick the right story and it relates to that person's life, that story is with them forever.

Terry Paulson

The question is whether use in those [new] indications is going to be an important part of the 2006 story.

Bret Holley

George W. Bush bought the election - period. End of story. There is no argument. You can try to come up with any argument you can, but there is none.

Gary Coleman

I once told this writer a story about how I met the guys in an elevator and found out we all had the same last name, so we decided to form a band.

Joey Ramone

With a fresh start, I hope it'll work out good. I know the whole Fox story and how he came over here and had a great year for them. I'm hoping that's what it'll be - fresh start, new faces, new team, new city. I'm looking forward to getting out there.

Billy Koch

It's a haven for bohemian free spirits. People are not afraid of saying what they want. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a story to tell.

Carlos Adame

Williams gets ignored because you can't tell his story without messing up the mainstream story.

Timothy Tyson

It was a great run and it's great that the network didn't cancel us outright, and they're letting us do five more where we can wrap up a lot of story arcs.

Jason Bateman

It's the biggest success story under the Endangered Species Act because grizzly bears are one of the toughest species to manage.

Chris Servheen

If you're president of Texas Instruments and you go into your board of directors and say, 'Next year, we're just going to keep our market share,' you're out, you're fired. Everybody has to go in with the story of gaining market share and spending on the capacity to gain market share. Of course, it all just doesn't add up.

Bill Mcclean

I guess we're not sexy enough, man. We don't have that kind of appeal. If Brian had a twin brother playing in New York, you'd probably have a helluva story.

Ronde Barber

Heroes know that things must happen when it is time for them to happen. A quest may not simply be abandoned; unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever; a happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story.

Peter S. Beagle

They all tell a story.

Joan Sereno

It's a great way to tell a story.

Dick Cook

So ultimately I am looking for a story that has some value and is important and is entertaining.

Chad Lowe

She's had a good night's sleep (and) some food (and) is rested. (She was) reunited with (her) mom this morning (and) they are planning to return to Austin. (It's a) story with a happy ending.

Jan Caldwell

Institutional investors are continuing to buy into China's growth story and this explains their interest in H shares and red chips.

Peter Lai

When we're covering a big story, we can put them on television. And we can be on their radio station.

Dianne Doctor

They were able to have a very successful life and business and family. They were surely what I would call the American Dream story.

Kevin Mccarrick

I sing seriously to my mom on the phone. To put her to sleep, I have to sing "Maria" from West Side Story. When I hear her snoring, I hang up.

Adam Sandler

The D.B. Cooper story is so rich, ... Two facts about the man guide my development of Charles Westmoreland's character: D.B. Cooper let the passengers off the plane before he forced the pilot to fly over the country so that he (Cooper) could parachute out with the money, and, he tipped the flight attendants. That says volumes about the man in my book.

Muse Watson

I feel like I'm putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I have all these pieces of history of his story. And I'm trying to assemble them into a complete package.

Gayle Alvarez

Ducking for apples - change one letter and it's the story of my life.

Dorothy Parker

There's nothing like a personal story to bring home how important the work is that you do. It's easy for me to say you do a great job, but if a patient, a family member comes back and says you made a difference, there's nothing like that.

Kathy Hull

I'm convinced Apple's still a great story but at this price we need more evidence about how strong the December quarter will be. Give the stock a little time and in January we'll know how good Christmas was.

Richard Skaggs

When I die, my epitaph should read: She Paid the Bills. That's the story of my private life.

Gloria Swanson

With all of Canada watching, this happening at 35 years of age, my God, that's a great story.

Ralph Krueger

It's a story about American combat in a foreign country, ... and it's a heroic story. Right now, not too many foreign territories are interested in that kind of story, and it has to do well overseas.

John Dahl

I guess it was part of their dream, not after the fact but before the fact when they were still dating they already had an interest in that ranch. There's a sadness to the story.

Guy Rocha

It's very simple, I just tell my sad story, and people weep.

Corazon Aquino

It hasn't been easy, mainly because it wasn't a story we could really tell, yet.

Tom Cartier

The first game was the usual story for us, a lot of being young mistakes and mercy ruling us, but the second game was almost completely different.

Tony Ernesto

This basically confirms their story, so steady as she goes on that front.

Marc Levesque

The section that we have really brought out this year is the romantic element of the story.

Jerome Lucido

The best way to teach people is by telling a story.

Ken Blanchard

Everybody that's crabbed ... has got a story to tell about a hold-your-breath situation. It's not uncommon to lose boats. Fortunately it's a little bit more uncommon to lose lives.

Nick Furman

It should be known that the story (of a breakup) is 100 per cent false.

Paul Bloch

My script was copyrighted in 1999 while I was in college, and theirs was copyrighted in 2001, the same year that I was getting investors and letters of intent. A very famous celebrity gave Ice Cube my script and the story board. I am not saying two people can't have the same idea, but for our concepts to be similar is impossible.

James Davis

The tsunami is a critical component in the telling of this story. It's a sensitive storytelling issue.

John Dykstra

Hale Irwin is the best story in sports, period.

Rick George

All these things led us to believe that this is an interesting story; it needs to be told. We don't know what the exact ramifications in humans are. It's certainly interesting that other people should be aware.

Andrew Olaharski

When a book, any sort of book, reaches a certain intensity of artistic performance it becomes literature. That intensity may be a matter of style, situation, character, emotional tone, or idea, or half a dozen other things. It may also be a perfection of control over the movement of a story similar to the control a great pitcher has over the ball.

Raymond Chandler

We played hard, we never stopped trying. We knew coming in what kind of pressure they put on you, but it's a different story when you actually face it.

Bill Sambrookes

The collapse was really a function of European disease being introduced. The story that's been told about these populations going crazy and creating their own demise may just be simply an artifact of [Christian] missionaries telling stories.

Carl Lipo

Sensitivity and accuracy, at the end of the day, are the same thing. Because of what we've heard from the police, firefighters, civilians, the Port Authority, everyone who was there that day, loved ones - they said, 'Tell the story accurately so people understand what happened.' You can't do the Hollywood version.

Michael Shamberg

I am happy that every team is now focusing on improving their fielding. When South Africa went to Australia last year, they dropped 11 catches while Australians dropped just one. Australia beat us 2-0 in the series. If we had held those catches, the story would have been different.

Jonty Rhodes

I've only read two books in my life: Baseball Sparkplug and Love Story.

George Brett

The good news is that Microsoft has cracked the nut. The bad news is, the more successful they are with making the story public, the more they show that the SAP product line is a reasonable option as well.

Joshua Greenbaum

No matter who you are, there's a theater that suits you and a story you can relate to, ... You can wear your tux or you can wear your jeans; this night's for everyone.

Bill Schroeder

It can be a growth story, but if you're experiencing a recession, it's still going to be the best performer.

Ariane Mahler

Today was a relief rally; it was an oil-price relief story. Oil prices are still very high, but much more moderate than the worst fears of last week.

Lynn Reaser

Every now and then we get someone who thinks, 'I got to go up onstage and act out my story,' but it's not about that. People just have to share.

Lynette Bullard

I couldn't be more excited for her. It's really a fairy-tale story.

Gunnar Brolinson

We're moving it up because the story is hot, and it's competitive. Jeff has some wonderful stuff on the Shakespearean decision of Bonds to go to the dark side.

Gary Hoenig

The biblical account of Noah's Ark and the Flood is perhaps the most implausible story for fundamentalists to defend. Where, for example, while loading his ark, did Noah find penguins and polar bears in Palestine?

Judith Hayes

Really began realizing how precious life was, how short the clock was, he had not done what he wanted to do. I wish this case was about what a success story we had, but it's not.

Tim Albright

The story here is driven by poor trading results. Hanging on the horizon are these storm clouds that emerge from the trading business. Every quarter you are holding your breath.

Brad Hintz

We're seeing this growing. The strongest part of their influence is on the media: if something online suddenly becomes a story in the local press, then it matters.

Julian Smith

The book is a true story of a woman who survived the ordeal of Nazi Germany. Her daughter and son-in-law, who live in Pinellas County, helped her with historical research for the book.

Ann Coppola

Of course it's the same old story. Truth usually is the same old story.

Margaret Thatcher

Any journalist who doesn't stick to the day's news is sort of part journalist, part anthropologist. Once the excuse for the story stops being - it happened today - then you're square right in the other territory of journalism, which is just straight up documenting of how we live, and what we think of each other.

Ira Glass

I was satisfied with the explanation I received. It was a tough situation to be in... . I don't think that was the story of the game.

Tony Scheid

It's fun to be an ambassador. For anyone who has an outgoing personality, this is a great way to tell the story of Food & Friends or to tell the story of AIDS.

Craig Shniderman

This is just like the story of Al Capone. In the end he will be caught on tax evasion, and not because of the worst crimes he committed.

Isabel Allende

I've got a peculiar weakness for criminals and artists-neither takes life as it is. Any tragic story has to be in conflict with things as they are.

Stanley Kubrick

The trouble with telling a good story is that it invariably reminds the other fellow of a dull one.

Sid Caesar

Japan's interest rates are still low. The rate- differential story still attracts Japanese investors to higher yielding assets.

Jun Kitazawa

[It is a story] to satisfy the expectations of the average man, who wants awful things to happen to over prominent people.

Ted Morgan

They hear one side of the story and they almost always indict. The next jury will hear the entire story ... We're surprised that anybody got indicted, quite frankly.

Bill Cotter

To me, the story is the power of volunteers.

Steve Irwin

In our six government meetings, we created a very positive image [of Wal-Mart] in what we think is a very important future market, ... We've energized the FDI lobby and preempted the anti-FDI lobby in India. I believe we've told our story.

John Menzer

These kids get to learn how much work it takes to put a story together. It's a chance for them to work with adults and to build needed social skills. They all do a great job and it's a great experience for them.

Bob Jennings

This lawsuit is obviously calculated to damage the reputations of some of the finest people I know. That they would shop this story to the media and file suit on the morning of our first football game tells you what their true motives are. The charges leveled against me and my staff are completely false.

Watson Brown

I can't write my life story without Emmitt and Troy. They can't write their life stories without me. We're tied together forever. This is a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

Michael Irvin

Support Jay Walker 100 percent. The final story hasn't been written yet.

Jay Walker

I thought I made some good points. I'm just glad I got to tell my side of the story.

John Mclaren

The fact that Bush is maintaining 80 to 84 percent approval of Republicans even in these very difficult times I think is a terrific story.

Bill Mcinturff

It was like an honor thing for me to meet 50 cause I respected his whole story.

Young Buck

It's nice to get awards but the only awards I want are titles. They probably voted for me because I give them a story.

Ronnie O'sullivan

I'd do the crime flashbacks when I felt it was important to kick that character's story up, ... A lot of times what I wanted to do was to say, 'This is who you think this guy is, the stereotype that you have of him,' by showing the crime, and over the course of the series reveal other aspects of him.

Tom Fontana

I think I missed that breaking news story.

Tyler Mitchell

The market is in denial about earnings. The story about small caps is that the Russell has consistently outpaced the growth rate for big caps since the second quarter '97, and the margin is widening.

Chuck Hill

You have to see yourself succeed, ... I told myself I'm not going to die in prison. If I did, my story would be the typical story - 'He was a no-good guy and he got caught up in the prison quagmire.'

Michael Mckinney

That article caused such a ruckus in Hollywood that a number of studios wanted to buy the story rights, as well as a number of life rights.

Stacy Peralta

Hopkins gives us this feel good story of how he's going to walk away from the boxing game, riding out on his throne.

Antonio Tarver

[The timing also ensured that many Americans would go to bed without the media having had enough time to] saturate the airwaves with profiles of the nominee and debates over his qualifications, ... It sets this up as a unique morning-show story. It's a great opportunity for us to showcase all the issues and angles.

Ben Sherwood

That's been the story of our season. These kids deserve so much.

Dave Hancock

I don't know if All About My Mother is my best film yet. I haven't had time to analyse it. If you look at the argument it looks like an outrageous story, but the challenge was to show the story as something real and emotional. The truth is that everybody leaves the cinema feeling a better person.

Pedro Almodovar

I met a Christian woman, a former lesbian, who listened patiently to my story and led me to a ministry helping people overcome homosexuality. Because they loved me without judgment, I was able finally to give all my relationships with God and begin the real road to healing.

Anne Paulk

I suspect the stats tell the story. We couldn't have shot the ball much worse in the first half.

Pat Lewis

We didn't tell the story of a cancer patient. This movie is about the run and the great thing that he did. It's a really personal story, too, just four main characters, Terry, his friend Doug Alward, his brother Darrell and a guy named Bill Vigars.

Shawn Ashmore

It's not a disease. It's not contagious. They should understand that it's a story of pure love. They don't have to be a hero. They don't have to be brave like us. I guess a little bit of maturity is being asked for because society has been immature in the past. That's about it.

Heath Ledger

The events inspired characters that truly existed, as well as fictitious people I had to invent. Sometimes the harsh reality was too much, too absurd. This was the case with the story of the cat who roamed from one trench to another and in the film ended up being imprisoned. In reality, the tom cat was accused of spying and was arrested by the French army, and then shot according to regulations.

Christian Carion

It's the story of parents whose children take their lessons at loving each other too literally.

Doug Hughes

It would make a great story.

Patrice Lauzon

That doesn't necessarily mean that the story isn't true, ... But what it does mean, then, is that at this moment we simply do not have enough evidence, in my view, for any conclusion to be reached -- that the presidents have been lying to us for all these years and that what we've been told was just a pack of lies.

Floyd Abrams

All of a suddenly something will get them going. Something will get their excitement up, and we'll get a run going. That's been our story all year. It's fun to watch when they're playing like that.

Scott Parrish

There is an underlying positive tone for the dollar which is coming through between the politics of Japan and Germany. The underlying dollar story is interest rates. People are becoming a little more convinced the Fed is going to hike to 4 percent by the end of the year.

Meg Browne

There is a certain comfort in waking up and finding that Michael Jackson is still the Big Story. At least it tells you that nothing horrible has happened in the world that would force them to move on to real news.

Pat Sajak

With every opinion, it is closing another chapter in the story.

Kevin Neely

If anything, the march highlighted the human need. The challenge is getting the rest of the story out there.

Steve Williamson

You could probably end it in different parts of my life either as a tragedy or a comedy or a success story, ... It all depends on how they'd want to depict it.

Paul Hornung

It's closure, it's good. It's such a tragic end to such a sad story, but it's peaceful feeling for me knowing that he's got something that's befitting to him. Something that's respectful to him and as the stone reads, his work is done here ending up the way it should.

Louann Herman

People historically have loved the inside story. It's about secrets. People love secrets.

Peter Earnest

I'm out here to share my son's story, to thank people for their contributions in helping to keep his dream alive.

Betty Fox

I'm just very sad about this continuing story, and I'll need to work that much harder, so we can bring honest representation to Washington.

Bern Ewert

The growth outlook relative to developed markets is still in tact. We believe in the consumer story in emerging markets.

Joanne Irvine

Although we believe GM can reduce capacity and structural costs over the long term, the company will emerge from restructuring with lower earnings power and operating leverage. With a lower dividend, the costs of investing in this longer-term restructuring story have increased dramatically.

Jon Rogers

It's a story set in an Ulster border village forgotten by time and progress.

Michael Casey

The thing with kids is that you only get one chance to do it right. It's really important to share their gifts while they're discovering them. That's why spelling bees are such a compelling story. They stimulate them intellectually, they awaken their competitive spirit, but it's fun. There's something fun about words.

Laurence Fishburne

The annuals, the yearbooks, brochures and programs of old plays and musicals...that all tells the story about what they did.

Tom Stone

It's a human story, a tragic story and, in some ways, an inspirational story. These people were unbelievable.

David Gerber

Her legacy and testament are the words in her book. I am very proud she chose me to tell her story, ... There is no point in pretending any more.

Andrew Morton

That song is personal only in that it's about home, ... I really wanted to find a song about Georgia, and I love those great story songs.

Trisha Yearwood

For me, it really first has to be a good story and be funny. If you're doing sincere comedy, the edgy stuff kind of happens on its own.

Aaron Mcgruder

I believed in Quincy. His father is my buddy ... . When he called me Sunday night, I was shocked — stone-cold-silent shocked. We believed his story — we believed everything. It was like getting kicked in the stomach.

Pat Croce

The story of Americans is the story of arrested metamorphoses. Those who achieve success come to a halt and accept themselves as they are. Those who fail become resigned and accept themselves as they are.

Harold Rosenberg

My mouth is open. I just can't believe that stocks have managed to rebound so quickly. Cash flow is certainly a positive story.

Melissa Brown

Elixir of Love is a story that works forever, ... Who doesn't love to sit there and root for the underdog, the guy we would today call the nerd, to win the girl?

Heather Parker

My job is to try to document what some of those effects have been and there are many, many sides to the story.

Gunnar Knapp

The euro rallied from mid-May to early June on the slower U.S. growth story.

Bob Lynch

We did so well at Newcastle. It was one of our best performances of the season - and to come away with nothing was devastating. But that's been the story of our season.

Liam Lawrence

We had sold it above $40, and thought we were very clever buying it back at $21, ... Then it went to $12. And nothing changed with the (stock's) story.

Dan Barker

That's been our story all season. We have four players averaging in double figures. One night it's one girl, the next night it's another.

Linda Kilpatrick

He was brought in and questioned a number of times and as I said there were inconsistencies in his story but inconsistencies, absent any type of physical evidence or witnesses, are not enough to arrest somebody.

Anthony Murphy

Free throws, that?s the story right there. We make half our free throws, we win the game.

Tim Karrick

He's gone after six weeks, but his story-line sends him off to Somalia and he will eventually come back . . . possibly to All Saints , ... We'll just have to wait and see.

Peter Phelps

This isn't a fashion movie where we were trying to show every fabulous shoe in the world. It's a story about two women who happen to be sisters.

Sophie De Rakoff Carbonell

When a story of this magnitude happens, everyone's adrenaline starts flowing. I have people calling me that were in Katrina. They were there for a week or two afterward. They lived in the worst places, saw the worst of the worst things to be seen. We gave them a couple of days off thinking they could rest. Now they want to go.

David Verdi

I am moved by this story because I know what a great challenge it is to be the parent of a child with special needs.

Ryan Long

When they eventually ran out of food, some but not all resorted to eating the flesh of those who'd died. This story has mythic power in large part as a testimony to what people are capable of when pushed to the extremes of human experience. Some become savages. Some become heroes.

James Houston

It's their chance to come out and see how they really stack up against the best in the world off the toughest conditions in the world. There can be a Cinderella story.

Corey Kistner

The crazy thing is, I didn't say one word to anybody. I wanted to wait, but some paper down here published a story I was going to Michigan, and then someone else called and someone else. For the record, yes, I'm signing with Michigan tomorrow.

Adam Patterson

And he went around the police and the police didn't like it and the police stopped him. End of story.

James Meeks

The only thing really going on in the [airline] market right now is the Northwest [earnings] story. But that only accounts for part of it. All of the airline stocks have been down.

Stephen Klein

For people who didn't know the whole story ... it was easy to jump to conclusions and think I'm crazy. But I didn't think it was a dangerous situation. I felt protected.

Kayla Burt

My sense is that, when you look at what people such as former Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have said over the years, you don't go with a story unless you have two independent sources to confirm it.

Ron Wyden

It?s horrific to see my brother Edward on the screen, knowing what is going to happen. It?s shattering, but it needs to be. This is a violent story.

Gordon Felt

You could just see that she has something. She would almost be able to tell a story through a drawing. . . . You can actually see that creativity coming out.

Gregory Baron

You've got families displaced out of heritages and livelihoods. It's the only thing they've known. How each individual story plays out, God only knows.

Joey Rodriguez

Both games with Roland-Story this year were hard-fought, and Wednesday should be the same.

Randy Sniezek

That was the easy one. We're taking these as they come. We have as good an understanding of how to deal with these as anyone because we've had so much practice. We're a small part of this story. There are millions of people affected by these hurricanes.

Britton Banowsky

What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story, And the greatest good is little enough: for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.

Pedro Calderon De La Barca

The average American reads, hears and sees only one side of this story.

Tom Wallace

Because Ball Bearings works in teams, we have to be really open. If you can't trust each other, you won't have a good story.

Jaki Clark

Readers are story lovers, but are creative people in their own right. When they read about the quilt, they want to create one of the patterns touched on in the book.

Jennifer Chiaverini

We went to see the movie together, ... They got these good looking actors and actress to play him and his wife, so he was really happy. Afterwards he said: 'I get letters and e-mails from all over the world and now they've made a movie of my life story. I have to pinch myself. You can't buy things like that'.

Robert Scott

After conducting extensive market research, we found that Mr. Jim's customers were passionate and loyal, but Mr. Jim's did not have a consistent brand image. Working with the team at Mr. Jim's, we developed a new branding campaign to tell their unique story.

Marcus Miller

I really feel like this is such an important story of racial healing in America, ... Somebody thought they had to leave their family to make this marriage work, and then to be fully received -- it was just a miracle, really.

Dolores Johnson

TV is bigger than any story it reports. It's the greatest teaching tool since the printing press.

Fred Friendly

That doesn't mean I don't get him tomorrow, and just because he was 0-for-5 doesn't mean he's going to be 0-for-6, so I don't buy into that stuff, I guess. So it's just a different story if I make my pitch.

Tim Worrell

We do know he had some ongoing health problems. We are leaning heavily toward health problems as the reason where he was found. ... At the moment, we do not feel that anyone else is involved but obviously we want his side of the story.

Stephen Mccausland

I was hoping he (Dyer) would have taken responsibility for what he did, but that didn't happen. I had to have faith that by telling the truth, the jury would see through his story.

Brandon Small

The guru, if he is gifted, reads the story as any bilingual person might. He does not translate-he understands.

Sheldon Kopp

I guess it gives people a positive story to look at and maybe take their mind off of Katrina. Or maybe it will inspire people to help with the rescue effort and everything like that.

Jonathan Williams