Without promotion something terrible happens... Nothing!

P.t. Barnum

There's a lot of people out here that spend a lot of time in promotion, and that just seems like a big waste of time to me.

Clancy Brown

Since Congress passed President Bush's trade promotion authority three years ago, we have lost one-sixth of our manufacturing jobs.

Sherrod Brown

The government really wants to slow down investment, but it can't control local governments who have a big incentive to invest more because it leads to higher economic growth in their regions and promotion for local officials.

He Fan

I think the organization is moving and changing and becoming a real go-to organization for the downtown, whether it's promotion and marketing, whether it's a liaison for the city.

Patti Roberts

Both the National Classification Code and the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games state that a computer game will be refused classification if it includes or contains detailed instruction or promotion of matters of crime. It is the Classification Review Board's determination that this game promotes the crime of graffiti.

Maureen Shelley

We're disappointed but not down hearted. Our top priority this term was promotion and we have achieved that.

Andrew Powell

Since India is the largest television market for international cricket, heavy promotion of the CWC there is of great importance to the sponsors, and we are keen to share the excitement of the build-up to the event with the millions of fans in that country.

Marvia Roach

[The promotion] is geared toward young consumers who are tech-savvy. They love to play games. This is a creative way to get them to pay attention to a commercial.

Laurie Schalow

It was less of a battle and more of a showcase of the artists' work. Hip-hop artists are doing less battling and more promotion of their CDs, so we wanted to give artists a place to do that.

Larry Morris

He is a natural opener and I'm sure his good form and experience will be hugely important in our promotion chase.

Martyn Moxon

It was very informal. He asked me about my plans, and he hinted at some promotion of merchandise.

Ian Spector

Clearly, my focus for the rest of this season is Wolves and I will be doing all I can to assist the club in its efforts to secure promotion from the Championship.

Kenny Miller

What are your thoughts on Dundee's promotion chances? That is a million miles away.

Alan Kernaghan

We just haven't been able to move as swiftly into marketing, promotion and launch because we've been working so hard on the other pieces of this.

Sheila Hughes

You talk about the promotion of the game up north in a rugby state . . . and if he misses games because of that, it's embarrassing.

Craig Kelly

The company is committed to ethical and legal promotion practices and are confident in our strict standards in this regard.

Caroline Pecquet

We are close to promotion and intend to keep chasing Gretna. We need to keep getting results in the hope that they will slip up.

Iain Stewart

It's hard to say how much activity there is [today], or whether the music promotion game will merely morph again as it did over the last few years to acknowledge the letter, if not the spirit, of the law.

Sean Ross

When the promotion of democracy is associated with the US or Mr. Bush, European support plummets. Europeans want to be active participants in furthering the cause of liberty but they want to do it on their terms and not as passive followers of US policy.

Craig Kennedy

Leaders on both sides of the Atlantic need to build upon areas where Americans and Europeans do agree, like democracy promotion, to pave the way forward for transatlantic relations.

Craig Kennedy

The new law is an unconstitutional attempt to prevent us from using an accepted form of product promotion with adult smokers.

Darryl R. Marsch

I am bitter and absolutely disgusted with the attitude we have shown. This result has done a lot of damage to our promotion hopes. We now have 12 cup finals to the end of the season.

Rowan Alexander

It's a great experience for these kids, the culmination of their high school careers. They get a chance to play on national television, and it's great promotion for college basketball.

Pete Gillen

Nobody knew exactly what it was going to do, I mean it didn't have big promotion or anything, it just happened.

Maurice Gibb

We are asking gamers to dare to be different in creating their dream PC case. This mod kit promotion is the logical extension of the successful launch of our new XG line, spearheaded by the highly anticipated Dragon PC case and Magnum external power supply.

Alan Hunter

The response to this promotion has been beyond what we had expected.

Rick Schlesinger

If I could buy promotion for £300,000 I would. Cardiff's offer was big money, but not big enough. We want to win promotion this season and Nathan is a vital part of that.

Steve Hayes

If we wouldn't have been able to bring in the General Lee, it's probably not as good as a promotion. . . . So, once you've got that initial idea and you have some leads, then you start trying to fill out the promotion with supporting elements that will make it even better.

Rob Lower

Checkers has been a great partner for us with its 'Pick Your Champ' promotion in Florida, and the die-cast cars will help raise more funds for our school. Alumni, football fans and race fans can all enjoy the commemorative cars.

Dave Hart

The best deals include an $80 gift card for a purchase of $200 or more. That equates to a 40 percent price promotion.

Michael Baker

You've got to come in with a strong case as to how and what you've done to merit the promotion.

Laura Berman

Their withdrawal of the Bud Pong promotion would be more impressive if it hadn't followed the bad press they received for this irresponsible marketing promotion.

Chuck Hurley

Putting out a newspaper without promotion is like winking at a girl in the dark -- well-intentioned, but ineffective.

William Randolph Hearst

From providing any significant promotion or distribution of Netscape 's Navigator browser.

David Colburn

NBC will suffer a little bit from not having as effective cross-promotion as they would have had if the Olympics had greater ratings. It will be challenging for them for the next few months.

Mark Fratrik

The music industry isn't spending a lot of money (on promotion) lately. Things are tightening up, but that just means we have to be more creative -- which I love.

Ron Vos

We kept singing for the security guard, ... And the lady who was in charge of the promotion for the concert was like, 'Give it up guys. You're not getting backstage, period. You're not getting backstage.'

Jeff Timmons

Give it up? Certainly not. As long as there is a mathematical chance of going up we will carry on trying to win promotion.

Mark Tomlinson

I intend to leave after my death a large fund for the promotion of the peace idea, but I am skeptical as to its results.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel

It's a direct promotion to increase attendance.

Dennis Speigel

If they don't have the card when they come to the track, they will have to go back to [Health Promotion] and wait in line to get another one.

Juan Gomez

I see stuff from Italy and Germany and elsewhere, more than America. My friends in China are buying apartments, fitting out their kitchens with Italian appliances. The other technology goods are from Germany. We are not very good in America at export promotion. Our government needs to put more into it and our politicians have to focus on it.

James Mcgregor

The MLB promotion undercuts this recognition.

Bill Nowlin

We have one or two niggles and I want to see how things are tomorrow. This is a big game between two clubs at the top and looking for promotion. They are full time and we, like all the other clubs who are part-time in this league, want to have a crack at them.

Iain Stewart

If the displays don't make it onto the floor in time, Wal-Mart has not maximized sales and is carrying too much stock at the end of the promotion.

Simon Langford

If you get promoted, you have a lot of anxiety because you don't want people to know you're a promotion mistake.

Linda Hill

We have performed promotion and press but we have never been able to fit it into the schedule.

Howie Dorough

EPAULET, n. An ornamented badge, serving to distinguish a military officer from the enemy -- that is to say, from the officer of lower rank to whom his death would give promotion.

Ambrose Bierce

This has been great. We've gotten a lot of promotion out of it.

Arthur Vint

There is a view that the promotion of greater influence of faith groups in running our schools could be detrimental to community cohesion and social cohesion.

Steve Sinnott

Food and beverage sales through promotion and mobile commerce.

Tom Moore

Every team in the club is aiming for promotion. All three sides want to achieve it.

Andy King

If, say, you have a laptop company that has a back-to-school promotion, we can take the finished product and prepare a kit with special add-ons before the laptop goes on shelves.

Anthony Tegnelia

You never want to get ahead of yourself. People are looking at promotion and saying how easy it's going to be for us, but obviously you are just going to jinx yourself if you go too far ahead. There's no point in talking about it until it actually happens.

Bobby Convey

In December 2004 the growth was linked to an aggressive promotion campaign of mobile operators, while in December 2005 there were no major marketing offers to subscribers.

Yelena Bazhenova

I don't think any of [the local faculty] have gone through the regular faculty-administered procedures for hiring, evaluation, tenure, promotion.

Hugh Miller

If you're exporting, you're almost in a quarantined area from the economy and the legal system. Selling domestically, there's a lot of red tape, distribution is controlled, and there are obstacles in promotion and advertising and getting the products to market.

Frederick Burke

If they run a promotion and have a real low price, then that's going to lower in the whole area the prices. It doesn't mean that ten miles, twenty miles away it might still be a little bit higher.

Alan Wright

£300,000 is a lot of money but winning promotion is a lot more important to us and Nathan Tyson is a very big part of what we are trying to achieve.

Steve Hayes

You get a sizeable film crew over here spending money and you get promotion for the mountains and lakes. It's a double whammy.

Jim Paul

We need all the support we can get down to Wales. I know it is a long way and it has been an expensive season but one final push could make all the difference for our promotion charge.

Steve Tilson

This creates the possibility of an entirely new book-promotion event that will inject new life into the marketing of books and authors' relationship with their readers.

Nigel Newton

It's off the beaten path for tourists. It takes a little bit of promotion to get people to come up here.

Ann Muscat

Invention promotion and licensing firms that prey upon American's independent inventor community ... will not be tolerated.

Jon Dudas

This is a very important game for us and a win is essential if we are to compete for promotion.

Martin Jones

Actually, Malaysia is already ahead of us, having an established promotion board for the commodity and a clear-cut plan on where to take the industry.

Derom Bangun

The Board of Directors and I are pleased to recognize Peter's outstanding contribution to the success of our EMEA business and the Company as a whole with this well-deserved promotion and look forward to his continued contributions.

Harry You

My dad had the idea in 1963. As a promotion, it's been a gold mine ever since.

Bobby Lee

I'd guess that more people go to a ballpark than to a Chevy dealership, but it's pretzel logic to punish us for doing the promotion.

Tim Brosnan

It (the promotion of Mandarin) aims to ensure national cohesion and facilitate communication for people from different regions.

Chen Zhangtai

This club can get promotion with the squad that is here, I am certain of that. I have been impressed with what I have seen here.

David Unsworth

He shouldn't get a medal and he shouldn't get a promotion; he should get his walking papers, ... I think it is pretty clear that he should not have been hired in the first place.

Mark Udall

In any organization men would move up from the bottom to the top. That develops loyalty, ambition and talent, because there is a chance for promotion.

Alfred P. Sloan

Metro appears to be establishing itself in the Ontario environment just as pricing and promotion heats up.

Jim Durran

Plenty of men can do good work for a spurt and with immediate promotion in mind, but for promotion you want a man in whom good work has become a habit.

Henry L. Doherty

This is an attempt by the nursing department to place more emphasis on disease prevention and more health promotion.

Janice Putnam

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches have grasped the concept of self promotion and Tom never cared about self promotion. It is a mystery with Tom Moore. But the guy has never played politics. . . . Now he's at the stage where it's an age issue.

Chris Mortensen

The Blades now have a really strong squad and must be among the favourites for promotion.

Chris Kamara

QPR have not sacked Ian but we are concerned about recent performances and the effect the speculation about Ian joining Leicester might have on the players. QPR will always be enormously grateful for the contribution he has made over the past five years, in particular gaining promotion for us in 2004.

Gianni Paladini

It got a little bit messy because promotion wise, it was supposed to be promoted as a promotional demo CD for free.

Jasmine Trias

The best [slogan] we've ever had was the one we had in the United States on a promotion -- 'only sex beats Beck's,' .

Michael Mueller

The company felt strongly that its promotion processes are fair, and we are very pleased that the jury agreed.

Peter Conte

I proposed to the premier that China should speed up the promotion of a new rural cooperative medical system to let more farmers enjoy the benefits.

Ma Wenfang

This promotion is a great opportunity for more people to have a chance to try City of Villains and experience some of the great new content we've added since it launched. Playing the bad guy has never been so fun and if you're a new subscriber to Computer Games Magazine, this is the perfect chance to see for yourself.

Dorothy Ferguson

They seem determined to push this promotion through, ... We're not asking that he be dismissed. We're only asking that he not be promoted in the middle of a controversy.

Rob Boston

I'm excited about the possibility. It's a huge promotion for me. Opportunities like this come only once in your career.

Bob Scucci

I know that this is the greatest promotion besides the Olympic games that we can give to the country. These towns are going crazy to see these Olympic champions live.

Bela Karolyi

If I deny a promotion they can always try again next year. It doesn't ruin their career.

John Mahon

He has a lot of experience starting off teams. From a marketing and promotion standpoint, he has experience, so that will really help me out a lot.

Steve Levesque

We are happy for him because it certainly is a promotion for him, and he has family there.

Almeda Jacks

If one compares the amount of money we have spent on the promotion of fruits and vegetable consumption to the amount of money we spent on more general food advertising, it's hardly a surprise we haven't changed the needle on fruit and vegetable consumption.

William Dietz

We know that children who are overweight have advanced bone development -- they grow faster in all ways, and they are usually taller than their non-overweight peers. That same sort of growth promotion could be linked to the early onset of the maturational change.

Aviva Must

That kind of validation was nice. It was especially sweet because we didn't do anything within the normal promotion process. It was the song itself.

Lou Barlow

REPRESENTATIVE, n. In national politics, a member of the Lower House in this world, and without discernible hope of promotion in the next.

Ambrose Bierce

I am really disappointed, as yet again we lost a goal in the last five minutes and it has cost us. But at least we are still 21 points ahead of Cowdenbeath who are in third place and promotion is our main aim.

Iain Stewart

Two is a bit harsh in a ten-team league, and though the issue of promotion and relegation for next season has not yet been decided, I hope they restrict it to one team down.

Colin Mitchell

There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down / until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.

George Sheehan

The story is rubbish the only thing we are concentrating on is the next five games as we still have an outside chance of promotion.

Jez Moxey

We now have to look towards the future. Our leagues are providing exciting competition with the promotion and relegation issues going to the final days of the season before being decided.

Peter Donald

The vast majority of these programs are available only to active employees. Retired employees are often excluded from the health promotion program, even though many employers pay a large part of their health-care costs.

Louis Yen

We're excited about the prospects. Our community realizes that there's a good return on our investment in tourism promotion - and that affects all different industries.

Rob Perlman

There's a lot of sensitivity to fuel prices right now, so this could be a good promotion. If the state can draw some people to travel here for $20, that's a pretty good deal.

Ron Lamberty

GM's promotion of E-85 fuel is helping to build the infrastructure needed for the ethanol industry to continue growing and replacing millions of barrels of non-renewable oil. The ethanol industry is committed to meeting the demands of millions of American consumers who want to choose cleaner-burning ethanol.

Tom Slunecka

It is not ideal but it is still a noteworthy improvement. It is a new institutional framework that will oversee the promotion and protection of human rights for many decades.

Heraldo Munoz

Fleetwood are doing well at the moment and are pushing hard for promotion, but it is up to us to go up there and upset them.

Paul Cox

My movies are the best promotion this tired-ass sandbox could ever hope for.

Michael Lucas

The market has changed, with all this piracy. It has hurt the budgets of all labels, especially the large ones because they have such a high overhead. There's no money to cultivate an artist or to do promotion. The artists are essentially on their own after they are signed.

Bobby Pulido

Pioneered the promotion of avant-garde film in America.

Weldon Kees

We're not doing away with free shipping, but we're adding a new option, which is free pickup. Free shipping is a promotion that comes and goes on a daily basis or a weekly basis.

Jennifer Davis

The company has felt strongly throughout this litigation that its promotion processes are fair, and we're pleased that the judge agreed.

John Dern

In a world where 50 percent of the budget of a film actually goes on promotion, as opposed to what you see on screen, the idea that we have a worlds where the consumer can exercise authority and sovereignty is absurd.

Toby Miller

His (Pelzer) particular area of expertise is sales and marketing, and that is an important part of tourism promotion. Ellie is equally admired and respected in the community.

Sal Giametta

One of my goals is to get the Battlefield promotion, ... So it is on my mind, but I'm trying not to dwell on it. This is definitely the closest I've been since I got my second win.

Chris Couch

After all those years in Asia, I don't have to do promotion anymore. We just release a Jackie Chan movie and--Boom!--people go.

Jackie Chan

The Super Bowl is as big a holiday promotion like Thanksgiving, as far as generating sales.

Todd Hultquist

That's too late for us to be able to make promotion decisions in grades 3, 5 and 7, to accurately identify students who have to be invited to the Summer Success Academy.

Lori Mei

We did a dollar match promotion with the state of Michigan and the ski areas. It has had a very positive impact. It's so fun to drive to the ski areas and see lots of cars in the parking lots.

Deegee Pawlicki

Journalistic excellence and enterprise is at the heart of CNN's philosophy. We believe these Awards play a valuable role in the promotion and encouragement of quality journalism in Africa.

Chris Cramer

We want the Buick Championship to be successful and they need those banners for their promotion just like we need our banners for our promotion.

Ann Worcester

Promotion of U.S. interests in the Middle East, especially in support of President Clinton's efforts to achieve a comprehensive peace.

Martin Indyk

The bulk of the team which won promotion last year has done a good job in making things safe with two matches to go.

Matt Bolton

Jerry could have taken a huge promotion at Greif, but instead he chose to stay in this community and build something, ... I think that says a lot about a person.

Bill Moore

We're spending more money on this than any other promotion in UPN history. They've delivered to us a great pilot, and we want to get this out in as many places as we can.

George Schweitzer

There aren't many opportunities for celebs to do promotion that doesn't involve anecdotes about a crazy vacation.

Dave Foley

While they are at our Web site, they are not only finding out about how they can participate (in the promotion), but they learn a lot about Ford, and a fair number of these people go on to inquire about a Ford product, ... So, ultimately, it sells us cars.

Marty Collins

I think it's a great move. I think they will take it more seriously than CBS did. There has never really been extremely aggressive promotion. There was always this perception that it was a mainstream network and if the audience is not primarily Spanish why should we be touting this?

Leila Cobo

All in all, I think we spent $2,000 on marketing and promotion, including the pizza and T-shirts at the launch party.

Munjal Shah

The new 'Healthy 4Kids' section on our 4Kids TV website informs and educates children about the benefits of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle using a fun and interactive web environment. 4Kids is committed to the promotion of better health and we are pleased to extend our premiere online destination for kids' entertainment to highlight this important issue.

Alfred R. Kahn

Hallmark is a national and international brand name that gets good promotion. Whoever buys it gets the backing of the company.

Eugene Fram