We came prepared with very complete answers to very detailed questions, and we left feeling pleased with the reaction we got from the [sports authority].

Bob Sommer

We can see no justification for taking away public parkland from the poorest congressional district to hand it over to the richest sports franchise in the country.

Joyce Hogi

I don't think there has been any master plan. But in many ways we've shown that doing this type of thing is very possible, and for many years to come there will be a Bridgeport presence in national sporting events.

Gene Doris

The primary difference is in the shows. If a person wants Howard Stern or National Public Radio or a certain kind of sports programming, they lean toward Sirius. If they don't care about those aspects, they swing either way.

Paul Buchanan

Other sports have modeled their drug programs after ours, which has been around more than 15 years.

Joe Browne

My grandmother works for the athletic department at Long Beach State and has been to several Final Fours in other sports. But she's never been to one in hockey. She's flying in from Boston [after attending the women's basketball Final Four].

Travis Ramsey

We all have busy lives, and our kids are in 14 sports and some people have two jobs, so it's just hard to engage people of any race in this kind of work. So you have to create processes that are meaningful and respectful of people's times and commitments.

Chris Coleman

Especially smaller sports like baseball with coach Chris Wells and basketball with Greg Elliott, where you have like 15 guys, they are brutal. They know all the kids' teachers.

Obie Schramm

They could offer an advantage over normal lenses for sport by reducing the glare of light and sun.

Louise Sutton

His statements make me nauseous. It is clear that doping exists in all sports, but not all are doped or drug addicts, as he is insinuating.

Vicente Belda

It's their heart. And they're dedicated to the sport.

Janet Heyman

All the other sports are still going on. We have girls in soccer, weightlifting, basketball, and you can't take away from the sport they're in.

Amber Starkey

I just decided it would be best if I just focus on one sport. The (football) coaches said I could be 100 percent baseball now, and I'm looking forward to that. I haven't had the opportunity, yet. I'm looking forward to the strides I can make this season.

Gavin Dickey

Part of that time period will be a sports program that redesigns the current 'KDKA/IC Light Sports Talk' show, while keeping our branding with Pittsburgh Brewing.

Keith Clark

After a physician finishes residency, they come to Quincy to spend one year doing musculoskeletal medicine, ... It is one of only 60 (sports medicine fellowship) programs in the whole country.

James Daniels

She's a personality, not only for sports. She is very intelligent, and she's a star outside of sports.

Sergei Bubka

I want to emphasize that it's not that these men are what we call rape-prone. It's that they're in a rape-prone environment. I think that's an important distinction. Fraternity men and athletes are no more likely as individuals to rape somebody - but there are a few characteristics of both fraternities and sports teams that speak to this issue.

Danielle Currier

The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.

Sir Robert Baden powell

This decision will have a positive impact on our sport for years to come.

Roger Penske

When you coach different sports, you have to deal with athletes and parents. But with the Special Olympics, these kids are just glad to be out here and play sports.

Freddie Taylor

To be able to come back to my hometown and be a part of showing these kids they can be a part of what Terry is doing is very, very special. Whether it is sports or business or something else in life, they can press those limits and excel. Terry is proof of that and I'm just glad I got to share in this day with all these students.

Jacob Tamme

We had a late spring break and tough weather. It's always hard in the spring because of the weather, and it's the shortest sports season of the year.

Gary Tague

I chose softball because I knew the sports would overlap in high school. But I'm better at softball.

Kami Hebert

It's an exciting sport; it's fresh, even though it's been around for years.

Shawn Wayans

The teams have really taken off. And here the first sporting event on the new Spartan Field was a new sport, not football or track.

Haley Thompson

Sport Relief money does a lot of amazing work in India and it's great that the England boys have been able to come along and see it.

Phil Tufnell

It's a 1-something rated sport right now and it needs to grow.

Sam Flood

Although I still love skating very much, my passion and love for the competitive aspect of the sport has dwindled following the death of my mother in 2001 and my nagging hip injuries.

Jennifer Kirk

My father was totally dedicated to this game and made sure everybody on the team was just as dedicated, because it is the ultimate team sport.

John Unitas

He was the first superstar of sports television.

Dick Enberg

Every single sports reporter covering the San Francisco Giants in the late 1990s and the early part of this decade thought that Barry Bonds was on steroids.

Will Leitch

I get asked that quite often. What I tell everybody is, although racing is a sport, companies engage in motor sports for business reasons. At GM, all our racing programs give us tremendous marketing value. It's a very cost-effective way to put our products and brands in front of automotive enthusiasts.

Mark Kent

(Pool) is a fun, competitive sport that anyone can compete in. It's easy to learn stuff, and most players are willing to teach you anything they know.

John Amelsberg

Some of these guys have been playing sports straight through since July (since many also played football) and they've never lost their focus or intensity.

Rodney Nelson

[The Montero Sport had] a major collapse of the occupant compartment, ... The instrument panel was pushed toward the dummy, reducing the space available for the safety belt and airbag to prevent life-threatening injuries.

Brian O'neill

We usually have a good turnout, ... Students will come after their classes are over, and sometimes we have sports teams come for dinner.

Jim Armstrong

Strangers had met and created a true sporting masterpiece - a tapestry of daring and shot-making brilliance that they draped in Laver Arena.

Bud Collins

It's truly a historical moment for our sport, for clean sport and I'm just thrilled with the result...

Beckie Scott

That's one of the reasons why he married me because we love sports. The other night, we watched the X-Games and I liked that. I think he was surprised to know I like sports as much as I do.

Donna Freimark

Internet gambling on horse racing is legal; sports wagering on the Internet is probably illegal; and the rest of it: There's no federal law that addresses it.

Anthony Cabot

The NHL has taught us that the players need to understand that this is about extending the revenue opportunities to keep the dollars flowing. If you want to make millions, (you) have to do some things that are creative. It's about as saturated a marketplace for sports today than we've ever seen before.

Paul Swangard

Creative kids get left out a lot of the time because there's such a focus on sports all the time.

Catrina Cormell

There has been a major effect on the sports world because many stadiums are being used to hold people. It affected the sports world just like it's affected the entire world in general.

Steve Robinson

When we play sports movies, inevitably someone from a school contacts us about bringing their players in. We haven't had too many sports movies, but when we do, we're happy to accommodate them.

Mike Getz

The presidents of colleges have to have some courage to step forward. You can't limit alcohol in college sports, you have to get rid of it.

Dean Smith

[The event is being called] Killen Appreciation Day, ... It's an old-fashioned Mississippi homecoming. It's held for sports figures and beauty queens. Why not political prisoners?

Richard Barrett

It started after talking with quite a few sportsmen in the area, hunters, anglers and shooting sports enthusiasts who have come to the conclusion that Western North Carolina gets overlooked in regards to (outdoor) issues.

Carlton Murrey

It feels awesome to put my name up there with the others that have done it. Plus it gives me a lot of confidence going into nationals (Nike Indoor Nationals, March 11-12 at the Prince George's Sports Complex in Landover, Md.).

Craig Forys

Billie Jean King opened iron-clad doors to women in sports, and Julie is breaking down some oak doors. Julie means that much to women's athletics.

Tony Dicicco

It is the largest school event outside of some of the major sports activities.

Tricia Poythress

At the core of the Ram concept is a center on families. We have TVs, but it's not a sports bar. We have craft brewing, but it's not a brew pub. We believe this is a great fit in Fishers because of the emphasis on community and family.

Jeff Chandler

Representatives of every sport were here for Coach Pettit. It wasn't unanimous, but it ought to be about the kids. You saw what they said.

John Truitt

The female audience may have a greater interest in the Olympics because of the competitors and the type of sports involved.

Bruce Blair

This is a team sport. It's a team game. I think any time someone goes out like that, the next person has to come up and do the job. And I'm the next person in line. So I have to be ready with my assignments. I have to perform like I've been doing the last few years.

Patrick Pass

The coaches do a far better job now of preaching about how to avoid skin disorders. We were learning as we were going back then. We had all kinds of pills for kids to take. But some kids who were in contact were wrestling. It really hurt the sport.

Denny D'andrea

Boston has been at the beginning of so many revolutions and this is another one for the sport.

Guy Morse

Women's sports is still largely ignored.

Michael Messner

I don't feel right unless I have a sport to play or at least a way to work up a sweat.

Hank Aaron

This is a big thing for us, and back home it's exciting for the people, too. I don't know if it's on TV, but we're definitely going to be all over the sports news after the game.

Mark Streit

I wouldn't suddenly decide to go for a 10-mile run or do sprint intervals on the track at this point, ... If I'm playing sports, I would be conscious of my need to be some kind of hero or need to show off.

Richard Cotton

Soccer is more than a national sport. It's a national narrative.

Beppe Severgnini

Wrestling is a busy, busy sport. You really don't have enough time to do anything. Sometimes, though, I'll put in a rhyme or two, go down to the studio. That's basically how I fill in all my time. Wrestling, rapping and school.

Billy Mcallister

I've been to three Olympics before, and it's been great. It's different, every four years. You see and meet all the different athletes in the various sports – biathlon, ski jumping, cross country skiing. And everybody is living in the Olympic village.

Jere Lehtinen

Many girls, without my dad, never would have attempted to play sports.

Julie Nelson

The FHSAA sanctioned bowling as a competitive sport in the fall of 2003 and we are currently in our second year.

Carol Chalu

It was a new sport to me last year, but as soon as I started playing it I could tell it was the sport for me.

Chelsea Bracchi

This sport is probably more competitive than any other professional sport, ... When you get behind on some things, getting caught up again is tough. We've struggled with things for a while, but we've never given up on making it better and getting back to running up front and winning races.

Kyle Petty

We have no problems if Australia or New Zealand or both combined want to bid for the tournament. We are confident about our bid given the huge commercial market for the sport in this region and the overwhelming interest it evokes among the people.

Saleem Altaf

The human spirit sublimates the impulses it thwarts; a healthy sex life mitigates the lust for other sports.

Piet Hein

We're all pretty good friends. We've all played other sports together and we've been together for two or three years now, so we're a pretty good chemistry team.

James Coleman

I think my friends are impressed that I win awards for sports at 89. They say, 'Oh, you're a role model.

Jean Brunnenkant

It's tough for freshmen. Fall sports are different than spring sports. They have to adjust to being in college.

Allison Keeley

What's so great about sports is we can teach them the basics of any sport in one day. And in one day, all of a sudden they realize they can be active for the rest of their lives.

Kirk Bauer

We're quite heavy on opening the sport up, and an event like this brings a completely new audience to golf. People like Jodie Kidd just have a different appeal, rather than the Wales Open which is more the golfing market.

John Phelps

Two sports, cross country skiing and this sport, are two lifetime sports that are not going to kill you. They're not going to ruin your legs or anything. You can do it anywhere, anytime, any set of circumstances. On a track, ice, indoor or outdoor. It's kind of liberating in a way.

Bob Berkley

They've got a sports franchise named the Rays, and we've got an institution that features rays. It's a natural fit.

Thom Stork

That was a big deal at the time, because no blacks were integrated with whites in anything - not in sports, basketball, football, nothing.

Lionel Hampton

This is great for the sport of curling in the U.S.. I liked our chances all along.

Scott Baird

The New England Sports Network would allow the Globe to better serve advertisers with combined print, television and Internet advertising sales.

Janet Robinson

We never have full knowledge of what we're going into until we hit race day. And even then, it's a crazy sport. You just have to go for it and hope that you have the right equipment. I'm definitely a little disappointed that I'm sitting in ninth place. But like I said, this is bobsled.

Jean Prahm

It was the high school sport.

Allison Keeley

I wrote sports for the Sagebrush and even did some play-by-play for KNEV 95.5 FM, which was the first FM station to do games for Nevada.

Chris Healy

I am going to be very sad to leave this paddock and the sport I love. I have always said, however, that I would consider selling the team if a serious potential buyer could meet certain key conditions.

Paul Stoddart

The importance of sport has grown in our society, especially in attention from the media and corporate advertisers.

Peter Roby

We've got one of the best sports programs in the state.

Mark Perry

We do have the best grounds crew in the sport. But sometimes things happen that are out of their control.

David Samson

I keep getting these extraordinary letters from American sports stars saying: 'I've always thought you were one pretty lady and now you're single I want to meet you for a drink.

Liz Hurley

Wrestling's on the horizon, ... Soccer's right around the corner. It's a sport that's real popular with younger people and it's relatively inexpensive to operate. It'll take more interest before we can consider fielding softball and baseball teams.

Tony Bush

We meet socially to talk about Australian (or New Zealand) politics, sports.

Michael Hogan

Probably not 'War and Peace,' but probably a lot of sports clips.

Greg Dyke

I leave with great pride in what I have been able to accomplish at a school that only verbally supports their sports programs. Those in charge have unrealistic expectations of success considering the lack of funds budgeted. In spite of their lack of commitment, I was able to accomplish many things.

Kyle Macy

. . . He works in a public craft. He works in the most middle class and family friendly of all American sports. He works in a realm where that kind of language is never tolerated.

Curt Smith

It was so demoralizing. It's that way in any sport; you give up a goal right before halftime, and it demoralizes.

John Ellinger

I like to be in the water. Swimming is just a great sport. ... And I'm good at it.

Bryan Randall

It's important for us all to know exactly where we stand and what is expected of us. The sport is accountable for our performances and it's only right that we should also be individually accountable too.

Kelly Sotherton

Melbourne is just sports crazy. So they're really excited about this.

Ross Outerbridge

It's like art in motion. These things are so powerful, and then the paint jobs and the colors. Plus in the dry pits anybody can go up and touch the boats. What other sport can you do that in?

Tim Harvey

One day the factory sports coach, who was very strict, pointed at four boys, including me, and ordered us to run in a race. I protested that I was weak and not fit to run, but the coach sent me for a physical examination and the doctor said that I was perfectly well. So I had to run, and when I got started I felt I wanted to win. But I only came in second. That was the way it started.

Emil Zatopek

Orb is the best place-shifting product for use with any mobile device, including cell phones, especially since there is no additional software to load. I've been watching a lot of basketball this past month and this is perfect for the Diamond user who expects the best in their products, and is looking for an easy way to watch their favorite sports and TV shows, regardless of where they are.

Brian Mccarthy

This is a once in a generation type of thing. If you think about it, it's just a tragedy for our nation right now. One thing I see that's really great about it -- football is a sport where it's the same everywhere. I think it just makes us better, really, to have guys from different programs come in.

Scott May

I asked the Marines when they were defending our country if they think about sports, ... They said they love sports. When you hear guys say sports doesn't provide an escape, well that's not according to guys on the front lines. [Football] isn't life or death but it's part of our society, and I don't think we should apologize for it.

Chris Spielman

I love lacrosse. I love this sport, I love this team . . . I sat willingly on the bench last year knowing my time would come.

Brian Langtry

It's a state of mind. It's a sport, but it's also a philosophy.

Matt Perry

Because ski and snowboard racing is an alternative sport to the mainstream football, baseball, basketball, etc., it allows a whole new group of kids to participate in a team sport and to learn responsibility, respect, teamwork and time management.

Chris Smylie

I've had more success in this sport than I ever dreamed possible. It's just been an amazing ride and I don't think a medal here would have affected that at all.

Jeremy Bloom

People who play this game learn to love it, and the camaraderie issue is what it's all about. It's a sport where you block and tackle and beat up each other, but after you go out and have a party.

Karen Falana

I have to be journalistically appropriate and voice my opinion if something happens, but I want to do my best to accentuate the positives of the sport.

Bill Clement

Cardio tennis is great. It is great for the sport but, most important, it is great for the player. It is fun, players can get fit and they can improve their game too.

Luke Jensen

With these Olympics, I kind of miss it. Any kind of winter sport like that you wish you were good at, but I can't complain where I am today.

Adam Stern

We are delighted to be named as the Preferred Supplier of Ferry Services to The Ryder Cup 2006 which promises to be one of the greatest sporting occasions that Ireland has ever witnessed. Out extensive route network and choice of craft between Britain and Ireland has helped us secure this prestigious contract.

Michael Mcgrath

We are excited that our guests will have an opportunity to be honorary Ski Team members for a day. New England skiers have an opportunity to share their devoted passion toward winter sports as the U.S. teams try to bring home the gold.

Debbie Moore

About 40 percent of our fans are what you would call avid. Others are more casual with some interest. But a lot of them want to place a bet on their favorite team or driver. We think it adds interest and the sports books have gotten very creative in the wagers they offer.

Jim Hunter

Bowling is the sport I'm best at and Kim has inspired me be female bowler because there are not many left.

Seanna Bell

The poor kid has never had the opportunity to play an entire season of sports. The most he's ever played is four or five games, but you'd never know it talking to the kid. He's never let it affect his emotions; he's been in control about it.

Ben O'connor

We represent many players who will be representing several different countries. And they all appear to be feeling very excited and patriotic about the chance to take part in the World Baseball Classic. They all feel this type of international competition is long overdue in this sport.

Jeff Borris

We shot 33 days for The Godfather this year, which is our No. 1 client. In the past, Madden (NFL Football) had always been our No. 1 client. Now it's being replaced by a non-sports game.

Dan Michelson

That's all that we talk about. Sports.

John Flanigan

I'm a big Denver sports fan. I guess you can say that it's a little bit toward that, but more so just doubling up sevens.

Josh Bard

There are a huge amount of girls out there who want to play a contact sport, who play powder puff football and stuff like that. If you look on my teams, I've had little girls. I had a girl that was 4-foot-11 and she could tackle as well as anybody.

Karen Falana

The deal just came about. We've been working on it for a while. We're very pleased that DIRECTV recognized the sport by sponsoring a Nextel Cup event. We're more than happy that they chose Martinsville because it's their first entry into a Nextel Cup sponsorship.

Clay Campbell

We don't want to eliminate the policy but suspend it to grow some sports and allow the executive board to provide leadership to initiate new athletic activities.

Pat Kraning

For the last 10 years, we've been pushing this sport forward. But we are not going to stop until we get what we want. We want everything that the boys have and to get some equality. It's growing every year, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Lindsay Van

That helps a guy grow up in a hurry. This sport will make you grow up in a hurry.

Jeff Hammond

This is a big event. With all that's going in sports these days -- the lacrosse scandal, steroids and gambling -- we seek to have this be a positive influence.

Randy Shepherd

I think wrestling has a bright future. But I think at certain times a lot of sports are tested.

Gene Barber

This is a very valuable sports product.

Britton Banowsky

Football just brings a different atmosphere that other sports don't bring.

Joe Baker

It's always been like that. That's how it is. It's part of the sport. Why downplay it?

Daron Rahlves

That brings focus to the fact that there is such a need. If folks that are high-profile in sports lend their name and they care, then you should care, too. It's just a wonderful opportunity for us to partner with the Braves to help keep the spotlight on affordable housing needs.

Larrie Del Martin

As an Indianapolis-based company, we are especially excited to be involved with an event that so creatively links the all-American sport of Indy racing with a very deserving charity.

Scott Dorsey

Feinstein probably knows college basketball better than any writer alive. He attended his first Final Four nearly 30 years ago, and knows the people involved intimately. When he proposed writing a book about the most-watched series in sports, we could only say yes.

Michael Pietsch

I just like to be dominating. I like to work on my feet. You train hard in this sport or go home. But, it is somewhat hard to be motivated after facing the national and international guys in big meets. Still, winning four high school championships would be a fine feat.

Henry Cejudo

[They don't feel screwed by Title IX, either.] We're not in the mess 'cause of Title IX, ... We're in this mess 'cause of excesses by the other sports.

Bob Fraley

A lot of people don't consider [mixed martial arts] a real sport. But it's here; it's real.

Patrick Freitas

It's one of those unfortunate things that happen in sports, ... We weren't playing well and a change had to be made. It wasn't necessarily [McClendon's] fault. We've all been playing bad lately but it usually falls on one guy -- that's always the manager or coach, unfortunately.

Jason Bay

It works, ... It's amazing that somebody had the foresight nearly 50 years ago to say, 'Hey, this is a major sport and there's a major opportunity here.'

Larry Peck

Given that the Commonwealth Games are going to be held in India in 2010, we think the interest in sports tourism that will be generated in India will flow on to the Olympic Games in 2012.

Bernard Donoghue

Recreational sports are an integral component of the American lifestyle, and our unique collection of popular pastimes translates these sports into a handheld experience. Our 3-in-1 Sports Pack is extremely wallet-friendly at $19.99 and offers consumers an interactive way to enjoy their favorite activities wherever they go.

Ken Gold

We believe it is the biggest sponsorship in British sporting history outside of football.

David Moorcroft

Anti-doping is something we all need to do. It's part of the sport. But there's no need to put on an act.

Antoine Deneriaz

It's possible to get two sports coaches (tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket etc) with the same qualifications, approximately the same age and same ability but one is twice as busy as the other.

Serena Greenslade

As a freshman, I didn't really open my eyes to all that Wilby had to offer, ... When we first come to school, I don't think we know what's really there for us. ... The school is loaded with clubs and sports, all kinds of activities, and if you don't come to school you can't participate.

Joe Fields

Nike celebrates the athletic achievements of our elite competitors. Kobe's inclusion in marketing and promotional material is an acknowledgement of his elevated level of sports performance.

Rodney Knox

Motocross is great sport. It's demanding and super physical. It works the whole body.

Napoleon Tetreault

We are going to try and maintain what we are doing but add a sports bar and some dinner items.

Todd Pickett

This sport is the sport to see what you are made of, so use those expert's advice, but be free to be your own champion runner, picking and choosing advice you enjoy and that works best for you.

Bill Rodgers

I'd have to say this is the biggest game we've had here in two to three years. It should be fun. I told the kids to enjoy this. This is what you play high school sports for.

Phil Price

One of my priorities -- one of the game's priorities -- is the internationalization of baseball. We're doing everything we can to move the sport in an international direction. I think it's going to be absolutely spectacular.

Bud Selig

It's good for the sport because every sport has favorites and underdogs.

Ricky Craven

It's way beautiful. Mountains, eight rivers within five minutes of my house, six ski resorts, a lake, everything you might want to do with outdoor water sports and a desert to shoot guns and ride bikes. There's not a lot of support for rock'n'roll but it's getting better.

Bert Mccracken

We'll just go until we can't go anymore, I guess. If you stop you're going to get run over in this sport, as much as things are changing and as much as we've got going on at the shop.

Greg Zipadelli

They [Chinese audiences] wanted to see the sport but it was like the soundtrack on the video was out of sync, they would applaud sort of during the match or just in the middle of an overhead.

Mark Miles

This publication is a great way to extend the promotional reach of our stars and programming. Each quarter, we'll be able to showcase our primetime, late-night, daytime, sports and news programming to more than 400,000 TV fans across the country, who we think will enjoy reading about their favorite shows and talents in a slick, engaging celebrity magazine.

Nancy Tellem

It's a family; lacrosse is not like any other sport, it's more of a way of life.

Adam Gardner

There is no question that the demand for traditional sport utility vehicles has been affected by rising gas prices.

Steve Lyons

One of the great things about my resume is that a lot of opportunities to try different things pop up. I feel honored that someone would ask me to race a $250,000 truck when it's not really my sport.

Jeremy Mcgrath

I wanted to do in boxing what Bruce Lee was able to do in karate. Lee was an artist, and, like him, I try to get beyond the fundamentals of my sport. I want my fights to be seen as plays.

Sugar Ray Leonard

My children and grandchildren, I think that's something they remember about me. Wrestling is kind of a family sport in a way. Only the young ones do it, but the family is there to support.

Jerry Bradley

I thought I got away from a contact sport, but I guess not. My goal is to get on base any way I can and just start some turmoil.

Gavin Dickey

The sale is done between organized sporting seasons to not interrupt any team play.

Barbara Diskin

I knew Childress was going to help me because my crew told me on the radio. I really appreciate what Richard did, but that is typical of people in this sport.

Cale Yarborough

If you're not good at sports, that's OK. Not everyone is. But you still need to be active. That's what's so great about Grandma's class: No one's going to get picked last.

Katie Quinn

Fortunately, it won't affect Camp's career stats. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the $2 million will go down in the books as unearned.

Brendan Daly

I am so honored to be a part of this whole scene. It's great to see people like Shaun and Pierre adding something new to the sport.

Bob Burnquist

Hockey's our national sport and I think most people you talk to have their story about when they played in the backyard rink or on the pond.

Mike Hudema

We can co-exist with soccer, absolutely. They're essentially a summer sport and we're winter. We'll make it work beautifully.

Brian Waldron

I just randomly got the idea, that fencing would be fun and no one else does it. I have asthma so I couldn't do a lot of other sports, like soccer and basketball, fencing a perfect fit for me.

Cassandra Partyka

This is a sport.

Sebastien Loeb

That has been a big thing, because there are quite a few people who love coaching and love youth sports and are willing to do these without any stipend. For those who want to get paid, that makes it difficult.

Judith Young

As long as they had some kind of ball in their hand or watching some sporting event on television, they were pretty happy.

Sharon Hodges

Those two girls have been a huge asset. Both have been playing for a long time, and they can teach this team a lot about the sport.

Diane Kolhoff

The Morris Agency knows business. Just because they don't have a big sports representation, it doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing.

Doug Shabelman

There's 20 sports whose sole lifeline depends on football here. They can't exist without successful football. There's such a huge burden on football revenue, schools don't have a choice.

Terry Holland

Never before in the history of sports has there been such an emphasis on public safety.

Jim Matheson

It is a different branch of the sport. It offers an alternative and its a fascinating alternative.

Mark Gallagher

You go through your options. In this case, the conclusion was that a sports facility is all it could be.

Tim Healy

There is a syndrome in sports called ''paralysis by analysis.''.

Arthur Ashe

The day of the three-sport star has become somewhat extinct these days.

Rick Wolff

We have a lot of experience in sports complex sponsorship throughout our footprint, and we see value in those ... it's a good way to enter the market.

Jay Ellison

I get pretty competitive when it comes to most sports. So I took a hard foul right on my hip and wasn't able to train in the weeks leading up to the race.

Lindsey Scherf

Four successive national anthems -- it was just an unbelievable sight. To have the New Zealand flag raised four times ... very moving, very emotional, and just great for our sport.

Craig Ross

We envision customers asking for programs that they want to watch later. This is something that's not worldwide now. Right now, you can get 90-second sports highlights we think what people will want to watch are 15, 20, or 30-minute programs that are downloaded to the hard drive, in the background.

Rob Pait

She's a four-sport athlete and she's been doing this non-stop since August. With her job, she's always on her feet.

Curtis Jones

People are really going to love this place, and we're going to make sure they love it for years to come. Bowling is a family sport, and we want to see families and everybody else come out.

Gordon Lee

We are very pleased that Ten Sports, through Total Sports Asia, will continue telecasting the US Open throughout the Indian Sub-continent.

Pierce O'neil

They were having some problems there, and sometimes when you are having problems in a curve, it makes you second-guess yourself. In this sport, you have to just do it. You can't be second-guessing yourself at all.

Christian Niccum

We wanted to provide as much of a simulation of the golf swing as we could without making the game as tough as the real sport. Professional golfers have a huge variety of shots available, not just shots they choose from a menu before they play them. We've made the analogue swing even more analogue.

Struan Robertson

This is the Coast's only national sporting team and it will be for a hell of a long time. Union and league have missed the boat and the people have connected with the Mariners.

Lyall Gorman

By combining two of the most respected and well-known brands in the worldwide sporting goods industry, the new group will benefit from a more competitive platform.

Herbert Hainer

Until 4 p.m. on Friday, ... we didn't know the answer if we could compete in our sports programs.

Rick Dickson

There are a lot of opportunities to become involved in motor sports and in NASCAR, in particular. If they're the American sport, they need to reflect that. They're doing what they can to open the doors to inclusion.

Bill Lester

At the end of the day, it is always going to be an amateur sport. It is not money led. It is about the competition.

Maria Gilsenan

Commissioners always wield a lot of power in their respective sports. But in 2005 they defined their sports ? in and out of competition ? by their actions.

Bob Hille

So often they cannot participate in activities with other children or participate in competitive sports. So getting on this great big animal - in an arena - and mastering this activity, well it's big time. It's very special to work with children toward that success and share in the joy that comes with results.

Karen Angotti

If we build more of these and we grow the sport of track cycling, it's going to make both facilities more successful.

Todd Reed

Those are stereotypes the sport has, in my opinion, outgrown. It's really a shame and an injustice to some degree that some people have attempted to label it in that way.

Steve Stenersen

There will an interactive kiosk where you'll be able to enter the name of anyone who played on a varsity roster, and it'll call up the sport, when they played and whatever statistics are available.

Jim Marchiony

Playing three sports he made a lot of friends. He's a popular kid on campus.

James Gomez

I think of the many outstanding athletes that went though that school. To be honored with them is something very special. I never looked at myself as a great athlete, I'm just a common old guy who enjoys competing in sports.

Tom Stone

In this day and age, everybody is into such specialization of sports. Jake was also an all-region performer in basketball last year. When you see someone that is a two-sport standout like him, it is very refreshing.

Larry Fetkenhier