That's what I want to invoke on them. This is bigger than them and it is sport and it's a chain of events and in 10 years someone else will be doing what you're doing at what are you leaving behind for them.

Rick Say

Last semester we were at 80 with the social, but now we're at 130. I think more people are seeing it as more of a recreational sport. They used to think that ballroom dancing was for their grandparents. Now they're coming out and realizing that it's fun.

Tyler Hershberger

Personally I am opposed to sending athletes to jail for doping. We need to apply the laws to suppliers and doctors, not athletes. Two-year sport bans are devastating enough.

Mario Pescante

This was the biggest play that I've ever made in any sport. Everything we've gone through, everyone made plays and I just made the last one.

Clint Ingram

He is a typical guy, liked hunting, fishing, sports, fast cars.

Rick Mcgee

In this sport, you've got to expect people to go down every single game. What separates us from other teams is how together we are. When someone falls down, someone else jumps up to replace him.

Sean Bailey

We had the players and were able to use those to the max - Lawrence Dallaglio, Martin Johnson, Jonny Wilkinson - to market the sport.

David Davies

I don't think the WNBA is going to disappear from the sports landscape anytime soon. It's likely to keep chugging along. It's never going to be part of the mainstream in pro sports leagues, but it can find its place as long as expectations don't get too high.

David Carter

This will probably be the only experience I'll have being on a team because it's such and individual sport. I kind of find it easier to get pumped up. You're going to have matches where a player isn't as the same level as you are, but it's still a lot of fun.

Amanda Martin

We had a candid dialogue, ... If Congress, because of what's going on in some other sports, thinks we need to do more, then we'll work with Congress.

Gary Bettman

We are tired. Tired - but beyond the sporting aspect, there's something more important.

Lilian Thuram

We return everyone from last year's squad and we will compete well. We don't have great pure soccer players but we have multi-sport athletes who play very hard.

Mark Royer

I am expecting six medals and hoping for eight. Our Sport England target is eight, which is very stiff indeed but it is up to us to rise to the challenge.

Terry Edwards

We are all serious about our sports, but we are more serious about making sure the kids have good lives, support and believe in how God is going to be able to help and move you in everyday life.

Bruce Murray

A lot of it is for the culture of the freestyle side of the sport. It can build confidence for you, too. Like if you're out and dominating for the day and able to mess around, it can be a thing that works in your favor.

Seth Wescott

Blue-collar city, blue-collar fans, great sports fans.

Cam Neely

The sport has got all these incredible attributes, but the problem is the technology of television does not keep up with the speed of the game.

Tom Ward

No, I'm not surprised that it's a huge deal. Michelle has been a marvelous champion. She's a terrific athlete. It's clear that skating fans everywhere adore her, and they should. She's been a terrific image for the sport of figure skating, so I'm not surprised that there's all this attention.

Ron Hershberger

The fact the numbers continue to rise confirm to us the interest in school-based athletic programs is still there. Certainly, there are some emerging sports that help that, such as bowling and lacrosse, in certain parts of the country. A lot of the routine major sports continue to be pretty steady year to year.

Bruce Howard

With Nimbus Sport's excellent track record and very competitive cost, BCCI has secured for itself and its fans a fantastic level of TV coverage never before seen in India.

Lalit Modi

It's high strength, high endurance but a different type of duress than sport climbing.

John Baumann

There's nothing I want more for Jerome than to see him win the Super Bowl here in his hometown. It would be the perfect ending for a young man who has given his life to the sport of football.

Gladys Bettis

Basketball is a sport where you don?t need someone else to play with as long as there is a hoop in the driveway. You can always compete against yourself and try to get better.

Kc Walley

I want to remain in sport but I need some different challenges to those I have dealt with for much of my time in football.

Robert Shaw

I think it's ridiculous that we've set up a separate authority and a stream of separate, dedicated funding and given them the bonding authority and these kinds of things - because basically the taxpayers shouldn't be responsible for funding a private-sector entity like that, especially in professional sports, where they make tons of money.

Steve Landes

Whether in the classroom, in sports competitions, at home or in the community, girls need to develop the sort of gut-level confidence in themselves that only comes through experience.

Whitney Ransome

I worry that we bring (student athletes) here and we tell them that they can be world-class in sports, and they can be world-class in academics. There's no off-season.

Ted Leland

I think for us it was an opportunity to keep moving the program forward and take the expectations higher. Basketball is the foundation sport of our athletics program. It's our heritage and we're proud of that.

Richard Margison

Mr. Kumar has not been involved in the sports business operation process with the New York Islanders for several years.

Bernadette Mansur

We're a family sport. ... If anything happened to our kids, we'd need St. Jude.

Melissa Campbell

But this is the first time one came to a race. The girls on the team were thrilled. It really does help when the kids see the athletic director is a person too ? somebody who enjoys the sport. Kids really appreciate it.

Pete Nichols

Once you get past TV sports advertising, fantasy sports is one of the highest-generating revenue aspects of sports.

Jeff Marshall

In order for us to be on track and not impact the fall 2007 sports, we should be under contract with an [artificial turf] company by May of this year.

Paul Schmidt

Of course a little boy, you want him to be outside playing sports, playing.

Daawna Moeller

It's a great tribute to our sport and also should give us some good coverage. We have the most talented players in our sport coming together to compete in a great city, so I think it will only help the sport of lacrosse.

Gavin Prout

I think I'm a sports junkie; I like all sports. It's not too hard to become a wrestling fan.

Wayne Renneisen

Just like players, coaches and fans we have to accept the sporting outcome.

Ken Edwards

By clearing the air we hope we can now return to a focus on the sport and to the action on the water.

Russell Coutts

The people who have called me regarding this case are actual sports people, sportsmen and sportswomen who don't recognize this as hunting whatsoever, this is not activity hunting, hunting is based upon fair chase, it's based upon the chance of encountering an animal or the chance you won't, and this type of activity is not by chance at all.

Todd Tognazzini

None of our kids at Carroll play both sports. Academically, it's too rigorous.

Gary Turcott

Sports constantly make demands on the participant for top performance, and they develop integrity, self-reliance and initiative. They teach you a lot about working in groups, without being unduly submerged in the group.

Byron R. White

In pro football, and really in any sport, you have to use what you have.

Keith Rowen

He has great rapport with the student athletes. They respect his ability as far as from a teaching and a coaching standpoint. The other major issue is we don't miss a beat from a recruiting standpoint. Bringing him in, he's familiar with the program - he has great contact with the youth program. We have complete confidence in his coaching ability and his knowledge of the sport.

John Ratliff

They have to be in here sparring with each other, and if they handle themselves in three rounds of sparring that tells me they are ready. If they are ready and show sincerity for the sport, I'll set them up with bouts.

Rick Beechum

The gap today is so small, why not go ahead and follow the lead of other majors, ... But as with Augusta, sex discrimination in sports doesn't have to make sense if folks enforcing it are stubborn enough.

Martha Burk

They have outperformed expectations, despite a really bad sports betting margin, and that highlights the benefits of a diversified model.

Robin Chhabra

Ben was a good sport although the raft was very Heath Robinson, made in no time out of next to nothing and went nowhere. Hopefully he will have more success when he tries to row across the Atlantic with Olympic champion James Cracknell in November.

David Griffith

It's unbelievable . . . As I told Martha's people, the marathon event is as hot as it's ever been, and very popular among people of all abilities. Having someone like Martha involved is great for the sport and great for her company.

Gary Allen

The new lift was put in for the sport of skiing. That's pretty damn cool. Because of our numbers, though, it could become economically viable.

Mac Smith

I am extremely glad to see that this project has been approved and is moving forward. It should be a real source of pride for the community and will benefit all Madera students and athletic programs from high school to youth sports.

Randy Blankenship

They are as good an example of team chemistry as you'll find in any team sport.

Connie Rummell

It's a fun event -- way wet. It's one of those firefighter challenger things that grew into a sport.

Craig Roberts

I am going to be very sad to leave this paddock and the sport I love.

Paul Stoddart

Ambassador Jimenez has already assured me that the Cuban Sports Ministry has allowed Raul to come back. He's arriving this month.

Manny T. Lopez

In no way can sport be considered a luxury object.

Pierre De Coubertin

I definitely knew what I wanted to do since ninth grade, ... I knew I wanted to be in sports and broadcasting.

Brian Corey

I think Vancouver will be sensational. Canadians love winter sports.

Rene Fasel

The sporting history in the Middle East is not that excellent. The royal family is a big supporter of sports. They wanted to have champions made in Qatar, not just to buy them.

Andreas Bleicher

He's always been able to shed a positive light on sports for us, and I'm very happy that he has received this award from the Texas High School Coaches Association. Gary does a real good job.

Mark Wiatrek

We're all about outdoor sports, and we're not only building on that but also opening it up to other competitive sports and other activities.

Gavin Harvey

With a field of cycling teams that is clearly considered world-caliber, fans have shown their excitement and appreciation for the race by attending in record numbers. With each day of racing becoming more exciting and dramatic, it is clear that the coverage, word-of-mouth and results have established this race as one of the greatest sporting events held in recent years.

Shawn Hunter

More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill - none have wrestled without pride.

Dan Gable

They're well-rounded as wrestlers and have good knowledge of the sport. Their drive and determination sets them above several of the others.

Charles Gillespie

He's setting a trend right now, and I know there are some little kids out here who might be interested in learning more about the sport.

Paul Harrington

I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.

Tony Hawk

This is a big win for Atlanta. The AVP Tour will give our city an annual marquee lifestyle sports event that will really stand out as something special in an already impressive annual sports lineup.

Gary Stokan

There are more middle school teams than high school teams. I think it's the fastest-growing sport in the country right now. It's like soccer was in the '90s. It's really exploded.

Adam Little

A few years ago, I had a bunch, but when 9/11 happened, a lot of companies who were willing to throw their money into skateboarding or BMX all backed out. It hurt the economy in general, but it hurt our sport, too. A lot of people lost sponsors. I certainly did.

Anthony Furlong

It won't be easy, especially considering we have not attended all National events this season, but regardless our goal is set, the team is determined and we are going to give it all we have to finish in the Top 10. As everyone knows in this sport, anything is possible.

David Powers

Hockey will be a marquee sport for the network. Adding hockey to our lineup when the NHL returns to the ice with a fresh season, new energy, new players and new attitude adds tremendous value to OLN.

Gavin Harvey

It's been 50-plus fantastic years, ... One of the great rides in the history of sports broadcasting. But the world has changed.

Mike Shannon

Recreational drugs are getting more popular also in sports.

Roland Augustin

I feel bad for Dave because the kid put so much work in. ... But it's a part of the sport.

Matt Giampietro

It's our passion, our sport, our obsession.

Sharon Stevens

One of our goals for this race is to help raise the level of the sport in America. With Americans as the top-five riders into today's time trial and the top-five in the overall classification, the strength of U.S. riders in international cycling is evident here in California.

Shawn Hunter

What we are doing is just a sport and the situation with MDA puts things in perspective. No matter what sort of bad day you might be having in racing or in your private lives, there are people who have struggled and survived through some pretty horrific things. It has been wonderful to meet these people.

Andy Wallace

I wanted a dramatization of the sport, and I didn't think that could be executed at the level I wanted with actors.

Brion O'connor

We have boys on the team who are borderline scholarship kids. If the right coach saw them, they might get an offer. For the other boys, it's an experience -- traveling, going to new places, meeting other people. When it comes to development in sports, you want to play against people who are better than you.

Deborah Ledford

The creation of this series will generate collective interest and excitement at a level that has not existed between our great events in the past. The result of these marathons partnering together is increased visibility, exposure, and growth for the sport of marathon running on a national and international scale.

Carey Pinkowski

If it wasn't for this race track, the sport wouldn't look like it does today.

Chris Browning

Our mission statement is to introduce young people to the sport of cycling. We want them to get off of the couch, get away from the computer screen and onto a bicycle.

Frank Yohannan

That's a fantastic growth area. For some of these products -- milks, sports drinks -- it gives them a whole new life.

Chris Morrissey

I'd like him to be an ambassador for the sport and a great role model for the school.

Tom Mauer

We were going to just leave. But ... I didn't want anyone saying that we were poor sports. If I would've known what was going to happen, I would've never lined them up, and we would've just gotten out of there.

Robin Nardozzi

We'll talk about whatever people want to talk about that day, ... Sports, politics, music, the weather.

Joel Hollander

Karl is one of the most experienced and respected executives in television sports rights. There is no doubt that BT's new on-demand TV service has the potential to revolutionize the way sports are viewed and Karl will help us to realize that potential.

Dan Marks

In this case, the stereotype is true, guys just care more about sports. But girls do get into it. I have several girls in my pool, and they are doing well.

Dane Wisher

I think that really increased his confidence. He realizes to be successful in this sport you have to earn it. He's put the time in to earn it.

Steve Makein

There is now no incentive for any youngster to enter the sport.

Chris Hoy

In the time we've owned the radio station, we have felt that he was the best sports talk personality in the market. As we grow our station, we've continued to grow it with the best local personalities. He was at the top of our wish list.

Craig Karmazin

Track is one of the toughest sports out there, and by playing those other sports, it gives her a mental break and keeps her in shape.

Jeff Schutt

When I try to control too much, the flow is gone. With our sport, you have to let things flow.

Lindsay Alcock

Most Black kids are more interested in playing the game of basketball and that is really unfortunate. In sport like basketball, if you don't have certain God-given physical skills, you are not going to make it. In baseball there is time to develop skills.

Robert Fletcher

The problem of steroids in the sport of boxing must be addressed. This lawsuit is an effort to push this process forward.

John Ruiz

Basketball was my favorite sport.

Dante Hall

We stepped it up a notch in terms of attitude and commitment to sport. Hopefully that will show this weekend.

Steve Shephard

I've decided to direct my knowledge, experience and determination toward making sports more honorable for the athletes and fans.

Victor Conte

We want to keep sports going. Kids have interest and for some that is the reason they stay in school.

Stuart Miller

With all of their success, I don't want to mess that sport up.

Carl Chancellor

Our goal this year was to have fun and get better. They're learning a little more about the sport and we're having a good time.

Brian Nordberg

Football's a contact sport, and you're always going to get hit. But if I see a guy coming on and trying to hit me in my left shoulder, I'll try to hit him with my right. Other than that, I'm just going to play football.

Jerious Norwood

The sportsman knows that a sport is a recreation, a game, an amusement and a pastime, but his eyes are fixed on a higher goal, on the most important thing in his life, which is his education or his vocation.

Avery Brundage

This is a great morale boost, sporting wise and internationally.

Kevan Gosper

This is the biggest joke in racing that I've ever seen. It's just terrible. Everybody's just out there knowing at any moment the tire could pop. It's pretty embarrassing for our sport.

Kevin Harvick

It's like wrestling in the satisfaction of that one on one and the adrenaline rush of a good ride winning a match. It's like motocross in that it's an extreme sport. There's nothing like that rush hearing 1,000 screams after a good ride.

Shane Gunderson

Linemen are like a sports team ­— a pretty close-knit group of guys.

Matt Groseclose

Swimming is always very individual, but it's nice when it's a team sport. I like seeing everyone on the team improve.

Jason Mclaughlin

I can remember the fans going over the scorer's table onto the court. The Calumet Region was just great in sports and Gary was a great place.

Tony Roberts

I don't know of any sport where the home field, or course, is more valuable than golf.

Bill League

It takes one incident, one wrong decision, to tank a sport. This is about awareness. This is about protecting and keeping the game safe.

Sue Donohoe

The thought of rewarding sports champions by de-penalizing the use of drugs at the Turin Olympics is unthinkable.

Francesco Storace

Right now, we've got a big hole there. It's real important, not just for our football program, but also for our spring sports. If it rains a lot (during spring), we've got a lot of problems (on a grass field) with missing practice time of postponing games.

Jerry Meuschke

Elation. Really, it's one of those dreams come true. You commit your life to this sport. Just to go to the Olympics is an incredible experience. To come away with a gold medal is even more exciting.

Peter Wylde

The norm is 16 positive, 25 negative for typical sports personality, ... Those with overwhelming positive ratings are the exceptions, not the rule.

Henry Schafer

We want to be the top nation in Europe and I think the challenge is also to beat the Australians because they have invested heavily in sport.

Craig Reedie

Fencing is usually an individual sport and in college you have a team cheering for you. Every win helps the team, it was nice. Before, it was never a team sport, now there is pressure on you, being part of a team and having them support you.

Cassandra Partyka

Of course, since my Dad was an extremely successful pro bowler, I was drawn to the sport and was quite an avid participant. In 1978, soon after graduating from college, I became part of the family business. I've certainly enjoyed it.

Mike Bluth

Football will not have a schedule but it will be a training sport.

Frank Mabry

It's a race sport and that's always dangerous. But we have strict regulations and only the better drivers are allowed to compete. But even they crash, and that's sad.

Georg Hackl

For a sporting great like to him to say that he was prepared to fight for his place, and if he didn't get it, then he'd fight even harder, tells you a lot about the man.

Shaun Edwards

When people ask what our goals are, that's what we tell them, that we want to leave a mark on the sport. This is how we are going to be remembered.

John Baldwin

Football is so different than wrestling. You don't play every play. You're on the sidelines for stretches of time. And when you're in the game, sometimes you're not involved in the tackle at all. I enjoy both sports. But there's no rest when you're out on the wrestling mat.

Mike Blair

I don't think she's got many great skills as an interviewer, but she is really good, coming from ESPN, at thinking on her feet and reacting to images, ... She brings that sporting background of joking and being part of a gang, and that's exactly the atmosphere they're trying to create.

Andrew Tyndall

Since Ripken stopped playing baseball, parents are always asking for his opinion on issues. We want the column to be more interactive than anything. We are trying to re-brand him from a baseball player to a youth sports expert.

John Maroon

Obviously, salaries was the big difference with the NHL But other than that, you got treated really well. It was a pro organization. It's a pro sport, and it's top hockey, excellent hockey.

Greg Johnston

We expect Land Rover sales to expand moderately in 2006 due to a full year of Range Rover Sport sales.

Joe Barker

Football is the king of fantasy sports.

Chris Nicholas

Story is a driving force of anything in sports and entertainment. Not having the playoffs play out in front of the large audience as they had done in the past I think was one factor.

Dick Ebersol

The product is the team, the market is Boston and competitive responses are fairly muted. You sell most of your tickets to diehard Celtics fans and there isn't much price elasticity in terms of other sports teams or entertainment options.

Daryl Morey

The simple fact is the vast majority of professional sport clubs have some sort of level of debt.

Gareth Davies

The coach wants us not to only do good in sports but academically. He tells us not to throw away our lives on bad things.

Bryce Carter

Whenever you lose one of the perennial superstars in any sport, it's always going to be a sad day. But good for him. He's had a heck of a career. He's done wonders for this game.

Rob Dimaio

I pick sports based on facility availability, the variety of games, and to maximize participation, not to encourage the competitive spirit to extremes like winning at all costs. I don't want players to sacrifice the credibility of their witness for Christ.

Jon Phillips

I know a lot of parents and kids want to specialize and focus on one sport, but we've always encouraged Scott to play what he wants to play. He's been playing three sports since he was 3 years old and he loves playing them all, so we've always encouraged him to try different things.

Mel Gardner

She was very involved in that sport, diving for the ball, hitting the floor, just getting everything.

Barbara Parker

There is no provision (in the Texas Penal Code) to make it change from a second-degree felony to a first-degree felony if it's against a sports participant.

Robert Perkins

The people who want to push for the end of legalized sports gambling in Nevada would be encouraging the crooks. And they would be counterproductive to what they want to accomplish.

Dick Davies

Sporting events will no longer feature anything to do with tobacco.

Grant Woods

In this era of lottery funding, the money tends to follow successful sports and successful athletes. Certainly, failure makes it more difficult to succeed.

Simon Clegg

It's the best play-by-play chair in sports. To be the next person to sit in it is humbling.

Mike Tirico

Hunting is an extremely safe sport.

Bill Balda

Reebok built an edge in the category. Adidas built the athletes in the category. Together, they will control the essence of sports and lifestyle colliding.

Peter Arnell

And falling is part of the sport. If you aren't falling, you aren't getting better.

Chris Sierzant

[Tracy McGrady said publicly what we all knew: He didn't always try his hardest last season when he played for the Magic. McGrady told Sports Illustrated that he was so defeated mentally by the losing that] some nights I did slack off. ... Really?

John Weisbrod

The tenacity and desire to win which he has worked with since he was a child have carried him to the top in a sporting discipline of enormous difficulty.

Fernando Alonso

You can't have a crummy game and win like you could in other sports, because it's all up to you. There is a saying in wrestling, ' If it is to be, it's up to me'. It takes a lot of guts to take on that responsibility and scrutiny.

Roger Ferguson

I think all the sports are everyone's favorites. Even sports like curling, where you need a certain skill but it's not physically demanding, people are really getting into it. The (U.S.) men got into the medals round and everyone was really excited and super supportive.

Kip Carpenter

When I was in high school, we had track for five weeks my senior year. That was all for women's sports. So, we've come a long way from having almost nothing.

Deb Vercauteren

Both guys put in a lot of time volunteering because they love the sport, and I'm thankful for their help.

Brint Russell

Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest.

Alyssa Biondo

Poker is an endurance sport and we have just made it harder, no one can doubt that playing poker in subzero temperatures, with very little light, requires the utmost concentration, patience and mental stamina.

Peter Marcus

He's probably as celebrated a player that's ever been here in any sport. It's been neat so far that he's been able to play the last two (seasons) because we only had him half a season the first two. You can look at his stats, and see he's one of the better quarterbacks in the country, and he has been the past two seasons.

Watson Brown

He was looking at the big picture, and that's how Jack's mind worked. That is why he was the champion that he was. He was always a great sport.

Tony Jacklin

Injuries, yeah, I know, they happen, and they happen in every sport. I just want to get back to the player I was when I first got drafted.

Jeremy Shockey

I was forced out of the sport into retirement through injuries. I wasn't ready to leave.

Dominique Moceanu

We implemented the testing so that we could set forth a level playing field for the horsemen and the wagering public and a safe environment for the competing horses and the overall integrity of the sport.

Peter Berube

I think it puts baseball back on the map as a sport. It's America's pastime and just look at everyone coming out to the ballpark. It has been an exciting year.

Mark Mcgwire

There is going to be expectations and big-girl responsibilities that she can pass on right now because she's not officially representing a company; she's not an ambassador for the sport as a professional. That becomes a different deal when it becomes a business. I think the pace is just a little too accelerated.

Dottie Pepper

When I joined it was at the same time that he came back to the club after running a few sports shops and it was very lucky for me, he saw something in me as a 16-year-old that he saw in himself.

Colin Cooper

We've never applied this stuff to sport in the degree to which we're doing it now.

Roger Jackson

We've had a very positive meeting today and Bill has confirmed that he is totally committed to leading the British team for Beijing 2008 (for the Olympics). We agreed in hindsight that some of the issues highlighted in the report could have been handled better. But Bill has affected a massive change in our sport and it's inevitable that not everything will run smoothly.

David Sparkes

People have supported us. We haven't drawn as many fans as the U.S., Mexico or the Dominican Republic, but we have verified a growth in the sport's popularity.

Marco Landi

It's not going to help if you just sit there and do nothing about it. I had to believe I'm going to beat this and pull through and live a normal life. Just like any sport, you just work hard at it, do everything you can and get through it.

Jonathan Cervenak

No one can deny that just the name Vegas implies sports betting.

Brian Mccarthy

Can they do both? That's a huge balance, I think, with kids- trying to find the right- it's everything, you know, it's social life, it's academics, it's sports.

Joan Cusack

NASCAR fans know that without sponsorship, there would be no racing, ... They know that by buying Domino's Pizza , they're supporting the sport and the team.

Patricia Baker

Bottom line: They're extremely positive concepts that can help people better go through life. They make sport and life much more fun.

Aynsley M. Smith

Sports Illustrated looks for models with the perfect combination of beauty, athleticism and personality for the swimsuit issue. Michelle perfectly embodies what the issue has always been about.

Diane Smith

It is a dangerous sport.

Giuseppe Gattino

All sports ratings are up. When you take the NHL out of the picture other sports start getting a lot of attention from the media. That gets people interested.

Phil King

We've seen a myriad of tremendously successful films that use sport as a backdrop-films about baseball, basketball, golf, you name it-and it just seemed incredible to me that the world's biggest sport has never been the subject of a decent movie.

Mike Jefferies

These neighborhoods of beautiful homes and nobody in them, it was a little surreal for me. You feel a little helpless. This is our week to step up and show what we can do. We're just glad that we're here, and we're hosting the first major sporting event since the hurricane.

Tim Petrovic

He was always sports-minded. He played soccer and in ninth grade was (Conneaut Valley's) starting goalie. He was very successful.

Frank Godina

We're not going to rest until the league and the sport are top two [in America].

Tim Leiweke

A majority of games are now on Fox Sports so selectors - and there are only four of them - don't need to be at every game.

Geoff Carr

We are now the greatest cheerleaders in the league for seeing that every building is sold out every night, ... If we're not right about this sport taking off again, if in fact the revenues go the other way, it's very risky.

Jay Feaster

I walked out of there with the clear perception that there was really nothing in the city's future concerning the NBA. I've been trying all along to get a tenant for our sports arena. It was built for an NBA or NHL team.

Mick Cornett

If we got enough money to fund sports, we've got enough money to fund camp.

Charles Barber

I will set up an independent commission to evaluate the effort of each of the players, and their sporting and personal conduct. The commission won't be there to harass or to oblige. It will make an assessment and recommend what we need to do.

Fernando Martin

It's a fine-finished restaurant, a long sports bar and a bowling alley, but not your father's bowling alley.

William Denton

It is the most exciting thing in sports. Winning one like this definitely never gets old.

Conrad Brooks

Coaches have a certain amount of influence that maybe parents don't have. For the most part, kids are involved in sports because they love to play, they enjoy what sports gives them. Some kids, it may be the one positive thing they have going on. Maybe they're struggling a little bit in school.

Charlie Morgan

I'm being recognized by men that are 60 years old and young girls that are nine years old - and everything in between. The sport appeals to a wide range of fans.

Rich Franklin

It integrates everything that is important to them: games, friends, sports, e-mail, music, books, movies and, when they have time, homework.

Debbie Travis

Basically, I love the sport. It's the combination of physical explosion, running, focusing, hitting a zone.... The mental state on a sled feels awesome.

Katie Uhlaender

I saw the opportunity to do something for the entire city, not just a softball program, but also a place where girls can take pride in the sport, a healthy lifestyle and promoting the city through sports.

Carole Bridges

It's being able to see things, see all the reads and keys, distribute it all in your mind and make a positive decision. And he's nearly always right. And that separates him from almost everybody. And that's what all great players can do, in any sport. He's reaching those levels of possibly becoming a great player for us.

John Neal

Both Pepsi and Coke have tried to introduce sports drink products, but to no avail.

Caroline Levy

The addition of Deion to our ownership brings a charismatic and creative leader with a wealth of professional sports experience and a great marketing flare.

Doug Macgregor

The tournament is a great idea. It gives every team something to play for aside from winning a four-team regular season division. It's for bragging rights in the area; it will draw great crowds and it should generate publicity for a sport that lacks publicity in southeastern Connecticut.

Andy Emanuel

It's a thinking man's sport, and that makes it very fascinating.

Tom Gey

The NCAA made the general public more aware of women's sports. But we still need more opportunities for women in athletics.

Deb Vercauteren

And we took the term 'impact player' from the sports field and moved it into the sports and military field. And it's to honor our wounded heroes and connect them with heroes from the sports world.

Dick Lynch

We are pleased to have acquired basic cable rights to this significant and important documentary that sheds considerable light upon the often neglected achievements of African-Americans in motor sports.

Robert Ecker

In sports, there are not a lot of times when you can walk away from the game on your own terms.

Jeff Feagles

I'm very lucky. They love sports It's so nice here, it's real easy.

Susan Johnston

I certainly don't think Marsha Gale's letter is sufficient, and if it is sufficient then God help sport. If we are talking about stuff that goes back to 2002, it should have been raised before. It can't be, 'If my daughter can't go, you can't go,' and that's the bottom line of that to me.

James Brooks

My mom really sparked my interest to learn early on. My parents are awesome. I got the best of both worlds. When my dad was in college, he was a big, grungy surfer dude, and he passed down his passion for water sports to me.

Kelly Eaton

Once I got hurt my ninth-grade year, I thought that juggling two sports was too much, so I decided to give my all to track.

Charelise Davis

I think that he was able to keep labor peace for two decades, which allowed us to get media contracts that are the highest of any sport anywhere in the world.

Bob Kraft