When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.

David Brinkley

Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.

Marlon Brando

An American has no sense of privacy. He does not know what it means.There is no such thing in the country.

George Bernard Shaw

Privacy and security are those things you give up when you show the world what makes you extraordinary.

Margaret Cho

The fundamental question is, should people have to pay to be private, or should privacy be the default?

Tara Lemmey

What you have when everyone wears the same playclothes for all occasions, is addressad by nickname, expected to participate in Show And Tell, and bullied out of any desire form privacy, is not democracy; it is kindergarten.

Judith Martin

We find users want freedom of expression, privacy, and ease of use. We have to balance that with the needs of governments looking for increasing access to data.

Robin Pembrooke

I built my house 35 years ago and I had privacy and quiet. They're just taking everything away. I guess commercial is just a four-letter word to me.

Tim Hart

The Web was never built for privacy and security.

Austin Hill

It's not a requirement, but there's not a zone of privacy either.

Steve Ralls

I don't like to put pressure on him. He's got a right to privacy, too. He gets a lot of attention, which is good. It's just not something we strive for.

Tom Lucia

Get wed with a bit of privacy.

Heather Mills

Really, life is complicated enough without having a bunch of Senators deciding what we should do in the privacy of our own homes.

Barbara Boxer

Protection of confidential customer information is our No. 1 priority, and we are taking aggressive action to ensure that any threat to privacy is eliminated immediately.

Kent Nakamura

Going forward, [privacy] will be one of the most important issues this century. The next five years will be the deciding factor.

Austin Hill

You should want the highest form of technology and security for your privacy information, and frankly, we don't have that today.

Richard Clarke

Being that this is a privacy matter, if you are on the ground floor or in an area where people could be looking in, keep the blinds pulled when it is after dark. Make sure to check around and to call your local officers if you think there are people out there doing that. You can also call your neighbors and see if they have had anything like this happen or if they have noticed anything suspicious.

Bruce Martin

Most IT administrators focus on the network tier, deploying firewalls, intrusion detection, and other perimeter-defense or monitoring mechanisms, ... In addition, applications exposed to the outside typically employ encryption methods like SSL to provide privacy of communications on the Internet and to ensure the identities of the endpoints are trusted.

Mark Patterson

Internet gambling is an illegal and destructive activity. People have bought into the lie that because it is done in the privacy of their own home, it is acceptable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lanier Swann

Some of the companies did it tremendously well - they put very strong privacy policies into place. They never share your data, never do anything you don't tell them to do and allow people to opt in.

Terry Golesworthy

Privacy on the Internet? That's an oxymoron.

Catherine Butler

It's interesting how it completely changes your life because you can never get your privacy back. Your anonymity is gone.

Linda Tripp

We protect the rights of Americans and their privacy, ... We do not violate them and we never will.

George Tenet

There is nothing new in the realization that the Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all.

Antonin Scalia

This bill provides full opportunity for anyone to exercise their freedom of speech and their other constitutional duties. But more importantly, this bill gives a family the right to some privacy during their darkest hour, to grieve, honor and pay their respects to their loved one. This is a right they have earned and that they deserve.

Rep. Lee Tafanelli

There are very serious privacy and civil liberty issues of having people permanently numbered.

Liz Mcintyre

No judicial oversight. No advance paperwork. No privacy.

Michael Geist

If I thought it was for the purpose of keeping me alive and my family alive, I guess I'd give up a little bit of privacy.

Bruce Cheney

Privacy and security promises must be kept. It's good business. It's the law, and we'll take action against companies that do not keep their promises.

Timothy Muris

It will be totally state-of-the-art, ... It will be a pleasant environment for patients and family members. There'll be more privacy.

Pam Davis

ICQ is absolutely opt-in. AOL's privacy policy says we can't use navigational information in any way.

Tricia Primrose

If you look at Griswold, what you can see is the first time the Court recognized the right to privacy, which ends up becoming ultimately the right to abortion.

Jay Sekulow

It's evidence that privacy is not being taken seriously. The guidance is very clear.

Peter Swire

Has criticized the exclusionary rule . . . and [as an appellate judge] has favored police powers over privacy concerns.

Andrew Napolitano

This is why I loved technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy.

Cory Doctorow

To wait for hours to buy a train ticket or to see a doctor is accepted as a normal way of doing things. Privacy is not a great preoccupation, and this is a very crowded country.

Nancy Travis

This place here is nice. I mean, it's better than the Convention Center I guess. You get a little privacy.

Robert Pittman

There is no such thing as privacy anymore; there is secrecy.

Rich Hersh

Our privacy is starting to be invaded and we can't get anything done. I'm happy with the fundraising but upset we don't have time to talk and meet with people.

Terry Fox

The Internet has allowed people to invade our own homes, to have conversations with our children in the privacy of our own homes without us ever knowing about it.

Kevin O'connor

I don't think these kids have done anything that warrants us invading their privacy that much.

Tim Arnold

You can imagine we have an expectation of privacy more so than opening this up to 20 units.

Cynde Mercer

We see protecting privacy as a moral imperative.

Lance Cottrell

We're going to monitor to the best of our abilities. But there's only so much we can do before getting into privacy issues.

Rhonda Tubbs

Will encourage both competition and consumer choice ... while protecting privacy and security.

Barry Schuler

We're talking about a basic violation of the Constitutional guarantee of a free press as well as a violation of the rights of privacy of American citizens. I had hoped we would have learned our lessons from the Nixon era. Sadly, it appears we have not.

George Harleigh

For me, getting comfortable with being famous was hard - that whole side of it, the loss of anonymity, the loss of privacy. Giving up that part of your life and not having control of it.

Michelle Pfeiffer

We have woven privacy into the DNA of Microsoft, from product development to deployment, and decisions are made with privacy in mind.

Peter Cullen

You lose your privacy, but the cost is reasonable.

Jim Kearns

We really have to reconsider what it is that a public person gives up. Why does a public person give up all his or her rights to privacy?

David Duchovny

If the director of the department doesn't even know what the privacy policy is, we are in trouble.

Jackie Speier

Nothing of the kind would have been said. We have made no statements that would have identified the individual one way or the other because of privacy issues.

Margi Nanney

A husband should not insult his wife publicly, at parties. He should insult her in the privacy of the home.

James Thurber

There is nothing I can identify that says [employers] can't do it. There is not a privacy law that covers every situation.

Tena Friery

If we kept the rules simpler, consumers would have a better sense of their privacy.

Michael Carroll

There is no privacy on the Internet and job seekers need to be really careful about where they put their resumes. It's almost guaranteed that your resume will end up in places that you had no idea even existed.

Peter Weddle

Heather has been having problems and we are determined to get to the bottom of them as quickly as possible. It is a difficult time for all of us and I would ask that our privacy is respected.

Darren Clarke

It's not a privacy problem, ... It's a mission, goals and methods problem.

James Dempsey

We would ask that the press respect our client's and his family's privacy and any further statements will be released through these offices.

Peter Black

[Privacy legislation] potentially will cause a fundamental shift in how businesses interact with customers and vice versa.

Rick Lane

Unfortunately, because of privacy laws and for safety reasons, we can't disclose passenger information without permission from the passenger or without the involvement of authorities.

Robin Urbanski

This raises some serious privacy issues. But where better than to work these concerns out but on a research campus?

Carlo Ratti

Privacy groups and activists have sounded the alarm, accusing a lot of these companies of forming affiliate relationships as a way of getting around privacy restrictions.

James Grady

When we give up our rights that we have in the Constitution to privacy, to know that Big Brother is not looking over our shoulder, we give up a valuable entity in this country.

Dave Robertson

The FTC's concerns about Internet privacy and the Microsoft case have made Washington more visible. The Microsoft case was a real awakening for people that the government does have an impact on your company.

Connie Correll

The publicist called beforehand to make sure that the store was prepared for their privacy.

Samantha Winch

If you didn't ask for personally identifying information, it would be interesting to see if the government cited privacy as a reason to refuse.

Thomas Burke

This would have to be measured against the commitment to privacy.

Tom Blank

In many cases, they're not stealing your money. They're stealing your privacy.

Sen. Dave Aronberg

At that moment, I wanted my privacy to be protected.

Liu Bing

But we think there are privacy and equal protection issues at stake here that we just have to have cleared up.

Carl Adams

[The move was welcomed by privacy groups -- but with reservations.] The TSA has not yet committed to permanently choosing to not use commercial data, ... They need to do so.

Tim Sparapani

It's such an invasion of privacy, ... You feel like Big Brother's watching you. It baffles my mind. I'm such an open book, you want to know something, you ask.

Joseph Cataldo

The Penn family would appreciate the media's respect of their privacy during this difficult time.

Mara Buxbaum

It is a fact of life that the higher you go in public service and the higher your pay is the lower the expectation of privacy.

Thomas Burke

You also have to consider legislation such as data protection. There are privacy and human rights law for e-mails, which you can overcome if you have the right contract of employment.

Peter Sommer

The idea was to show that if his privacy wasn't safe, none of ours were, and it clearly proved the point.

John Aravosis

They need more space and they need more privacy.

Doris Meissner

There are a number of privacy issues and I think that a sound handling of those is important for this technology.

Morten Kyng

It definitely hit a nerve with a lot of people, ... I think part of it is the encroachment on our everyday lives, people being afraid that we're losing our right to privacy, our right to control our own property.

Mark Russinovich

I see them more as a safety issue than a privacy issue.

Sga President Basheer Benhalim

In order to protect the privacy of victims' families, we will not release the names of those employees and subcontractors who have lost their lives.

Melissa Norcross

It's a very delicate kabuki dance that we do between privacy and security, and I think to some greater or lesser extent you need to plug into the fact that your individual privacy might damage the majority's safety.

Bruce Cheney

As long as you don't save the picture in the computer and just scan individual faces quickly, the privacy violation is not an issue.

Su Guangda

Besides, there are privacy laws on the books, both state and federal, so there's no way they'd win. It makes you wonder what they're really worried about.

Alan Milstein

Memorial service arrangements are still being made, and his friends and family would appreciate privacy during this difficult time.

Dennis Dennehy

It's something that we thought was necessary, and an officer patrolling would not be invading people's privacy. [We] just want to make sure that everyone and everything is safe. We'll see how everything goes with officers present on Greek Row.

Dujuan Smith

Can employees sue for invasion of privacy? The general rule is that if an employer has a clearly written e-mail policy that says the employee has no expectation of privacy, the employer will probably be safe.

Michael Overly

A tech mandate requiring backdoors in the Internet endangers the privacy of innocent people, stifles innovation, and risks the Internet as a forum for free and open expression.

Kurt Opsahl

Privacy is an illusion. Privacy doesn't exist, and it hasn't existed for quite a long time.

Robert Siciliano

The right of an individual to conduct intimate relationships in the intimacy of his or her own home seems to me to be the heart of the Constitution's protection of privacy.

Harry A. Blackmun

We ask everybody to respect our privacy and allow us to mourn two most wonderful people.

Heather Mazarakos

It's a form of acoustical spying that should raise red flags among computer security and privacy experts. If we were able to figure this out, it's likely that people with less honorable intentions can — or have — as well.

Doug Tygar

People had given up trying to protect their privacy, but this will make them think about it again.

Susan Scott

On its face it seems like an outrageous invasion of people's privacy.

Tom Dresslar

I like my privacy. I have to say I've dragged my feet a bit on this.

Scott Stevens

If they can't get that, it's a good thing for privacy advocacy.

Aden Fine

We have systems that are robust and strong enough to do important things like move money, but not apparently robust enough to allow privacy choice.

Peter Swire

They should definitely abide by their privacy policies. The irony is rich.

Jim Harper

Under a mutual use of property, a party has lost an expectation of an exclusive right of privacy.

Paula Smith

Music fans shouldn't have to install potentially dangerous, privacy intrusive software on their computers just to listen to the music they've legitimately purchased.

Cindy Cohn

If there was a gun to my head, I still could not reveal or break the privacy of my users.

Austin Hill

The clinic respects the privacy of its patients, and continues to express its condolences to the family. It is unfortunate that some have chosen to exploit this matter of personal grief for political purposes.

Lee Thompson

We have a process that law enforcement has to go through. We do not just open the doors and say 'Yeah, what do you want to look at? Come on.' We value the privacy of your data.

Mark Bragg

There will be initial resistance to this type of service, because privacy and security are concerns.

David Card

This is a difficult time for Maurice. We ask that you respect his privacy.

William Settina

[Those questions are] actually pretty annoying, ... But they're really not a major cause of privacy violations.

Larry Ponemon

I had to focus on some personal areas in my life with the little bit of privacy that I have.

Mario Vazquez

We are evaluating our options We haven't decided what to do yet. We take the privacy of our customers' information very seriously.

Amanda Pires

The seat's designed to provide a feeling of privacy, but you're in a cabin with 28 other passengers, ... To say it's designed for intimacy implies more than what we intend. I'm sure our passengers will be more than appropriate as they always are.

James Boyd

There's been a lot more concern and a lot more willingness for legislators to be swayed by arguments of identity theft, homeland security or personal privacy ... than what had occurred before 9/11.

Steve Key

I would just assume go to the town hall than have my privacy invaded.

John Ennis

We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.

William Orville Douglas

I think there's different clusters that do things together socially. Everybody watches out for everybody, but if you need your privacy, nobody's overbearing.

Sue Morgan

I can't comment on this either way. Privacy laws prevent us from talking about personal information.

Nathalie Deschenes

Oh no. We're not going to invade your privacy. But I doubt you would go unnoticed.

Jon Johnson

We take privacy of customer information very seriously.

Amanda Pires

This is a watershed decision (that) reaffirms the liberty, dignity and privacy Americans cherish at the end of life.

Barbara Coombs Lee

I think the most privacy I had was when the game was going on.

Roger Maris

The U.S. safe harbor principle meets the test of adequacy as required by the (privacy) Directive.

John Mogg

In many ways, it's a more permanent medium than many other mediums. It is in many ways larger than life because of the size of the screen. It's a communal experience, something you're not doing in the privacy of your home. So it's appropriate that feature film be the last into it.

Adam Fogelson

1st Source Information Specialists continues to display egregious disregard for privacy, and previous industry-driven actions do not appear to have deterred their illegal activities. We can assure our customers that we will make every effort to put these services out of business.

Kent Nakamura

If these people are going out for a long-term evacuation, they don't want to be in big gymnasiums, ... You've got families, you've got pregnant mothers, you've got mothers breast-feeding children. They need a degree of privacy and comfort.

Peter Moon

And the Court's decision in this was that there was a zone of privacy that was created around the marriage relationship, and that zone of privacy came out of a number of different places in the Constitution.

Chris Barron

If Wal-Mart wants to tag their cartons, I don't think you'll see many privacy advocates bothered by that.

Allen Nogee

[For the justices, Roe reflected earlier cases involving the right to privacy. That] right, ... broad enough to encompass a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

Harry A. Blackmun

AT&T customers reasonably expect that their communications are private and have long trusted AT&T to follow the law and protect their privacy.

Lee Tien

Do you believe that the right to privacy applies to the beginning of life and the end of life?

Diane Feinstein

We're going after a problem that is becoming an epidemic. Calling records are being taken and privacy is being stolen.

Sen Dave Aronberg

If the Pentagon has been collecting information improperly on Americans, it should provide a full accounting of what kind of information it collected, on whom and why, subject only perhaps to protecting the privacy of individuals.

Kate Martin

We went back to the drawing board and took a belt-and-suspenders approach to protect the identity and privacy of Americans.

Frank Moss

Privacy drives the concern about these databases. People are fearful that information about genetics could be used against them. The very things that make a population good to study also make it tricky.

Arthur Caplan

A home address certainly could be traced to the child. I don't know that simply withholding the name is an adequate privacy protection.

Tena Friery

An unconscionable invasion of the family's privacy.

James Hamilton

AT&T is breaking the law and invading the privacy of its customers.

Kevin Bankston

If you read the privacy act, it's keeping anyone from finding out anything at all. You call the hospital looking for a loved one, and they tell you they can't tell you whether she's there.

Lindsey Rice

He asked for privacy. But he has been remarkable, determined to do the work. He's even working on a new set of notes, to put things in before we close.

Gordon Davidson

Investors don't want to be hassled, and hedge funds respect their right to privacy. That's very important to them, ... But now funds have to gain a level of knowledge that they're not managing dirty money. It's a fine line.

Barry Colvin

When we anticipate guests? needs, when we are flexible, when we are creative and we create a sense of privacy, all those five-star ratings will come.

Jan Chovanec

Now customers can shop with privacy.

Diana Davis

This is the time to ensure that Secure Flight's security, operational and privacy foundation is solid.

Kip Hawley

I certainly respect privacy and privacy rights. But on the other hand, the first function of government is to guarantee the security of all the people.

Phil Crane

We're not big fans for the posting of privacy policies because what is much more important is privacy practice.

Marc Rotenberg

In our opinion, this is not a privacy issue. We complied on a limited basis and did not provide any personally identifiable information.

Mary Osako

Crypto is one technology that enhances our privacy, ... Most technology advances are windfalls for law enforcement, but here's one that helped the rest of the people.

Philip Zimmermann

These are strong new protections for consumer privacy.

Michael Oxley

We have not developed good policies for allowing corporations to extract the information that they need without invading the privacy of the individual.

Fred Schneider

My nightmare fear is some congressman is going to seize on this and they're going to pass some laws, ... I can just see people overreacting and doing things that would invade people's privacy or tie up the Internet with so much security nonsense that innovation slows down.

Paul Saffo

It's simply a very bad idea for privacy and for free speech for the government to design any technology, much less the Internet, to be surveillance-friendly.

Lee Tien

This participatory act aims to engage them in the issues of social networks and distributed interaction, but also on the possible drawbacks of limited privacy and geographical surveillance.

Carlo Ratti

People in the industry feel it's more of a privacy enhancer because it's such a secure way of identification.

Kevin Haggerty

Privacy is high on the list of bipartisan bills with support in both houses. There is a chance to do something that is both bipartisan and balanced.

Jerry Berman

You'll have more missed meetings. But as for SOX or privacy compliance, who cares? I don't see any broad implications.

French Caldwell

They're just trying to respect the privacy of their guests, I would assume.

Greg Bouris

You already have zero privacy - get over it.

Scott Mcnealy

One of the great penalties those of us who live our lives in full view of the public must pay is the loss of that most cherished birthright of man's privacy.

Mary Pickford

I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl.

Princess Margaret

There certainly are privacy issues that we are very concerned with.

Ben Golub

Just ensures that the unscrupulous companies that are . . . violating people's privacy [through secret monitoring] are reined in.

Chris Christiansen

Many kinds of privacy that we worry about [now] may be things we just don't worry about in the future.

Tom Malone

I wrote to the company asking for an apology and claiming damages under Regulation 30 of the privacy regulations.

Nigel Roberts

This creates a massive privacy issue.

Sherwin Siy

I see both sides, but I still think it's kind of an invasion of the privacy but also, it does encourage people to pay taxes.

Nancy Moore

These people work astonishingly long hours. With BlackBerries and cell phones, you don't have any privacy. You can't get away from it.

Craig Shirley

The best thing about this job is being able to act six days a week. That's what I love doing. The worst thing I suppose is the lack of privacy sometimes. But I think the pluses outweigh the negatives.

Karl Davies

I guess that would be Indian, in a way. We are used to no privacy. We are used to a lot of people in a room, sleeping on mattresses.

Mira Nair

A landmark moment in the cause of establishing and protecting individual privacy rights online.

Jerry Berman

There is opportunity for moderation and for deadlock. Deadlock is a disaster because the states are ready to roll, and then companies will have to deal with a crazy patchwork of privacy laws.

Jerry Berman

The arrival of this spy center means that Big Brother is finally here. The balance between the state and individual privacy has swung too far in favor of the state.

Norman Baker

Privacy was the number one issue. We now have individual registration rooms, a room for a financial counselor and separate rooms in the emergency room.

Connie Schroeder

We are rigorous defenders of our users' privacy. In our opinion, this is not a privacy issue.

Mary Osako

The rise in ultraprivate luxury accommodation can be attributed to the increased need for relaxation and privacy.

Dr Kamal Hossain

Clues are often very fleeting in nature. The question has become, 'How much can and should the government be doing, and what is the legality?' I'd be comfortable relinquishing some privacy for security. The question is, where is the equilibrium point?

John Arquilla

Because of privacy issues, we only get involved when there is some suspicion on the part of the blood bank, and that's why our officers were notified. As far as anyone can remember, this is the first time this statute has ever been applied to a blood bank case in the greater Boise area.

Lynn Hightower

If you care about privacy online, you need to actively protect it.

Roger Dingledine

We are now waiting for a decision by the privacy commissioner whether to accept the case before deciding the next step.

Albert Ho

It's too early to say whether an Internet privacy bill will be passed this year.

Ari Schwartz

The Internet has changed the way consumers think about privacy, and Higgins will help change the way people manage their personal identity information.

Dale Olds

Our privacy policy has always been based on trust by seeking permission to use people's information. This change leaves no room for misunderstanding or confusion.

David Emanuel

When the time is right, we will make a statement, so I ask that you please give the family their space and privacy at this point.

George Peterson

There's probably a lot more to any personnel matter than is ever known publicly and that's the way it should be, to protect the privacy of the individual.

Tim O'neill

Even rock stars are entitled to privacy.

Michael Novak

This is to do with stabilizing trust in trade and investment and has nothing to do with privacy protection.

Simon Davies

A swab on the outside of a bag is far less invasive than rifling through the personal belongings. We don't yet have enough information about whether this is an effective security measure that does the least possible harm to personal privacy.

Donna Lieberman

You're entitled to your privacy and it's an absolute disgrace that whoever's leaked these names out disrespects us so much that they're willing to do that.

Jared Crouch

[In short, Internet privacy policies offer consumers very little protection.] Six months ago, just having a privacy policy was considered pretty honorable, ... Today, most policies are pretty worthless.

Abner Germanow

Law-abiding citizens value privacy. Terrorists require invisibility. The two are not the same, and they should not be confused.

Richard Perle

People only sign up if they're willing to be found. We don't want to invade anyone's privacy. We want people who want to match up with each other.

Wendy Kramer

Some have said privacy is dead. I hope that is not so.

Rep. Neal Kurk

Privacy issues are very difficult to deal with. If government intervention comes into play, it will be ineffective at best.

James Hurley

Identity management is key to ensure trust, [privacy and security] as well as to facilitate collaboration and improve analytics.

William Crowell

The Supreme Court has made it clear that consenting adults are free to do what they wish in the privacy of their own homes. If you follow the logic of the Oklahoma City police, everyone who tries to pick someone up at a bar is a criminal.

Joann Bell

The Privacy Report is devoid of any consideration of the costs of legislation in comparison to the asserted benefits of enhancing consumer confidence and allowing electronic commerce to reach its full potential.

Orson Swindle

I just remember that disturbing feeling of walking into that prison, the complete loss of privacy, the complete loss of stimulation, dignity.

Cybill Shepherd

We have done everything we can possibly do to preserve a fair election in accordance to the laws governing homeowners' associations and to protect the privacy of the members of the association.

Carol Jones

Bloodshot eyes, frequent headaches, demands for unusual amounts of privacy behind locked doors are some things parents can be aware of.

Stephanie Spell

There isn't a whole lot of government self-regulation over privacy. There are some really, really good people -- the Department of Homeland Security and Commerce are the best -- but other than that there's not much.

Richard Purcell

This particular subpoena does not raise serious privacy issues.

Timothy Wu

This is a very important development in terms of online privacy.

Marc Rotenberg

I can't say what happened before because I didn't know him then. And, you know, I kind of choose to leave him his privacy. But I know that right now we're hoping not to have a gap. We're planning to do another one soon.

Sarah Green