Growing up I was a tomboy. I'm real aggressive. For girls, there's no hitting sports. (In volleyball) I get to just hit someone in the face.

Ashley Sabrsula

Because we were delayed, it was tough to get in contact with all of the schools. A lot of the athletes are involved in other sports, and we just had a tough time getting it all together.

Vera Rodriguez

We encourage them (student athletes) to play other sports as long as they are lifting for football. The kids need to be well-rounded and to be coached by different coaches.

Bob Eason

If the sport-utilities coming in January don't save the day, the restructuring we're seeing now will be the first in a series of restructurings.

Gerald Meyers

We definitely have plans for another playoff run, but in lacrosse, like every other sport, you can never look pass your next game.

Larry Eckert

Of all the people I've played sports with, Andrew is always there for you. He helps you through adversity and he's never going to bad-mouth you.

Jordan Depaoli

[Utah center Greg Ostertag, who claimed he doesn't even own a sports jacket, said he's not just mad about the dress code. He plans to get even.] I don't mind if they clean it up a little bit, ... but they can go without them -- sport coats. They're going to get the worst-looking one they've ever seen on me. I'll go buy one off a guy on the street.

Greg Ostertag

She's good at three sports because she puts in so much time in all three sports.

Bob Krausz

There is just so much to branch out and learn, ... I love team sports because you can do so much more together.

Blair Brown

Both Nick and Andrew had great performances all three days. It's a credit to both of those kids to make the finals. It shows you what hard work will get you in this sport. I'm extremely pleased with both of them.

John Mesenbrink

Well, this is America, so obviously football is the Big Daddy in this country. It gets the most attention and has the most pressure, and that's what I've been really missing. A lot of people love to ski in this country, but it's primarily a recreational sport and that's the way people view it. Competitive skiing is not really on the radar here.

Jeremy Bloom

I'm not doing this to make friends, I'm criticizing the academics, I'm criticizing sport fishermen, I'm criticizing commercial fishermen.

Sean Van Sommeran

It just takes time. It's an extremely difficult sport.

Jeff Wintersteen

Cricket Kenya has started afresh and we are not ready to think of the past and forward and improve the standards of the sport in the country.

Samir Inamdar

There will be more and more genetic testing, so sports has to come to terms with this issue.

Arthur Caplan

It gives kids who aren't in sports an opportunity to be physical. It gives them a chance to shine.

Lisa Waterman

I'm definitely going to be coming into sport. It will be in Australia. Basketball will hopefully be the priority.

Andrew Bogut

It's going to have a reverberating effect on the whole sport. No question about it.

Henry Schafer

Reading really does go down in middle and high school. The amount of reading kids do in those grades just goes down. There are so many clubs and sports competing for that attention.

Virginia Bowerman

It goes to show that anything can happen in this sport. You just have to be ready for anything.

Jake Shields

We are long-term sports investors and avid Manchester United fans.

Joel Glazer

I am optimistic that this unified effort by our softball delegation will show Mr. Rogge and the IOC members that almost three months after the vote, we remain committed to getting our sport back on the 2012 program.

Don Porter

This is a conspiracy involving chemists, coaches and certain athletes using what they developed to be 'undetectable' designer steroids to defraud their fellow competitors and the American and world public who pay to attend sporting events.

Terry Madden

This is a problem rooted in both perception and reality, and it is a problem related to doping, athlete conduct, and the credibility of the sport.

Bill Martin

He was respected by athletes he covered, by coaches he worked with and by everyone in the sports media. He befriended everyone. We've lost a real character who will always be in the folklore of sports journalism in New Mexico.

Dennis Latta

With the popularity of talk radio and it coming back to Portland, it was great to see him make an impact. He was probably the last person you'd think to see wake up at 6 a.m. to do talk radio, especially with it becoming so in-your-face, but Frank was a professional and it was great to see the younger generation of sports fans, 18 to 30, who found out how knowledgeable and professional he was.

Paul Evans

That's awesome. Aside from being a really positive outlet for kids who are going to skate whether there's a park or not, it's a breeding ground. It helps our sport grow.

Tony Hawk

In 2004, the ball rolled for us, this time it rolled for Nigeria. That is law of the sport, and that's how we should look at it. We accept our defeat in the spirit of fair play.

Roger Lemerre

She's not there yet, but the top international players are making over $200,000 a year now. It speaks well of the sport.

Dave Rubio

The percentage of pro athletes who gamble on sports is greater than the percentage of the general public that does. Pro athletes have high levels of energy, unreasonable expectation, very competitive personalities, distorted optimism, and high IQs, either street smart or book smart.

Arnie Wexler

It's always cool to be a part of anything that hasn't happened before. This is a great sports town, and the fans around here are about to really have some fun following both teams.

Joe Dumars

We invite (schools with offensive mascots) to come here and play sports and everything, so we request that they be more sensitive to minorities. It's hard for us as a school to have a stance on the issue when we continue to invite those teams with their mascots.

Sen. Ryan Birkman

That's what I want the boys who play for me to come away with. I want them to know there's more to life than playing sports.

Tom Dowd

It's part of sports, part of being a competitor. He played better than me. That first week [of fall practice] I didn't play very well; I was rusty, and he played better.

Josh Swogger

The two sports are night and day. But, they play on one another. A good wrestler can be good football player or vice versa.

Rob Puterio

The department has invested large amounts of resources in facilities, scholarships and coaches in our Olympic sports. The inability to host NCAA competition would have an unbelievably negative effect on our programs.

Ron Guenther

We are active in water sports and while the shark remains in the water there is the prospect that danger still exists. Our public would feel a lot safer if that shark was removed from the water.

David Oliver

When they announced that we won, it was almost like a dream. We're living the sports dream.

Jason West

I couldn't stop crying. It's so big for him, for the team, for the curling club, for the province of Newfoundland and for the sport of curling and for Canada. It's huge. It's so important for the growth of the sport.

Shelley Nichols

It's just the most fantastic opportunity to do everything we ever dreamed of in British sport. This was the most splendid team performance.

Sebastian Coe

He wanted all sports to be successful. We just felt his support was unwavering.

Jan Jensen

I don't know if this suit was for sport or for spite, but they've gotten what they deserved, and that's zero.

David Berg

From my point of view everything is just fine now. It was a shame that that happened. Sometimes sport is like this, but now I think we are OK.

Hannu Manninen

I will say that I think it is probably better that people aren't into fantasy sports where I work. It would become a major distraction.

Christian Williams

In this sport, ... you're nobody unless you're winning. I wouldn't be getting any attention if I wasn't winning. You have to make sure you're worthy of the attention.

Katherine Legge

People just have to have an open mind and a better understanding of the sport. People don't really understand it, and how it works.

Nina Daniels

We're a very elemental sport. It's just the athlete and the bird.

George Shea

Our girls are 13 and 15 now, but they've been active in various sports from when they were little. It's been a challenge to find things for them.

Donna Czysz

It was amazing to me that one competition could bring so much attention to the sport. When I'm on planes, I'd talk to people and I'd tell them I compete in the X Games. Some would know what it was, but maybe half didn't. But everyone knows about the Olympics. They're really like the X Games for the world!

Shaun White

I've done both sports since the sixth grade, so it was time to move on.

Michael Blair

We do have elite riders who show up on our rides, and if you're a guy like me who isn't necessarily an elite rider, but somebody who wants to get better, that makes you better. That challenges you. That was a way of exposing the sport to more people and challenging the people who want to be challenged.

Dan Butler

Athletes are somewhat leaders because they are in sporting events. But they have to do well at school to be looked up to in the hallways.

John Deneen

Lots of people make resolutions to try to spend more time with their dog, to try to take them to obedience class, to take them out for sports. It's the canine equivalent of promising that we're going to go out and exercise more ourselves, lose weight and be good and moral.

Stanley Coren

It's tough, you really just have to try your best in the school and sports together. You have to stay eligible and stay on top of your grades while doing your best in your sport.

Sean Martinez

He was far more than just an outstanding announcer. He was a great goodwill ambassador for baseball in Canada. His love for the game, which radiated through his words on the radio, captivated fans across the country and helped to grow the sport from one coast to the other.

Paul Godfrey

This is a completely new season. You can almost call this a different sport.

Sasa Cuic

We use it in playgrounds, day care centers, sports fields, it's in all climates, all locations and kids play on it.

Dale Karmie

Most kids, once they see it once are hooked. It's a physical sport, a lot of football players are interested in it, and every year we seem to get double the amount of kids involved.

Chris Arnold

What the administrators are trying to achieve is a conference where the same schools are in the conference for all sports, including cheerleading. We will have one set of common bylaws that all schools sports are abiding by.

Jim Spears

This is the one sport that we can do as a family, ... So when it was gone, we missed it a lot.

John Cartwright

Playing a playoff, it would be hard to do at this level. People are going to leave it all out there on the field, and it's such a physical game. It's such a physical sport. It would be hard to keep everyone healthy and available if you made it all the way to the national championship game.

Bryan Mcclendon

The fans are going to get quite a show. This is theater and this is living history, but it's also unscripted sports competition. It's not like a Civil War re-enactment. It's a real ballgame.

Jim Bouton

Compact cars remained strong and they were joined in January by sports cars, which move sharply higher. Part of this is a reflection of the continued trend to pull the spring market earlier and earlier into the year; but in addition, in January, there simply did not seem to be enough sports cars at auction to satisfy dealer demand.

Tom Webb

She transcends the sport. She transcends the sport, and growth in our sport is not coming from tennis fans. It's coming from entertainment fans. And because Maria transcends the sports pages, she's drawing new people to the sport.

Stacey Allaster

We will support them in their initiatives and help them to find the way, but now it's up to them to act. We wanted all 28 sports to remain on the program. Our position has not changed.

Denis Oswald

Tennis is a psychological sport, you have to keep a clear head. That is why I stopped playing.

Boris Becker

I play center-forward. I like working as a team. I love all field sports. It's just fun getting to play every day.

Jessica Haight

We are talking mostly cosmetic work at the Sports Arena and Coliseum, and we have so many more facilities, like Staples Center, that are available to us.

David Simon

Safety is not an issue (for women) any more than it is for a guy. They're going to be in condition for their sport.

Bill Demong

The covenant stops you from building sports facilities, which I said is not very helpful.

Richard Caborn

We need to do our jobs. That is the biggest thing. We need to hang on to the football and make our blocks. Football is a pretty basic sport and we didn't get the basics done last week. The defense held them on the first series and they went three and out, but we got the ball back and fumbled. The offense needs to get their jobs done.

Jamie Freeland

I knew it wouldn't be as fun, with all the road trips and none of your family or friends getting to watch you play. But I've been playing as long as I can remember. I just love playing the sport.

Ian Boydstun

Basketball is the only sport you don't have to travel early in the tournament.

Bill Fowkes

I take my hat off to how dedicated he is to the sport. He's always staying late at practice.

Joe Kosman

We try like crazy to get the kids to play more than one sport. It takes a special athlete to be able to play three, but two sports is more likely. It is hard to get kids to do it these days.

John Wrenn

We were really looking for people who had passion for sports. They are obviously a couple who are huge sports fans.

Larry Gifford

We want to transition our theaters from being traditional movie theaters to being community entertainment destinations, and what better way to do this than sports?

Shari Redstone

Around the Olympic Games, Dan will be a little bit of a celebrity in Carmel. But you're not sliding for the recognition. If someone were looking for fame and recognition, they might want to look elsewhere. We can't say we're on the same level of recognition as Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter — you do a sport because you love it.

Gordy Sheer

My campaign starts here in Gent. I just need a few races to arrive in my best shape in Moscow. I set new goals every year and I try to achieve them. That's what sport is all about.

Maria Mutola

We have several seniors from a lot of different sports.

Martin Brown

He brings a unique combination of enthusiasm for sports, concern for the student, experience in athletic administration, business experience and communication skills that are needed in today's complex world of intercollegiate athletics.

Wayne Clough

Hosting such a big national tournament really puts ASU on the map for women's lacrosse. It's also good for the club sports program.

Kerrilynn Gallagher

We didn't win because we had one kid that was a superstar. We won because we had a lot of good swimmers. That's how you do it in this sport.

Larry Swim

She just went down screaming. It was probably the worst sports injury I've ever seen. Her leg was at a 90-degree angle, from her knee to her ankle. It was snapped in half.

Kelly Kephart

After 20 years, it's emotional. Andre and the tournament are so interconnected. He helped keep the sport going when we had kind of peaks and valleys. When Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe left, up popped Andre and Pete Sampras.

Butch Buchholz

This is one of the most significant changes in the history of our sport. The World Marathon Majors Series marks the start of a new era of growth and excitement for our sport.

Dave Bedford

I think we can invigorate the place, just like we did at CBS Sports eight years ago.

Sean Mcmanus

We host a lot of regional sporting events. We work with the Park District whenever they bring a large group into town.

Christine Jeffries

I admire what she's done in the sport. She came out and had to fight her way in. She kicked the door open - 'Not only are we going to be here, we're going to win, so get used to it.' Now it's normal. This is not an issue in drag racing.

Melanie Troxel

Tie me kangaroo down, sport.

Rolf Harris

I kind of feel like I'm giving back to the sport I love so much.

Denise Brooks

Not everyone can play sports. Sports got me through high school, made me feel like there was a reason for living. Music can do that for some kids, but not everybody is into music or is a jock. Chess is an amazingly cheap way to capture a child's imagination and expand their brain ... there's a quiet confidence that comes from a kid learning how to play chess.

Ted Danson

There are more and more women competitors and handlers. In 1906 it was primarily a man's sport. It is now an all-round family activity.

Gerri Cadiz

It's like any other high school sport. Kids come out and you might get cut. That's how high school sports run.

Mark Landon

It was this elaborate dinner. After the dinner everybody is in the bar and Jack is going around buying drinks for everybody. Someone said to him, 'No cigars?' So Jack grabs someone and sends them to downtown Hartford to buy cigars. ... That was the kind of class he brought to the sport.

Pete Zanardi

I wanted to play baseball. That was probably my best sport, but I wasn't allowed to play Little League baseball.

Oliver Purnell

My dad really started to love football during my sophomore season, which meant a lot to me because he could see me playing a sport where I really excelled. I want to make my dad proud of me.

Julian Dalanhese

I really want to pursue the sport. I have set my goals to eventually play for Westerly High and move on from there.

Liz Cruso

I came here to win a medal. I know that anything can happen in our sport. I didn't want to finish fourth in the final. Finishing fourth, it's like losing.

Dominique Maltais

The Olympics really are much more than a sporting event  It really is an entertainment event and in that sense, it brings to the set a much more diverse audience.

Randy Falco

A lot of people oppose using tax dollars to finance a stadium because they live too far or have no interest in the sport. But if it can be demonstrated that the public has a potential use of a facility, then elected officials at every level would have a much better case for justifying public participation.

John Flint

People love to beat up on the poor umpire. It's like its own sport.

Art Hernandez

People didn't really watch us because we were outdoors, people watched us because there was dramatic activity going on. Like the Davis Cup, which takes place in the outdoors, but it really isn't an outdoor sport.

Gavin Harvey

These are what sports are today. This is what kids do, this is what modern people do for sports. It's a natural progression to me. This is what should be going on in the Olympics.

Peter Foley

The medals don't mean anything and the glory doesn't last. It's all about your happiness. The rewards are going to come, but my happiness is just loving the sport and having fun performing.

Jackie Joyner Kersee

It's a beautiful game. It's the ultimate team sport. Every player gets to share in the moment.

Paul Woods

[France's Amelie Mauresmo said the need for players to change during a match should be respected.] You see players in sports bras on the practice court anyway, so what's wrong? ... It's entertainment.

Amelie Mauresmo

I grew up in Baltimore. And yes, I am a big sports fan, especially when it comes to my local teams.

Josh Charles

That was a big loss for a lot of people here personally and professionally. For us as a team, it's very difficult to replace someone who saw where the sport could go and where it needed to go.

Cobi Jones

We are delighted to be associated with this new sporting venture. These are exciting times for Bahrain sport. It should be a good week of golf, with some real stars on show, and we look forward to playing our part in making it all happen.

Paul Yates

I think that gave us confidence that we could win titles despite our age. It was motivation for us to get it done in soccer, not just softball. It kicked off a little friendly competition between our sports. It was motivation to try and get in there and be able to do that for our sport as well. Jessica was a big part of that.

Peter Stogsdill

I feel like you have to be committed by doing it right in terms of female sports. Some people look at it like an obligation, but I look at it as doing something that's right.

Allen Ward

Growing up, softball was always my second sport. I decided at the last second to play.

Katie Mitchell

He did a great job. He's a strong guy. That he made it back as fast as he made it was really surprising. But his life is skiing. It's perfect for the sport, too. You need big stars like Hermann.

Christoph Gruber

But that weekend a Black Eyed Peas concert and sporting events are still being held.

Brian Pompeii

Luke has matured. His outlook has changed. He approaches the sport from a different point of view now. He was so aggressive. He'd come out like a maniac. Now he's smarter, more calculated.

John Stout

She is an exceptional athlete with the ability and true desire to excel. If she maintains her progression, energy and enthusiasm for the sport, it is limitless for what she can accomplish.

Jim Mcgowan

We've checked and that is the more or less the amount sporting franchises are getting.

Dave Emslie

It's not so extreme as long as you stay smart about it. You'll get cuts and bruises, maybe a sprained ankle, just like any sport. The best safety equipment is your head.

Ryan Ford

Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.

James Anthony Froude

I feel sorry for the position Korea is in, in the world of sports, because you have had a series of scandals. I hope it goes back to where it used to be in this meeting here.

Patrick Hickey

They also started girls' volley ball and had 44 girls sign up to play the sport with all finishing the season. That number decreased to 28 when the school added a dance team. Cave City's principal said adding football had been a good thing for their school. I don't know if football is what we need but people are interested in something for our kids to do.

Junior Wise

Ray is an experienced and talented leader, who will help us maximize the unprecedented sports sponsorship portfolio that we have built. He will be instrumental in developing and executing a well-integrated strategy that expands the ways in which we can drive solid business results from our sponsorship platforms.

Rick Parsons

He's incredible. He is by far the best skater out there today. In my opinion, he's the only guy who brought his 'A' game to this competition. It's great for our sport, it's great for speed skating in the U.S.

Kip Carpenter

At no time did I ever place a wager on my husband's behalf, other than an occasional horse race. My husband does not bet on any sport.

Janet Jones

Michael's a committed athlete. Loves the sport and has wrestled well. We've wrestled against the Eastern Slope schools in our region a lot this year and he's dominated in those matches.

Guy Brickell

It gets so intense when the kids are out there alone in front of the whole crowd. That's what I think makes it the best rivalry. It's a team sport, but each match is one-on-one.

Vince Bicocca

China isn't a heavyweight in winter sports and we need foreign experience and expertise.

Cai Zhenhua

Obviously, it's a great sports town, and it's a franchise that has had success at the highest level in the NHL. It's definitely a place that would be great to work.

Craig Button

Even the so-called 'gold standard' anti-doping programs designed for Olympic-caliber athletes are ineffective, let alone the inept programs that exist in professional sports.

Victor Conte

As people around it know, this is a demanding sport, and it isn't for everyone. The biggest thing kids can't handle is if they lose they don't have teammates to blame. It is all on them.

Sam Paul

It was not a difficult decision (to retire). The years are passing and you cannot prevent that. You cannot stay at the top of a sport all your life. I have been fortunate to continue for so long. I had a gift from God.

Jan Zelezny

Love the sport, love to shoot. We don't miss a single one.

Randy Butler

Obviously, I like the sport way too much to stop.

Ashley Felicelli

It is important that they are sporting sanctions rather than fines, which clubs have the means to pay.

Piara Powar

Hayward Field is hallowed ground in our sport and Eugene's vision for what they can do to connect track's past, present and future won the day.

Craig Masback

Every year is different in and of itself. At a highly competitive level, a Division I level or in pro sports, the difference between winning and losing is so minute. We won a bunch of close games last year. Things aligned.

Terry Zeh

This kind of programming falls in line with what we're trying to do at WACV. Terry has said he wants us to do more community programming, and sporting events like this are ideal.

Doug Amos

All sport... is one of the few activities where young people can proceed along traditional avenues, where objectives are clear, where the desire to win is not only permissible, but encouraged.

Spiro T. Agnew

It would be a great opportunity to be (in Austin) as a national cycling center instead of as a tenant at the Olympic Training Center. Our sport is beginning to ascend to the point where we need to have our own home.

Gerard Bisceglia

Never in my 20 years of coaching this sport have I had one player - let alone two - taken from a field via ambulance. The most painful, emotional night in my softball life.

Rick Hohenthaner

I know I've been in motor sport for 46 years and some might think it is time I grew up, but I am still here, despite smashing up my legs.

Willie Green

Golf is the only sport that a professional can enjoy playing with his friends. Can Larry Holmes enjoy fighting one of his friends?

Chi Chi Rodriguez

A couple of players will emerge. That would be a good thing for a sport with (marketing) room to grow.

Peter Stern

But there's still room for women, and what we see are emerging female athletes and female fans. This is all changing the modern American sports.

Peter Ueberroth

We all feel that today's announcement represents a major breakthrough for the sport. I think it's an opportunity for us to help officials and players while hopefully creating a bit more excitement and intrigue for all of our fans.

Arlen Kantarian

Very few people can sport this look. Unless you have a body as perfect as Jessica's, go for Bermuda shorts.

Kelli Delaney

You know there really aren't that many sports that the entire family can participate in.

Lisa Ward

This is what kids do. This is what modern people do for sports. This is a natural progression.

Peter Foley

I hope the sports authority doesn't take it for granted that when they run this deal up the flagpole we're all going to salute.

Carroll Robinson

The community didn't want this as a sports bar, let alone what it has become.

Cleveland Kent Evans

Women's fast pitch softball has demonstrated Olympic ideals and requirements. We continue to have our voices not heard by the International Olympic Committee to do what is just and fair for female athletes throughout the world who participate in the sport.

Dot Richardson

Today, I have signed a 'platinum chip' world-class champion whose persona transcends sports and approaches folklore in the Philippines. I feel privileged that Manny has chosen me as his promoter.

Gary Shaw

We're all fans of sports, so it's fun for us.

David Bryan

The commitment here, not only to education, but to winning and winning with integrity, is very important to me. We're going to educate and graduate student athletes and we're going to compete for championships in all sports.

Keith Tribble

It's special, especially in a team sport. It took a team effort to win. We weren't looking at this game as his 300th win, we just looked at it as our first game of the season.

Chris Abel

Being captain means more in hockey than in any sport. You wear that 'C' on your sweater, and you have an obligation to lead. Messier was all about that.

Dave Maloney

It's a tough part about the sport of soccer. You can really possess it a lot and do a lot of things right but you have to score goals.

Mark Heiderscheid

Not that it's not important, (but) it's not in the normal curriculum. It's not to do away with sports, it's figuring out some way to pay for them.

Tom Cochran

I always put emphasis on being a scholar before an athlete. An injury can end a sports career on any play, but putting academics first is always a safe bet.

Dave Demarkis

Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life.

Jackie Robinson

It's a professional sport. We play here together, but for two weeks we're going to be enemies. We're going to compete for a medal in the Olympics. That's going to be a little weird, but obviously, we've done it before. We're used to it.

Martin Rucinsky

A freak in my neighborhood. My father wasn't interested in sports.

Harry Lapow

It's our national sport, so this is the greatest.

Henrik Sedin

The Slippery Rock decision had nothing to do with our decision. We had ongoing talks about [dropping the sports]. It was just coincidental that it happened at the same time.

Kevin Fenstermacher

I think climbing is less a sport and more a hobby, and as such, I think everybody's a beginning climber.

Alex Lowe

I never thought we could do that. But anything is possible in sports.

Mark Streit

It's got to be the toughest match in wrestling, and it's where your guts come into play. You lose in a semifinal and you're going to be facing a guy who's won two or three in a row. It really comes down to 45 minutes of sports psychology.

Bob Stoll

The league is great, road trips and fans are unbelievable. There is no doubt that baseball is the No. 1 sport in Venezuela -- there is nothing even close. You have to deal with press here just like in the big leagues. The following is just like the big leagues.

Joey Cora

Kids don't play baseball and football like they used to. Alternative sports are on the upswing.

Joel Grover

It was just as close to Castleberry as it was to W.S. Neal and Castleberry had a very good basketball coach, ... I was into sports and loved basketball. They didn't have a football team. I was an above average student in a class of 19. I was able to get an academic scholarship to Jefferson Davis Junior College when I graduated in 1970.

Jeff Wilson

He can probably go big-time in either sport.

Rick Klimchock

This is a very hard business even if everything is cranking on all cylinders. You can talk to anyone working in minor-league sports. You've got to have a real passion for it.

Costa Papista

I really like some of the things Miller is doing in the off-season program, getting kids involved in competing. I'm real big on kids doing multiple sports.

Jeff Steinberg

They're paying for an image and for example, I'm with Cover Girl and they want an all-American clean, fresh person. I think I do a pretty good job, you know, and maybe you guys think it's being overpaid. I think , it's like, you know, being a sports star, you're an image.

Niki Taylor

In sport we have moved away from honorable behavior.

Sharon Stoll

They were all wonderful sportsmen and for many of them it was a chance for them to get away from Hollywood, the movies, entertainment, politics or sports. For me, The American Sportsman series was some of the best times in my life.

Curt Gowdy

I think that (playing UNC) gives credibility to our program. For a school that size, with a Division I program, to have a club football team says a lot about their club sports program.

David Hilton

What I focus on is not the ribbons and the trophies but the progress the girls make as athletes and people, developing a respect for the sport and for the other athletes. To me, that's what coaching is all about.

Sarah Robinson

Olympism is the marriage of sport and culture.

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Right now there's a risk in signing any baseball player, whether or not there's been a rumor about him or not. There's a dark cloud over the entire sport.

Jeff Chown

I think U High is a great place to teach and coach at. They asked me why I should be hired, and I think anybody who knows me will say I'm passionate about basketball, knowledgeable about the sport and enthusiastic about working with teenage athletes.

Laura Sellers

I think eventually it's going to a point where leagues and conferences will end up producing coverage of their own sports and use TV and the networks as a delivery vehicle.

Craig Silver

It's a great day for sport and fair play and equity in the Olympic Games. We frankly climbed a mountain here, and lo and behold we reached the top.

Michael Chambers

The Rockford area has promoted itself for leisure events and sporting events.

Tom Austin

With any sport, warm up. Don't just head out to the black diamond.

Colleen Mcelhenny

The people who did most of the crimes when I was growing up weren't really into sports. I got around a bunch of people who liked sports, had positive goals and wanted to do something good.

Charles Roberson

Being a fan and watching sports is sometimes characterized as a passive and individualized thing, but in fact it's a lot more social than that. It is a community experience - and fantasy sports is another way to facilitate that kind of community feeling, and one in which you can actually interact and compete with each other in that community.

Douglas Hartmann

[Some things haven't changed. Dagwood's unspoken motto remains: When in doubt, take a nap.] That's still his favorite sport, ... He loves napping and eating. He has a black belt in buffets. And he still can't get that raise from his boss. All those things are constants.

Dean Young

Pittsburgh has just a great sense of tradition in finding its heroes and holding on to its heroes, whether its sports heroes or musicians. We've just been able to become a part of that.

Greg Joseph

Excelling in sports has become as much a part of the American dream for parents as getting their kids into the best school and living in the best neighborhoods.

Rick Wolff

The denial of access in sports is almost commonplace. And that has an impact on reporters and sports editors.

Steve Klein

The spirit of the NASCAR fan has never been more evident than with the establishment of the Official NASCAR Members Club local chapters. Bringing NASCAR to a fan's hometown is one of the great benefits that the ONMC offers. Through the unfolding of this grassroots process, fans from all corners of America will now have a better opportunity to follow the sport in a more meaningful way.

Mark Dyer

Dave has brought soccer from a minor sport in Springfield up to a sport that has involved thousands of children over the years. Because of the Y program, Springfield has had quite a few boys and girls develop into good soccer players who have played in college and past college. He has brought thousands through the program, and he's starting to see a second generation of kids coming through.

Jerry Schwartz

Sports have games that parents can come and see, the community can be involved in it. The band has contests and plays at football games. There's not many opportunities for art students to display their gifts.

Barbara Anglin

Most sports stocks are not financial superstars.

Bill Smith

It's not lack of sports facilities, but lack of knowledgeable people in sports administration. If a player is physically fit, he would also be mentally fit.

Manoj Prabhakar

In 2002 the men swept the podium for the U.S., and that's the day snowboarding became a sport. I went to get my hair done a week after, and there were ladies who were 60 in the salon who knew what it was. It was amazing.

Gretchen Bleiler

This is the kind of thing that just pumps some energy back into the school, I don't care if you're a sports fan or not. It's double nice, too. For the first tournament in the brand-new arena, we've got a home team playing. Wells Fargo Arena is going to be a home-field advantage for Des Moines Roosevelt.

Phil Roeder

We have a lot of different schools coming from all over New England. Sport karate is becoming more and more popular.

Mark Huard