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So full of artless jealousy is guilt,It spills itself in fearing to be spilt.

William Shakespeare

Our peak flow policy puts a premium on stopping leaks and spills, improving treatment, and increasing public oversight.

Benjamin Grumbles

TREC has just opened things up for him. When he comes home, it's gleaming out of him; it spills over, ... That's why it's so important for us to continue.

Steven Armstrong

We are talking about activity 100 miles or more offshore that will not be seen, heard or smelled. No tankers, no barges, no spills. I live in a coastal state and I appreciate the need to protect our beaches, but this is no threat.

Thomas Skains

Two other areas where we utilize GIS are HAZMAT incidents (oil spills and affected areas) and Homeland Security. For example, during the Orange Alert following the London bombings, the county's Homeland Security Office and Emergency Operations Center went on 24-hour operations for all commuter transportation.

Harry Conover

The optimism is great, the phones are ringing, reservations are flowing in. The word is definitely out that it's going to be a good season. Anytime there's a good ski season that naturally spills over into summer. It's that liquid gold, the snow.

Kevin Meadows

He's very competitive in training and in games. His intensity is very good and sometimes it spills over, as you can tell.

Doug Allison

All of this demand can't be handled in the (rush) hour like it used to be, so traffic spills over, trails over into other hours.

Tim Lomax

They told us some areas with oil spills would not be inhabited again. In our subdivision, they're saying the structures won't be inhabitable again.

Leroy Alfonso

By conserving power and avoiding power outages we are all protecting Lake Tahoe by reducing the risk of sewer spills.

Steve Rogers

Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills, One man gathers what another man spills.

Jerry Garcia

It is definitely one of the largest spills in years. It was pretty significant.

Bernard Franklin

What is laid down, ordered, factual is never enough to embrace the whole truth: life always spills over the rim of every cup.

Boris Pasternak

We haven't really done a calculation on the fines or penalties, and again our focus is to really get the collection system improved, and to protect the environment out in Hawaii and to prevent future sewer spills.

Kathi Moore

It's being taken to a safe anchorage for inspection. There's no apparent damage to the cargo, no leaks or spills. There's an environmental team on standby to make sure we don't have any problems.

Mike Zampa

As far as I am concerned, two spills a month is more than enough to do something about it. It is a serious problem.

Tim Burke

The boom starts on the West Coast. Then the money finds Las Vegas and then spills over in Phoenix, and more recently, it's found Tucson. So local markets are really in a process of catch-up. Because we're late to the party, when the break comes, we should be able to see that first in California and Las Vegas.

Marshall Vest

By putting a dome on the tank, we can capture the air before it spills into the atmosphere.

Ray Platter

The course was changing throughout the day. It was warm in the morning and the course was soft, but as the second race approached, the cold front came in and the course began to ice up. There were lots of spills in the course of the second run, but they held tight and finished nicely.

Chris Smylie

Thank God that there's not that many big spills in that area. It's very light compared to here, but we're going to address every one of them.

Roland Guidry

Companies are suddenly deciding to report these discharges more openly now because they've got their covers pulled off; spills have gotten into people's yards.

Paul Gunter

There is ample precedent for the Security Council to take up the human rights and political situation in a country with as horrific a record as Burma, especially when suffering spills across borders.

Brad Adams

If they do these spills for three out of the nest four years then these guys are out of business.

Terry Andreessen