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Do not commit your poems to pages alone, sing them I pray you.


I sing of arms and of the man, fated to be an exile.


Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince:And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

William Shakespeare

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Chinese Proverb

I believe in the Bible. I believe that all good things come from God. I don't believe I'd sing the way I do if God hadn't wanted me to.' .

Elvis Presley

I sing all kinds.

Elvis Presley

Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.

Robert A. Heinlein

I don't really mind what people say about my love life or anything like that, but the one thing is that, yes, I do sing and write all my own music. That is something that I hold really dear. And yeah, I made a fool of myself in front of the world, but it was also great to pick myself back up and go on tour.

Ashlee Simpson

As an artist I come to sing, but as a citizen, I will always speak for peace, and no one can silence me in this.

Paul Robeson

All I've ever wanted to do is sing and I've always dreamed about having a career in music, ... There's no better label to achieve that goal with than J Records.

Mario Vazquez

No opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible.

W. H. Auden

I'm a huge NASCAR fan, ... I loved performing at the NASCAR awards banquet last year and I can't wait to sing the national anthem in November at the championship race in Homestead. It's a real honor to partner with NASCAR in promoting the cup challenge.

Scott Stapp

Played percussively, the piano is a bore. If I go to a concert and someone plays like that I have two choices: go home or go to sleep. The goal is to make the piano sing, sing, sing.

Vladimir Horowitz

I'm not a loud singer. I don't know what to sing.

Angela Lewis

She learned it all, she does it all. ... Everybody's doing everything. They're really singing on the set. We recorded their vocals with the orchestra before we shot, but then we had them sing live on the set, so that when I got to editing, I ... could use their recorded vocal or their live vocal.

Susan Stroman

Everybody said the same thing: 'Thanks but no thanks. Your songs just aren't hot enough for our artists to sing.

Keith Sweat

I sing seriously to my mom on the phone. To put her to sleep, I have to sing "Maria" from West Side Story. When I hear her snoring, I hang up.

Adam Sandler

When I am dead, my dearest, Sing no sad songs for me.

Christina G. Rossetti

If a thing isn't worth saying, you sing it.

Pierre Beaumarchais

Dope never helped anybody sing better or play music better or do anything better. All dope can do for you is kill you - and kill you the long, slow, hard way.

Billie Holiday

If you listen to Donny Hathaway, he had a lot of jazz elements in the way he sang, ... For me, the two styles borrow from each other so much that sometimes it's hard for me to make a distinction. When you hear Lalah sing the combination, that's when she really shines -- when she's allowed to dip into her jazz when she wants to and then get soulful and do the R&B thing.

Marcus Miller

We had a great response. I would say participation has only increased since then. We have over 30 student groups who read the 150 pages and want to sing.

Wendy Parkhouse

I still love to sing it.

Barbara Fairchild

I wanted to write for someone who had real pipes. She can sing.

Bob Costello

It was one-on-one. He asked me some American history questions, and I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance. At least he didn't ask me to sing.

Gwin Price

The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing.

Eric Berne

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

Robert Fulghum

What appealed to me about the whole production is how big it is. I don't do musicals because I don't sing very well. But this is the biggest stage thing I'll do that's not a musical.

Jeremy Sisto

The devil doesn't know how to sing, only how to howl.

Francis Thompson

It used to be that Madonna or Michael Jackson was going to be on the music award show or Barbra Streisand was going to sing at the Academy Awards, ... Those (entertainers) are going to draw huge numbers.

Jack Myers

We have a few people from the audience who will get up and sing while the bands are setting up.

Katie Marks

Tonight, we hear the voices of many cultures and sing and dance in celebration of our diversity.

Marcia Stein

To sing about freedom and to pray for its coming is not enough. Freedom must be actualized in history by oppressed peoples who accept the intellectual challenge to analyze the world for the purpose of changing it.

James Cone

They hear it come out, but they don't know how it got there. They don't understand that's life's way of talking. You don't sing to feel better. You sing 'cause that's a way of understanding life.

Ma Rainey

What ever you do, do not call her Mickey. She hates when people call her Mickey. Especially when you sing 'Hey Mickey' to her.

Tina Boutelle

Start with the practical logistics of having a 5-year-old sing this part. Plus, it's one thing to read about a 5-year-old doing these things. It's another to see them. ... I'm a mom. I had to listen to the mom alarm bell going off inside of me.

Linda Woolverton

Our choir director would always have us sing the slow, serious songs. You know, the songs that have an important message.

Blair Mays

Bring the good old bugle, boys! We'll sing another song.

Henry Clay Work

He's way sexier now. He melts your pantyhose. I could listen to him sing the alphabet.

Barbara Moses

We've actually rehearsed more for this tour than we've ever rehearsed in our lives. Matt is singing a lot of the vocal harmonies, and he's just killing it. The benefit of playing in a KISS cover band when you're 12 is that you learn to sing!

Stone Gossard

I had no idea why, but all of a sudden I wanted to sing, ... And I loved it. I didn't have a choice. I just gravitated toward it.

Johnny Mathis

We love karaoke and I take the girls there so they can sing.

Denise Price

Well, I can't (sing or dance). Actually, I sing like a seal and dance like your Uncle Leo at that wedding where he got up and went 'ya, ya, ya'.

Richard Dreyfuss

I just want to have a blast and watch people dance and sing. That's what success is to me. It's not the money, but the feeling you take home.

Ben Mcclelland

Well he's better than Jason Donovan, Pete - with reference to a contestant who Pete said couldn't sing.

Louis Walsh

I just couldn't sing them because I couldn't relate, ... I knew that I could be performing these songs for years and years and I didn't want to sing something I couldn't relate to.

Hope Partlow

[Adams knows her fans like to get intimate with her. Like to share their personal stories because they feel her singing about their lives.] I represent community because of the music I sing, ... It's not like on the one side is the artist and on the other side is the fans, because we're all connected through one thing, and that's Jesus Christ.

Yolanda Adams

We needed someone who could play like the devil and sing like heaven.

Scott Weiland

There's one piece of advice my dad gave me when he dropped me off at college. He said, "You've got the talent. You can sing and play guitar. That doesn't make you any better than anyone else."

John Denver

I don't think she can sing.

Kelly Osbourne

One of my friend's customers was celebrating his birthday, and Tim went over there to sing happy birthday to him.

Mickey Ciriello

So much of my career has been about saying things the way people say them, using melodies not that I can sing but that the people can sing.

Lionel Richie

Chris can sing a lot of different kinds of songs, so we can cover a lot of styles. But even he has limits. We won't be covering Antonio Carlos Jobim and singing in Portuguese anytime soon.

Adam Schlesinger

They're gracious enough to let us sing with them on the last two songs. This is an opportunity no Chorister will want to miss. It's a once in a lifetime thing for most of us.

Robert Ruggieri

We may sing a song, read a story, or play with a parachute during the last part of class. Some parents may even leave with their child during this portion if their child does not want to participate.

Linda Gajewski

In my ballets, woman is first. Men are consorts. God made men to sing the praises of women. They are not equal to men: They are better.

George Balanchine

While growing up in Birmingham around a lot of West Indian people, reggae and calypso were big influences early on but Otis Redding was the one person who made me wanna sing myself.

Roland Gift

It's really hard to sing and you have to pay close attention. You're basically forgetting most of what you've been taught about singing.

Melissa Garvey

It's bad poetry executed by people that can't sing. That's my definition of Rap.

Peter Steele

In our case, the characters all sing. For us, the singing becomes helpful because Tarzan will sing, in English of course, even before he's learned to speak because it's his inner monologue.

Thomas Schumacher

We want 'em to sing with us. We want 'em to sing out.

Sharon Scott

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.

Anne Rice

I didn't know if I was good enough to sing the song.

The Doors

The star had to sing about those beginnings and the other things he shared with people from those beginnings: simple, everyday problems of life and frustration and mainly miseries of the heart and the troubles that caused.

Chet Flippo

I've often been impressed with a girl Who could sing for her supper - and breakfast as well.

William Bragg, Sr.

Everybody was out every night. At the end of the night, everybody would converge at the Earl of Old Town because that was open late. I kept hearing about Tom Dundee. There was even a song of his printed in the Come For To Sing magazine. Of course, Tom was out of town at the time.

Chris Farrell

Novelists do not write as birds sing, by the push of nature. It is part of the job that there should be much routine and some daily stuff on the level of carpentry.

William G. Golding

That guy was Neil Sedaka, ... We also grew up with Carole King and Neil Diamond. We all grew up together and we would sing in each other's houses.

Jay Siegel

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing: Come back to me and forgive everything.

Moulin Rouge

It is essential to our well-being, and to our lives, that we play and enjoy life. Every single day do something that makes your heart sing.

Marcia Wieder

I never thought of myself as being a good songwriter. There are a ton of other people that are good songwriters, but I don't think I'm in the club. What I do well is perform, sometimes sing pretty good, and accompany myself well and arrange fairly well.

Alex Chilton

It has never been about me. It's about the girls. It's the songs we sing. It's about CCC and tradition.

Tom Typrowicz

What do they want me to sing?

Cherie Blair

We may sing an a cappella song--possibly two, probably not much more than that, ... We don't want to give people the wrong impression.

Justin Jeffre

J.D., you sing with passion, you're an amazing performer and you're great to watch.


And then there are comparisons to Dido. I don't sound anything like her! Dido can't sing.

Andrew Didonato

Where better than the church for people like me, George Jones and Johnny Cash to go to get ourselves in shape enough to sing a gospel song?

Marty Stuart

Rose-cheeked Laura, come; / Sing thou smoothly with thy beauty's / Silent music, either other/ Sweetly gracing.

Thomas Campion

Drama if I sing, drama if I don't sing. What do you do?

Monserrat Caballé

He's a great guy, absurdly talented, and he seemed ready to sing. It's these parts he can come up with, these ways of double tracking, these really unusual harmonies - I could listen to Antony all day.

Lou Reed

It's more than I ever though it would be. My dream was to stand on that stage and sing, and that's just icing on the cake now.

Gary Levox

We've gotten to write and perform some original pieces like 'Ports of Call' and 'Murder at The Met'. We've done a 'Messiah' sing-a-long, where hundreds of people from around the state gathered at church to be a part of a memorable event.

Paul Lee

Of course I'm glad I've become known for other things, but I'm not ashamed of my past. I look back on those times as being very exciting for me as a performer and, in fact, I still sing some of those songs today.

Maureen Mcgovern

I was onstage and I was shocked; it hurt so badly. I thought: Why am I doing this? Why do I sing about needing to get better so she'll come back? That's a real problem I have. I don't need to get better - I need to find someone who likes me the way I am, someone who finds Chris desirable.

Chris Carrabba

It was a lot of fun to be able to see things from another side. It was kind of nerve-wracking to sing at the audition, but it was OK. They've been very good to us, and Bart is probably just about one of the best people you could hope to work with in the theater business.

Travis Moore

It's a very difficult thing to sing and dance at the same time. Show choir is not at all what you think of when you think of choir. It's a lot of energy.

Brink Norton

They take away a lot of the deductions and credits that people have gotten used to, and we know that losers cry louder than winners sing.

Joel Slemrod

You got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly.

Hank Williams

You always feel better when you sing. Music touches people's hearts. You know, it doesn't go through your mental capacity, it just moves you and it will let you cry. It's worth it doing a show and when you touch a crowd and move yourself at the same.

Bonnie Jewell

He didn't think girls should sing or dance.

Meg O'connell

A lot of people don't know the song or sing it well, because they don't identify with it. They don't feel that sense of national pride.

Michael Fernandez

We all sing, but it's no secret, they really have the greatest voices out of all of us. And they sing wonderfully together, but the both can definitely stand alone.

Cece Winans

If we persist in that kind of a system of law virtually every business in America, big and small, is going to have to be run from Sing Sing, Leavenworth or Alcatraz.

Benjamin F. Fairless

There's no radio station in New York City where you can hear Sinatra sing 'New York, New York.' On XM you can.

Hugh Panero

She didn't even get to sing. They gave her like three seconds.

Sharon Williams

Every afternoon I listened to the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts and when I was four, I told my mother and father that it was my destiny to sing there, that I was going to sing at the Metropolitan Opera of New York City.

Dixie Carter

You can sing Gershwin for an entire evening and have an orchestra play Gershwin for an entire evening and never be bored because there are so many different approaches to things.

Rosemary Clooney

We're not a meeting, and we don't preach. We sit in a circle for an hour at a Friend's home and listen to a higher power through our silence. Some Friends groups have semi-programmed meetings where they read Bible verses and sing hymns, but not ours.

Loree Campbell

My parents were in the studio when we cut 'Let Me Try' and every time I sang it they started crying, ... I finally had to ask them to leave because I couldn't sing it while they were crying.

Hope Partlow

With Africa, we're talking about a nation battling through immense poverty and he can't quite get it together to sing a song. On that day he just seemed like an odd image.

Damon Albarn

When Paul and I were first friends, starting in the sixth grade and seventh grade, we would sing a little together and we would make up radio shows and become disc jockeys on our home wire recorder. And then came rock and roll.

Art Garfunkel

They cover for each other if one makes a mistake, ... Karen knows every song he's going to sing backward and forward. They work in concert. They blend together beautifully.

Don Fraser

Nowhere in the world would they put me on the dais next to Churchill to sing Hey-Yoya.

Haim Saban

I inhale the words and form a picture in my mind and try to sing the picture.

Fred Johnson

Aunt Dottie and Aunt Mae would get up there and sing the same song - 'I was drunk last night, dear Mother; I was drunk the night before.' They couldn't sing worth a darn, but they'd sing.

Joyce Gibson

There was a time we decided that it was songs that were done especially from my background because of the things we were dealing with, but nowadays, anybody who has a need, and can find the need, they can sing the blues.

Ruth Brown

I only want to sing things that I can feel and if I don't have a feeling for a song ... then I'll pass it over.

David Gray

I only record songs that I really like and believe in and can sing with conviction.

Trace Adkins

We islanders have songs to sing and stories to tell.

John Cousins

It really is a lovely time for the kids to get in a bigger ensemble and sing.

Sandra Irvin

Why not sing about him? ... He is the one man who has faced American arrogance and aggression and still helped us hold our heads high.

Omar El bashir

I don't want to be called 'the greatest' or 'one of the greatest'; let other guys claim to be the best. I just want to be known as a clown because to me that's the height of my profession. It means you can do everything-sing, dance, and above all, make people laugh.

Red Skelton

The group is planning to release it in the Philippines soon and after Manny's fight against Velazquez, he would return in October to sing the chorus.

Joe Ramos

You've got to bring the pain when you sing Joplin and you brought the pain.

Jake Gold

There is a long history in country music of songs celebrating drinking and lamenting drinking. Country songs for the most part have always been heavily rooted in reality. The first artists were the people next door. They would sing on their porch or in their living room or at a barn dance. They sang about what they knew, and a lot of that was drinking.

Chet Atkins

Why should I? When someone insulted Caruso, did he sing an aria for him?

Joe Louis

We're already seeing some companies yielding to pressure. But everybody is waiting for the big lady to sing, which is Exxon.

Fadel Gheit

He is one of the few people who can get on a stage in an arena in front of any audience anywhere in the world and and play original songs for hours (that) everyone would be familiar with and sing along to. The list of people whose music has this power could be counted on one hand, tops.

Rick Rubin

It looks like it?s going to be bigger than in Idaho. We?re already looking for people to sing and fill costumes. It?s exciting for us.

Mike Dillon

There's always been the educational process of teaching people that I sing, that I've sung all my life and that I'm not an actor who just decided to sing, ... I consider myself a singer first.

Tom Wopat

Tucson needs more of this. I just wish I could sing. I know all the words.

Kent Phillips

Each bird loves to hear himself sing.

Arapaho Proverb

It's become the thing to do when you're in Chicago — to sing during the seventh-inning stretch, ... Every day, people regularly ask, 'Who's pitching? And who's singing?'

John Mcdonough

But when he was away from the table, he liked to have fun. I remember how he liked to sing a song or two.

Duane Hanson

In my soul, humanity is a single part, a big gentle bird whose song I use to sing every early morning in the silence of the Universe.

Mariana Fulger

Lee Greenwood and Crystal Gayle sing Sunday.

Charlene Schultz

PILGRIM, n. A traveler that is taken seriously. A Pilgrim Father was one who, leaving Europe in 1620 because not permitted to sing psalms through his nose, followed it to Massachusetts, where he could personate God according to the dictates of his conscience.

Ambrose Bierce

When I sing I don't feel like it's me. I feel I am fabulous, like I'm 10 feet tall. I am the greatest. I am the strongest. I am Samson. I'm whoever I want to be.

Cyndi Lauper

I hate it when they make them sing after they get kicked off. Why turn the knife?

Ben E. King

I just love to sing. I'd have been here every week if I had known about it.

Rod Thompson

Go, forget me - why should sorrow, O'er that brow a shadow fling? Go, forget me - and to-morrow, brightly smile and sweetly sing. Smile - though I shall not be near thee; Sing - though I shall never hear thee.

Charles Wolfe

Being chosen to sing in the National Children's Choir is certainly an honor for any school.

Nancy Long

[McBride enlisted Dwight Yoakam to sing harmony vocals on] Heartaches by the Number, ... I Still Miss Someone.

Ray Price

The first group of songs which I give, on any program, are songs which I sing to please myself. They represent my musical taste.

John Mccormack

She takes studying very seriously. She always tries to do her very best. She also loves to sing.

Janaye Schmitt

I'm a soprano but I can sing alto, too. I've patterned my style after Faith Hill.

Mandy Rae

He's very good and this will be apparent from the piece he will sing by Vaughan Williams.

Robert Raines

On that show, I did country and some rock, too, whatever record I had out at the time, I'd sing that.

Wanda Jackson

We had one who wanted us to fly them from Australia and another who wanted a Met Opera tenor to sing during dinner. I said that would cost them $200,000!

Stephen Shapiro

People tend to dance much more easily than they can sing or play the piano. It's not hard to teach a person to do a good jitterbug. But it's hard to get them to sound like Sinatra.

Christopher Sharrett

The judge asked everyone if they could sing something more upbeat, more poppy. I don't think she liked country.

Angela Lewis

If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing.

James Matthew Barrie

REQUIEM, n. A mass for the dead which the minor poets assure us the winds sing o'er the graves of their favorites. Sometimes, by way of providing a varied entertainment, they sing a dirge.

Ambrose Bierce

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?

Rose F. Kennedy

It's a pleasant atmosphere and easy access, and they love the music. Some of them sing, some of them don't.

Bruce Baker

I really don't want to win right now. I want to sing more on stage.

Ashley Hubbard

If you're gonna sing, sing loud.

Travis Tritt

I build the songs up from scratch. Sometimes I start off with just a click, then add a drum beat, bass line and guitar sounds. When I've got the groove going, I'll eventually go into the song and sing it over the top.

Thomas Dolby

My God, I never heard a woman sing the blues like you sing the blues.

Willie Dixon

White people don't sing together very often, and when they do, it's about the celebrity of the song. The singing at my shows is all about harmony.

Ben Folds

We used to be invited on stage with our father's band to sing that song when we were children.

Henry Garza

I like bringing comedy to musicals. That's what's so much fun about this show, because the writers are so based in comedy. I've been able to make it dance and sing ? and keep building things ? in a way they're not used to. For me to be able to get people to laugh in dance is huge because it doesn't always happen.

Casey Nicholaw

I'd like to say it's German and they sing German songs on their porch, but it's not true, ... You see ethnic neighborhoods go downhill. This one went uphill.

Fred Schmidt

So let us build them shelves where They might fight among themselves and leave the people be who want to sing.

Bobby Darin

I dance and sing five hours a week. It makes it hard to get homework done, but it's worth it.

Kellsey Long

Yet do I marvel at this curious thing:/ To make a poet black, and bid him sing!

Countee Cullen

Oh sure, I can do that, no problem. Gain 30 pounds, sing a song, ride a horse, jump off a building, no worries.

Ashley Judd

Everybody can relate most of the time to the words that they sing. Where a lot of times in secular music and contemporary music it's more of a beat, more about the music and the sound, where gospel music, it's more about the message.

Richard Ferguson

I sing to the realists; people who accept it like it is.

Aretha Franklin

She gives them an emotional release. She gets the women in a circle, and of course the first thing they say is that they can't sing. But by the time it's over, some of them are pretty good singers.

David Rinck

[Through her Many Different Roads record label, Knight wants to reach out to others wanting a music career -- but there are rules.] Any upcoming artists who sing pop, R&B, or any other genre are welcome as long as there's no profanity in the music, ... We didn't do that in the '70s, '60s or '50s. And people don't have to do it now.

Gladys Knight

Suffice to say, I have waited for something I can sing and play with sheer truth, ... The band is great, Didz is grand, and I am feeling alive again. We will be playing live before you know it.

Carl Barat

What's real is your ability to sing, your ability to entertain the public, your goals to be the best artist you can.

Lesley Garrett

I was a kid from Oklahoma who never wanted to be a singer, but was told I could sing. And things snowballed.

Patti Page

I am particular about the seating of the audience-also about how much money they pay-but most of all where they are seated. If I am going to sing something intimate, who am I going to sing it to?

Nina Simone

I listened to Billie Holiday a lot in order to learn to sing. She remains one of the extraordinary jazz singers. But my intent is to become my own voice, to be able to interpret these songs in my own way.

Madeleine Peyroux

If I can talk, I can sing.

John Raitt

We don't see Iraq the way you see it on TV. That's what we want to tell people. We're the same as you, we can sing, we can speak different languages.

Hassan Ali

Lift up your heads, ye people, lift up your faces, too, open your mouths to sing His praise, and the rain will fall on you.

Aimee Semple Mcpherson

One of the songs I'm gonna sing is 'We all in the same boat brother. You rock it too far to the right you fall in the waddah, rock it too far to the left you fall in the same waddah, and it's just as wet on both sides.'

Huddie Ledbetter

I think that one of Elvis' charms was that he could sing almost any kind of music. I am sure that in his heart, which I don't know what was there, but just from his singing I could feel that he was very partial to gospel music.

Patti Page

The families will all get free admission to the fair and show. And we've asked Miss Vincent to sing them the national anthem.

Patsy Brooks

I write and sing about whatever I am able to understand and feel.

Bill Withers

O for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer's praise!

Charles Wesley

I get to sing the melody part.

Collin Lapp

Do people from the dining room get up and sing? Oh, yeah ? big time.

Linda Palermo

We sing anywhere we can, because we like the experience. Music is important to both of us.

Lance Mullins

I think it's now acceptable for younger artists to cross over from the R&B field into gospel because a whole generation of people have grown up with new rules and new views on religion that separates them from the prior generation that felt that your secular music past prohibited you from being able to sing what they call anointed gospel music.

Bill Carpenter

The toughest question has always been, 'How do you get your ideas?' How do you answer that? It's like asking runners how they run, or singers how they sing. They just do it!

Lynn Johnston

The songs just sing themselves to me. They kind of write themselves. I just stand back and listen.

Cindy Walker

But I always really loved to sing and I felt like I should try to figure out a way to have more time for that in my life. It ended up being a career but I never anticipated that several years ago.

Laura Cantrell

I always loved to sing so I was going to be the singer. We were looking for a drummer and having problems finding one, so one time, I was messing around on the drums and they just taught me a simple drum beat. Ironically, it was the beat to 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll.' They said 'You can keep a beat and you can sing.' It's funny how things work out.

Laura Baca

I used to sing on the school bus everyday.

Bobby Valentino

I sing the sweets I know, the charms I feel, my morning incense, and my evening meal, the sweets of hasty pudding.

Joel Barlow

I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing.

William James

Honesty and courage. Also, neither of them can sing a lick. She'll be the first to admit she can't carry a melody line.

Sam Shepard

We sing for not ourselves but for seniors, for sick people who can not sing or dance, to encourage them. There have been a lot of changes in the Indian country but the values are the same about love, respect, honor and art of living.

Michael Jacobs

I've heard him sing at his house. We tried to catch one of his shows, but we didn't make it. He's pretty good, though.

Collins Harris

I don't know of any other band that has two vocalists that can sing together without competition.

John Doe

It's up to the audience, ... I don't sing any more and I don't dance at all. But I have a 50-year career. Bring it on but have some class.

Robert Conrad

I would sing softly, and if the people at the next table would want to hear what I was doing, they'd have to call me over and give me a tip.

Alberta Hunter

I knew Bobby Dylan back in the days when he lived in the village. He used to come and see me and sing songs for me, saying they ought to go into my next collected book on American folk music.

Alan Lomax

I work on my voice through what I have to sing.

Bryn Terfel

Do it right or don't do it at all. That comes from my mom. If there's something I want to do, I'm one of those people that won't be satisfied until I get it done. If I'm trying to sing something and I can't get it, I'm going to keep at it until I get where I want it.

Ray Charles

It's amazing hearing her, ... How many of these little untalented pop tarts can't really sing.

Pat Benatar

Miranda: I just got Brady to sleep.Dr. Leeds: Now, do you sing to him?Miranda: Only if he's been bad.

Cynthia Nixon

He would sing 'Happy Birthday,' and he would sing in the loudest, most obnoxious, off-key tone. For him, every day was a birth day.

Dusty Rhodes

In the olden days, everybody sang. You were expected to sing as well as talk. It was a mark of the cultured man to sing. To know music.

Leonard Bernstein

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

Langston Hughes

I really didn't intend to sing it, ... It happened like it did with the songs from 'Charlie' and 'Nightmare.' I always cut the songs myself doing all the voices. In 'Charlie,' I didn't count on doing all of them but it just worked out that way.

Danny Elfman