You're only given as much as you can handle at any given time. Whether it's true or not, it gives you the strength.

Gillian Anderson

The king is the man who can.

Keith Richards

Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth-grade math, you can do it.

Peter Lynch

Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.

Alan Loy Mcginnis

I'm not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I'm living on.

David Bowie

All we are asked to bear we can bear.

Elizabeth Goudge

Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man's nature and of life's potential.

Ayn Rand

He said, 'We think you've got a lot of potential and what we'd like to do is put you up against Gene Miles, who was playing for the Broncos', and I said, 'No way, I'm out of there'. I don't think I was really built for the game but I've always followed it.

Pete Murray

To be an important regional player, an airline needs a big local travel market...and Vietnam has major potential.

Richard Pinkham

The cash infusion stemming from a potential GMAC sale would give GM additional financial flexibility, though clearly at the expense of earnings power.

Rob Hinchliffe

The Policy Potential Index serves as a report card to governments on how attractive their policies are from the point of view of an exploration manager.

Fred Mcmahon

A quick back-of-the-envelope analysis of the deal yields an accretion potential to Pinnacle of 3 cents per share.

Adam Steinberg

It does make a difference to finish off with a win. It's been a disappointing year for us. I don't think it was just one thing that went wrong, but the bottom line is a lot of us didn't play up to our potential.

Markus Naslund

The market potential is quite large but unquantifiable. You could be looking at a market ... one third (the size) of the 35mm movie film market.

Steve Roach

There are other places that have basalt. But this is a well-known research lab that had good potential for scientific synergy.

David Beaty

She probably would have been predominantly in a separate classroom all day long with students that would not be able to perform academically in a regular classroom. She would have had a ceiling put on her potential.

Patti Lovemark

We're very pleased with the potential beyond this one production facility. Indiana now can be ahead of the curve in reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil.

Becky Skillman

The question becomes, are you going to answer the phone when [a potential acquirer] rings?

David Goldman

Governor Rell believes we should not give one foot of ground to potential drug dealers.

John Wiltse

It's going to be an awesome year. It's going to be another one like this year. We've got so much potential next year. I just can't wait to get it going.

Bailey Stanley

They definitely have potential to break out of the Montana market.

Mike Good

There is potential for squeezes and prices to go up. But people won't be left freezing and unable to heat their homes.

Mark Mathias

This is our last chance to head off a potential disaster. We don't want there to be any excuses. This is no time for procrastination.

Kira Swaim

Each day I wake up is a potential nightmare, as I dread that knock on my door that far too many families have already received. The fear I live with is a fact of life for military families with loved ones deployed in a war that should never have happened. It is a reality that far too few politicians understand.

Anne Roesler

I'm really excited about her potential. She has begun the season by posting some very good early-season times. Jenna is very crucial to the success of the team. I expect her to be a top athlete in (Division III) this season.

Dean Tower

James Anderson is a potential NBA player. He's a top Big 12 and SEC prospect, no question.

Ron Crawford

I said the other day no one knew what Steve could do, including himself. And he showed his potential here. He's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Paul Manning

I was in awe of a woman who was giving so much but was never directly involved in what was going on in other parts of the country. She didn't experience the things here that people in the south did but she treated everybody as an American. She wanted everybody to live to their fullest potential.

Melvoid Benson

It won't lead to any dramatic change of course for Germany. But I still see a good potential for reform policies.

Klaus Zimmermann

I think the trouble is, in many cases at the moment, we've got so many experiments going on, people are losing sight of the ultimate potential.

Malcolm Williamson

It's great to see, ... She's got a lot left. I hope it doesn't discourage the other girls because I think everybody has that potential if they believe in it. It definitely sets the bar up there.

Stacy Dragila

I think there's more (potential) for moves with the U.S. dollar.

Jeremy Friesen

There is uncertainty on how these lenders will be treated going forward. The declines may be severe considering their business growth potential.

Junichi Misawa

The educator must believe in the potential power of his pupil, and he must employ all his art in seeking to bring his pupil to experience this power.

Alfred Adler

By the enormous amount of unrealized potential in Palm Beach.

Terry Maple

If there is problem with the formula, they've got potential downside to the stock.

Benner Ulrich

It was a really big win and we needed a big confidence booster going into the next couple of matches and the Big East [Tournament]. We all knew we had the potential [to have a great season] and are hoping to keep it up until the NCAA [Tournament].

Katie Potts

It was not one of our better performances all the way around. I don't think we played to our potential. We had the chance to put this game away and we didn't.

Jessica Wilk

We have to play to our potential, play the game at our pace, go to the boards, follow our shots and make our foul shots.

Janise Bass

He's given himself as much potential as he could. There's been nothing really bad that's happened to him, and he's got a budget surplus and a lot of popularity.

Kirk Jowers

Citigroup being a big new buyer does put a little more consolidation potential in the mid-sized bank stocks.

Tom Finucane

If the yaw damper fails, this has the potential of pushing the rudder further than the pilots intended it to go, which could cause control problems.

Jim Mckenna

Living to 100: Lessons in Living to Your Maximum Potential at Any Age.

Thomas Perls

We are playing better than we did last week and the week before that. We still have some potential left in us and I'm pleased with the way we are working.

Holly Tippin

I didn't really expect much so I guess I got more than I expected. It means I have more potential that I thought I did.

Anthony Baccam

I don't measure America by its achievement but by its potential.

Shirley Chisholm

This is a person who children and young teens respect and has the potential to make a tremendous difference in kids' lives.

Pam Bondi

I see it as a positive sign when you see companies building their potential, as far as investing in other technologies and adding it to their current portfolio.

Charles Ryan

We're playing it by ear. We hope to sell the business, not close the business. There's so much potential here. We'd like to find a proprietor who can expand the services and who has an ability to be on-site.

Gary Moss

From his own mouth, he has identified himself as at least a potential predator.

John Childress

He's a person who leads through example. He has the potential to be a great football player.

Bob Arcurio

There are several drivers for potential earnings growth that I don't think are reflected in the stock.

Jason Kantor

The gym has the potential to increase the number of people who go to the shopping center. It will enhance the tenant mix.

Patrice Duker

I've said all along we weren't going to reach our potential until late January or early February. That's what I'd been insisting even through those four games, which were four difficult losses. I think we'll be OK.

Matt Brady

That gave me a lot of confidence making the last eight and showed I had some kind of game. It exceeded my expectations....The confidence, it showed in today's game. The potential is there and I can improve every week.

Martina Hingis

In the longer term, it's going to be any additional suggestion as to how the Fed will handle monetary policy in the months ahead that has the potential to provide the most significant direction for the dollar.

Tim Wilbraham

This varsity team has a lot of potential. We just need the right attitude.

Holly Hatton

It is not unusual for acquisitions of this magnitude to be referred to the Competition Commission to ensure that any potential concerns are addressed.

Jane Miller

We will continue to do that. There is a great deal of upside potential in leaving the company as is.

Don Olsen

It's not for the weak of heart. It's something that you have to be able to look past all of the problems and realize the potential of a piece of land.

Tim Ford

These (potential) buyers can pay one-to-three times the multiples more than were available before.

Jim Boyle

He's definitely got the potential. It's early in his career to make a prediction, but he has the physical ability and a good arm, and he's a smart kid.

Porter Casey

He's got so much potential. He's so instinctive. He's going to get bigger and stronger. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Inge.

Paul Keyes

The potential is huge for them both in sales and production.

Tarun Das

Charlotte County is like the hole in the doughnut. There's a lot of opportunity here. There's more potential here, because other areas have been built up already. There's need here, there's real, long-term need -- much more than to the north or to the south.

Tim Shave

The new organizational structure will enable us to adapt our business even more to the needs of the market and our customers and at the same time to exploit further potential for synergies.

Friedrich Berschauer

West Nile is here and is currently a potential threat ... There's no ongoing malaria transmission in the U.S. that we know of.

Dawn Wesson

Anwar Ferguson has a lot of potential. He stands 7-foot and he's a 7-foot high jumper and he was the last player cut by the Kings two years ago. He just needs to develop a little more.

Kermit Young

There's a potential for benefits and conflicts.

Jacqueline Grebmeier

We saw the potential in Orlando; it really seemed like it was going to take off.

Gale Petronis

The most important thing for them to do is to do research and develop goals and a plan for their future. They all have so much potential.

Heather Raue

That's a group that really has to grow up in a hurry. But they have the potential to be good.

Rick Vanhoy

It was good to get out on the new machine today. I managed about 20 laps and recorded my fastest lap of the day on the new machine. The new machine has lots of potential and I can feel it is a little bit better than my 2005 machine in lots of areas. We found a lot of positive points for HRC to develop - especially the feel of the machine under braking and turning into .

Max Biaggi

This has potential to be a really big event for Northeast Iowa.

Vicki Rowland

The idea of perfect closes your mind to new standards.. When you drive hard toward one ideal, you miss opportunities and paths, not to mention hurting your confidence. Believe in your potential and then go out and explore it; don't limit it.

John Eliot, Ph.D.

I think it could be significant, and a potential drawback.

Paul Herbert

It's all very positive and very strong. They're emailing me and asking about the potential to set up our own Web site ... so that all the kids can log on just for a minute or two and see what kind of problems or successes are happening, and see what kind of ideas are going on out there.

Dr. David Jones

The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.

Robert F. Kennedy

No one can motivate you to do anything. You motivate yourself, based on information you receive and how directly you can relate it to your own potential achievement.

Mark Barnes

We're not playing as aggressive as we can be. We have the potential to play better.

Lamarcus Hicks

It has potential for great harm. We are going to be watching them very closely.

Norman Siegel

Curb appeal is possibly the most important aspect of a hotel property when trying to attract transient guests. One of the most common negative comments from our lenders, customers and potential investors was the appearance of the drainage ditch area between K-61 and our property, as well as the chain-link fence.

Bill Hipsher

The most realistic situation could be is that potential challengers don't see the possibility of winning due to the campaign war chests that the incumbents build up.

Ben Wilcox

The surface lots are going away because there are potential condominium projects and offices everywhere. We all agreed that we need to keep meeting to stay on top of the changing environment down here.

Ron Campbell

We will have to source the fish from overseas. We are using National Meats to source the fish. The fish sandwich that we are selling has a lot of potential.

Vincent Chang

My mother wanted us to understand that the tragedies of your life one day have the potential to be comic stories the next.

Nora Ephron

I think you could say at least in some cases this is just good business judgment. At some point the district may conclude the effort required is not worth the potential of the return.

Gordon Macinnes

There's likely to be some short-term disappointment, given that people don't know the logic behind this potential acquisition.

Chris Steward

This is a potential platform technology for developing many other kinds of therapies.

Claudio Soto

We were extremely pleased with Eddie's progress and development last season. He is a player who has a wealth of talent and potential, and we believe that he will continue to improve and become an impact player for us.

Kevin Mchale

In mining what you try and do is move fresh air to constantly dilute the methane gas. Methane is a potential fuel for an explosion in a mine. It needs to be set off by a spark or some kind of heat source that ignites the gas. Also, in coal mines you have coal dust created by grinding of the coal. There are other things. That coal dust is also potentially explosive.

Lewis Wade

Sebastian is a very attractive player. He has a huge pedigree in soccer and he has a strong desire to play in the States. He has the potential to be an impact player in this league.

Sigi Schmid

We acknowledge the risk that incentives may move higher. This risk is particularly acute considering the potential for a softening of auto sales, and considering all the capacity coming on line between 2000 and 2003.

Rod Lache

We're showing a lot of promise and potential so far. We have high expectations for ourselves this year, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Hilary Wilson

We want to give people a heads up. The potential is there for heavy flooding rains.

Tom Warner

She just had an overall total game. I keep telling her that she's one of the best point guards in Cobb County. She has that potential, and (Saturday) she showed it.

Sheryl Fowler

Overall we didn't play to our potential.

Nathan Waite

There was no question that the investment community had some concerns on the potential pitfalls on the restatements.

Lasan Johong

The market is looking forward to signs of accelerating profit growth, which could add potential to stocks.

Juergen Lukasser

Their goalkeeper is phenomenal. I really hope she does something with soccer because you can see her potential.

Kate Miller

The stronger consumer confidence, the more likely the Fed will keep hiking rates for longer. Yields have the potential to march higher in the coming months.

Alex Li

Rugby's a cruel game. We didn't play to our full potential and we've come within a point, so we just have to try to stay positive.

Chris Latham

The current auditorium is appalling. This goes to the fundamental of what schools are about. You can?t pull out potential in the current facilities. You can teach music, but you have to have a place to apply it.

Wayne Martin

He's always showed the potential. We just challenged him. He creates mismatches using his speed and size.

Leon Wheaton

There is a huge opportunity with Monterey and Merced. The Intel architecture has the potential to displace the proprietary, RISC, and mainframe architectures that have been kings for so long.

Doug Michaels

Football's performance over the past 12 months suggests it can fulfil its potential in Australia in the years ahead.

David Malone

One of the areas where these companies see great potential for savings is in the 'regionalization' of their operations. This implies looking for synergies in their processes especially when acquiring equipment.

Lee Taiman

The potential costs and risks for all three governments are too large to expect any one of them to alter course greatly.

Peter Beck

There's going to be a storm that we haven't seen yet, that hasn't even formed, It should be a fool's call to say Category 4 is a potential.

Michael Schlacter

The data gathered on this and other SCICEX missions are uncovering important clues about the circulation of the Arctic Ocean currents and their potential effects in altering the composition of the Arctic ice pack. These clues may help us to better understand the cause and effects of global climate change.

Rita Colwell

People say we have an easy schedule and that is not true. We just play to our full potential and we've got one more game to prep it up before districts and we are ready.

Mike Denton

The potential is massive. Milk is money.

Anthony Bennett

In our discussions with Transitional, we were impressed with the quality of its operations and the strategic potential of our combined company.

Bruce Lunsford

With this news, our government appears to have shaken investor confidence in it and financial markets in addition to dividend-paying investments. We see early evidence of damage to the value of holdings for existing and potential trust investors. Although not yet widespread in its effect, this change has had direct deleterious impact on individuals like you and me.

Leslie Hayman

The design is something that really has some potential.

Doug Hecox

It's a difficult burden to provide care and treatment in a climate in which medical malpractice is one of the potential outcomes. It certainly has to change the care they provide.

Gary Dance

I think she has the potential to have a chance to be a state champion. No doubt about that.

Trinity Morgan

That seems to be where they did a pretty good job of adapting the highway technology and producing a barrier that has potential to be better than we have currently.

Steve Peterson

Defensively, we still haven't brought it to our full potential. We still need to pick up our defense if we want to continue our success.

Amy Denson

The private equity industry is growing and reaching potential investors it hasn't before, so it's important to understand the impact that has on the financial markets and the issues which might arise as a result.

Rob Mcivor

I don't feel like we are reaching our full potential yet as a team. That is going to be our goal for the next meet coming up. For everyone to do what they are capable of doing and hopefully improve on some of the errors we made.

Steve Shephard

It's interesting to see this very complex plant disease as a potential source of medicine for a very difficult human disease.

Larry Kleingartner

I'm real excited for next year. We have some eighth grade potential. They are going to push kids right away.

Brian Fanelli

There's not a lot of big kids in this [senior] class, ... So it's, 'I better get involved [early], or else I'm not going to have a chance to get them.' It's their ability and potential down the line. You're talking about two 6-9 kids who are athletic and can get up and down the floor. You can't teach that.

Steve Turner

The earlier work focused on the potential as they saw it and the difficulties of doing it once. And we're making the suggestion that doing it once might well not be enough.

Marc Lipsitch

What they are doing is putting their best foot forward and trying to convince the SEC that some of the potential allegations don't hold water.

Christopher Bebel

There was a high degree of enthusiasm for the Internet. There was legitimate exuberance about its potential, combined with an unprecedented and strong stock market.

Warren Huff

I really believe this team has a lot of potential - whether it's this year or in years to come, I don't know.

Brett Favre

This will help give us a road map for the future. This has a lot of potential.

Donald Harris

Although formal agreements will not be drafted until much later in this planned separation process, we believe that the planned treatment of these liabilities addresses any concerns that a current or potential claimant might have.

Sheri Woodruff

We show a lot of potential; we've never had these kind of numbers.

Rachel Fatino

With them sitting well below sea level, this is a potential set up for a catastrophic event that has never been seen before.

Chris Sisko

Being consistently good is so important for a football team. Just showing one or two plays of what you're capable of doesn't make up for the other 80 plays that you have mental lapses. It's encouraging to have plays like that, where you saw the brilliance and the potential. But if we can't do that every play it really doesn't matter.

Kayle Buchanan

We view this having the potential to incrementally help the area a little, ... It's a toe in the water.

John Hogan

I see that it has huge benefits for us understanding how and why diversity changes over time and how that might be applied to evaluate potential effects of future environment and climate changes.

Laurie Anderson

A lot of people oppose using tax dollars to finance a stadium because they live too far or have no interest in the sport. But if it can be demonstrated that the public has a potential use of a facility, then elected officials at every level would have a much better case for justifying public participation.

John Flint

We want the groups who are doing a poor job of reporting potential beach hazards to be made accountable.

Chris Evans

I knew that if we played to our potential no one in the state could beat us.

Kyle Coston

It has the potential to revolutionize health care. It's going to change the way we do things. Information will go from care setting to care setting and from doctor to doctor.

Mike Cohill

I knew that in the past that these financial panics had often triggered far worse consequences. I was actually less concerned about the market than the potential for collapse of the world financial system.

Mary Farrell

Our decision to divest our non-Internet assets was not easy, as these businesses have achieved tremendous success and continue to have significant growth potential.

Michael Rubin

It's a tough place to play -- they have a hostile crowd. It's fun though, I like when the crowd gets into it If we play well and play to our potential, we'll have a good match.

Malcolm Scatliffe

The good potential policy could work to undermine the essential characteristic of the merit system. The good potential policy might result in an arbitrary action.

Roger Abrams

When I first saw him swing, I knew he had this potential. He's definitely got the best swing of any junior golfer I've ever seen. His fundamentals are perfect as far as I can tell.

Tom Willis

That a former U.S. congressman couldn't overcome a late start should be a cautionary tale to any other potential latecomers.

John Simpkins

It's open to people in the community. There are a lot of potential leaders out there.

Jack Walsh

It is on and off with this team. They pick and choose when they want to play. This team (Frankfort) is tough. They beat Kingsley by 20 and Kingsley creamed us, so we did come out and play better. I see so much potential and they don't see it.

Danielle Pettengill

It's worth exploring if it offers any potential at all to protect emergency responders or industrial workers. Without doing things like this, you'll never know where it could go.

Jack Williamson

There is a potential for a security problem.

Liz Mcintyre

The housing market frenzy, which enticed potential home buyers to rush their purchases before prices moved still higher, has now apparently broken.

Robert Mellman

To go 0-11 last year it was so tough on all of us mentally as well as physically. We all know there's so much potential for success here. We expect to have success and win some games now.

Aaron Ellis

We do not feel on-site training is sufficient for our employees to avoid unnecessary accidents and potential loss of limb or life.

James Mckenzie

We're particularly concerned with the lack of disclosure in the '50s, '60s and '70s around the potential damages of this product.

George Abbott

It's great to have the potential to make the state tournament. But the goal is to win state.

David Rogers

This is obviously great news for the airline and hotel companies, but travel managers might be less positive, as they are the ones facing potential cost increases next year.

Matthew Davis

We have an extreme potential for growth. It's hard to predict what this thing will do.

Joe Colwell

MacKenzie is a player with the right attitude and the natural ability to go after every ball and to be a spark on the field. We feel MacKenzie can be a very strong player for us because she has potential in several different positions on the field.

Becca Kohli

This approval takes some risk out of the equation for them. If they can get the production capacity, it has the potential to be a significant drug. The big issue for Bristol is patent expirations and whether the pipeline can offset them.

Henry Scott

This changes the dynamics of the potential adoption of XDR memory.

Michael Cohen

He's tall and quick and moves the ball around, and he's got the potential to play a big role in the Ashes.

Bruce Reid

In all new markets that have high growth potential, there are new companies that start. Of course at the end, there will be less than the beginning. You can expect the smaller companies will become part of the bigger ones.

Ton Van Kampen

To have a facility like this really adds a world-class potential (to the area). I'm sure I'll be out here to see some shows.

Hugh Downs

We pride ourselves on not having any large and horrible spiders in this country. Secondly they also eat native invertebrates and other insects and so there is the potential to have impacts on those populations.

Sonya Bissmire

Between the meet last week and the Kansas State dual this week, I think those two meets will get us well-prepared to compete to our potential.

Doug Clark

She has the most potential.

Sonia Tirb

We're in the middle of vetting potential candidates.

Russ Diamond

I think this is a really creative approach and a different way of looking at affordable housing. I think this project has the potential to bring a great deal of value to our downtown.

Mark Kleinschmidt

The CISO needs to be able to understand the business, and the potential returns on any security investment.

Paul Proctor

Creating a vaccine to prevent transmission of HIV, or at least to limit its pathogenic and epidemic potential, is one of the great challenges of our time.

Bette Korber

George Bush said interesting things about potential opportunities in biomass, but we need a better understanding of any legislative or regulatory changes his comments might spur.

Lucas Van Praag

Realistically, we would like to get 10 kids out to district. Is this feasible? I think so, if they all wrestle to their potential. Anything less than eight district qualifiers would be a disappointment.

Chance Vangundy

Both of us had the same response when we heard about this, ... It was kind of like, 'Been there, don't want to do that again.' Our whole lives, we both have lived with the potential of our father's death.

John Glenn

This practice is not only immoral. It posed a potential health risk to those who may be recipients of this illegally obtained tissue.

Assemblyman Francis Bodine

In general, the business-to-business market has the potential for better margins. When dealing in that market, you don't have all the marketing expenditures you deal with when you're trying to attract consumers.

Sara Zeilstra

If things come together, we have the potential to be a playoff team. But it won't be easy. A lot is going to depend on how quickly our young kids can step up.

Mike Bowler

We don't feel that our customers are better served by public disclosure of potential issues. We think that in the general case, people who need to know about issues are the ones that can actually fix the bugs.

Bud Tribble

There is still strong growth potential in metals commodities in 2006 and now is the time to make hay.

Andrew Harrington

A business leader has to keep their organization focused on the mission. That sounds easy, but it can be tremendously challenging in today's competitive and ever-changing business environment. A leader also has to motivate potential partners to join.

Meg Whitman

They want to control it all because if you control the names, the numbers, and the machines, you've got it. The potential for making money and influencing where that money goes is enormous.

Bob Allisat

I think anybody that's driven like that, there's always that potential. And that's why he knows he needs a whole team working behind him.

Bill Mckenna

We are in discussion with MTSU and Belmont with several of their players. There are no age limits. Some of the top (high school) players in this area very likely will be prospects or potential players for this team.

Chris Price

Norris City played very well and they should be proud of themselves. We didn't play very well today. I don't think we played to our potential today, but we have other matches to play and things will get better.

Terry Austin

The Office of Independent Counsel cannot and will not discuss any aspect of sealed court proceedings including potential mischaracterizations of these proceedings.

Charles Bakaly

The potential is grim.

John Rother

This scandal has the potential to have a huge effect on K Street for decades. It will not only further shape people's opinions about lobbying but could also lead to reform.

Alex Knott

Mentally and physically, I am unable to play up to my potential. To do so would place a burden on others, so I have decided to retire.

Shigetoshi Hasegawa

It makes every consumer seem like a potential pirate. We have grave concerns; it seems a crime to disenfranchise so many consumers who have already bought these products in good faith.

Jeff Joseph

The Potential of Redevelopment.

Gary Rogers

There is a potential for the liability of Medford and the Medford Water Commission. Medford Water Commission can not simply ignore precedent of supplying districts, new or old.

Cliff Beebe

We are complaining about their conduct in 2002 when they learned there was a potential for short-circuiting. They made a decision to change the design and sell the defective inventory without notifying the public.

Bob Hilliard

Certainly we are developing concept cars with the intent that they influence production cars. So we take the F3R's packaging very seriously. We're looking at that design very seriously to gauge its potential as a base for a production vehicle.

Kevin Hunter

I don't know many companies that have made a lot of money in Chinese banking, but clearly the potential is there.

Peter Thorne

There's a scam for everyone, and that means everyone is a potential victim.

Susan Grant

I think he has the potential of playing junior hockey somewhere. If he has a strong playoff performance, he can open some eyes.

Paul Taibi

We are excited about the potential of these players. They are three talented and experienced athletes, who have excelled at the high school, club and ODP (Olympic Development Program) levels. We expect great things from them both on and off the field.

Jennifer Rockwood

We are pleased that the SEC is encouraging continued dialogue around potential ways of using a market instrument to value stock options.

Dennis Powell

We want to make sure we're reaching potential T-birds who can't quit their jobs and come to Glendale.

Frank Neville

He has so much potential and so much upside. Everywhere he has gone, he has improved immediately. Before you know it, he was an All-American.

Joe Robinson

That one really had potential.

John Carlin

It's tough to go direct to end-users when you are likely competing with a person who has almost everything else -- including a sales relationship with your potential customers.

Tom Barnes