If a politician murders his mother, the first response of the press or of his opponents will likely be not that it was a terrible thing to do, but rather that in a statement made six years before he had gone on record as being opposed to matricide.

Meg Greenfield

The mission of the press is to spread culture while destroying the attention span.

Karl Kraus

I read the newspaper avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction.

Arthur Christopher Benson

Freedom of the press is not an end in itself but a means to the end of [achieving] a free society.

Felix Frankfurter

The press is like the peculiar uncle you keep in the attic - just one of those unfortunate things.

G. Gordon Liddy

I must see her and press her to my heart. I love her to the point of madness, and I cannot continue to be separated from her. If she no longer loved me, I would have nothing left to do on earth.

Napoleon Bonaparte

No government ought to be without censors & where the press is free, no one ever will.

Thomas Jefferson

I can honestly say to you, slaves of the press, that if I had as many love affairs as you have given me credit for, I would now be speaking to you from a jar at the Harvard Medical School.

Frank Sinatra

A free press can of course be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom it will never be anything but bad. . . . Freedom is nothing else but a chance to bet better, whereas enslavement is a certainty of the worse.

Albert Camus

What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind.

Wendell Phillips

Faith in something greater than ourselves enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid, to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain.

Gordon B. Hinckley

I know, I know, I probably do need a press manager, ... Jamie was like, JOOLS! But it was just, I was having this girly chat with the journalist and we were getting on so well, it just popped out.

Jools Oliver

I think so much these days people who don't have regular business in the criminal justice system determine guilt or innocence (from what is) in the press.

Sam Shaw

This announcement is not in response to the union's press conference. This is an announcement we'd been working on for a number of months.

Arlene Murray

Maybe they should call Guinness to see about the record for the most frivolous press conference.

John Williamson

We got some easy buckets against their press in the third quarter. I told the girls that if we get some easy baskets in the third quarter we are going to win the game.

Jason Murgel

I knew we were going to have some trouble with their press, but I thought we handled it OK. We got in some foul trouble that hurt us and we changed the way we wanted to play. But our younger kids came in and did a nice job for us.

Jerry Stracke

Not only the press, but also the communities and the workers can't get a straight answer out of the company they work for, ... It benefits IBM because they know the truth, and they know that it's hard for others to get the full impact of this, so they just play this game with everybody.

Lee Conrad

There's been a bit of tension and anxiety in camp this week. A lot of attention has been put on this game by the German press, so we're just at the point where we want to get things rolling.

Pablo Mastroeni

That big run put us where we needed to be. We played good defense and the press really got to Mountainburg early and it got us some easy shots. That's the way we like to play.

Alan Barton

We would like to see some positive press coverage in our community, we want to see positive role models and leadership shown.

The Dispatch

A free and independent press is critical to the functioning of a democracy, and I am concerned about any actions which may erode the independence of the Iraqi media.

John W. Warner

There is no more important struggle for American democracy than ensuring a diverse, independent and free media. Free Press is at the heart of that struggle.

Bill Moyers

It would be a very foolish person who made any kind of judgement from how he answered tabloid questions at a press conference.

David Arnold

Wouldn't it be better to have a watertight law designed to catch the guilty, rather than a press release law designed to catch the headlines?

William Hague

Some of the press stories indicate that they came from export earnings that had not yet been remitted to the government. But that's all I know on that. They did, as I noted, make the payment.

Tom Dawson

I knew Midfield would press from the beginning of the game to the end. We knew the outcome would be determined by how many turnovers we had. And we had a lot of turnovers.

Alonzo Sledge

Mentally what happened last year helps. You're not as nervous. You don't have to press as much because you know what it's about. That's just how it is.

John Gramuglia

Her speed is a great answer for a lot of people's press.

Cassandra Yancy

Our press was effective, and in the second half we wore them down. It was a fast-paced game. That's the way we prefer it.

Clark Plichta

Magdalena's a good-shooting team; I'm very proud of our girls. Lots of teams have forced us to beat their press. All I can ask is 100 percent.

Kelly Martin

We're seeing this growing. The strongest part of their influence is on the media: if something online suddenly becomes a story in the local press, then it matters.

Julian Smith

The insurance money is starting to come in and we've talked to our attorneys and it's okay to send a press release to say we're going to be back.

Iven Kelley

My fundamental belief there is that we need to be careful as we do our business to ensure that we respect the principles of democracy, which include being open and honest with the press.

Genpeter Pace

It may not stop it, but it will shine the light and alert the press and the public to some of these things far earlier than now.

Bob Phillips

We got a little comfortable with the lead. Nobody was scoring for us any more, and their press was hurting us.

Candace Norville

I still don't have full use of my finger. It's hard to work a power saw if you can't press the button down.

Harry Bloechle

We couldn't press like we wanted to, but our pressure defense in the half-court set was great. We took their big guy out of the game, and that really made the difference.

Jeff Adkins

We were ready for the press. It might have hurt us once or twice, but I honestly think it was as much us as it was them.

Mark Ehlen

The press is like the air, a chartered libertine.

William Pitt The Younger

I now know happiness isn't about being in the press, getting good reviews or always being seen as a winner. It's about doing what you enjoy through the highs and lows, accepting what's on your plate and making the most of it...'

Darius Danesh

I wouldn't mind one or two more and the chairman is very aware of that and we'll try and press on on all fronts.

Iain Dowie

Competition is a much bigger factor than they're acknowledging in the press release.

Gary Helmig

God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things done.

Harry Emerson Fosdick

Since the printing press came into being, poetry has ceased to be the delight of the whole community of man; it has become the amusement and delight of the few.

John Masefield

Somebody should have done their homework to determine whether the plant was eligible or not. If I was the plant (manager), I would be assuming that if they could manage to have a press conference in front of the plant, that I would be eligible for the program.

John Tory

And the kids are going through their parents' record collections -- I say kids, but really it's everything from the age of 12 up to 20s -- and a lot of them are coming along, and they don't have the ageism thing that a lot of the press do.

Rick Wakeman

We gave them a lot of points early from their press. We played pretty well in the second half. We have improved a lot since the last time we played them.

Maranda Brownson

This is nothing more than a San Francisco liberal pointing a partisan finger across the aisle in a lame attempt to score political points in the press.

Laura Blackann

We wanted to come out and press them, put pressure on them and go from there. I was worried they would try to hold the ball on us. We definitely wanted to up-tempo it.

George Forney

Forgive Us Our Press Passes.

Daniel Schorr

I know they?re a pretty physical team that likes to press.

Robert Lingo

These are things that we wouldn't normally read about in the Hebrew press.

Rebecca Zeffert

Through creative actions, both the Winter of Our Discontent and Lights Out Chicago will press for the payment of war reparations by the U.S. to Iraq, for the damage inflicted by the past 15 years of economic and military warfare.

Joel Gulledge

Things that don't normally happen were happening to us. Their half-court press really hurt us.

Bill Mcelroy

I told our guys at halftime that they were going to come out and press us and trap us, and that's just what they did. But I was proud of how our guys played.

Bryant Turney

We played a zone press in the third quarter and got our lead back up. Harlem got a lot of her points off the press.

Bob Zeh

Instead of pressing hard with the bow, you press lightly and you go faster. That will affect the balance.

George Hanson

It's difficult to play them. They swarm to the ball. We knew they press pretty good, and we had to be ready for that.

Rich Skillman

In pleading not guilty, he has declared to the world that he is innocent. He has declared that intends to fight the charges in the indictment, and he has declared that he wants to clear his good name ... he wants a jury trial. We do not intend to fight this in the press.

Ted Wells

Our kids did a good job of breaking their press and our bench came through when we needed it.

John Cullen

We're still investigating. I heard that Monday or Tuesday we will probably be having a press conference announcing more.

Larry Gray

We just couldn't handle their aggressive play. They picked up their intensity and came out in a full-court press.

Melissa Martin

The Mitsubishi press incorporates all the automation features we could want. They are uniformly productive features.

Keith Murphy

Criticism of government finds sanctuary in several portions of the 1st Amendment. It is part of the right of free speech. It embraces freedom of the press.

Hugo Black

He doesn't have to check with the press office to see what we've said before. He's the president, it's his prerogative.

Nicolle Wallace

The one thing that's so great about Pam is that she never gets rattled. Things get hectic around here sometimes and you have all of these press conferences called with coaches being released and all of the other normal day-to-day environment within an athletic department.

Jeff Charles

The law isn't justice. It's a very imperfect mechanism. If you press exactly the right buttons and are also lucky, justice may show up in the answer. A mechanism is all the law was ever intended to be.

Raymond Chandler

I don't think age matters. I've had four years here with coach Carroll. I've been next to Norm in the press box for the past four years. I've prepared myself. I'm not nervous, I feel extremely ready for it.

Lane Kiffin

We jumped on them early. We shot the ball well. Had good pressure with our press.

David Boydstun

He didn't see a reason to hold press conferences on a daily basis. He didn't relish the limelight.

V. Grady O'malley

Reinsdorf told me, 'You have an invitation to a press conference on Monday. The new manager of the White Sox asks that you be there,' ... Ozzie never forgot to this day.

Jerry Krause

We handled their press a lot better tonight, but I think both are better teams than they were when we played before Christmas.

Rich Aubrey

They're a smaller, faster team. I think we can match up pretty well if we can break the press like we did (Friday).

Cory Montgomery

I was very proud of our kids. We just have to press on to the future and continue to improve every week.

John Schlarman

I was very pleased with the way we played to end the second quarter. Our three-quarter court press was giving Johnston City fits.

Rick Metcalf

We knew the expectation was that if they press us we?d fold under the pressure. But we turned it around on them.

James Livingston

Derby came out all fired up. They had a pep band and the place was noisy. They played us close for about four minutes. But we were just quicker and more physical than they were. We forced a lot of turnovers with our full-court press.

Jim Holleran

Our team is so deep. Our press eventually wears people down and when they start to get tired, we pounce.

Dwaine Lentes

We came back and went up with about four minutes left in the game. Our press made the difference late in third.

Bruce Hess

You know, I don't think I really have any thoughts on that. I'd like to kind of stay out of the press on this issue.

William Harris

The press is reporting things that are absolutely irrelevant to any of our lives and they are sensationalistic and it is damaging.

Daphne Zuniga

You'd carry on a logical debate, but you'd read about it later and say, 'Was I there?' ... But what are you going to do? Put out a press release and say, 'We weren't screeching'?

Pat Schroeder

I am ready to commit suicide in the middle of the press conference and say, 'What you're doing is the reason for this,' .

Ayman Nour

Some of the press who speak loudly about the freedom of the press are themselves the enemies of freedom. Countless people dare not say a thing because they know it will be picked up and made a song of by the press. That limits freedom.

Geoffrey Fisher

We're talking about a basic violation of the Constitutional guarantee of a free press as well as a violation of the rights of privacy of American citizens. I had hoped we would have learned our lessons from the Nixon era. Sadly, it appears we have not.

George Harleigh

Many citizens are telling us to press ahead again with reforms.

Kaoru Yosano

We expect to reveal some significant information at the press briefing.

Lieve Pellens

We ask Jill to do so much. She doesn't just have to score. She has to guard the perimeter, she has to help us break the press, she has to play outstanding defense.

Kathy Lanter

I realize now the cliche, the power of the press.

Carla Jordan

It's outrageous and inexcusable to put out a press release and characterize people in that fashion.

Todd Foster

We're so young that when they start to press, we think that means we need to speed up.

Chris Harper

It's going to be a good experience. He's going to have a press conference [today] as well as the weigh in, so he have things to do.

Cuki Alvarez

Mother considered a press conference on a par with a visit to a cage of cobras.

Margaret Truman

It was hard to relax much before then. With their three-point shooters and press, nine points can be made up in 25 seconds or less. So, that's why we couldn't get too comfortable until the last seconds.

Randy Yoder

See, the thing is, when you do a press day, sometimes you're tired in the morning and you say things at the beginning of the day that you have to spend the rest of the day trying to correct.

Lenny Henry

I think I can definitely go up 10-15 pounds (on the bench press) if I need it. So I'm looking forward to state.

Andrew Trowbridge

If there is a firestorm of press, Nike will absorb that. It will make it easier for someone else to do something afterwards, because they won't be first.

Tom George

It would, in effect, be an instant press conference if they were to do something.

Bob Ayers

That was a big win for us. Not many people picked us to win. We were able to handle their (Roughriders') press.

Alan Simmons

We've been practicing against their press for the past two days, and we thought we had it down, but we just couldn't handle it (Thursday).

Rachel Price

It's done. We're rockin' ! John can't wait for the press conference [today]. He's fired up beyond belief.

Tony Agnone

She doesn't always get the headlines and the press, but she's an incredible point guard.

Seth Goodman

It is not up to us to recommend anything to the press.

Johannes Laitenberger

We believe that when someone is wrongfully incarcerated, the press can help draw public attention to it so it can at least be re-examined again.

John Mchale

We've really put on a full-court press to obtain the staff that we need.

Bob Waner

It's not our goal to litigate this in the press. It's unfortunate that this has come to pass.

Mark Wawro

The First Amendment requires that compelled disclosure from journalists be a last resort, ... Apple must first investigate its own house before seeking to disturb the freedom of the press.

Kurt Opsahl

We would ask that the press respect our client's and his family's privacy and any further statements will be released through these offices.

Peter Black

The press release did come from him. He is the one who decided to leave South Park .

Amy Harnell

We work hard against the press and we've got several guys who can handle the basketball. It's hard to press us. It can be done, but we work at it and the kids do a nice job.

Ben Leiker

Columbus is known for their aggressiveness on their press. Our girls weren't expecting it to be that aggressive. It caused us some problems early on.

Skip Laper

The bottom line is that after we defeat the armed forces of Iraq, that we will want to and need to provide stability throughout that country, ... Meet the Press.

Genpeter Pace

Despite criticism in the press, we can see that the idea of the New Year holidays has justified itself. Our two-year experience confirms this.

Boris Gryzlov

We made very good decisions on offense and defense. In our press, we covered everyone well, and once we got a steal, we passed to the right person.

Pat Mayo

We didn't try to full-court press them as we did last time. They picked us apart last time. (Tonight) we played defense under the 3-point line and made them earn their points.

Julio Perez

The party has no intention of allowing a free press, but now they have to contend with growing professionalism among journalists, profit seeking by media and the effects of exposure to media outside China.

Joseph Cheng

We knew what they were going to do to try to break the press. We just had to adjust to it. We got active. We're focused in on Saturday.

Tim Foley

We just didn't run our press breaker the way we're supposed to run it, is what we didn't do, and I'm not sure why.

Gerry Eckenrode

He can still go in the weight room and bench press 300 pounds. He's a man's man.

Joey Price

The fact that the vice president shot someone at close range is very interesting. It is easy to mock, and jokes continue. But it should not be the role of the press to make jokes. That is bad judgment.

Alex Jones

That's who we are - a team that likes to press and run. That's what our depth does for us. At the end, we were still running.

Abby Waner

He continues to issue press releases claiming that the court has already ruled that Mr. Noe committed a fraud. That's false.

William Wilkinson

I'm not sure we think that people should just be able to come in and copy and essentially duplicate any sort of a press conference and just throw it up [on the Internet]. There ought to be some journalism involved here.

John Heisler

Teams like to pressure us. We tend to get frazzled. We have excellent ball-handlers, but we didn't pass the ball the way we should. That is how you break the press. We just were out of step all night.

Brittany Grice

(The press) sped us up more than we wanted. It worked us hard on the other end of the court.

Melissa Martin

We should have handled the press better but we couldn't keep up with their quickness.

Mike Seward

Kellen Byrnes did an outstanding job against the press tonight. He handled the pressure very well.

Dave Doemel

We've got to handle the press. And we've got to hit our bunnies.

Bob Prenevost

The rotation in the press was working well, but it broke down at times.

Rachel Sandoval

A little bit of that was our press. But I think it was more than we were getting the momentum back. But in this game, it really all comes back to details. Geibel is doing the little things and we are not.

Jim Lane

We knew they were slower, so we wanted to come out and run them. Coach wanted to set that press up so we'd get the ball a lot.

Ben Boyd

We did a great defensive job in the second quarter. I thought our press caused them a lot of problems.

Terri Keown

If there is a Fourth Estate function, if the press is supposed to be an advocate watching out for the public interest, then cases like these merit the attention.

John Mchale

They're obviously a good team and they have the two 6-7 kids with Bernard and Holmes and they have a quick backcourt. They'll probably try to pound it inside to the big guys and defensively they might press a little bit like they've done before, but hopefully, we can open it up, get up and down the court and make the big guys run a little bit.

Paul Connolly

If you are not shooting well, no team ever looks good because you are always on your heels. When you score, you can set up your press and get momentum.

Jim Reese

You think there are players taking advantage of our other players and you can't do anything. You want to jump out of the press box at that point.

Jimmy Roy

We have a lot of things to work on in two days. If we come out and play like we did, Hammond High is going to kill us. It won't even be close. I'm sure they saw how we handled the pressure against Calumet, so they're going to come out and press. Like I said, I liked what we did defensively, but we've got to do a better job offensively.

Tom Golumbeck

We were having trouble with their press and getting into our offense, but we finally got into a groove. The other night it was 16 teams left, then eight. Now it's four. We just want to finish the mission.

Fred Griffin

The era of governing by press release is over. Lansing needs strong leadership to change Michigan for the better and create jobs.

Dick Devos

We knew that we had to keep this thing close as long as we could, and we wanted to attack Paso's press.

Tom Mott

Except for a couple things I would have liked to see in the press, I don't know if they could have played any better to start the game.

Brad Warze

It was a misunderstanding. The justice did not intend for the event to be closed to print press.

Kathy Arberg

This is the type of game that Lindsey would have thrived in. She really likes to get up and down the floor, and just her dribble penetration and being able to blow by somebody against the press would've been very helpful.

Randy Salyers

Because we are getting close to the end of the season it doesn't make sense to press to hard.

Max Angelelli

Avon is a very poised team, our press didn't bother them today. We didn't get the turnovers we usually do.

Mark Amdahl

This is when the northern press started looking at the dehumanization of African Americans in the South.

Hank Klibanoff

The on-field officiating crew, which oversees the official game clock operated in the press box, failed to recognize that the clock was improperly reset.

Mike Pereira

Deming's a good team and we were playing in hostile territory. I thought we played good defense and our press bothered them, which becomes a mental thing for an opponent.

Jerry Ormes

Other administrations have had a love-hate relationship with the press. The Nixon administration has a hate-hate relationship.

John Chancellor

Frankly, I was surprised at how generous the Japanese press has been to the idea of a foreigner running Sony.

Howard Stringer

We've handled her press, her P.R., and been her travel agent. At some time, she will be on her own. Right now it's too early.

B. J. Wie

The Associated Press pulled their poll out of the BCS for a reason.

Lee Snyder

Anybody who is infringing on press freedom must go.

Kalonzo Musyoka

That changed our strategy. We didn't plan to press. Once Patterson went out, we did and we got a few baskets out of it.

Jerry Gibbs

The man-to-man press (in the second half) was the key to getting those key 3s.

Bill Gallacher

Europe has a press that stresses opinions; America a press, radio, and television that emphasize news.

James Reston

I just kind of forgot about it until it first started coming up in the press in November.

Brian Fuentes

We played very well against the press in the second half and we had nice balance. This was a big game for us. Derry was a game behind us and we needed to come here and play well. We played with great intensity.

Tom Traynor

(East) played tough all the time and they had a good press. We pulled through, though.

Damir Dzafic

We shot really well from the outside tonight and the defense really stepped it up. We were able to build on our press and all the pieces fell into place.

Darci Lewis

We needed to calm down and break their press. We came out, found the way through the press and also played a lot better on defense.

George Braun

We have to break the first line of their press. If we do that, we'll be OK. If we don't, we won't be.

Craig Mortensen

We shot the ball very poorly again. We broke the press but then turned the ball over or missed easy shots.

Maranda Brownson

No Cheering in the Press Box.

Jerome Holtzman

Numerous politicians have seized absolute power and muzzled the press. Never in history has the press seized absolute power and muzzled the politicians.

David Brinkley

In the press, he gets his hands on a lot of ball. When T.J.'s in the game, something's going to happen.

Tory Hanson

That gave us a little lift. We seemed to get even more energy in our press.

Rex Stanley

People, photographers, people in the press can sometimes be inappropriate.

Tobey Maguire

I told them, 'We've been in worse situations.' We had to press the issue.

Sheryl Krmpotich

I think the biggest thing for us is going to be a strong press defense and creating a lot of opportunities and capitalizing on them. If we can minimize our mistakes, then we can win.

Alaina Whitaker

It was the same press. We used the same press-breaker, but we didn't execute. We just were not as focused and ready to play as we were the first time.

Tim Mccutchen

We did a good job of breaking their press. We are a tough team to press.

Charmaine Bell

We've got to take the good with the bad. When we get beat, we're going to handle it the same way. When it's a win, we're going to handle it with class and be very humble. I've never had a policy about athletes not talking to the press, never in 14 years of coaching.

Aaron Dunbar

He says he's got too many important things to do than to assist an ambitious candidate to continue to milk the press for free publicity.

Alice Stewart

There have been incidents today, and we just need to encourage (and) press the parties to do everything to try to bring this under control.

Sandy Berger

It's really interesting what Freddie said at press tour (this summer), ... Desi (Arnaz) unlocked the door, his dad opened it and George kicked it down. Now, I guess, we just have to widen the doorway.

Bruce Helford

Momentum in the economy is gathering pace and the ECB are likely to give quite a hawkish outlook in the press conference, which could trigger further bond losses. Today's rate increase certainly won't be the last.

Gernot Griebling

Our press really put it on. Today was much better than the other night, when we got scared to death.

Steve Smithwick

And the Iraqi people are liberated from the worst kind of dictatorship. Now they are enjoying their democratic rights, all kinds of freedoms, a free press.

Jalal Talabani

I think for most of the game we handled it [the press] pretty well. There was a stretch there where we threw a couple of errant passes. That gave them a couple of easy baskets.

John Goldsberry

Tonight we came in here with a game plan to use our best ball handlers and make them play their best game. We knew we had to make great passes to get past their press defense, and I'm happy to say we accomplished that.

Callie Orebo

The last thing you want to do is press them. But when we got down 10 or 12 points we had to because we came up here to win. If you press them and you're not successful you're going to get blown out. They started getting easy buckets and things started getting out of hand.

Brian Bowles

Once again we capitalized on our full court press in the second half.

Tim Whitney

We didn't press as much as we normally do. We wanted to look at some other things we can do out of a half-court offensive set.

Debra Pegram

[Talisman would not comment on the recent ruling.] The judge has instructed both parties not to argue the case in the press, ... And we are therefore unable to say anything.

Barry Nelson

GOES-9 was deactivated because it had problems. But basically our engineers are saying that, if needed, they could press that into service in an emergency.

Pat Viets

I think we did a poor job executing our press offense. We had four empty possessions to start the third and they went on a run.

Spencer Mayfield

The press got us back in the game. We got some turnovers and some easy baskets. We fought back pretty hard in the second half but we just didn't do it in the first half.

Mark Patton

There was one woman at a press junket before the film was released who was very upset over the things I said, ... And Penn and Paul basically had to say, 'You know Bob's not like that at all.'

Bob Saget

The liberty of the Press is the Palladium of all the civil, political and religious rights of an Englishman.


Few market participants were willing to take fresh positions ahead of Fukui's press conference.

Ryutaro Matsuyama

We've been running it (the sag press) all year. The key is to transition out of it and get quickly into our man coverage.

James Forni

We run a lot and we press a lot, but we really love our inside-out game.

Dan Donawitz

The Commonwealth has had consistently bad press. It was originally seen as a kind of hangover empire. People have long predicted its demise.

Ben Pimlott

Carolina has a lot of great athletes. They're a very versatile team. They press extremely well. They're versatile on the offensive end. A lot of players can shoot the three ball and they hit the glass hard.

Sue Semrau

I see no basis for an attorney appearing on television for any reason in this case, ... This case is not going to be tried in the press.

William Young

There are meridians on the arms that are connected to organs and the entire body. So as you press on the physical body and release tension, it allows the energy in the body to flow.

Phoebe Diftler

We've had so many games where we just can't seem to finish at the end. Kennedy's press bothered us at the end and they had three consecutive steals that gave them their momentum.

Gene Smith

I thought we played extremely well tonight. We executed the press effectively and our offense was clicking on all cylinders.

Jim Wiedie