I've been a NASCAR fan since the mid-'90s and I always wondered why there wasn't more of an effort to do things for women who love the sport. I've been amazed at how warmly I've been received by female racing fans.

Pamela Britton

We believe that punters will appreciate having access to an exciting new 21st century product and that racing and sport throughout the country will also benefit.

James Packer

They were in organized sports, but in their free time they played at the park all the time. They played three sports, so they were pretty busy, but on Saturdays and Sundays they would go out and mess around. And they played basketball in the driveway all hours of the day.

Judy Hawk

I know what it is to be an owner. The more owners get, the more the players want. I don't want to see what happened to other sports happen to fishing.

Irwin Jacobs

It is simply unthinkable that someone would beat another human being for sport. We need to send a message to these abhorrent criminals that being homeless does not make you target practice.

Rep. Priscilla Taylor

Hard work pays off. My 12 years of wrestling has to pay off sometime. Otherwise, I'm in the wrong sport.

Trevor Hall

I was naive. Des Moines sports fans expect an event if they are going to spend their money on sports, not just good basketball. They also want it played in an arena setting.

Mike Duilio

It really changed how we do things in sports. Certainly, nothing happened to preplan or expect what was going to happen that day, as opposed to today, when extreme logistics go into planning.

Mark Spitz

We need a hell of lot more athletes than we've got now. I only hope more disabled people get involved in sport.

Brian Mckeever

Yeah, it's a smaller area and we're underdogs when compared with teams like Stanford, but that's OK. The people up there have a passion for running and I like the fact that, even though you compete in a smaller sport, everyone will know your name.

Aj Acosta

Rivalry between two sides, whatever their issues, must remain in the sporting domain. But for 20 years, PSG-OM and OM-PSG has been a symbol of division, a long, long way from the kind of enjoyment and spirit of exchange football should promote.

Pierre Blayau

It will be interesting to see what reaction we have and how many fans walk over to the paddock to see him. The fans support our sport. If we can do any little things to help them have interest and have a good time at the races, it's something that everybody has to step up to the plate and do.

Tim Ritchey

The psychological root behind this competitive streak is that I was an athlete when I was young and took sports really seriously. I look at directing as a sporting event. It's a race, a marathon. It's great when it clicks - which is why I push my crews so hard so we can excel.

Michael Bay

Our primary aim is to change the lives of our people for the better by beautifying our townships. We need to provide decent schools, clinics, sports and recreational facilities. In particular, we need to ensure that by 2009 all roads in the townships are tarred.

Mbhazima Shilowa

This is a fully developed country that has held over 50 international championships in the last 10 years. If you judge them on the sporting process, they are an excellent choice.

Kevan Gosper

Yes, we are going to have a heavy sports emphasis, ... We want to have news from every level -- from the pros to Little League.

Doug Williams

The sport is very physical and demanding.

Hank Moree

Although it will be an intense affair, we will all have fun and, in the end, the sport of lacrosse will be victorious.

Gavin Prout

It's a great college basketball atmosphere. Binghamton has created that home-court advantage. Basketball is their sport. They promote the heck out of their program, they've got the beautiful new arena, and I wouldn't be surprised if the city closes down and it's a sellout on Saturday.

Will Brown

I thought this job was right for me, but I guess other people thought differently. Being a coach takes the support of everyone involved with that sport and I didn't feel that was here any more. I want to go somewhere where I can be happy and where I can build a program.

Christy Nall

From football to basketball season, I did not have any time off. That's hard, especially on your body. Your body changes based on the sport and it was good to have a couple of weeks of rest before track.

Art Linares

The more you play competitive sports, whether you're a girl or a boy, it tends to raise testosterone levels. It used to be girls got the message: 'Girls don't hit.' But now, even if you say that to girls, it's patently not true.

James Garbarino

Some people go to church. We shoot. It's the same type of get-together. To us, this is our sport. This is what we like to do.

Gary Davis

The elite level is important but so too is community sport and recreation, including what happens in secondary schools.

Nick Hill

There is something for everyone in sports.

Arnold Beisser

My family's just really into the sport. My sister played, my mom played and my dad played baseball. I just wanted to play. My parents thought I was a little young when I started, but I'm glad I did.

Lauren Gibson

Since my induction into the Sports Hall of Fame, I have wanted to have my No. 3 Chevy on exhibit for sports fans to see. I hope others will enjoy the car as much as I have.

Junior Johnson

Children can learn to play as a team -- and they learn you don't always win. That's something, this day and age, that we don't teach our children very well. We set up school environments and other sports environments so that our children always succeed. But in the real world, they don't always succeed. Gaming is a good way to teach that.

Mara Kaplan

The golf swing is among the most stressful and unnatural acts in sports, short of cheering for the Yankees.

Brad Faxon

Heart is something you can't teach. This isn't a contact sport, it's a collision sport, and this one says we work hard and we deserve a lot more respect than we're getting.

Chris Anderson

It was a real honor to us. They endorse the sport at a national level and are known on the racing circuit worldwide. They are helping us add another aspect to running.

Connie Feist

Somebody who writes a sports column looks at the game a little bit differently I suspect than somebody who's used to playing the game.

Mike Golic

What's important is taking part in the sport and not the winning of the sport. It's important to enjoy the journey, getting there.

Pierre Dulaine

If St. Louis is 1A (as a sports town in Missouri), Springfield is 1B.

Matt Gifford

They are visionaries. They see where this sport can go when no one else has. They have put together a team that from top to bottom is the best.

Pat Miletich

Integration started with the students that came in that had nothing to do with basketball, nothing to do with sports. The second year, then the basketball part came in. That's the thing that kind of kicked the whole thing off.

Charles Brown

He had a passion for sports, mostly basketball, but he was willing to coach anything and everything they asked him to. But more importantly, he had a passion for teaching and coaching kids.

Wayne Gray

I don't know what Aaron is doing, but it's working. He works really hard and he enjoys the sport, which is really important. That comes through in his races. He's going to keep getting better and better.

Natalie Coughlin

They didn't really have a job in mind, but they knew I was knowledgeable about the game and passionate about the game, ... Paul Phipps is one of the great pro sports executives around, and I went to work with him for club services. It was a great learning experience for me, and we had some real success.

Paul Mott

You can say what you like but we are looking at sporting destiny. Here is a young man for whom it all started in Detroit, and now he's coming home to play in the greatest sporting event of all.

Bob Dozier

There will be a section for every sport that ever fielded a varsity team, whether it's still in existence or not. Every sport -- men's and women's -- will be represented.

Jim Marchiony

Then would still come, of course, the second part. The sports movement would have to convince the governments.

Jacques Rogge

I love basketball and look forward to competing again at the sport that I hold so dear, ... Interested NBA teams want assurances that I am completely recovered and that I am able to deal with rigors of daily competition. The very competitive CBA will provide me this opportunity.

Jayson Williams

I think sports and entertainment is kind of the backbone of what our society is about these days, for better, for worse. I think it only can grow.

Rob Tuchman

I think more or less everybody is interested in sports.

Peter Kruse

I can't even fathom anyone letting it happen. People get injured anyway in this sport without this. It just frightens me.

Marc Ratner

It was really cool. You get to know better some of the other competitors (on the U.S. Olympic team). It was kind of cool talking shop with those guys about their sport.

Scott Macartney

We're very pleased to have Phil return to the Lakers as our head coach, ... His record speaks for itself and his success in this sport is unparalleled. Quite simply, Phil is the best coach in the business and probably the greatest coach of all time.

Jerry Buss

I think the Irish are going to bring the most enormous passion for and enjoyment of sport to next year's Ryder Cup.

George O'grady

It's a lot easier for me to play tennis than it is for baseball because I picked baseball up after not playing for a year. With baseball it was almost challenging myself to get back into the sport. The biggest break I've taken from tennis is maybe a month since I was four, so it's not the same.

Curt Wheeler

For each individual, sport is a possible source for inner improvement.

Pierre De Coubertin

The wrestling coach came up to me and asked me if I wanted to wrestle. He explained the sport to me, and I said I'd try it out.

Sam Zylstra

I didn't even think about it during track season. But when it came time for lacrosse season, it was tough because lacrosse had been my favorite sport, and I was pretty good at it.

Sam Pegram

Sports bureaucracy in the United Kingdom has to be greatly reduced.

David Owen

These are hard times. Our deficit is $120,000. If we cut out sports, we'll still have an $80,000 deficit. It's a start but it's not enough.

Gene Duffy

In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept destructive criticism. Without 100 percent dedication, you won't be able to do this.

Willie Mays

There's no doubt we lost one of the great athletes in our entire athletics history. His football accomplishments are rivaled by very few. The entire sports world is going to miss him, and we as a university and athletic department are going to miss him. He means a great deal to our football legacy.

Lynn King

When you talk about basketball in northwest Ohio, in Putnam County . . . I imagine it?s a lot like Indiana high-school basketball. I don?t know if you could find many counties in Ohio that have had six teams make it to the state finals in any sport.

Troy Schwemley

My agenda is singular. I am not in this to be in the papers, for any political gain, the UNC is not my agenda, neither is the PNM. The youth and sport in this country are.

Ato Boldon

We have two good receivers. We have to get them the ball. They're multi-sport athletes, they have speed and they are competitive. They made two big catches.

Pat O'brien

I think it scares a couple of us. We were around when softball was made an Olympic sport, and we were so happy. It's just something you've always got to worry about.

Katie King

What these guys are doing out there is something that maybe 1 or 2 percent of the extreme sports fanatics can actually achieve to get out there in 18-foot waves? It's crazy.

Jose Torres

Clovis is such a big sports-oriented town. It's definitely something we're planning on year after year.

David Standifer

I got to do the afternoon sports.

Brian Corey

We're going to miss him. He's such a pillar for the sport. We'll just have to keep him involved.

Gary Cook

AllSportsMarket.com is dedicated to increasing the exposure and popularity of a variety of sports across the globe through its international derivative-based sports financial exchange. ASM is happy to welcome Aussie Rules fans into the AllSportsMarket.com family, and expects the sport to excite and captivate current enthusiasts as well as those who have yet to be introduced to the game.

Chris Rabalais

They're in next year for football and we'll add the rest of the sports at a later date.

Randy Simmons

I'm really excited about the news. Broadcasting sports is something I've always wanted to do. When I heard about the Sea Dogs coming into the QMJHL, I sent in my resume. It was just Tuesday that everything was finalized.

Jerry Green

Face-offs can help deflate a run or help you go on a run. It's something you can control. Possession is the key in any sport you have the ball -- you have a chance to win.

Andrew Thompson

It's not just for seniors. Lots of people experience pain getting in and out of their vehicles... people with physical challenges, sports injuries, surgery recoveries, chronic conditions, pregnancy...they all like having extra support handle to help get in and out of the car.

Webster Thompson

I like giving this opportunity for the younger generation to learn about the sport.

Lenny Krayzelburg

We are very pleased to be partnered with My TV in the expanding television markets of Nigeria and Ghana. Since our entry into the African market two years ago, it has been exciting to see the demand for first-rate international sports programming continue to grow.

David Sternberg

You know, that's a hard question. You can't say the sport expanded too quickly, because it didn't expand at all for 45 years. Was Japan a stretch for us, running an exhibition race there? Yeah, I think it was. Was Mexico a stretch? Hmmm ...

Kyle Petty

For the first time, we'll have some coverage from every session, from every sport.

David Neal

These sports fans are savvy. They book as soon as there's a chance their team is going.

Leslie Young

Tony will continue to referee major fights, ... We usually change officials (for rematches). Boxing is a tough sport, and we're saddened because what happened with Johnson was a horrible situation.

Marc Ratner

We want to give everyone the safe opportunity to enjoy a great outdoor sport.

Wendy Gibson

We like to see guys playing other sports, ... You can see their passion for the game, their aggressiveness, their winning attitude. We go to high school all-star football games to see those kind of guys.

Roy Clark

Also, techniques for getting in the zone differ a little bit depending on whether it's a team or an individual sport. Nevertheless, there are some core techniques that everyone can use.

Aynsley M. Smith

There are not many athletes you can think of that are basically dominant in their sport who don't like the limelight. His focus is on winning, and getting better and taking care of his business. He competes against himself.

Pat Connors

I'm really happy for the kids, because they've had to deal with a lot, especially the lone senior we've got and the five juniors. These kids have got the ability, they're good athletes, they're good in other sports.

Dave Hanson

It is simply an attempt by a group of self-appointed rich clubs to get more money and power out of the game, with no concern for the sports or the fans.

Lennart Johansson

Teams in the past have always received a lot of accolades for the performances on the court or on the field, ... But in this particular case, they not only did well in their sport - but they did well in the classroom, with the number of All-Americans and the All-Academic Big 12 honors they received.

Don Murray

NASCAR is not the same sport it was 10 years ago. It has evolved, and with it, so has its fan base.

Robin Braig

I do this because I love Israel and because Russian community in Chicago often is not aware about all the achievements the country has made in its short existence. I really love to talk about anything somehow connected to Israel – from music to sports, from Israeli educational system to Israeli history, from Israeli daily life to its holiday celebrations.

Mark Furman

With the high schools together we would still not be a big school. We could offer them more choices, more activities, not to mention a variety of sports. I just want us to consider it, and see if there would be benefits to grow together.

Kenny Weathers

All of my activities are so pedestrian. The extreme sport I play is ping pong. And we play it hard. If any of you suckers want to step up to the table, be ready.

Seth Green

Adding Nordic skiing to our roster of sports is just one more way we are increasing the opportunities for Northland College students, as well as attracting new students. We've found the students who come to Northland thrive on outdoor sports, like skiing. Our location is a prime for skiers and we are really pleased to offer this competitive opportunity.

Steve Wammer

Like baseball, it's a team sport, but really not. You can get in that batters' box, cross yourself and all that, but you're on your own. Same thing with skeleton. When you get on that sled, that team ain't helping you. And now, she's playing in her World Series.

Ted Uhlaender

I think we can bring a focus to (hockey) and storytelling and coverage that will be something new. We're optimistic about growing the sport.

Gavin Harvey

That was a big concern at first. I know in the grand scheme of things that sports really don't mean that much. But I've been playing them since I was a little kid and I had put so much time into them and enjoyed them so much, it was hard when they were taken away from me, even a little bit.

Mel Gardner

Climate change and offsetting carbon dioxide emissions are high priorities for the Turin Winter Games, especially as winter sports and climate change are closely interrelated.

Ugo Pretato

These two have battled one another year after year in a variety of sports and unfortunately we've come up on the short end and it's grown a bit intimidating to our girls, ... As much as I would like to believe that isn't the case, I have to say it is.

Laura Johnson

Football is to baseball as blackjack is to bridge. One is the quick jolt. The other the deliberate, slow-paced game of skill, but never was a sport more ideally suited to television than baseball.

Vin Scully

It is the top sports sponsorship you can do. ... There still is a lot of sizzle in it.

Steve Rossi

[Then again, Christianity seems to have done quite well by mixing worship and commerce.] Religion is like yeast in dough, ... It's in every part of life, so for it to show up everywhere is only natural - in commerce, politics, sports, labor unions and so on and so forth.

Michael Novak

It's a wonderful byproduct of an affluent society to be able to have these choices. On the other hand, there are only 24 hours in a day, and if you decide to take your child to ballet or tae kwon do and other sports and everything else, then something has to be eliminated.

Cathy O'keefe

We realized that we don't have the kind of stats like other sports do that drive interest from a fan perspective. We wanted to come up with something unique that shows races more at a glance.

Ramsey Poston

I feel very honored to be here. There are a lot of people in a lot of different sports at this event. If you win this, it's a very great achievement.

Brandan Wright

As much as we do in sports to protect athletes, it's hard to figure why there aren't pads out there. That pole is a hard object. You don't want someone going face first into that.

Bruce Brown

We have to balance entertainment and news. Considering the heavy sports schedule in February and March, this was the best solution.

Jason Macdonald

I have a great deal of respect for the way he goes about coaching defense. His kids really do a good job of that. He's intense. He's passionate about what he does. That's how you win. I don't give a damn what sport you play.

Ted Fiore

It's sports oriented. And you have the extreme of 2,600-foot peaks and the lake water. Everything fits.

Tim Fleming

In most places in the country, voting is looked upon as a right and a duty, but in Chicago it's a sport.

Dick Gregory

It's now 2-2 with Tom but this is not football. I ride to win stages not to compete against another rider. We have a sporting rivalry but we're good friends.

Robbie Mcewen

Despite the amazing diversity we're blessed with in this country, schools are still in large part segregated because of economic disparity. Sports are one of the few areas where kids are really given the opportunity to interact with those of different races and religions.

Steve Kerr

These things don't work unless there's some public-private partnership there. The notion that any of this money is just lining our pockets is just erroneous. They're (the county and city) taking over the land, just the way they do with any other private enterprise. . . . This just happens to be more public because it's private sports.

Dave Checketts

The biggest thing is it's broadcast in Europe. All the main competitions are broadcast live, and they have Super Bowl-like ratings every day. In Europe, it's far and away the most popular winter sport.

Max Cobb

You know, you need those guys (like Jermaine). You don't see teams winning national titles when they're missing a couple stars. It doesn't happen. You have to be lucky in basketball and sports. Hopefully, our bad luck is over and he can be healthy enough to help us.

Barret Peery

This whole event will offer fans the chance to hear from Seth, ask questions and then ride the course with him to learn more about the sport. We all couldn't be at the Games so Seth is bringing the games to us.

Bill Swain

We were ranked (two or three times) in the Top 10 of the USA Today poll and we were featured on High School Sports America. We had gone seven years without a loss at home and they did a special on us.

David Thorpe

If you look at what resonates, what kind of video do you want live instead of waiting to get home, it's really about sports and news.

Linda Barrabee

The biggest lesson from Africa was that life's joys come mostly from relationships and friendships, not from material things. I saw time and again how much fun Africans had with their families and friends and on the sports fields; they laughed all the time.

Andrew Shue

Some of these kids have been bowling since they were 2 years old. They're phenomenal, and they should be recognized for that. They represent their school just as much as the other sports do.

Teresa Eddleman

There's teams that may have more [money] that are going to have to end up helping the teams with less. It's not capitalism at its finest, but it's part of running a successful sports league.

Ted Phillips

I thought we'd get a bunch but we only had four for most of last year. This will be the first time we haven't had a boys team. I don't know why they're not coming out for the sport.

Dean Tower

We're struggling to get some public help to rebuild our AAA stadium, let alone to build something of that magnitude. I don't know if Charlotte can support three major-league sports franchises right now.

Jeff Beaver

We have a good core of seniors that work very hard. They?re investing a lot into this team and making sure everyone is where they need to be. They?re doing a great job helping the younger ones learn the sport.

Mike Tyler

Though I am an old horse, and have seen and heard a great deal, I never yet could make out why men are so fond of this sport; they often hurt themselves, often spoil good horses, and tear up the fields, and all for a hare, or a fox, or a stag, that they could get more easily some other way; but we are only horses, and don't know.

Anna Sewell

Going to camp has really helped us with our passing and we have all played with each other in different sports. We know where each other is going to be and everything is kind of coming together. We're excited for this year.

Michelle Smith

We have the utmost respect for Jason and his accomplishments in the sport and wish him the very best.

Jim Finch

It's the most insane and radical fleeting sport you can find, ... It's such a split-second decision between land, air and water that it really gives you the release.

Bill Bryan

All of these runners are great. This is just a phenomenal group of students. I see the love that they have for running and that's a special breed. There are really dedicated to the sport and they've been very helpful to me.

Jennifer Hinson

Frank has done everything. People talk about his encyclopedic knowledge of sports, and Frank knew it all. Plus, he was a great guy to listen to and hang around with. He was very witty and very engaging. Everybody loved Frank.

Jon Van Hoogenstyn

Sporting goods companies pay me not to endorse their products.

Bob Uecker

Westwood One boasts a tremendous year-round platform of marquee sports programming. The time has come for one main point person to oversee all aspects of our sports business.

Peter Kosann

Volleyball is just my for-fun sport.

Adam Foard

The thing about our sport is you have to turn around and it's a new game. You can't live in the past, you have to learn from your mistakes and keep moving.

Rachel Lawson

He loved the ballet more than he loved sports. He would always make a point to see it when we were in New York or Chicago and certainly at home in San Francisco.

Scotty Stirling

We've had really good teams in every sport, we've just never been able to get ahead of the private schools.

Chuck Elkins

We're hoping that we're going to be able to improve the program every year. We definitely have great plans to both increase the weight and the tonnage of recycling that we collect each game and each season as well as to expand possibly to other sporting events.

Lindsay Killian

For any coach in any sport, winning your first game of the season is big because it means the work you put in was worth it and at the same time, the kids listen to you a lot more now.

Kevin Kelly

[Sporting a stubbly beard and buzz cut, Statham says that he shares some qualities with his character.] I like his suits, ... I like the style of him, but he's a character created by Luc Besson. He's a very internal guy. I'm not. I'm a little bit more expressive and I like a bit of fun.

The Brothers Grimm

This is the ideal and healthy situation for our sport. You don't want to be forced to throw inexperienced kids into the varsity lineup just to fill a spot but it happens.

Todd Seiler

Stopped my sporting body clock.

Mario Cipollini

He's been a big influence on all of us as far as sports are concerned. We all grew up around sports. My dad would take us to the park and me and my sisters would play versus my brothers and my dad.

Bridget Brennan

Amateur boxing is considered one of the safer contact sports. It is completely separate from the professionals. Bloody noses and cut lips will happen, but you will never see cuts around the eyes.

Mike Hammond

We have rules in place that limit the kinds of activities schools can organize in different sports during out-of-season times.

Kurt Gibson

They opened up a dialogue. Economic incentives like this are very hard to sell to this Legislature. There needs to be a legitimate and sound cost-benefit analysis before taxpayer dollars are committed to a sports franchise.

Kathy Mears

It is disappointing that there are people in our sport who are doping.

Tracy Barnes

It's another solid district, top to bottom. There are no weak teams in football as well as all of the other sports.

Pat Patterson

Don't underestimate the power of sport as a way of rehabilitating young people.

Robert Davies

We have definitely turned the corner and as a sport we are excited by the challenges ahead.

John West

He had farther to come than Francis did, ... I found more to admire in Vardon than almost any sports figure I can think of. He is an inspirational figure.

Mark Frost

I've heard some debates about the morality of this. To me, it seems like a good idea to put together people from different countries with the same objective. If it could be done outside the sports field, it would be considered fantastic.

Massimo Moratti

Football is a grinding sport. At this point we need a break to get healed, get our focus back and get ready for the rest of our games.

Montrell Jones

The top-class sports teams being nurtured by universities are a sign of China's sporting future. At the moment, the facilities for such teams are not as good as for the national teams, we will give some support to them in the future.

Feng Shuyong

We've done very well and I have no regrets. But I think we have a unique opportunity to have a sports agency which will endure for many more years.

Arn Tellem

The World Cup increases awareness about our sport, and that's a good thing. But for the players who go, it can often be hard to get back into the mind-set of a league season.

Pat Noonan

All four of my grandparents come to my games. I have my own little fan club. My sisters and I got along really well, so I didn't miss not having a brother. I was always playing sports with my friends.

Austin Raught

It's like being given a powerful sports car. When they finally get a high-performance knife, they hurt themselves.

Budd Solaegui

A rabid sports fan is one that boos a TV set.

Jimmy Cannon

I'm so thankful the Park District is doing this, ... Rockford is such a great sports town and has a great golf history. It's a great idea to recognize some of the people who were so good in the game, and to have one of them be Ken is really neat.

Doug Scott

People look at skeleton and think it's just a bit of a laugh, going down the ice on a tea tray. But it's not. It's a technical sport, and you need athleticism.

Kristan Bromley

The social aspect is always there. And a refreshing adult beverage after a fun sports event is always an enjoyable time.

David Day

We're starting to recognize more individuals from the business side of snow sports.

Justin Henderson

There's always been cheaters in every sport. The fans want to know. And it is illegal. I think it's a very important issue to deal with, and it has to be done.

Denis Potvin

Those that are expected to win individual gold medals in compelling sports should have a couple of deals going into games. If they do well, there will be a deal or two after the games.

Peter Carlisle

Prince William's enthusiasm for football both as a player and a fan is well known and we believe his presidency will prove a great asset to the national sport.

Geoff Thompson

Substantial concerns about the impact of this matter on the integrity of the overall drug testing regime of the Olympic movement, and in particular the questions it raises over the trustworthiness of some of the sports and political authorities active in the anti-—doping fight.

Hein Verbruggen

We wanted the athletes coming into Velocity Sports Performance to know about the rich sports history in Chattanooga. Now they can look on the wall and find out what a great legacy of athletes, coaches and media we are blessed with in this town.

Ted Gatewood

There's a lot of stuff to do here, activities like sports or outdoor stuff.

Rebecca Davis

It's an underdog story about college sports. Rudy has always wanted to play for Notre Dame, and he actually makes the team.

Brian Simons

Tradition and sports intertwine at West Point, where the Academy overlooks the Hudson River.

Dave Hollingsworth

It's a gold medal for all the people of Israel, ... We think about the people who were trying to do their best in sport and were murdered, and we hope that this will never happen again.

Gal Fridman

We need to move to more of a 12-month sports and entertainment entity that can meet the needs of a variety of users.

Lyle Bauer

That's a part of the body we are using a lot in our sport. But everybody's coming right.

Henry Schuster

These Olympic Games are, of course, the most important event, every four years, in our sport. That is why you must have the best conditions by the big events, and that is why one invests this much money.

Jochen Behle

The beauty of shooting, compared to sports like football and baseball, is you don't have to be a great athlete to be good at shooting. But the most important thing is that the kids are being active.

Ben Berka

I was lucky. In 1997, I walked into a sporting goods store to buy some lures and saw an ad that someone was looking for someone to manage a fishing lodge. I was hired and the man who was my boss was a former professional fisherman. That gave me a 9-to-5 income but also gave me time off work to fish events.

Mike Iaconelli

This is not a Florida summer sport.

John Ide

We just had that perfect storm of Frisco and the ISD and Collin County and Hunt Sports Group, ... They took it as their own and ran with it and took it to a height I never could have imagined.

John Sutter

I think of football as a sport the way ducks think of hunting as a sport.

Bill Watterson

Momentum is everything in every sport. And it just really showed up for us today. We were excited after the bars, instead of licking our wounds and being upset.

Jerry Reighard

That's what happens in this sport. There is a lot of wrestling left. It's not completely hopeless.

Jim Guttridge

Sometimes we get 25 people at the drop-in nights, which is great. It just happens that people prefer their mountain sports as opposed to dedicating their lives to basketball. The level is still quite high.

Laura Birks

People said it wasn't possible for us to move this quickly, but we are proving them wrong. I look forward to cutting the ribbon on these new sports fields by this time next year.

Tom Bates

Canada has a strong history of medal success in all three sports and the removal of these sports may diminish our overall medal count at future Pan American Games.

Michael Chambers

I have seen women come into the sport, not gaining a lot of confidence. I try and make kayaking accessible to women.

Anna Levesque

He deserves a ton of credit for making the sport what it has become. He's the Vince McMahon of his generation.

David Meltzer

It's a momentous day for the sport and Winnipeg as well. It's history in the making and to have it come from a homegrown talent is just amazing.

Brian Mcconnell

Wherever I have gone in the last 18 years, people have always greeted me so warmly. They didn't always know exactly who I was, but they knew they knew me. They'd look at me and look at me and say, 'Oh, you're the sports guy.' I've always loved that.

Mark Mcintosh

When you have South American countries voting on what sports should be there, what can you expect, ... They are trying to get out of team sports because it costs a lot of money.

Dave Easter

These record enrollment numbers reflect success in diversifying our sports programming and offering new services, ... like splitting third- and fourth-grade football, adding a second-grade tackle league and introducing fall baseball for third- through sixth-graders. We are gratified that our parents are responding so positively to our efforts to meet their requests for new programs.

Brad Little

Rick thinks it will be great for our sport to have Roger and Troy involved, ... And I get to run 17 races, instead of 10. I think it's great.

Terry Labonte

I don't want to set a benchmark, but the great thing about sports and one thing I really like about basketball is, in the end, the truth comes out on the basketball floor, ... We shall see. I'll be right there with you guys watching the truth on the floor.

James Dolan

Hockey's such an exciting sport. I don't want to take anything away from other sports....

Dean Stork

You're going to say 'what about other kids?' They get hurt in other sports but I think it would have to be hockey and I know at least five or six other guys that it would just help the families so much.

Don Cherry

I've made a conscious effort to try and downplay him. But he does have the potential to be a great two-sport star.

Rick Klimchock

It feels great to be part of a team transaction, because diving is an individual sport. The last three rounds of the finals were really close. It was pretty intense feeling, and I liked it a lot because it made me try harder and made me get the gold medal. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Kara Cook

Once I decide where I want to go, I want to talk to my coaches and see how they feel about me playing multiple sports. The college guys tend to play just one or two sports. I'd like to play as many as fits my schedule. It's a lot different in college. So I'll just see what happens when I get there.

John Hoch

If anyone can transcend the gap between the men's game and the women's game, it's Michelle. Other sports are different but if, in golf, you have the ability to hit the ball the same way as a man, there's no reason why you can't score like one.

David Leadbetter

He is one of the all-time greats in this sport. I'm expecting to face a prime Roy Jones at his best.

Antonio Tarver

That shows his dedication to the sport and love for his teammates.

David Saunders

Consumers have the capability of seeing television anywhere, anytime. And as the technology continues to develop, it will be content - news, sports and entertainment programming - that drives consumer demand.

Peter Price

Playing sports can be fun and therapeutic. We want to help kids get their minds off problems and get solid soccer tips.

Brad Hauter

It depends on how many kids we have, and there is a tremendous interest in the sport.

Chris Irizarry

There might be a need for some safe-kiting course or some certification from the state that someone has to demonstrate that they have the skill to engage in this sport. But like anything else, how much regulation do people really want and who's going to enforce it?

John Olsen

They wanted more opportunities for kids to play organized sports.

Doug Hicks

Remote control rifles fall off all the ethical charts. The actions of the Texas Web site are nothing short of pay-per-view killing. It's not sport, it's cruelty.

John Mckeon