As if there were safety in stupidity alone.

Henry David Thoreau

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.

Jeff Cooper

We will never have real safety and security for wage earners unless we provide for safety and security for the wage payers and wage savers.

William J. H. Boetcker

The trodden path is the safest.

Legal Maxim

Nobel prize money is a lifebelt thrown to a swimmer who has already reached the shore in safety.

George Bernard Shaw

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.

Calvin Coolidge

The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved.


We must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.

Joseph Joubert

We still believe that dairy products sold should be pasteurized. We believe that to be the safest way to go. However, if the General Assembly seeks to add an exemption, we believe that, number one, the farm should be inspected for safety and cleanliness, and two, the product should be tested to ensure that it is free of pathogens.

Andrew Smith

I didn't actually go on any of the rides since I had heard about the initial safety results of the ride. I just honestly didn't trust getting on them and they definitely were not worth the cost of ride tickets.

Andrew Smith

The free expression of the hopes and aspirations of a people is the greatest and only safety in a sane society.

Emma Goldman

An off-duty officer should be able to carry weapons anywhere. We're an asset to public safety.

James Duffy

The real challenge is to make sure that these provisions will be applied and enforced worldwide, just like the international provisions designed to secure safety at sea.

Juan Somavia

I was there in '65 when Hurricane Betsy came, and I was one of the ones that was evacuated out of the attic into a boat and brought to safety. My nephews were currently living in the house at the time of Katrina, but we left together.

Vera Williams

It's OSHA's position that Screen Tight should have provided the material safety data sheets to the fire department.

Jim Knight

Occupational safety and health is vital to the dignity of work.

Juan Somavia

In my mind, this activity was a major success for safety. It's probably one of the top things.

Jeffrey Williams

We knew this postponement was of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of our student-athletics, coaches and administrators.

Dave Maggard

If there was no faith there would be no living in this world. We couldn't even eat hash with safety.

Josh Billings

This is a good thing for the safety of everyone involved.

Jimmy Morgan

When it comes to the location, my biggest concern is the safety of the kids. I deal with it as a fireman day in and day out. If I can save one child, one life, I'll feel like I've done something. We are keeping our focus not on the money, but on the kids.

Ricardo Gonzalez

If we got anything out of playing in the 7 on 7 camps this summer, it was finding a safety to take some heat off (quarterback) Alonzo Foster. We found that Kevin Marshall could play safety.

Wayne Grant

Shorten the runway and you have fewer takeoffs and landings, shorten the runway and you enhance safety and reduce the noise, ... It also reduces the justification for the buyout as it is now being proposed.

David Shore

At the end of the day it's to ensure the safety of someone who rides in the child seat.

Miles Johnson

Black is invisible to the customer and makes a much nicer presentation. It adds a minimal cost to the package, but we think about what one accident could be worth. You cannot put a price tag on customer safety.

John Boyer

The metal boxes will have keys and be located on side streets. It is a matter of safety with our carriers.

Debra Mitchell

I think this is a good fit. They need a veteran safety to come in and run the back end [of the defense]. ... The things they do in Tim Lewis' defense are very similar to what we did in Baltimore. He saw a lot of things he can do with me, and I love that.

Will Demps

We take safety very seriously. It's one of the reasons we decided to put Cabrillo Port as far offshore as it is.

Kathi Hann

This was OK'd by [the department of] system safety 20 years ago when these cars were rebuilt.

Charles F. Seaton

This is a stark reminder that there's no evidence that online sex offender registries increase public safety. In fact, they might just do the opposite.

Allen Gilbert

We are not adding any officers to the shift. We will add officers if more are needed for safety and traffic control.

Chris Mccarville

I think traffic safety advocates have successfully argued against those objections.

Melissa Savage

Daisy's a Division I player. I'm hoping everyone can see it. I put him at tailback. I put him at quarterback. I put him at safety and I put him at cornerback.

Mario Bailey

If U.S. beef shipments to Japan will come from a limited number of facilities, we can easily check their safety. But if not, it would be very difficult to do so.

Yasuhiro Yoshikawa

There?s no amount of wins that is worth risking the safety of a kid. He has a bright future ahead of him, so we won?t rush him at all.

Joe Dabkowski

A national food supply requires a national approach to food safety. This is what this common-sense legislation would require.

Melissa Carlson

We're always interested in safety - doing the right thing to protect the customers and the homeowners - but if they require the customer to put sprinklers in, it's going to add from $4,000 to $10,000 a home. If you tack that onto a startup home, that will leave some people unable to buy a home.

Robert Sherman

This is a creative way to address community safety and sound concerns.

Sam Mcallen

We just want to assure people of the safety of the food supply.

Richard Lobb

We are confident the further review ... will confirm that DP World's acquisition ... does not pose any threat to America's safety and security.

Ted Bilkey

Fearing for their safety, the manager complied with the suspect?s demands.

Pedro Medina

It was one of those situations where you have instincts as a reporter, and instincts as a human being. There are times when you are not thinking of stories, you are thinking of people's safety.

Clyde Hughes

I'm confident I can play strong safety at the collegiate level. I just have to keep on working and playing better.

Phil Shepherd

There's health issues, there's police issues, there's safety issues, there's traffic issues, there's investment issues, you name it, that are much, much, more important then the Day Labor site. I'm running for the council, not running to defend one labor day site.

Jorge Rochac

In the final analysis, when it all comes down to the bottom line, we will respect parents' decision around the safety of their sons and daughters. They have the ultimate final call, and we will respect that call and grant that student an excused absence.

Wayne Beatty

I think at this point we're waiting for the National Transportation Safety Board report. After that, there's an issue I think regarding the pump on the boat. That may lead to additional defendants.

James Hacker

But Japan must guarantee Australia's safety.

John Curtin

Students have been informed that if they're walking alone, they can call ... and have public safety escort them. The Atlanta police along with public safety have been helpful in keeping the campus safe.

Debra Miller

The first concern is public safety.

Sandra Kunimoto

The Recreation Department is very proud of its safety record with swimming pools. We want to educate people. We want everybody to have a great time at our pools.

Pam Henry

It is unfortunate the Republicans are looking to play politics with the safety of the first lady.

Jim Kennedy

SAS offers all travelers to Scandinavia and Europe the highest levels of safety, punctuality, comfort and convenience.

Dr. Kimberlee Young

Each one of the divisions of public safety deal with the public in some form or fashion.

Bill James

I think it will be an important tool for the safety of children.

Roger Anderson

The basic reason is that our living standard and health consciousness are different. We are not equipped mentally and physically to rigorously enforce compliance and safety standards.

Auwalu Haruna

Safety is No. 1 for the kids.

Dan D'amboise

Premium manufacturers will have an advantage in these conditions because these features are expensive and it's easier to put them into a premium car. With older customers there is the need for safety, but also the excitement of driving.

Thomas Weber

We are all about safety and mobility. Our role in the city's comprehensive planning process is pretty passive at the moment. We certain applaud any efforts to improve mobility on state infrastructure.

Larry Krantz

We respect the sovereignty of the nations. We respect the sovereignty issues. But we also believe public safety is a priority and this is an opportunity to keep our state safe.

Terry Huertaz

There are arguments for a public safety risk, but it's not that severe at this point. Right now the government is being overbearing.

Jonathan Massell

(The project) is a key component of posturing the arsenal for future workload and the white phosphorous modernization effort will improve the safety, environmental performance, flexibility of the operation and efficiency of the filling of the munitions.

Larry Wright

It will be great to have him in the secondary. It would be nice to have a 240-pound safety on our team out there knocking heads off. That's what I hope he will do because that would really help our defense.

Marcus Mcclinton

The department immediately sensed that the safety of the public was an issue and utilized the statute that allows us to take emergency action on an alcohol license.

Jack Magee

If a government safety [inspection] is being carried out, they're expected to follow that handbook, and if there are discrepancies, that's not good and we're not pleased about it.

Brian Smiley

I sometimes think there's not a real serious attempt to make our contractors comply with the same safety standards that everybody else has to out here.

Lynn Beattie

We design the look of all of our structures not only with backyard appeal in mind but also with absolute safety in mind.

Jeff Breitzman

We need the National Guard on this border immediately, ... The safety of citizens is at risk.

Chris Simcox

It is not a for-profit bill - it is a for-safety bill.

Joe Robinson

We must consider (the issue) from various angles such as the problems of safety, noise, air traffic routes, environment and whether it can be relocated quickly.

Yoshinori Ohno

Its rotting limbs are definitely a safety issue, ... If one of them were to fall on someone they could be seriously injured or killed.

Mary Williams

The Commission should be welcomed for acknowledging a problem with their food safety authority, but it needs to go further.

Adrian Bebb

Woody makes a movie as if he were lighting 10,000 safety matches to illuminate a city. Each one is a little epiphany: topical, ethnic, or political.

Gene Wilder

Safety in Numbers. There will be more 'songs' on this one.

Ryan Stasik

A recognition that runway safety should remain a top priority.

Jim Peters

Making sure tires are properly inflated is one of the easiest and most important maintenance procedures for drivers. Not only does it promote safety but also will save money at the gas pump.

Jenny Mack

We've said we would accept a hard date and get spectrum back to public safety.

Dennis Wharton

It was careless, but it was not a willful and reckless disregard for safety.

Laura Mcelroy

We're not surprised some groups would oppose this at the very beginning of a public debate. We're confident that upon careful review, the Legislature will recognize the significant economic, public safety, and environmental benefits of the project.

Rob Gray

Our product provides comfort, convenience, safety, and savings, while contributing to the reduction in global energy consumption. We believe we must deploy our technology on a rapid global basis to help relieve the pressures on our energy infrastructure.

Neal Hunter

(Growing up in a small town) gives you the freedom to explore the rest of the world with that safety and security behind you. With our global community, the opportunities I had may not be there for the next generation.

Sandra Malone

It makes no sense at all to stop them all going in. The local rescue organizations know their way around, they know where the animals are, and they know how to get them to safety.

Michael Mountain

From a safety issue, if someone gets hit by a car and we're allowing this, it seems like it would be a liability.

Steve Moore

The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority.

Papatya Tankut

We will sum up lessons from the issue and further strengthen our internal risk control system by sticking to good corporate governance to guard the safety of banking assets and maintain the bank's health.

Wang Zhaowen

When you play safety in this defense, you have to know a lot about where people fit, what's going on and the whole big picture. Eric has a very good grasp of the picture, of our whole defense. He's going to get the guys lined up in the right spots.

Gary Andersen

I think there's no understanding whatsoever of what the safety issues are.

John Greenwood

What I said was if you're wearing a visor and you're going for safety, OK. But don't go around being a tough guy.

Don Cherry

The senior manager of the mines will conduct a safety briefing to just point out to them the importance of working safely and to emphasize the need to work safely.

Joe Cerenzia

Ultimately, public-safety concerns will determine when businesses can reopen and residents are allowed to return, even in areas that appear to be undamaged.

Laurie Johnson

Just absolute disaster from the standpoint of public safety, the community and the county at large, ... litigation catastrophe.

James Thrash

(But) for people that purchase fireworks outside the city, we recommend some safety tips.

Frank Garcia

You're talking about safety precautions or lack thereof that are taken when doing hot cutting work.

Bob Benedetti

Immigrants, quite frankly, are falling into the highest-risk jobs. And they find themselves without the training and safety precautions necessary.

Ali Noorani

The Board of Supervisors has not formally reviewed the bill, but Beaches and Harbors has the same concerns that State Parks has — which are health and safety.

Dusty Crane

There are safety and liability issues. It was treated as a serious violation.

Tim Mccarthy

If there is a safety message to be echoed, this accident shows just how dangerous rural roads and highway can be. We see lots of vehicle crashes in our rural areas. When a crash occurs the kinetic energy from the crash gets transferred to the occupants in the vehicles, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Todd Gary

I think it was a safety concern for him and the university.

Glen Bachman

When you start to widen lanes, you create a safety hazard. We don't have (traffic) congestion out there in east Gainesville and we want to keep it that way.

Barbara Sharpe

It also stands to remind us that the million moms who march this coming Sunday for common sense gun laws, like handgun licensing and registration, that will increase our safety and prevent gun violence in our communities.

Donna Dees thomases

Despite repeated warnings from contracted experts that their planned work would dislodge asbestos and that safety procedures therefore needed to be put into place, the companies proceeded with demolition.

Teresa Schilling

Anything that can keep a driver from being distracted can prevent accidents and save lives, and the safety of our Sailors is important.

Capt. Shawn Morrissey

For too long, our movement has been a predominantly -- frankly, almost exclusively -- white, evangelical, Republican movement, with a political center of gravity centered in the safety of the suburbs.

Ralph Reed

The good news is that catastrophic crashes are happening less and less. Planes are now made so well and pilots and crews are trained so well, a lot of things that were very problematic with airline safety are now things of the past.

Darryl Jenkins

Safety is in large part an educational process. The Internet is moving really quickly in the same way that we all were taught to not talk to strangers or not get into a car . . . those same kind of rules are being taught and need to be taught to kids for the online world.

Matthew Grossman

I am not sure about the car being unscathed but, inside the Clio's safety shell, I'm ready for anything.

Tony Hunter

As long as the reasoning behind this is for public safety and is not seen as anything other than that, I think it can work.

Robert Cox

We expect to have the information soon. A lot of issues involving the runway and runway safety are being looked at.

Keith Holloway

I feel like we're solid defensively. I feel like we're better than a year ago. I feel like we're poised. (But) there is major question marks at safety and linebacker going into the fall as far as depth.

Reggie Herring

Safety is not an issue (for women) any more than it is for a guy. They're going to be in condition for their sport.

Bill Demong

MSHA and the industry have worked long and hard together to take care of many of the obvious physical hazards, the ones that could be fixed with better engineering, better equipment, and better technology. We're now down to the hardest thing of all to fix, the human aspect of safety.

David G. Dye

Put the safety of the citizens in jeopardy.

James Martin

They will need additional buses, additional employees, fuel - everything across the board goes up. Anything that improves safety, we're all for it. But the unintended consequences are too great to justify.

Keith Henry

Why aren't the banks explaining the rules of the game in online banking? Why don't they have flash screens at ATMs on the safety of their technology and steps for using it properly?

Rob Ayoub

Ford Motor Company is building on a legacy of introducing industry-first safety technologies, with a comprehensive approach to help drivers avoid dangerous situations and help provide increased protection in accidents.

Sue Cischke

(Large-cap) stocks provide the same relative safety and advantages that large-cap drug stocks provide. Despite the economic environment, people do need their drugs. Large-cap drug stocks are seen as a safe haven with relatively inelastic demand.

Sharon Doering

We need to continue to talk about pedestrian safety. We see families out there, and they're not always looking both ways.

Debbie Tower

If he's our second-best safety opposite Tony, then he'll be playing and we'll reduce his special teams role.

Scot Mccloughan

Time had run out. We got fantastic cooperation . . . and were able to get the patients to safety.

Alan Levine

We would consider it a success if it keeps just one drunk driver from getting in the car. We've been asked how much it'll cost. We don't know and don't care because it is all about safety on New Year's Eve.

Jenny Mack

Ben brings an extensive background in safety and operations to the role. His leadership and organizational skills combine with a real passion for aviation. He is a true pilot's pilot who knows the importance of communication and trust.

Kevin Finan

Wow, isn't that wonderful! ... There's a lot of competition for public-safety officials, so I think that reflects well on the reputation of the Salem Police Department.

Janet Taylor

If properly structured, the panel's work will be complementary to our root-cause investigation as well as to the safety audits that BP itself is undertaking. However, the panel will function at arm's length from both BP and the CSB.

Carolyn W. Merritt

Congress has given us the authority to set safety standards. We're merely restating our authority. We're the agency that sets standards. Our standards are not minimum standards.

Rae Tyson

The parachute was purchased by Stephen and he was very safety conscious.

Colin Andrews

Public safety is not just the responsibility of University Police. We want to encourage the co-production of the responsibility.

Matthew Thomas

Contrary to the promises made by the biotech industry, the reality of the last ten years shows that the safety of GM crops cannot be ensured and that these crops are neither cheaper nor better quality.

Nnimmo Bassey

We have to consider the safety of the players and both camps were adamant they were not happy with the run ups and the fielding areas, particularly the slip cordon. That is why it had to be called off.

Rudi Koertzen

For the last 10 years, our company has been extremely focused on the safety aspects of work, and we had a real safety thrust that became the culture at Intel. As a result, we have a miniscule number of injuries. We need to take this to the next level.

Sue Adams

I think kids recognize we have a network of people in the community who are looking out for them, and that creates a sense of heightened safety for our youngsters.

Dennis Doyle

It's not so extreme as long as you stay smart about it. You'll get cuts and bruises, maybe a sprained ankle, just like any sport. The best safety equipment is your head.

Ryan Ford

It's regretful that we had to go down this road, but in order to ensure the safety and protection of this community it's necessary.

Chuck Smith

Public safety personnel will investigate door alarms and will respond to the building as needed.

Cathy Andreen

We don't want to deny them the right to assemble, but there are safety issues, and there are logistical issues. How are they going to get back to their cars? Where are the toilets? Are they going to be walking back to their cars in the dark?

Pete Winton

Their offense makes you tired, but when you're not mentally tough you don't focus and do the things you have to do to win. We had them on the run. On that third-down play, the safety has to get some depth, get off the hash (mark). That's basic football.

Brady Hoke

Every change was made to improve safety.

Troy Portser

Ultimately, I have to get the guy down. I'm a safety, that's my job. I'll shoulder the blame as far as that goes. But we just blew the call.

Mark Roman

Medicaid is under the gun. If we have more poverty, we have more people straining the safety net.

Diane Rowland

Safety has been at the back of the bus, if it's on the bus at all.

David Graham

We make sure all of our people have safety stuff on like rubber gloves in case we run into something that's not supposed to be there.

William Fannin

Illinois has always been proactive in mine safety and it is very important that we as a state continue to look at new procedures ... to ensure our miners are as safe as they can be.

Chris Mccloud

The whole concept of the video was to get something new out there to bring about safety awareness that there are dogs out there that can attack.

Scott Reynolds

When we market this product, the way we approach it (is that) the ignition interlock is the best safety feature out on the market. There is nothing out there that makes the vehicle inoperable better than this.

Michael Diamond

Were this product shipped to San Francisco, there would be no question about its safety.

Philip Peerless

We will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the driving public, ... If one of our tires might jeopardize that safety, then we'll take it off the road. We've done it before, and, if it becomes necessary, we'll do it again. But, that is simply not the case here.

John Lampe

The Japanese government had been criticized for prematurely deciding to resume US beef imports under strong US political pressure. As they rushed the decision, food safety for the Japanese public might have been put to danger.

Asahi Shimbun

The Federal government continues to support the critical work of our nation's firefighters through the Fire Prevention and Safety grants by addressing the issues that can help prevent fires from happening.

Charlie Dickinson

We're concerned for the safety of the public, especially motorists in that area.

Bill Brennan

The FDA based all of its safety decisions and labeling and approval decisions ... on the full updated information.

Phil Beck

It has not been proven that monk parakeets cause a significant health or safety hazard, and there are feasible and prudent alternatives to the capture and destruction of them.

Priscilla Feral

Debate regarding what to do to reduce and to prevent childhood obesity is just beginning. We do know, however, that childhood obesity is increasing, and we can expect even more children to face the prospect of limited child safety seats available to protect them.

Lara Trifiletti

We send our thoughts and prayers to the family. We ask people for their own safety to stay away from railroad tracks.

Joe Arbona

This tells a lot about the company's attitude toward safety. They clearly didn't learn much since March 23.

Mike Wright

Our decision was based on patient safety. We support it then, and we support it now.

Bill Byron

Dave is confident that the field is playable and safe. Player safety is No. 1 among Dave's concerns.

Mike Dee

Basically, anything goes, as long as it's not obscene, doesn't offend or present a safety hazard.

Mark Giuffre

My opinion is that it's only something that will create animosity between students and Public Safety.

Alex Lenahan

With this investment, we are improving the quality and safety of the rail and preventing rail defects.

James Barnes

London Buses must put passengers' safety first. The number of complaints is up as is passenger dissatisfaction.

Roger Evans

We felt it was important to have our message developed within that community rather than have someone in our office or in the Denver Traffic Safety office develop that message.

Randi Szabo

I don't pay a health and safety fee to restaurants. If they want to raise the price of the meal, that's fine. But customers shouldn't order something and not know what is going into the bill.

David R. Bergmann

The front end of the market obviously offers safety and relative certainty that yields are going lower.

Richard Gilhooly

We are Americans fighting for the safety of our country, and we're going to continue to fight for its freedom.

Dottie Dalton

We are going to isolate countries where these safety issues are a concern. The stigma that Africa carries leads people to fly non-African airlines and thereby deprive our airlines of opportunities to grow and expand.

Tshepo Peege

We will take all necessary safety precautions.

Jeff Kamis

There are over 5,000 flights every day and more than 11,000 takeoffs and landings in airports, therefore the pressure on safety is very high.

Gao Hongfeng

Often, we don't realize we miss infectious diseases until we have invasive species that become pests without their natural enemies. Parasites act like thermostats - when a species becomes abundant it is more susceptible to infectious diseases. The disease acts like a safety valve, keeping populations in check.

Kevin Lafferty

But the trial didn't proceed to a final conclusion to determine liability. We have no serious concerns over the safety of Masonry, which is one of the reasons we continue to work with them.

Cass Cliatt

The repeated safety mishaps highlight a lack of control within the company. I can't look at the company as a possible investment until it can demonstrate clear signs of recovery.

Makoto Kikuchi

Gosh, thats a hard one. I think I would take personal items, clothes and family photos, things that can't be replaced. I would make sure my children and grandchildren got to safety, which is the first thing I would do. Then I would worry about what I could replace later.

Harold Brooks

We took safety precautions until we knew where the problem was.

Bob Noble

The Bush administration is committed to improving vehicle fuel economy while protecting passenger safety and American jobs.

Norman Mineta

Increased crime and disorder, public nuisance and decreased public safety at a place which is dear to people from various Christian traditions.

Rowan Williams

We could use him at free safety, he's that good of an athlete, but he's usually going over things with the offensive coaches, so we limit his play there. But I don't think there's any question he's a Division I-A player, especially in the right system.

Art Tragesser

We really want to see some safety nets put into this system so that this product is not unleashed on unsuspecting American consumers.

Donna Rosenbaum

After reviewing all of the information, I felt this was the best decision for the game, ... The safety of our student-athletes, coaches and fans is our priority.

Mike Slive

It was very much worth it. Everything you do -- if you get a sack or a safety or a fumble or whatever - all the pain is well worth it.

Antwan Lake

Our goal is to build a culture of workplace safety in Arizona.

Donald Smith

Other than New York City, these local housing authorities had no plan to warn their tenants of the potential risk to their health and safety.

Stephen Horn

The goal of (the safety stand down) was to try to prevent accidents like this. The bottom line is that we're doing everything we can to make sure things like this don't happen.

Mike Rein

We want a more comprehensive look at public safety.

Bob Elliott

Whatever the immediate gains and losses, the dangers to our safety arising from political suppression are always greater than the dangers to the safety resulting from political freedom. Suppression is always foolish. Freedom is always wise.

Alexander Meiklejohn

Because the president, not the (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) could authorize or not authorize cross-border operations from Mexican motor carriers, and because FMCSA has no discretion to prevent the entry of Mexican trucks, its EA did not need to consider the environmental effects arising from the entry.

Clarence Thomas

In accordance with our FAA approved manuals and procedures, the aircraft was subsequently dispatched. At no time was the safety of our passengers placed at risk.

Tim Wagner

All you have to do is go out to Sun City in Arizona, where they were opened up, and they've had all sorts of problems out there from the safety standpoint, and that's the real issue.

Chuck Graham

The human toll is what's important here. I pray that with God's help, and with all the ability that you have, that you see through anything that may be an obstacle to mine safety, and realize that money can't be a deterrent, nothing can be a deterrent.

Kenny Johnson

Every time we receive allegations, we take the strongest possible action that would provide for the safety of children. We will continue to review the findings of our investigation based on the type of care that is provided there.

Brian Marchetti

Boating accidents have decreased over the years, and the reason is the boater safety education program is working, and will continue to work.

Dick Smith

The village is committed to the health and safety of the tower.

Laura Hurley

Our first priority of course, is the safety and welfare of our guests.

Bill Warren

Our staff participates in continuing education to learn about new technologies and the equipment that best supports the technologies. The priority must always be a successful patient outcome. Our patients can rely on us to make decisions that place their safety as our first priority.

John Malinoski

Our position is irrespective of the event as long as they meet all the licensing and health and safety issues, they have a right to do what they want in the community.

Roger Carter

In the multitude of counsellors there is safety.


It's not really an engineering or cost issue. It truly comes down to being a highway safety issue.

Kyle Johnson

Neither item is good news, so you can't say it's one or another. A plane crashes can always impact the stock, but it's probably not a big problem given the strong safety record of that aircraft.

Chris Mecray

Anything having to do with safety is fine with me.

Bruce Silverglade

Generally, maintenance and improvement of signage is a cost-effective approach to traffic safety.

Frank Moretti

There is no doubt that there will be layoffs of public safety employees.

Charles Leonard

Everyone thinks they are a superhero. They take their safety for granted until they get hurt.

Cory Smith

We wanted to take all necessary safety precautions.

Sterling Ivey