Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.

T. S. Eliot

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness . . . it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair . . . in short, the period was so far like the present period . . . .

Charles Dickens

I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me, and my enquiry is as to their working, and my problem is their subjugation and victory, downthrow and upheaval, and my effort is their self-expression.

Dylan Thomas

A person however learned and qualified in his life's work in whom gratitude is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes personality fragrant.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Attractiveness and magnetism of man's personality is the result of his inner radiance.

Yajur Veda

The unique personality which is the real life in me, I can not gain unless I search for the real life, the spiritual quality, in others. I am myself spiritually dead unless I reach out to the fine quality dormant in others. For it is only with the god enthroned in the innermost shrine of the other, that the god hidden in me, will consent to appear.

Felix Adler

While one should always study the method of a great artist, one should never imitate his manner. The manner of an artist is essentially individual, the method of an artist is absolutely universal. The first is personality, which no one should copy; the second is perfection, which all should aim at.

Oscar Wilde

I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.

Mahatma Gandhi

Don't try to take on a new personality; it doesn't work.

Richard M. Nixon

When you give up drinking, you have to deal with that wonderful personality that started you drinking in the first place.

Oscar Levant

We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.

Albert Einstein

Now, the cult of personality has diminished and Gray Davis is no longer our nemesis. The Republican Party ... becomes very important, and he needs to make sure that those volunteers are engaged and enthused and willing to fight for him.

Karen Hanretty

He was one of the guys ... there was this perfect communication with him. When I heard he was getting this job, there was no doubt in my mind from a personality standpoint he was perfect for this job.

Bob Golic

It's very hard for adults to change their personality, and Harvard needs a personality who can get all the faculty and schools to work together for the good of the university.

Bruce Alberts

Anybody who's a parent is our target audience. We've found people do care if there's a personality put to that missing child. We're not talking about children who are dead, we're talking about children who are alive.

John Roland

You have to have the right personality, the right work ethic and the right mental toughness. Cameron is showing he can do that.

Tony Ramseyer

Dennis is very affable. He likes to joke all the time. He has a very open personality. I thought I would like to write a piece for him.

Fred Cohen

He is, to me, a very likable individual with a very engaging and outgoing personality. I think that - and the fact that everybody gets a honeymoon - has given him a remarkable beginning.

Wilford Kale

A city has values as well as slums, excitement as well as conflict a personality that has not yet been obliterated by its highways and gas stations.

Charles Abrams

It's fun to be an ambassador. For anyone who has an outgoing personality, this is a great way to tell the story of Food & Friends or to tell the story of AIDS.

Craig Shniderman

You don't give her too much of a personality. You're not going to see her dancing or kicking up her heels out in the vineyard, but have her do what is appropriate for her to do, based on her history but also being a contemporary person living in the 21st century.

Barry Kriebel

Having a personality now is a good thing, and (bowling) has grabbed a different audience than we've had for a lot of years.

Chris Barnes

Today, to find somebody who's good -- who has the qualifications and doesn't have any of the personality flaws -- those people are hard to find.

Joel Buffington

There must have been some personality clashes. There's no question in my mind that this was not a planned change.

Alan Vituli

A trainer's personality can be a critical factor in establishing a personal connection with a client. If their personal skills aren't a match for you, it's not an ideal situation. Somebody can know exercise science but be very deficient in interpersonal skills.

Cedric Bryant

We did hear those comments. That's just his personality. We didn't think he meant anything by them.

Arron Afflalo

The personality is stronger than the policies. These are issues that Democrats are talking about.

Mark Bubriski

She's a wonderful kid and leader with a great personality, a big heart and a great work ethic. Her teammates love her.

Michele Moore

Looking at his films, one can feel the characteristics in his personality. To sum up, a gentleman. He is sincere and humble.

Liang Liang

Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.

Charles M. Schwab

A wonderful girl ... her personality and energy are part of her style. Her body is beautiful, very feminine. I love to dress women like her.

Roberto Cavalli

The organization needed a bulldozer. I feel like I had the personality and thick enough skin to do that.

John Weisbrod

When Michael leaves, we will lose a personality capable of taking responsibility.

Felix Magath

Its one of those 'Catch-22' things. It will take on its own personality and its own growth from here.

Juanita Hayes

The thing I've noticed is that he's just even-keeled, ... To be a good offensive lineman in this league, you have to be that way. His personality is low key, but he's very confident.

Mark Tauscher

It's got a lot of sparkle to it, a lot of fire to it. Eric was very sparkly and very fiery. I think the color and everything fits Eric's personality.

Betty Bennett

From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents. From eighteen to thirty-five, she needs good looks. From thirty-five to fifty-five, she needs a good personality. From fifty-five on, she needs good cash.

Sophie Tucker

I will go to my grave in a state of abject endless fascination that we all have the capacity to become emotionally involved with a personality that doesn't exist.

Berkeley Breathed

You have to have personality and show that you are respectful and that you have responsibility and dedication to what you are doing.

Amber Allison

Your home should be an extension of your personality. It should be a place you look forward to returning to at the end of the day, a place that relaxes and rejuvenates you.

Michael Cassidy

The natural personality of the character is what we went for. This is not an acting role. This is a natural role. So if that was their personality, that's the person we went after.

Nola Rocco

Whenever you do an animated project or a voice-over project it's inevitable that part of your personality comes into play.

Tara Strong

You see, as far as the man's personality goes, there's no one who can touch Fred Astaire. He's unique. But for the work he does, I would say Tommy can do it, Fosse can do it.

Donald O'connor

Because of her personality she has acquired other than normal positions, ... When you go to that classroom, she has that classroom under control.

Tony Robinson

I have such fond memories of Annabelle ... just her whole personality, ... We loved to make her laugh; her laugh made us laugh.

Allison Janney

When you hear things about yourself that are laughable, it can make you jaded or bitter and make you upset and get you out of your personality and who you are.

Chris Webber

But you should never let that gentle personality fool you - he could have a temper at times.

Charlie Creamer

To establish a favorable and well-defined brand personality with the consumer the advertiser must be consistent. You can't use a comic approach today and a scientist in a white jacket tomorrow without diffusing and damaging your brand personality.

Morris Hite

What makes BPD different from any other personality disorder is that your anger and impulsiveness -- acting out, kicking over a chair -- only happens when you're dealing with people you really love. If it's somebody you don't care about, who cares?

Doug Ferrari

We knew that if we needed a point, especially last season, Ruben was going to win. He has a very mature personality on the court - you know that he's always going to make the right decision.

Gd Jones

Their appearance, their attitude, their personality.

Tom Vaughn

He just had a totally electrifying personality. He was the bright light in the room -- that was him.

Jeff Omspaugh

He's a real goofy personality. He's almost like a cartoon character.

Jeremy Burgess

When you're that type of personality and come into any work environment.

John Leguizamo

360 degrees of personality traits. If characters in pop culture are not reflecting ... women over 40, it makes it even easier for employers to express biases ? to put you into a little box based on gender stereotypes.

Janice Grackin

The inaugural parade is like an extension of the president's personality, ... Dwight Eisenhower, for example. A conservative guy. A military man. Short and simple was what his inauguration parade was all about.

Charlie Brotman

Her spirit is so huge it would help me to hear her personality in her voice.

Peri Gilpin

He was a leader. Everybody liked him. He has a great personality. He's never met a stranger.

Jim Simmons

I think I learned something more about that history of mine, ... There's a, you know, young kid who had been changed by the Marine Corps but could also retain some of his humanity, some of his personality, and that was confirmed for me.

Anthony Swofford

I learned you have to be a good speaker, be able to talk to people and have a good attitude and good personality.

Charles Mitchell

So you can even tell the personality of the kid before you even try to talk to them. So you can try to tell if that child is depressed, lonely, unhappy in any way, in a lot of cases before you even have to make an approach, which is a predator's dream.

Xavier Von Erck

They're a blast to watch. Her team has taken on her personality; they're diving on the floor for loose balls.

Rebecca Lobo

But I don't have those kind of expectations for Molly. I don't know whether it's because she has a different personality or because she is so much like me.

Marcy Williams

Had a magnetic personality. Everybody knew him -- knew him as the upbeat guy, and so he'll certainly be missed out here.

Paul Mcgee

Being anti-social, that's his personality. People that don't know him think he is cocky and anti-personal, but when you get to meet him he's a nice kid. When he is in battle mode he doesn't talk to you. He gets into that warrior mode, and I like that.

Jim Short

She was always outgoing, and she had a very bright personality. You could always hear her laughing.

Stephanie Mcgilvrey

What you carry is a reflection of your personality.

Patrick Cooper

From birth to 18 a girl needs good parents. From 18 to 35, she needs good looks. From 35 to 55, good personality. From 55 on, she needs good cash. I'm saving my money.

Sophie Tucker

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.

Amy Lowell

He was a very quiet guy, but he had the heart of a lion. My kids loved him because he would do anything for them. They respected him not because he was a police officer but because of his personality.

Michael Burgess

Art is not in some far-off place. A work of Art is the expression of a man's whole personality, sensibility and ability.

Shinichi Suzuki

I'm disappointed in acting as a craft. I want everything to go back to Orson Welles and fake noses and changing your voice. It's become so much about personality.

Spencer Tracy

Your page is like your personality.

Michael Edwards

It has a clean and simple style to it; very simple. It has a nice, graceful shape. I was told it captured the personality of that duck.

Bruce Divaccaro

Figure out what you really want in a person: lifestyle interests, income, personality, religion, hobbies etc. Don't set too many qualifications or artificial criteria though or you could miss out on someone you really like.

Gail Barsky

It's good to show that the numbers I saw and personality I met is true.

Ryan Donovan

I'm not sure how many people were aware that 'Othello' was black, so when she did that play, she opened everyone's eyes, ... Her adaptation of that play was very fresh when she did it. It was something new that people had never seen before, which was typical of her personality.

Kelly Ward

He's got quite a personality. He's changed his life more this year and anybody.

Jonathan Clark

I knew [in 2002] that he's good. He had the pedigree. He had the personality. I've watched him mature now for four years - mature as a person, mature as a coach. I never wavered. He was 10-18 [last year], but I saw what he was doing.

Joe Gottfried

Maggie had an infectious personality that rubbed off on everyone. She was a great person, a great coach and a great leader.

Melissa Mcferrin

When you stop drinking, you have to deal with this marvellous personality that started you drinking in the first place.

Jimmy Breslin

I was just trying to joke and be myself. Tom is always crazy and I like to joke around. That's one of the good things about this school. You were able to be your own person and put in your own personality and yet you were part of a team.

Richard Jefferson

The personality of Bill Gates determines the culture of Microsoft.

Nathan Myhrvold

For 15 years, the personality of the 'Today' show has been Katie. She made that show a hit.

Matt Friedman

Fashion is not just the domain of clothing. What we've seen over the last couple of years is users downloading content to reflect their personality. It has become a big business.

Michael Gallelli

I'm not really a political satirist. I don't kid myself. I'm more interested in doing the mannerisms and the personality.

Rich Little

We're developing personality. And quite frankly, I'm really proud of what these young men are doing right now.

David Bailiff

People can identify with the personality of their favorite bookstore.

Harry Brown

He's just one of those guys people love to be around. He's got a very addicting personality about him. He'd do anything for anybody. Everybody wanted to see him (this week).

Scott Petersen

My responsibility is always and everywhere the same: to see in my brother more even than the personality and manhood that are his. My task is always and everywhere the same: to see Christ himself.

Trevor Huddleston

In every city in America there are men who express their ambition and their personality in the way they dress every morning, ... Right now, men in the U.S. are showing more originality in personal style than ever before.

David Granger

This trail has its own personality.

Jake Blaker

They try and destroy the character and personality of journalists inside the jail. They want to send a message to others.

Omid Memarian

We get criticized for showing no personality, then we get penalized when we do.

Lindsay Davenport

Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him.

Viktor Frankl

I think I have an obsessive quality to my personality. What makes things scary is you can't argue with obsession.

Brad Dourif

Sometimes it was hard to tell where my dad's personality left off and his characters began, ... He was a method actor and taught me that I had to 'become' the character in order to effectively do the voice.

Mel Blanc

The radio personality responsible for picking the movie will introduce the movie and say why they chose it and student are certainly encouraged to give feedback.

Beth Whisman

She was rather abrasive and difficult, but it must've taken that kind of personality to survive and to do what she did in the 1960s.

Michael Messner

There was always some dramatic excuse and unrealistic excuse as to why she was late or couldn't do the work. It was frustrating. ... You never knew what personality you would be dealing with. But underneath all of that, she was very sweet.

Schatzi Hageman

If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness.

M. Esther Harding

It's his team now, his personality. As a quarterback, he has ownership and he likes it.

Dan Fouts

He's good looking, talented, and has an awesome personality. From a marketing standpoint, he's a promoter's dream.

Patrick Freitas

I have an obsessive personality. I couldn't let it go.

Frank Laumer

He has the most arrogant personality. The way he'll look you up and down, it's unusual in a horse. You go in and he looks at you as if to say: 'Feed me and get out'. He has a huge ego, pumps himself up. He looks down on people and looks down on horses. On the gallops, when he lies up with them doing a half-speed, he'd be herding them.

Aidan O'brien

When you solely use a celebrity brand you're dealing with the person, and their personality, so your destiny is not totally in your control.

Michael Greenberg

I hope people remember that wonderful personality. He was never worried about himself, just about everybody else.

Bob Symonds

Alex Karras was a very likable funny guy who poked fun at himself. Can you see Rose doing that? A lot of reason for anyone's commercial success is based on looks, personality, and how likeable he comes across for people.

John Antil

You have to have a good off-court personality first, before you can get along with them on the court. I love each and every one of them.

Steffan Johnson

Don't mistake personality for character.

Wilma Askinas

It's working. There's been some learning, and we're getting the communication issues worked out, but everybody's personality has to blend together, and it's starting to click.

Dan Dutil

They each have their own personality.

Pam Williams

America is not just a democracy, it represents a certain culture of competitive mobility and personality aspirations, politics is not merely a clash of interests, but a clash of dreams.

David Brooks

The danger is that they build up a power base and turn everyone in the organization paranoid, everyone becomes afraid of everyone else and the work culture begins to reflect the personality of the leader.

Paul Farmer

The most important thing for a man to remember is that you're buying for her and her personality, not to suit your own taste.

Jennifer Lowitz

His success speaks for itself; probably that has more to do with his personality. He's comfortable and sincere. He comes across like he really believes in it. When you hear him talk, you never feel like he's lying to you.

Barbara Gross

His coming was a godsend. We needed that personality to guide the museum through the early days. When he came on board, it was a foregone conclusion that it would be a success.

Brendan Callahan

We have some young men who can flat out score. That's been our personality and balanced scoring was the key.

Michael Leaf

He had a great personality and wanted to show that policemen are there to help people.

Mike Byrd

His personality spanned generations in both directions. His gifts seemed to flow naturally and effortlessly—and were wrapped up in the humblest of humanity.

Jeff Morse

Humility is no substitute for a good personality.

Fran Lebowitz

Crandall was going through lobbyists like crazy. A lot of it was dealing with Crandall and his personality.

Charles Barclay

Power is not of a man. Wealth does not center in the person of the wealthy. Celebrity is not inherent in any personality. To be celebrated, to be wealthy, to have power requires access to major institutions.

C. Wright Mills

It's easier to hire somebody with personality and teach them to be a banker than it is to hire a banker with personality, because they're pretty rare.

Greg Gibson

My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession.

Joaquin Phoenix

When you're not blond and thin, you come up with a personality real quick.

Kathy Najimy

The Iraqi people never had a personality that galvanized them, and around which they gathered, throughout the eight decades of Iraqi history.

Ahmed Chalabi

Everything we know by heart enriches us and helps us find ourselves. If it should get in the way of finding ourselves, it is because we have no personality.

Nadia Boulanger

There's a kind of intensity that she has, and a real focus, ... I can glean from her personality that she's going to have a very long career and is going to be a very centered person. You just look at her and go, wow, this kid has really got it together, and it's just so nice to see.

Jodie Foster

He's fitting in really well. He's fitting into the scheme surprisingly well. He's a quick learner; he learned the defense really quick from what I hear. Personality-wise, he's great.

Ricky Phillips

I'm a little bit nervous about the show. I'm not Mr. TV Personality.

Matt Buchanan

BJP should shun personality-oriented politics and return to value based politics.

Uma Bharti

Kirby was the first name on everyone's list. That smile and that magnetic personality. He was a huge role model for so many people in that area. He was a huge influence in the way that I hit.

Chris Coste

Vijay has the personality of paint drying.

Paul Ballard

Sports Illustrated looks for models with the perfect combination of beauty, athleticism and personality for the swimsuit issue. Michelle perfectly embodies what the issue has always been about.

Diane Smith

You see a lot of his personality, which is the reason I married him. I was so afraid it wasn't coming back, but it's there.

Anna Mccloy

She's the type of person that's very organized and has a spark of personality that makes you want to get out and do something.

Betty Stewart

I have a big, flamboyant, open personality, which I think is why people may be saying these nice things about me.

Kate Hudson

I'm blessed more then anything. I was blessed with the type of personality that forces me to be organized. I know what I need to do during a day and how much time I have to do it, so I'll come up with a schedule based off of that.

Cameron French

The cult of individuality and personality, which promotes painters and poets only to promote itself, is really a business. The greater the 'genius' of the personage, the greater the profit.

George Grosz

We did hear those comments, but that's his personality. He probably didn't mean it to be malicious. We weren't too worried about it.

Arron Afflalo

She's a personality, not only for sports. She is very intelligent, and she's a star outside of sports.

Sergei Bubka

McLendon wanted to move into a leadership position. [The move was] totally fitting with his personality.

Michael Hecht

It becomes more necessary to see the truth as it is if you realize that the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality.

Steven Biko

He has the compatible personality to maximize that platform. That's the key. He can translate that on-field performance into a marketing ability and appeal. That is going to make him outstanding (in marketing). I'm convinced of it.

Don Hinchey

There is no personality external to the coalition that they can turn to. There is no leader inside the coalition who can replace Berlusconi without starting relentless conflicts.

Roberto D'alimonte

In addition to being an outstanding player, he had a great personality.

Bob Symonds

You get a sense of how the show works and then let your personality take over.

Adam Baldwin

It makes it very exciting don't you think to live in an age of, of discovery of human personality this way?

John Money

You have to do what's right for you, ... You have to look at your needs, your body, your personality and figure out what's right for you.

Walter Fricke

[Voters] are fed up with the cult of personality, for example, where all the power is in the hand of the chief. They want a party that will be more democratic.

Amir Khadir

When you see somebody who's got a complaining personality, it usually means that they had some vision of what things could be, and they're constantly disappointed by that. I think that would be the camp that I would fall into - constantly horrified by the things people do.

Daniel Clowes

She had the type of personality anyone could fall in love with. Nothing could ever get her down.

David Alston

Their coaches do such a good job of recruiting the kids with passion and energy. You don't always see that. A lot of these college coaches are dry, have no personality and are very bland.

Greg Biggins

Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.

Elmer G. Letterman

I just wanted to be me. I feel this brings out my personality.

Lauryn Williams

Great personality - keeps people loose.

Brian Calhoun

Isn't it obvious whose personality was such that who snapped that day and started this thing.

John Parrinello

"The voice is certainly important and you can hear if it's beautiful or not, it's the gods who decide; it's more a question of what you do with the voice, which is the mysterious element. It's the personality behind the voice which makes the artist. The voice is a gift of God, but if you're not able to use this gift, what's left? Nothing but a beautiful voice, without nuance or colour."

Cecilia Bartoli

At first, it was hard to tell her personality, because of the jet lag. And she was sick.

Lynn Trachte

We talked about leadership a lot because we did lose so many seniors. So we need somebody to step up and try to lead us but to be honest some of our guys don't really have that personality. It's kind of a natural thing for some people.

Rick Little

Emmy's very vivacious and has a wonderful personality. She's very caring.

Holly Dianich

Slobodan is a true son of the Serbian people, a historic personality. He died undefeated.

Borislav Milosevic

What attracted my wife and I to him was his magnetic personality and his big heart.

Tim Byrd

(Agreeing to) take an idea, raise all the money, find the land, convince the administration that this is doable, convince the business community and let me run free ... that's an adventurous man that can do all that, ... So he's going to attract adventurous students, and the creativity that comes with that kind of personality is exactly the kind you need to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Anne Fox

Bee is really able to wear the clothes. She has a very good sense of the design and feel of the clothes. She has a neo-classical beauty and is very charismatic. Personality is so important - when you dress somebody for a big party, it is good to feel that the person has an ease and naturalness with what she is wearing.

Olivier Theyskens

Dana may have a friendly and bubbly personality, but when she steps on the track, she's a shark. She's a great competitor and a hard worker. She earns everything she gets.

Dave Mills

He is very charming and not arrogant. I think he will find himself having a tremendous number of graduate students because he has kind of a magnetic personality.

Peter Sarnak

He had a personality switch. He went from being nice to being hot.

Brad Stewart

The market is volatile due to instability there abroad. The market is lacking personality; it is hostage to foreign markets.

Helio Ozaki

[But the song isn't a tribute to Johnny Cash's musical talent.] I was influenced by Johnny as an individual, ... He wasn't a staple in my musical existence. It was his awesome personality.

Shelby Lynne

That just shows the kind of person he is, shows his true personality. You're not going to find much more of a stand-up guy than Marco.

Jason Witten

A lot of times, it is based on a child?s personality. If they are the type of child to ask a million questions about everything, then they will have a million questions about adoption too.

Linda Cullen

For Alan, the material is 25 years old and there is a part of him that has moved on. It is disappointing he didn't want to be involved with it, but that's Alan. That's his personality.

James Mcteigue

He gives the impression of tranquility, yes, ... But there's a great depth of personality there, and a sort of fatherliness. You definitely feel that you ought to take his advice.

Greg Bender

He just kind of fit in, personality wise. He was funny, happy. Chandler was the kind of kid that the children always wanted around. He just was kind of the life of the party.

Pam Saylor

He's Josh Smith with more personality.

Sonny Vaccaro

Mara has a personality that can handle that because it changes every single day. Lots of designers think it sounds exciting, but it's very high pressure.

Mary Zimmerman

We knew that Nick's personality and comedic style would connect with our audience in a huge way.

Brian Graden

She's desperate, and her personality is coming out, ... You can't disagree with her. She attacks and gets nasty.

Ronald Young

Once you get beyond the competency issue, you get into the area of personality. You're establishing what should be a long-term relationship.

Roy Diliberto

She has a different personality on the mound. She's coming out of her shell.

Tom Eagleson

The ebb and flow of these things can change. These kinds of personality debates can be not only a distraction, but they can cause people to divide over very unusual purposes.

Tom Lee

They don't have a cult of personality, of the individual, in China. He was entering a culture in which our idea of celebrity just doesn't exist.

Nan Talese

We've found they do have a lot of personality. I have my betta bowl on top of my fish tank, and he'll follow me around the room. If I sit down, he's right over there looking at me.

Bill Sanders

We try to take into account personality when we move gorillas within groups. However, it's not always possible. Some groups just gel better than others.

Tara Stoinski

Each actor is an individual and they bring their own personality to the role.

Cathy Meils

They have their different personality.

Carolyn Harvey

It's always the same thing that drives me -- a type of character or personality that I've never done before, or that allows me to try out some new acting technique. So I'm always experimenting and looking for that interesting hook.

John Leguizamo

He didn't make a very good retiree. He always had a Type-A personality.

Rose Fong

There's going to be a point where your personality comes through. What ours is going to be, it'll show pretty quick.

Jeff Jagodzinski

Swimming is more than a once-every-four-years sport. My goal is to bring attention to swimming - to give it some personality.

Michael Phelps

Sam has done a good job for this organization for a long time. He is a solid baseball man. He has a great personality and is a very committed baseball professional.

Peter Angelos

If he can keep that attitude and demeanor about him, he'll always be liked and well known for his personality as well as his golf game.

Tony Ramseyer

I was going to go to the Villanova game at Villanova, but I may not go. What?s going to get Marcus through this is his personality. He?s going to laugh about some of the things they say. You know, ?That?s pretty good,? and brush it off. It?s not going to bother him.

Kelly Williams

Every actor looks all his life for a part that will combine his talents with his personality, ... 'The Odd Couple' was mine. That was the plutonium I needed. It all started happening after that.

Walter Matthau

She knows the personality of football players.

Paul Hornung

I'm going to naturally make plays. I'm not going to force anything. There's a fine line between just being a gunslinger and running the offense. I'd like to be 90% running offense, with that other 10% being my own personality.

Rex Grossman

All 10 performers were judged by a celebrity panel consisting of music artists who were performing at the fair, a talent manager and a radio personality.

Scott Smith

Bumbershoot fits the personality of this city so well because people here are curious and engaged and they come to the festival to sample.

Sheila Hughes