It was cold out there, bitter, biting, cutting, piercing, hyperborean, marmoreal cold, and there were all these Minnesotans running around outdoors, happy as lambs in the spring.

Charles Kuralt

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland

Suffering is one very long moment. We cannot divide it by seasons.

Oscar Wilde

We're pleased to have reached an agreement with Brenden for the next two seasons. He's a valuable part of this club's future and we expect he will continue to anchor our young core of players. We're very excited to have him in the fold.

Doug Armstrong

Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

We're just finishing up and the season isn't over yet. We're not making the playoffs, but the season's still going on. We still want to compete until the end and we've got no more games left.

Monta Ellis

We beat a rival in what I thought was a classic game. But we can't settle. The season's only half over, and there's a long road ahead.

Bobby Byerly

The players are getting along well and you can see it when they are on the pitch. We have learned a lot over the last few seasons.

Florent Malouda

We've never had a coach for two seasons. We've heard all about the videos that Mr. Loughran watched to learn about soccer.

Heather Brown

With one of the most ambitious seasons in recent history planned for the Canal System in 2006, it seemed only fitting to have the canals open ahead of schedule so that more people could come out to take advantage of this tremendous resource.

Carmella Mantello

Other proposed extended seasons have been zoned. Individual counties could opt out. We are definitely opposed to this extended season.

Ricky Kelly

It's been 12 seasons on the World Cup tour and I needed a break from it all and still be able to perform at my highest level. It was the perfect plan from the start.

Todd Lodwick

Charlie is an explosive scorer. He has been the leading scorer in Italy and Spain the last two seasons. We like the versatility and depth Charlie adds to our backcourt.

Larry Harris

I think we're ready to play. I think our team is focused and I think we all realize we have a lot to play for in terms of future seasons.

Steve Slaton

We hope (last season's) experience makes the difference. We feel like we're a better team. And we know the ropes a little more this time.

Nic Wise

Tom gives us quality depth at the goaltender position. We have liked what we have seen from him the past two seasons.

Craig Billington

The emergency we face in the Horn today is the result of successive seasons of failed rains.

Holdbrook Arthur

Timeliness is an issue. Oysters have two reproductive seasons, spring and fall. We missed last fall and this spring, and we don't want to miss this next fall. Each season represents $125 million, and recovery is harder each season we miss. We have two or three months to get the debris cleaned up.

Mike Voisin

I certainly hope we don't see one, but I also realistically know that the way the hurricane seasons have been going ... the more active seasons ... for me it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

Joe Thomas

There seems to be, from the last two hurricane seasons, growing concerns out there. We'll have growth, but it may not be as good.

Bud Nocera

We look to continue to build up to be a team in playoff contention. We have a tough schedule, but we have experience against some good teams over the past couple seasons.

Scott Yates

Glen has done a tremendous job for us over the past three seasons. We feel Glen has put the Wranglers on the map and he is the coach that can bring a championship to Las Vegas.

Charles Davenport

Haven't played in a game since. These last two seasons have been a bust for me.

John Peel

Now that the season's over, I'm just going to work out, try to get better.

Keven Campbell

In two seasons, I'll have the forage equipment paid for. Used equipment is hard to come by around here, so it's very expensive.

Steve Wolfe

In the past couple of seasons we've been in a situation where one of our better performances comes in preparation for the national qualifier. With these new regulations, we feel like we'll have an even better shot of rounding out our numbers and entering the championship field.

Keith Miller

I have to be very happy with the game. We set out to achieve one of our season's objectives by reaching the cup final, and produced another good performance.

John Rees

This has been the remarkable thing about the fans in Chicago, they keep drawing an average of a million-three a year, and, when the season's over and they've won their usual seventy-one games, you feel that those fans deserve a medal.

Harry Caray

Compared with other seasons, this has a broader appeal. There's something for everyone, from seniors to 20-year-olds.

Christian Wolf

The last three seasons have seen belts becoming bolder and more intricate. Next year will just be a continuation. Embroidered belts and shoes will be everywhere.

Sanjana Jon

It was the one big positive from last season that two good young midfield players emerged to maybe take over from Patrick. For the last two seasons I think Patrick dipped below his own standards.

Lee Dixon

I have no idea. I'll think about that when the season's over.

Marshall Brown

They have beaten us four times in the last two seasons and it's about time we turned the tables.

Nick George

This win is a real tribute to our kids. We lost a lot from last season's team and these kids really put in the time during the summer in order to get back to this point.

Jason Dominick

This intensification has been proposed and would logically seem to result in more flooding and more intense tropical storm seasons. But over the observational period, those effects are just not borne out by the data in a consistent way.

Thomas Huntington

I think the veteran guys will adapt to their new roles. We have some promising young players, who will need to have solid seasons.

Chuck Schoolcraft

Right now, we're still looking. We've gotta find out real soon because the real season's about to start. We've got to get ready.

Clinton Solomon

The '04 version is one of the greatest comeback seasons in Cal State Fullerton history.

George Horton

These race teams are in the midst of preparing for a very important part of their seasons. But we would hope to see four or five of the cars here for the test.

Brett Bodine

It was a good combination. Blauser can swing the bat a little bit, and I can play defense. For five or six seasons, he'd play the first six innings and I play the last three innings.

Rafael Belliard

Financing the transfer is impossible. We could only justify the move if we were guaranteed to play in the Champions League for the next three seasons. There is no guarantee of that.

Rudi Assauer

This season's schedule came together over the last few weeks, and we hope that our fans are as excited as we are about the events offered for the upcoming season.

Mike Graham

It feels good, I guess, to live up to expectations, ... But the season's nowhere near over, and we're trying to get better.

Justin King

The whole fishery could be delayed or not happen. I doubt there will be anything like last year's seasons. I think that would be pretty optimistic.

Chuck Tracy

It's worse now than it has been because we really hadn't had busy brush fire seasons the last three years, so it's a combination of lack of fires quite frankly, and dry conditions.

Victor Hill

Our kids needed this win. We were coming off a tough loss last week and we've had three straight 4-6 seasons. We really needed this one.

Jeff Berry

Peter is a very talented young goaltender. He has developed very well over the past three seasons in Hershey.

Craig Billington

When these seniors came here, we were 2-22 and 1-and-something. They helped put Waukegan basketball back on the map and get the respect back for our program. I'm proud to have been able to coach them for the past four seasons.

Brian Colbert

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter.

Billy Connolly

This is the fifth year we have sponsored the Outdoors Show, reinforcing our position at the very heart of the outdoor leisure industry. With a constant eye on technological innovation in our data collection, production and distribution, we are ensuring that our maps and digital map data are an essential part of exploring the great outdoors - in all seasons.

Vanessa Lawrence

How do you spell 'disaster'? This looks like one of those real Murphy's law seasons.

Nick Furman

Jonathan has cut and blow-dried his way into popular culture and our viewers have embraced his journey over the past two hit seasons. It's real life drama at its best and we're excited to see what Jonathan will do next in this documentary peek at his personal and professional life.

Lauren Zalaznick

Going through the bad times the last three seasons not making the playoffs and right now still cheering for us.

Maxim Afinogenov

Good intentions are at least, the seed of good actions; and every one ought to sow them, and leave It to the soil and the seasons whether He or any other gather they fruit.

William Temple, Sr.

The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.

Arthur Rubenstein

From everything we're hearing from the sportsmen of Pennsylvania, I think it was loud and clear they wanted to see some changes in seasons. Obviously they're not going to be happy at all.

Greg Levengood

I've been battling with these guys for five seasons. I know the intangibles of going against them. What I've learned being here for a couple of days is that it's professional - their guys work. ... That's why they are where they are.

Arturo Freeman

She was our hero of the day. Our team is improving weekly and is right on target for many season's best swims at districts next month.

Deb Mandeville

Those guys (Notre Dame) are a different team than the one we played the last three seasons. They're more organized, and they played hard for four quarters. They were definitely more than we expected.

Josh Henderson

It?s really tough for a guy to be able to compete that hard and that consistently throughout four seasons like he has. Being able to even get in 30 matches in a year is amazing because not everyone can do that ... the body is just not that durable.

Mike Ritchey

The rate increase is necessary to protect our customers from losses arising from future storm seasons, similar to 2004 and 2005.

Ryan Priest

There is an end in sight here. I think 10 [seasons] is a good, round number.

Mike Judge

We don't anticipate that we'll completely abandon that. The new brand is much broader. It addresses all four seasons and covers the state from top to bottom.

Tracie Cayford

A Drug For All Seasons.

David Ellefson

He is a world class athlete who has worked hard in his five seasons as a professional to refine his game and to become an elite player.

Curt Johnson

My season's been really good so far and this is the best way to (almost) finish it off. This gives me some confidence for the worlds.

Travis Smith

Everybody is getting down on Daunte. It's the same guy that's thrown for 3,000 yards in three seasons. Same guy who's been to Pro Bowls. ... Brett Favre has thrown interceptions, and he's kept going.

Marcus Robinson

Flu seasons change widely in severity. We don't know if this was a severe season or not. This (study) is really a benchmark for future seasons.

Niranjan Bhat

Four Seasons - Four Directions.

Kathleen O'brien

This is the first time in the history of the school that a team has gone to the Final Four in back-to-back seasons. This team has set history. I can't tell you how proud of them I am.

David Pickard

He said when he came he would give us two seasons of everything he had and he continues to do that.

Des Hasler

Molly is probably our most improved player over the past two seasons but she still has big strides ahead. She can cause problems by slipping behind the defense and we could see her get a few more goals as her finishing skills continue to improve.

Randy Waldrum

We are coming off our worst defensive effort in my five seasons here. We don't expect our press to get a lot of turnovers. But we normally see that it affects shooting percentages late in the game and wears on people.

Todd Borrison

He has performed consistently well for Llanelli over the past seven seasons and he is looking forward to getting out there on Saturday.

John Connolly

In qualifying, we all went out together and stayed together, in a huge, four-car draft. It turned out that Brandon Davis got the best run and earned the first pole position by a rookie driver in many seasons.

Peter Cunningham

We've got some individuals that are putting together some really good seasons. Ramsey is a freshman and he's placing in varsity tournaments for the first time.

Reggie Wax

This was just like this whole season's been.

Tyoka Jackson

Our season's not over yet. We know that. We'll bounce back.

Nastassia Alcius

The season's not over by any means. As long as we come out and play hard like we did tonight, it gives us a chance to win. And that's all I'm asking of them.

Wendy Hedberg

It's been difficult for a lot of players to move up the ladder the past couple of seasons.

Matt Walton

We're just playing well as a team. The kids work hard every week in practice. We're off to a good start but the season's really long and there's a lot left to accomplish.

Joe Mello

I do swimming, but that's only two seasons out of the year.

Brian Payne

We're excited to get back on the field and build upon last season's success, ... Obviously, our expectations will be higher this year, as we return a solid core of veteran players. The schedule will have us well prepared to make a run at the postseason.

Tony Rossi

The season's gone really well but we're now in the important part.

Mick Carroll

It's certainly reasonable to expect above-normal hurricane seasons for the next decade or perhaps even longer. It's not a matter of if more hurricanes are going to hit the coast, it's simply a matter of when.

Gerry Bell

Josef is coming off two very good seasons and is approaching the prime of his career. We are very happy to have him signed to a multiyear deal.

Jim Rutherford

If you can announce the seasons or the birth of a child, you can certainly announce the reasons for the birth of a nation.

Luke Lirot

Another cause which aggravates taxes is the force of paying them in money at a certain tinge, and not in commodities at the most convenient seasons.

William Petty

These next two games are really going to tell what the season's going to be for us. We need to make sure we line up Sunday and do what we really need to do, or we find ourselves letting the season slip through our hands.

Danny Barrett

I don't really care what record it was, so I was happy it was the relay. It was my last swim in high school ever, so it was like a great finale to four wonderful seasons.

Brittney Iverson

She is only a freshman and as the season's gone, she has gained confidence. Right now she is on fire. She is tearing it up from the downtown, but it takes more to win.

Stacia Rustad

Hopefully this will turn a three- or four-month club into a four-seasons club.

Dennis Cox

[That would be fine with Ellin, as well. Saigon is slated to appear on the current season's last two episodes and return next season.] We'd love to be a breeding ground for new music, ... I'm hoping that Saigon becomes a big star in the next four months. If he wants to come back, we're definitely going to bring him back.

Doug Ellin

We had been very disappointed in the last couple of years, no question about that. But we were determined that we would recruit and turn it back around, and we look forward to the next couple of seasons.

Lynne Agee

That's how the season's been going. We usually get the early lead and then somehow relinquish it.

Ben Winter

Sitcoms, which are based on character relationships, build a rapport with audiences over many seasons in a way that movies just can't do, ... The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows.

Tim Brooks

Maybe 10 or 12 popular artists have been introduced into popular music since the show's debut, and it's only four seasons in.

Barry Jeckell

We're having one of our best seasons. This meet (vs. Churchill) should be another good one.

Randy Ferguson

Let Them Book the Four Seasons.

Marie Antoinette

Third place is very satisfying. We've had some tough seasons and to have the seniors go out like this is awesome.

Chris Bolt

We tend to concentrate our volunteers in the two dry seasons, spring and fall. The worst things are rain-outs.

Richard Hulbert

This may well be one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record.

David E. Johnson

It's cool to break the record, but I was hoping to get the win. It's something that will be nice to reflect on once the season's over, but right now I'm worried about the team and winning games.

Caz Piurowski

It has been a goal of our program to recruit the best distance runners in Ohio. The past two seasons we have qualified for the NCAA championships with a roster made up of Ohio only athletes. I feel we got the best this year and am very excited to add him to a very young team.

Robert Gary

If you compare that with 30 or 40 years ago, that's a major shift in the frequency and intensity of bushfire seasons.

Kevin O'loughlin

It would be great for him to win it in consecutive seasons after doing so well at Porto. We've got a long way to go but we've got a chance. If anyone can do it, it's our manager.

John Terry

That's the good thing since Christmas, we haven't had to rely on one player. For 2 1/2 seasons, we had to rely on one player. If they were hot, we were hot. If they were not, we were not. It's been really nice to have five, six, seven, eight guys to throw at them. I'm very proud of them.

Brian Rea

I am going to miss playing with Nikki and Melo. It was amazing playing with them in such a short time. Three 20 win seasons is something.

Ryan Coleman

There are a lot of managers in this league that would love to have a veteran presence in their line-up like Harry, especially when he's coming off one of his most productive seasons. I feel very fortunate to have him back and I'm sure the Winnipeg fans feel the same way.

Rick Forney

She will be an asset for us on either flank of the defense because of her speed and quickness. That is an element we have lacked in past seasons. That speed gives her the ability to join the attack and serve crosses into the box.

Bill Solberg

I want to thank Sean for his contributions to our program the past two seasons. Everyone associated with our program wishes him the best of luck in the future.

Dale Layer

Our season's not over. I want the guys to learn from this that, if we're going to make a run in late March, we're going to have a game like this one, and we're going to have to make a play.

Sean May

He's probably as celebrated a player that's ever been here in any sport. It's been neat so far that he's been able to play the last two (seasons) because we only had him half a season the first two. You can look at his stats, and see he's one of the better quarterbacks in the country, and he has been the past two seasons.

Watson Brown

I don't know if this program has arrived yet, but it's very close. We've had at least six wins the last three seasons, and that hasn't been done around here since the 1930s. The seniors feel like we have given this program a good foundation to build on.

Tim Mcgarigle

That was a big accomplishment for them. They all seem to be playing well together, and we have a lot of youth and depth, so that's encouraging for the next few seasons.

Budd Booth

It means so much to our program at Hartford, not just to get a win in the NCAA Tournament, but to get a win over a top-25 program that's been nationally ranked for two seasons. I thought we had a good game plan and stuck to it.

Jennifer Rizzotti

I was just answering the phones, and the gentleman on the other end wanted to know when softball season was going to start. It was the fall, and he had a couple seasons to go. I told him what I knew about it, and he wanted to know where he could get the information. Then he told me he was calling from overseas.

Linda Watson

As far as I can recall, the least we'd had were 25 people in previous seasons. We've had bad sales, but never like this.

Carlos Gonzalez

It's basically a two-week spring festival. And it features the season's best skiing.

Vicki Baumann

We've had some big seasons and some special seasons. We're looking for a big season this year. We're a young team, but we've got a lot of heart.

Garrie Colhoun

The first thing people look at with Four Seasons records is the vocals. But for me, the drum fills and rhythms are as much a part of it as anything. They're the base on which the harmonies were built.

Bob Gaudio

I want to thank Chris on behalf of our entire organization for his eight seasons in Kansas City. He is a very talented player and an even better person. We wish he and his family all the best.

Curt Johnson

The addition of new Four Seasons properties has been, and will continue to be, a key component of our growth program. We continue to see a strong pipeline of new opportunities for Four Seasons and are working actively with our various capital partners to bring new projects to locations around the world.

Kathleen Taylor

This is the second-biggest season for a lot of retailers. There are other seasons for shopping and buying, but as a specific holiday, Valentine's [Day] is at the top of the list.

Rich Riley

I've a contract for two more seasons, with the last year being an option which is down to me.

Roberto Carlos

I've never seen one player demand so much attention. He has changed this season's defensive philosophies in an attempt to slow him down. I've never seen it happen to someone this young.

Tony Fannick

“We divide it (wrestling) into two seasons and we take both seriously from the get-go.

Lee Reichert

On paper, I like the team that we've put together. Then again, I've felt the same way each of the past six seasons. But I like this group that we have assembled, and I think we may be even stronger by opening day.

Don Maloney

I thought it was a hoot. It's kind of too bad that you get the enthusiasm right before the season's over.

Laura Wood

To me, one of our biggest accomplishments has been going undefeated (11-0) in our division on the road for the last two seasons. If you do that ? no matter what kind of a league you play in ? you should be in pretty good shape.

Chuck Ramsey

During the last three to four flu seasons, the public health department has had difficulty in obtaining the flu vaccine.

Lorenzo Carmon

We are pretty much the same team as last season. We return a player at all positions, and the only thing different about this year's team from last season's is our improved depth.

Coach Richard Grissom

The interesting thing is we've got a lot of returnees, but not a lot of them have had seasons at the Diamond. Offensively, we all have to [readjust] because it does play so much different. Where it really magnifies is your defense in the outfield.

Paul Keyes

He's been there and done it (NRL first grade with Souths). He's had a great year for us. He came back to help out. Even the experienced first graders like Brad McManus, who has five or six seasons in first grade, look up to Pete. We've got a great pack with Wes Coe, Brock plus Mark Macauley and Aaron Mitchell.

Luke Taylor

This is expected to be one of the worse hurricane seasons, and so far they're right and we're only halfway through it. All you have to do is pose the question: What if you had another monster storm in another few weeks, just as things are starting to come back on line? I don't know how you would avoid recession in that environment.

Hans Olsen

We always enjoy the games between us. We always have great contests. Larry and I have been best friends for 20 seasons out here.

Byron Allen

I'd like to stay here, too. I've been here before but this is my first experience of living in Connecticut permanently. I know people here. and I like the change of seasons.

Anthony Jones

I went through seven hurricane seasons. We went through the drills.

Michael Lomax

It's gutsy of Jean to give up a lot of the inner workings of the beauty industry, the way we all go to press lunches at the Four Seasons and still complain about it. The way she captured the surreal world we live in is very humorous.

Didi Gluck

A lot of people get detached from nature by staying in their homes, offices, cars, etc.. I wanted to get in touch with nature and the natural elements of the seasons and how it affects us all.

Peter Jenkins

John is a very emotional player, and early on would get out of control. Not to the point of hurting the team but hurting himself. His production has matured the last two seasons because his maturity has seen a gradual increase.

Robert Worthy

We have known for a long time, even before the disastrous hurricane seasons of the past two years, that this was an issue that needed to be addressed. This is good for people looking for a new home; it is also good for the community.

Harold Muxlow

We've got a pretty good feel for this team. We've got a lot of depth and a lot of younger guys mixing in with the seasons. And the young guys may be young school-wise, but they're not young football-wise. They can play.

Mark Hackett

I can use models and speed up time and show them how the sun moves across the sky and they can see the seasons change. It's like putting them in a time machine. They can see 24 hours in a matter of minutes. You can't do that in a classroom.

Carrie Zaitz

The seasons could resume depending on the findings. But the allegations are troubling enough that we don't want anything to go forward until we get the facts of the matter.

Janet Walsh

The staff selections were based on the coaches' appearances in the playoffs during past seasons. There is a lot of experience on these two staffs, which should make for a highly-competitive game.

Steve Bailey

The return at ABC is underway. They've had a few back-to-back good seasons.

Peter Goldman

We did have champagne in Pittsburgh that we were going to break open, not for a champagne party but for a toast, ... We were going to have a champagne toast to put losing seasons behind us and look at the winning seasons ahead of us. We didn't pop it open because we didn't win another game.

Milwaukee Brewers

Gary is going to go back to Plymouth and his future has yet to be decided. It is down to Plymouth and Gary. He has been a very good player for us but I also understand that he has been here on loan for two seasons.

Alex Inglethorpe

The sale is done between organized sporting seasons to not interrupt any team play.

Barbara Diskin

Is this going to be a rest stop or a Four Seasons resort?

Jim Kenyon

I think it will be pretty weird not to see that number 29 with the last name Madison on it, for not only myself but a lot of the fans that have been supporting him for the last nine seasons. It will be very strange.

Travis Daniels

Yeah, there's not much we can do about it now, the season's over.

Wade Belak

I've always thought of myself as an Expo. I probably had better seasons with the Cubs. The fan base and the bleacher bums at Wrigley Field were so enthusiastic compared to later years with the Expos.

Andre Dawson

It feels wonderful right now, it feels great, but I just want to keep on working hard. Our season's not over yet.

Jarrid Famous

We get a huge crowd of people that come, but the slopes never get too terribly crowded because a lot of people just come to hang out and kind of celebrate the change of the seasons outdoors.

Bill Swain

Kevin has got one and a half seasons to go so we are not silly enough to sit back and say that we are not going to do anything.

John Wardle

Things came together at the end. I jumped a season's best so I am happy with that.

Mark Boswell

We just made mistakes, and it was costly mistakes. It's disappointing, the season's over.

Dema Kovalenko

These let you design your own dress based on this season's latest fashion trends for half the price of department stores.

Heidi Zimmerman

There are only two seasons -- winter and Baseball.

Bill Veeck

It was difficult for us to close games out. It's something we learned from and hopefully something [that will change] next year. I'm encouraged [by this season's progress].

Chuck Driesell

The last two hurricane seasons have been wakeup calls. Clearly, the world is changing and we must respond.

Brian Pozzi

We know they're a great team, but we don't worry much about rankings. We've played our share of quality teams over the last few seasons, so we have a pretty good idea what to expect.

Richard Rose

They have won it the past several seasons and I know they are really looking forward to starting those matches.

Doug Ross

So there is enough evidence to suggest that the one-week closure between our second and third seasons is not enough to get the birds back.

Todd Sanders

My body was taking quite the beating. In the Big Ten, you don't get a week off. The last few seasons we had the bye week at the end of the year. Now to have it right in the middle of the Big Ten season, it's a big help. It's pretty nice timing.

Tony Brinkhaus

We've recently had some very active hurricane seasons. Even though we've been spared from hurricanes over the last several years, we have to be prepared for the one that does make its way to Long Island.

Victor Cassella

I don't know much about them. We've played them before (in previous seasons), and we've beaten them. We just want to go out and play and see if we can make it to the state tournament.

Dominik Mcfadden

Previous research and an independent scientific review have confirmed our harvest estimates are valid. However, survival outside of hunting seasons and the factors affecting it are not well known in Pennsylvania deer.

Christopher Rosenberry

We finished 26-2 the last two seasons. Our depth and talent are our strengths.

Jim Morisette

The great thing about making cognac is that it teaches you above everything else to wait-man proposes, but time and God and the seasons have got to be on your side.

Jean Monnet

Marks & Spencer is moving into the era of modern retailing. The marketplace is so fast-moving now, that if you take your eye off the ball for even a couple of seasons, the market has changed.

Richard Fitzpatrick

In each of the last three seasons, the doe harvest has increased and has been higher than the buck harvest. That reduces the reproductive capacity of the herd. After 2003, we saw the (post season) populations leveling off. After '04, reproduction started heading down. This year, we should see substantial drops in reproduction.

Willy Suchy

Tom Gordon hasn't been in [the closer] role because he pitched in front of Mariano Rivera for the past two seasons [in New York]. He solidified that bullpen for them. He's pitched in pressure situations before and can close again. I see at least 40 saves.

Ruben Amaro Jr

It's the best place on earth. The mountains. The river. The everyday scenery is great. I like to see the seasons change. I like to see the eagles coming in. It's beautiful.

Tim Cahill

There will be no changes to fishing seasons in the lower tributaries from last year. There will be in-season monitoring of the runs to make sure the seasons are as forecasted.

Joe Hymer

Seasons of Love.

Jonathan Larson

She hadn't run track since she was a freshman. She's doing well in the 100. She missed the school record by six-tenths of a second. She's going to get that before the season's over.

Walt Woodruff

Yea, that was a little concerning. But when the season's on the line, you got to roll the dice and play it out.

Lynne Roberts

They might not get in as early as they thought they would. I think that the numbers are tainted. You just don't hit 70 home runs and have guys hit it in back-to-back seasons. It opens your eyes that there's something wrong here.

Andre Dawson

We started off 1-6 last year and finished 14-13. I believe this is the first time in at least four seasons that we've beaten East.

Mike Fletcher

It was almost like we played two different seasons. Things weren't going right, but nobody around here is used to losing, so we kept at it and found ways to get better. Once, we did that, we played like an Ohio State team should play.

Nick Mangold

Reservations and cloth napkins are really minor pinnacles in the high sierra of the New York lunch. The zenith, the Mount Whitney of lunches, the noon meal at which all local lines of force converge [is] the Bar Room of the Four Seasons.

Raymond Sokolov

We could only justify it if we were guaranteed Champions League football for the next three seasons. There is no guarantee.

Rudi Assauer

I've loved my four seasons with the Islanders. This is where I really developed as a player. It was a priority for me to stay an Islander. I'm very appreciative that management was as enthusiastic about making a commitment to me.

Shawn Bates

That was probably one of the most rewarding seasons that I have ever coached.

Terri Strom

It was definitely a part of our struggles tonight. (The Hornets) have some guys who are having good seasons this year and that is the real key to any offense.

Devean George

We had back-to-back, 21-win seasons, and there was great excitement. We need to start building the pride and tradition back up where it needs to be.

Brad Huse

Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at all seasons, madam: that is all there is to distinguish us from other animals.

P.a. Caron De Beaumarchais

It's not the way I want to move up the tables, ... I want a proper podium and that's what I'll be working hard for, but I'm pretty happy with the season's best placing.

Nicky Hayden

We rely pretty heavily on those two (Paquette and Lewis). They've been in the program for two seasons and they lead by example. We try to line them up with the other team's top lines as much as we can.

Joe Burcar

We had hoped to play this series sooner, but we wanted to play in back-to-back seasons and these were the first available dates.

Dan Radakovich

It is too early in the study to be making any final decisions about how the results of this study may influence deer hunting seasons and bag limits.

Jerry Feaser

Because we accomplished so much the last couple of seasons, we no longer have to explain who we are to everyone. However, I do know that if we have a bad season or two, all the good stuff we have started here will become more difficult to keep going.

Shek Borkowski

The lake has gotten a little better. Now it has seasons. Sometimes it's green, sometimes it's red and sometimes it's brown.

Debbie Anthony

That was unfortunate for Zach. He was a guy that had some issues earlier and was starting to come back, and it stinks that his season's over.

Brian Fuentes

My goal is to do the best that I can do. I'm here to help the team win. I really don't care about 1,000-yard seasons.

Clifford Sargento

We've got to turn it around or our season's going to slip away. It was a real wake-up call (Thursday).

Curtis Terry

They've both had incredible seasons. There's no way we'd be where we are without them.

Melissa Ringhausen