If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.

Napoleon Bonaparte

There is just one thing I can promise you about the outer-space program - your tax-dollar will go further.

Werner Von Braun

Promise is most given when the least is said.

George Chapman

God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage.

Bulgarian Proverb

For the first time, we have the power to decide the fate of our planet and ourselves, ... This is a time of great danger, but our species is young, and curious, and brave. It shows much promise.

Carl Sagan

The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague.

Bill Cosby

Formula for success: under promise and over deliver.

Tom Peters

Instead of fulfilling the promise of infinite orgasmic bliss, sex in the America of the feminine mystique is becoming a strangely joyless national compulsion, if not a contemptuous mockery.

Betty Friedan

A promise must never be broken.

Alexander Hamilton

Never promise more than you can perform.

Publilius Syrus

In 2000, following Barry's murder, the Pentagon announced it would take concrete steps to curb anti-gay harassment in our military and to hold accountable those who harass and condone harassment. Nearly six years later, Pentagon leaders have failed to keep their promise. The time has come for them to do just that, or for Congress to hold them accountable if they do not.

Patricia Kutteles

If they give themselves up without force within one month maximum from the date of this speech, we can promise them that they are going to be safe.

Prince Abdullah

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.

Nikita Khrushchev

We strongly believe that our union with Guidant is the only one that can deliver on that promise, and create lasting value for shareholders of both companies.

William Weldon

We promise you a sporting contest, but we have enjoyed having this trophy in Europe for the last two years, and it is our intention to take it back home next Monday.

Bernhard Langer

You made a promise. Stick to your promise. Everybody has ups and downs, get through it.

Shar Jackson

I promise that, one day, everything's going to be better for you.

Jake Gyllenhaal

When I scored the two goals I was very fit and now I'm coming back, so I can't promise to score two goals.

Didier Drogba

No cause of action arises from a bare promise.

Legal Maxim

In not my, but our collective hands, is held the promise of change.

Mark Sanford

That's the promise of XML, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

Nancy Lee

Politicians are the same the world over: they promise to build a bridge even when there is no river.

Nikita Khrushchev

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.

James Allen

Shes an incredibly multi-talented performer whose comedic skills and energy promise to deliver an Emmy Awards broadcast to remember.

Nina Tassler

...in God's name I command you to let me know as soon as you are aware of the arrival of Fastolf; because if he should pass without my knowledge, I promise you that I will have [your] head removed.

Joan of Arc

We again will be able to host great games without any cost to local taxpayers. We also promise a bid that will be distinctive in its approach compared to previous games.

Barry Sanders

Please give me some good advice in your next letter. I promise not to follow it.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

I promise you we will make films that entertain you the moment the lights go down. We're making Disney the one place you have to work (as an animator).

John Lasseter

Summer is when audiences expect us to deliver excitement. Some movies just didn't fulfill that promise.

Jeff Blake

I prefer credulity to skepticism and cynicism for there is more promise in almost anything than in nothing at all.

Ralph B. Perry

We will try not to over-promise and we will deliver.

Richard Parsons

Don't hold onto the past, the future holds more promise.

Josh Holman

A courageous fighter for working families; a voice for the elderly; a champion of all who have been left out, or locked out, of America's promise.

Caroline Kennedy

We've got to be able to move the ball and have an offense when it's raining or snowing or blowing or anything else. This year, we'll have them ready, I promise you that.

Mike Tkach

If Mrs Merkel wants to wear Westwood, I can promise that I will design clothes for her that will make her look chic, refined and influential.

Vivienne Westwood

A promise can be just a lot of words, but you are experiencing the Sylacauga promise. As first lady, and I speak for the governor, you have an Alabama commitment to each and every one of you.

Patsy Riley

They had a drug party, instead. Anna broke her promise. She let drugs separate us forever.

Jackie Hyden

I made a promise to Hannah that I'd see it through her years at least.

Brent Walker

We're excited to have Manny back in the Thunder fold and have created opportunities for aspiring soccer players to learn the game from one of the top players, professionals, and positive role models to have come out of Minnesota. We have made a promise to the soccer community to bring the Minnesota soccer people back to the Thunder; this is another major step in fulfilling that promise.

Djorn Buchholz

We as a people, as a state, and as a community, have too much promise, too much potential, and too much at stake to go any other way than forward. We are too strong in our hearts, too innovative in our minds, and too firm in our beliefs to retreat from our goals.

Bill Richardson

We're showing a lot of promise and potential so far. We have high expectations for ourselves this year, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Hilary Wilson

We're always looking for interaction between the university and the community. That's part of the promise we have with the citizens of Kansas.

Thomas Gould

We're not going to induce people to play. We're not going to promise financial gain by playing the lottery.

Tom Shaheen

In all the history of the Kashmir dispute, this peace process holds out the greatest promise.

Bharat Karnad

America is not just a power, it is a promise. It is not enough for our country to be extraordinary in might; it must be exemplary in meaning.

Nelson Rockefeller

Part of their promise was to look at viable alternative sites and that hasn't been done to date.

Monica Iken

Information is a treasure for our people. The promise of the journalist is not with popularity. It is with the truth.

Daniel Coronell

It would be another way for Google to sell targeted advertising and burnish its brand. And it's very much in the tradition of Google's brand promise - great stuff free.

John Battelle

An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.

William Dean Howells

They really had a great tournament, they especially showing promise upsetting Cherry Creek.

Basil Mike

Both Bushes were held to a real and imagined Reagan bar. And when his father broke his promise on 'no new taxes,' he got hit really hard by the right.

Thomas Cronin

I could get used to this. I promise that this year is going to be more exciting for the team--and for me personally.

Clinton Portis

In this sense, we can't calmly sit down and say, 'Well, there's no promise of large numbers; success isn't one of the names of God; we've done our part, and we'll see who comes and who doesn't.' This inner restlessness that comes from knowing we have a gift that is meant for humanity must always be present in the Church.

Cardinal Ratzinger

Defendant does not intend to profit in any way from the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy and in the event this court imposes no fine, or a nominal fine, and does not order restitution to exceed $4,100, the defendant will sign and file with the court an agreement and promise not to profit from the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy.

Michael Mcguire

This is not what students want, I promise you.

Josh Wood

I never thought that someone who had achieved what Keith has achieved since we first met would find the time to remember a simple handshake promise.

Phil Stevens

Beauty is the promise of happiness.

Marie Henri Beyle (stendhal)

That is the long-term promise.

Conrad Burke

It's unfair, because they did promise as a result of all this building, they'd keep our taxes down. Eight percent is a lot.

Judy Ross

Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.

Karl Popper

I'm going to go fishing once all this is over. I promise, I'm not touching a golf club for a while.

Bronson Burgoon

God never made a promise that was too good to be true.

Dwight L. Moody

We promise to respect people of all creeds: those who are Christians, Muslims as well as those who have decided not to follow any religion.

Jakaya Kikwete

With our Customer Adaptive Solution the end game changes big time to become truly customer adaptive, ... We will increase the breadth and depth of our product line. There is more coming your way. We will deliver on our promise [to enable you] to leverage one customer [for ROI].

George Shaheen

Congressman Miller sees this as a top priority. The promise is that your child is going to be treated with respect, and that these are the people meant to help them. In fact, the opposite is happening.

Tom Kiley

By Hong Kong we need substantial results if we are to deliver on the promise of the Doha Development Agenda.

Pascal Lamy

But much more important, here is a man who got elected on the promise that he wouldn't need special interest money and wouldn't take it. He now says he needs it and he'll be happy to take it. How many promises does he get to break before no one believes anything he says?

Gale Kaufman

It was important to us to involve others that had participated in past builds with the Northwest office. We want to celebrate the development of this unique community that will be a neighborhood of future and promise for the families and children who live here.

Rick Beets

We need to constantly challenge why we think the way we do. Plus, I just always tell people to never say never. When you do that, you set yourself up to break a promise.

Robin Bowen

We inhereit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted... Each of us contains within... this inheritance of soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise.

Edward Sellner

We promise a whole day's worth of great music and a great opportunity to learn about Florida's folk traditions in a fun way.

Carol Cortright

Here's the promise that you will love her the way she needs to be loved. You will comfort her and support her. It's talking about honor and preference and treating her with a great love and respect.

Don Immel

Parents are sometimes a bit of a disappointment to their children. They don't fulfill the promise of their early years.

Anthony Powell

We are breaking a promise, and that is unfair to the people who fought so long and so hard for this legislation.

Steny Hoyer

The headline is the most important element of an ad. It must offer a promise to the reader of a believable benefit. And it must be phrased in a way to give it memory value.

Morris Hite

Promise little and do much.

Hebrew Proverb

Dr. Alt's discoveries have led to a greater understanding of the ways that cancers of immune cells develop and they hold promise for finding ways to control or perhaps prevent these diseases. Dr. Alt's studies of the instability of the genome are central to our understanding of the events that lead to transformation of normal cells to cancer cells.

Marshall Lichtman

John Kerry and I made a promise to the US people that in this election every vote would count and every vote would be counted. Tonight we are keeping our word and we will fight for every vote.

John Edwards

We feel for the young man. It's an awful thing when a player of great promise has such a run of bad luck from one injury.

Greg Cooper

It's a hope. I don't think they're doing anything that is unique to promise a second-half pickup. They're basically at the mercy of what the demand will be in the market.

Stephen East

They want a formal promise from Bush, but I think they will be disappointed.

Yan Xuetong

I promise that if someone offers me a job doing something for children, I'll do it! But until then, stick to reruns of the Brady Bunch.

Susan Olsen

There is a real promise for this product for the industrial market.

John Coniglio

I'm very, very hopeful the project is going to go forward. I'm glad the port has stepped up to the plate and is delivering on its promise.

Jayme Wilson

I told him I never promise playing time. But unless I missed my guess, [you] would be able to come in and dominate at this level.

Dave Robbins

We are excited to introduce the Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W to the market. Nokia enhancements are designed to align with consumer's needs and the Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W lives up to that promise, by allowing them to use their digital music in a multitude of ways.

Razvan Olosu

We at TERI are very pleased to join forces with BP and are confident that integrating the strengths of the two organizations will provide a significant breakthrough for the country in this field, which is full of promise.

Rk Pachauri

I promise I will throw a lot of touchdowns in the new stadium -- a lot more than I threw on Sunday.

Peyton Manning

I made a deal with God. I said if you could give me that much money I promise I will use it for the rest of my life to be in service to other people.

Martha Babson

We haven't really lived up to that promise.

Theo Holtwijk

We have delivered on our promise of achieving a turnaround in 1998 and double-digit earnings growth for the full year.

Fred Hassan

There are signs of promise in this approach, but certainly the jury is still out.

Christopher Swanson

Forty-eight years ago a museum and a 3,000-acre park was promised to Northern Kentucky. However, much of the area remains largely hidden and a promise unfulfilled.

Pat Fox

This first year was based on a promise, but the future will be based on performance.

Michael Gartner

That's what makes it fun. You have guys with ability and guys with promise, and you try developing that potential.

Chris Pedretti

I apologize for lying to you. I promise I won't deceive you except in matters of this sort.

Spiro T. Agnew

It´s going to be a while, I can promise you that, ... I don´t foresee (burials) happening for at least two weeks.

Jack King

There's a lot of promise here.

Brad May

It is only rarely that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman.

Alexandre Dumas

This starts to bring out the promise of corporate applications available anytime, anywhere.

Todd Bradley

We will remember. I promise you that.

James Halligan

In the frank expression of conflicting opinions lies the greatest promise of wisdom in governmental action.

Louis D. Brandeis

We fulfilled a promise and her dream that when the children grow up they can connect with their mother.

Vickie Mullins

People have tremendous power, more than the average person understands, and certainly more than even I understood before I came to Congress. When any of my constituents writes me a letter, I promise you, we're listening.

Charlie Norwood

I've seen some great things happen when you develop trust across boundaries. This holds promise.

Don Kirkman

The promise of the platform is that thousands of distributors would be unable to cheat 180Solutions and 180 users.

Ben Edelman

I made a promise at his memorial service that I would try and do something to make sure other students like myself would never have to lose a friend.

Ron Gibori

Although the quarter (for CNH) was a disappointment, the outlook shows some promise.

Scott Burns

Talk about fulfilling a campaign promise, ... M*A*S*H.

Larry Gelbart

It is our character that supports the promise of our future - far more than particular government programs or policies.

William Bennett

The Kalamazoo Promise has opened some doors that had been previously closed.

Barry Blackwell

I see that as an area that holds great promise for being the next sort of hip and trendy area.

Rob Dickson

Many of the photographs are already famous. Others, never published before, promise to become no less so.

Brian Boyd

He just said I talk too much and I don't back it up, ... That's exactly what he said, and that's the God's honest truth. I promise to God. He said I never show up.

Milt Stegall

April is a promise that May is bound to keep.

Hal Borland

Promise Keepers, I believe, is on the right track, and people who fear the political involvement ... I don't think they see Promise Keepers for what it is.

Dan Coats

We're going to win - I promise you.

Aaron White

We want to get to him through. I'd like to get him on the podium. That's a promise I made to him. . . . I'd like to try to keep my word.

Andy Gugliemini

Eliminating poliomyelitis is a solemn promise made by the Chinese government to the international society.

Qi Xiaoqiu

We can't promise it will be this good every year. But if we have the funds we will keep giving them back to the community.

Brendan Barber

Computing is no longer just about PCs, laptops or even cell phones, but rather about the promise of pervasive computing, which will largely be enabled by sensors.

Glenn Edens

Hackers are now being lured by the promise of financial gains.

Pete Lindstrom

If National leads the government after Saturday, I can promise the first thing on my agenda will be to get to the bottom of this.

Judith Collins

This is all promise and expectations.

Pierre Martin

He who is most slow in making a promise is the most faithful in performance of it.

Jean jacques Rousseau

Bellinger Cottage is a significant home in Chicago's history. The next owner would be eligible for a Federal income tax deduction in exchange for a written promise of perpetual preservation.

Andrew Fisher

I thought he showed great promise when he came into office, but I disagree with the way he treats people ? especially people who disagree with him.

Julie O'brien

We will rebuild our company and keep it going for the future. But this time we promise we'll grow our company with integrity, enhanced corporate governance, and compliance.

Kozo Hiramatsu

It seems that despite our efforts the rescission will stand, very sadly, and that is something of a promise broken, ... We will try hard in the coming weeks, but ultimately Congress will have something of a black eye over this.

Vito Fossella

And a great product is at the heart of a great brand. It's very hard to dress up something that doesn't fulfill its promise.

Kevin Keller

When we promise to love we really mean that we promise to honor a contract.

Anthony Burgess

Governor Schwarzenegger deserves our praise for keeping his promise to let the people of California and the judiciary decide on this issue. We believe that the judiciary will or should defer to California citizens. We commend Governor Schwarzenegger for his veto of this outrageous bill allowing homosexual 'marriages' in California.

Roberta Combs

The kids are nice kids. They're not overpowering tennis players, but they show promise.

Ned Kramer

My kids are more important to me than my campaign. I'm not going to make it a campaign issue or a campaign promise.

Gifford Miller

I promise I will not disappoint you if you elect me.

Jenan Bushehri

Are you tired of sand being kicked in your face? I promise you new muscles in days!

Charles Atlas

It seems to me that the promise of agile development has fallen short at least so far.

Steve Mcconnell

Coach Calhoun told me that he can't promise me a starting position, ... but if I come in and work hard, good things will happen. He was just telling me that he's starting freshmen, giving me hints that I could come in and be an impact player.

Stanley Robinson

One promise I had to make to Katherine was that I did not drape her over a car.

Kevin Kalkhoven

But I have a lot of energy, I have a lot of want-to, I have a lot of passion. And I know at the end of this process, there's a promise. We're going to go step by step and get it done.

Al Roberts

[Conservative allies will press the White House to pick another Roberts.] He's a perfect fulfillment of the president's promise, ... There's great happiness with him. If there were another Judge Roberts out there, or the closest thing, I think that would be perfect.

Wendy Long

This is something we do every year since we built this building (middle school). We made this promise to the taxpayers when we asked for the referendum.

Mike Holt

That's the million-dollar question. Why would such a good kid with so much promise do this? We know he had a gambling addiction, but why didn't he seek other options? That has everyone scratching their heads.

John Waldron

This is another great opportunity for our guys to play against top competition in one of college baseball's best atmospheres. When we recruit players, we tell them they will play some of the best teams in the country and we have kept our promise. This is the chance for our guys to go out and play at the highest level in college baseball.

Craig Gibson

I have the support of the law enforcement community, I have the support of my co-workers, I am blessed with a group of friends and family who will work hard for me and I promise to work hard for them and all of the people of Saline County.

Ken Casady

Please accept a promise from me in his name that I will always live in the religion in which he died.

Giacomo Meyerbeer

What the people want is very simple - they want an America as good as its promise.

Barbara Jordan

I doubt that would hold a lot of promise for us. Kids are forming their personalities.

Bruce Hunter

Having a corporate focus on volunteerism helps us deliver on our promise to be a good neighbor.

Randy Horn

I can promise you that I'm not picking up the phone and calling to find other jobs. This is what I want to do. I can finish my coaching career right here and be just as happy.

Mike Dubose

It is something we still could do, but we want to see how [using him as a hitter] plays out. We still think he has a lot of promise as a hitter.

Benny Looper

I told John I would speak up for him. It will be tough, emotional. But I have to fulfill a promise.

Ray Jarosz

There is just one thing I can promise you about the outer-space program: your dollar will go further.

Wernher von Braun

We will be there as a reminder that there is an alternative, that there is another way. It is no disgrace to be in the opposition, and I promise that our time there will be short.

Amram Mitzna

[The lyrics to] You Give Love a Bad Name ... An angel's smile is what you sell/ You promise me heaven, then put me through hell/ Chains of love got a hold on me/ When passion's a prison, you can't break free...Shot through the heart/ And you're to blame/ You give love a bad name...

Bernie Ebbers

It is likely to not be successful when we come back in January. This is a promise that may not be kept.

Sen. Richard Nass

We got better each day. We became a more disciplined team. Our effort level increased. We have a lot of promise here. I'm not quite sure we're going to go away any time soon.

Tony Mento

Our promise will be fulfilled in a fortnight.

David Kyambadde

There is much that they cannot do without the involvement of the Israelis, ... They cannot deliver on the security front without some help from the Israelis and principally some promise from the Israelis that a restarted process will get the Palestinians independent statehood.

Rosemary Hollis

I want to send a message to the fans of Dayton. We'll be better. That's a promise. That is the message.

Tim Naehring

In all the history of the Kashmir dispute, this peace process holds out the greatest promise, ... Things are really happening, and both governments are committed.

Bharat Karnad

It's not outrageous to ask the School Board to keep its promise. We have to make them abide by their promise.

Don Rogers

We're going to make the playoffs. I can promise you that.

Kyle Holland

The promise we were given is that once the last chemical weapon is destroyed here, they would take down the facility and forever remove the problem from our community.

Jason Groenewold

I grieve for life's bright promise, just shown and then withdrawn.

William Cullen Bryant

I know many minority groups in the past have had promises made and promises broken. I understand that. But we're not going to break our promise.

Glenn Poshard

We are very excited about both women. Mary Ann has been a camper with us and shows a lot of promise in the middle distance freestyle events. Haley will help us out with the distance freestyle events. Both are great girls who will add a lot to our program.

Jeanne Fleck

Canadians have been left wondering whatever happened to the promise shown by the health plan.

Ruth Collins

Tell them if anything happens to my two cops, I'm coming back with 40 men and we're gonna go to the same three houses and kill everything that walks or crawls, and that's not a threat. That's a promise.

Denny Griffin

I will charge thee nothing but the promise that thee will help the next man thee finds in trouble.

Mennonite Proverb

I have to believe that people can just look around and see that I've fulfilled my campaign promise on economic development. We've been blessed to have this economic development, and we're not going to stop now.

Reo Hatfield

That promise, I can say, was broken by the government.

Doug Campbell

He's got a lot of promise. He's one more of the athletic freshman we have.

Glen Ewing

It's been a promise since day one: that we're committed to offering the strongest content management system.

Marty Gordon

By going back on their promise and making that information available, I think that it will create some significant problems for a system that has really prided itself on confidentiality.

Roger Vann

In effect, it's an empty promise, ... The [FDA's] drug advertising division has been drastically understaffed for decades, and there's no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

Peter Lurie

Our goal for the build kit is this summer, but making this happen will be a volunteer project--as are most open-source efforts--so I'm not in a position to promise.

Felix Kramer

I can promise you that's not going to happen, there's enough people who care about this issue who have come forward already.

Leslee Unruh

Bush missed an historic opportunity to finally bring the U.S. universal health care, appropriately consumer-based, one that holds great promise for controlling costs.

Regina Herzlinger

I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.

Cameron Diaz

On March 1, we had to turn away over 100 students. We promised them we would arrange another testing, and we are keeping that promise.

Max Mcgee

It's really funny to have this beard, you know, I have never really had one before in my life. My beard now has gotten really, really long, to the point that it tickles my ears. I made a promise to Carl that I would shave everything off right there in Victory Lane.

Tom Giacchi

I promise you, everybody made a much bigger deal about it than we did. We weren't really that concerned with it. It's a new team, a bunch of new guys on this team. Everybody else is bringing it up, but we never did. We don't care about it. It was really never an issue to us.

Grant Wistrom

I promise you, ... When I come back, I'm going to be like a mad dog in a meat house.

Takeo Spikes

Companies can't use rebates to bait consumers with the promise of cash back and then not live up to their end of the bargain.

Lydia Parnes

What good is a promise to fund a program in the future (when) these same people won't comply with existing law and fund the program now.

Sen Hob Bryan

Promises, promise, promises. These promises we have all heard before... Nobody pays much attention to them.

Adolf Rosenstock

We've met every promise we've made to the public.

Ralph Splendorio

I'd rather have you tell me you can't do anything for me than promise me something you can't deliver.

Robert Warner

I can't dunk as often as I used to, but I promise to give you one.

Darryl Dawkins

He's showing some promise. He takes serious what he does, and that's good to see.

Sid Monge

She should recognize that, and fulfill her pledge of gender parity. I think that is the campaign promise that will most shape her term in office.

Patricio Navia

If I had a conviction strong enough to make a promise to my constituents, I believe I'd stick to it.

David Phelps

Bay, let's go ahead and bring you in. There was a promise from the White House that we were going to hear unprecedented details in this speech. I don't know that we heard that.

Daryn Kagan

It's not just about unrealized promise we should be thinking about. We should be thinking about the promise realized.

Peter Likins

It's absolutely worth it. There's a lot of promise for this vaccine, not just because of our study, but also because of other studies.

Dorothy K. Hatsukami

What is politics but persuading the public to vote for this and support that and endure these for the promise of those?

Gilbert Highet

Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.

Daniel Webster

I can promise you one thing, the Aussies are great competitors, and they'll all come in here with big hearts, ... That's what they will be doing by playing their best golf. I'm sure [Michael Campbell] is the same way.

Brian Baker

If you have options all you have is the promise of money. It's like the lottery.

Gary Schatsky