Performance is your reality. Forget everything else.

Harold S. Geneen

Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Non performance can always be explained away.

Harold S. Geneen

The difference between performance and outperformance often comes down not to what you buy, but how you buy it.

James Cramer

Confidence... thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.

Ralph Marston

As I look back on it now, I just hope a great performance like that isn't tarnished.

John Sherman

The girls have started to turn the corner with their physical play. It was a complete 360 degrees from their last performance.

Jason Bowen

Josh just kept them off-balanced. We're very excited about his pitching performance tonight.

Chuck Fehr

We are extremely pleased with the performance of the fund in 2005 related to earnings, acquisitions and new store development.

Irv Kipnes

When we first saw the film, we knew that Felicity's performance would drive the box office on the film. We wanted to build a word-of-mouth groundswell.

Gary Faber

The deal that very publicly didn't happen was very detrimental to the company. It probably contributed to the poor performance that might have ultimately cost Roger Curry his job.

Paul Schlesinger

My passion for opera-the eternal truth of drama through music-has grown, while my interest in performance has diminished. Which is perhaps as good a reason as any other to go quietly.

Lord Harewood

We have been disappointed with the team's performance. Results were not what they should have been.

Roman Romanov

We were really excited about his semifinal performance. His experience of competing against some of the best runners in the world was good for him. That will set him up to do well at the conference and national championships.

Bubba Thornton

To start with a performance like that was disappointing.

Michael Monaghan

All members of the team have to abide by the team agreement. If they don't abide by it they can be dismissed from the team. They have been made aware of that in the letter. You can comment on your own performance and preparation and all those sorts of things but you do not comment on the performances of your fellow team members.

Perry Crosswhite

The conditions made everyone change game plan. We had a bit of a think at lunchtime and had a bit of a chat about it before we went out and we had to adjust our performance, which the players did.

Tony Rea

It was a big performance. He stepped up again and made some big pitches when he had to. (He) led us into a big win.

Aaron New

I get all the time, 'You need more. You need more,' ... But the quality and performance out in the field has been very good. We are going to increase volumes, but we're going to do it at a pace where we can maintain really good quality.

Ann Wright

Our athletes' performance in Turin will help us forge partnership with more international and domestic companies.

Xiao Tian

It was a good performance for us. The crowd was kind of rowdy, so it was nice to pull out a win at their place.

Kacey Mcnulty

We came out loose and ready to play, but they came out on fire. I'm extremely proud of the girls for their performance today.

Damon Coupe

Clearly we are disappointed with our performance. The team did a great job once again, and third and fourth is a credible result but not what we came here for. The handicap and performance breaks given to teams need to be re-adjusted, this is clear and is acknowledged by everyone.

George Howard

We will continue to build on the improvements we've made and address areas where our performance still needs to be stronger.

Anne Ainsworth

So far, the testing is going very well. The performance has been good, and fuel mileage has been comparable to the 2002 engines.

Mark Land

It's a day of entertainment and performance.

Jeff Wells

It was a great performance. I'm delighted how they fronted up and I thought the young guys who came in did really well.

John Kear

Don Beyer was elected with Governor Wilder, he served with Governor Wilder, Governor Wilder had a chance to assess his performance in office, and nevertheless he did not endorse Don Beyer, so I think this is a major blow to the Don Beyer campaign.

Jim Gilmore

The game improvement technology [these irons] incorporate makes them an ideal high-performance option for players looking for a little more help from their equipment.

Drew Isaacman

It was magnificent performance.

Daniel Anderson

We are very proud of ourselves, very proud of our performance. It feels wonderful to move on to the final round.

Pedro Lazo

It was way too cold to be playing soccer. It was a very complete performance defensively and offensively, but it's only the first game so we don't want to get too excited.

Ian Cooke

Pay-for-performance is a work in progress.

Meredith Rosenthal

I was pretty happy with a good solid effort for four quarters. There are things we have to keep working on and keep improving. We could do better on the defensive end but overall I'm happy with their performance.

Heidi Michaelis

That's not unrealistic. People want the kids to do well. They want the university to do well. A good performance in Dallas would be welcome.

Mike Carter

Investors should be careful because the resumption of (Initial Public Offering) approvals could emerge anytime soon after the market's recent strong performance.

Shen Jun

Once you're in that mindset, when you're recording in a house as opposed to a clinical environment of a studio, you get beyond that, and you try to capture a performance more than sonic perfection, which is what we were interested in.

Vivian Campbell

When you perform and people are yelling, it's the same, like people (who) are yelling when you're running for a touchdown. The preparation is the same before a performance and before a game. Your heart is beating just like before a football game.

Gawain Scott

There will be instruments and a lot of different kinds of performance. There will be flute and traditional Chinese string instruments. There will be violins and an American band that will play Chinese music.

Guo Yan

The highlight of the March quarter was clearly the performance of our studio.

Tom Staggs

It was an incredible performance. It's been very difficult for Marcus - it's totally out of character for him to just control his pace and though he was happy, I'm sure he didn't enjoy the driving. You haven't seen the best of the combination of Marcus and the car yet.

Malcolm Wilson

An aircraft manufacturer does not sell weight -- they sell performance. The performance is a combination of the weight, fuel consumption and aerodynamics.

Noel Forgeard

We go into most games appearing that we need to put in a good forwards performance to stay with the opposition. I think it's about now that we start changing that around.

Adam Freier

It was a major league performance. It was brilliant.

Augie Garrido

Since we do this on an annual basis we allow countries to track their own performance over time.

Jennifer Blanke

We don't do chart pulls anymore. When we didn't have a tool that made it easy, [performance reporting] didn't happen.

Theresa Cullen

I'm excited for my girls and what they achieved at this meet. It was truly phenomenal to watch their performance.

Matthew Williams

This poor financial performance heightens concerns about the company's ability to effect a timely turnaround in its critical North American operations.

Scott Sprinzen

It by no means was related to his enthusiasm for the performance. He gave it everything he had.

David Demartini

I'm thrilled with the performance, but disappointed to lose on a technicality. It's a tough way to learn a lesson, but it doesn't take anything away from the way the kids ran.

Jim Henry

Everyone has to sacrifice, we understand that. But if we are really keen on good performance then players must be happy.

Moses Kola

The move would ensure fair play among Chinese exporters, help better manage their performance, and optimize the use of export quotas.

Cao Xinyu

The Corvette Z06 already is a performance legend and the fans will enjoy seeing it lead their favorite drivers around Daytona's famous tri-oval. It promises to be a great race, and kicking it off with a Corvette at the head of the pack is the best way to start.

Robin Braig

It's not an easy character to grasp in this day and age, ... But Harrison is a very specific and interesting actor. Within his performance, he has a way of winking at the audience and letting them know he is manipulating the old captain.

Sheldon Epps

Our leadership in growth markets, our innovation and our efficiencies give us real momentum and we expect our strong performance to continue in 2006 and beyond.

Marjorie Scardino

Based on McDonald's business performance, shareholders have demonstrated continued confidence in McDonald's management and strategic direction.

Anna Rozenich

Wisconsin continues to lag in venture capital investments, but its angel capital performance is impressive. Today's angel capital investments are helping to build companies that could attract tomorrow's venture capital investments.

Tom Still

We anticipated having performance leadership in Whitefield at that time [or 2007]. We had an opportunity to improve that performance advantage, i.e., deliver even more performance, and we took it.

Scott Mclaughlin

Overall, the figures look OK, but if you dig down deeper you see that European sales performance has been very weak, and that all the growth is coming from emerging markets.

Stephen Cheetham

We put in a good performance. We had a superb pack of forwards today.

Gareth Thomas

With certain codes that our researchers run, application performance often boils down to efficiently executing a relatively small set of algorithms again and again.

Warren Gross

You've humiliated all suite attendants with your performance tonight!

Red Mccombs

We are really happy to get a win and the week off really helped the kids prepare. The kids are improving with each game, and the coaches are very pleased with the performance.

Tim Fisher

The performance will include the music of Weld County and how Steve influenced that.

Hal Pettit

Confidence about the future performance of the company.

Chris Liddell

I haven't seen a performance like his in some time. There is really no way to defend him.

Tony Cordani

Today's [defensive] performance was absolutely amazing. It goes to show that when we make our minds up, we can play with anybody, because the Cowboys are a good team.

Michael Strahan

The next six months are definitely going to be tougher for capital markets. Since capital markets are one of the best indicators for Deutsche Bank's performance, some investors may think it can't get any better.

Boris Boehm

We want to express our sincere appreciation to our employees for their performance and years of service.

Gerald Evans

Despite a robust statewide performance, the Louisiana market remains challenging for Harrah's (Entertainment).

Joe Greff

Especially the sales performance in Europe was stronger than expected. The impact of alleged product problems did not really hurt sales in Europe.

Julius Baer

More than anything, we got a little swagger back up front. I think everybody can count on us and believe in us more. You're only as good as your last performance and we capped it off with 10 wins.

Kyle Tatum

You can sit down at a computer, and you can design experiments, and you can see the performance of this thing, and then you can figure out why it's done what it's done, ... You're not going to recognize the full return of the biological revolution until you can simulate a living organism.

Michael Ellison

This was a very difficult decision for the board given Harry's strong performance, ... The board felt this was a right and necessary decision, given the circumstances. We have fought hard to restore our reputation.

Lew Platt

Every CEO wants above-average pay. Obviously, their performance cannot all be above average.

Keith Trauner

I can't think of anyone who has been significantly sanctioned for their bad performance.

Bob Graham

The historic earnings generated by ECI have been poor and the heavy administrative burden of running a small estate such as this one has hindered performance.

James Dawson

Our ¡¡¡¡athletes' performance in Turin will help us forge partnership with more international and domestic companies.

Xiao Tian

If the customer isn't already buying high-quality broadband that doesn't have congestion, what are they getting — substandard performance?

Jeffrey Citron

Poor performance hasn't tarnished the funds' image, ... It's still the right acquisition for the right buyer.

Alexander Paris

We more than met our $10,000 matching grant challenge. We now have a new matching grant for $1,200 to keep the momentum going with this match expiring on March 4, the evening of this performance.

Gina Stevens

The people in the states with these exams are troubled by the performance gap. But they're just not sure what to do about it.

Patricia Sullivan

Mack doesn't do anything flashy, he just gets the job done. You know what you're going to get from Mack in every match. He's very consistent in his performance.

Kirk Salvo

That is extraordinary, an extraordinary increase for all of their executives. That really doesn't make any sense based on the company's performance.

Dave Petso

We had our best weekend in terms of performance.

John Izzo

A raise should be based on performance and market data establishing the value of your job.

Bill Coleman

The boys team's perform­ance was one of the best we've had in years. It was the first time since 1990 that our boys won the Dodge County meet.

Mike Teofilo

I have to be very happy with the game. We set out to achieve one of our season's objectives by reaching the cup final, and produced another good performance.

John Rees

The evidence indicates that trying to time the market doesn't work. We've done studies looking at the flow of funds vs. performance, and invariably people buy at a peak and don't buy when (a fund) is low.

Jon Teall

It's just the most fantastic opportunity to do everything we ever dreamed of in British sport. This was the most splendid team performance.

Sebastian Coe

I am satisfied after my performance in India-Sri Lanka series and expecting to repeat same in Pakistan.

Harbhajan Singh

Although we breathe mainly through our nose when resting, during exercise when we begin breathing harder, the air coming in is predominately supplied via the mouth. It may improve airflow through the nose, but there is no evidence that it reaches the lungs and boosts performance.

Louise Sutton

This level of performance is the norm now.

Adrian Lund

He's not satisfied with his performance. He knows he can do better, and he knows he will do better. It takes time to get adjusted to New York.

Fred Wilpon

Connectivity at the home opens the door for a new paradigm in education. We'll be able to link homes and schools like never before through interactive multimedia tools. There are a plethora of applications that make schools more flexible in the present performance of its duties.

Joe Kitchens

Football's performance over the past 12 months suggests it can fulfil its potential in Australia in the years ahead.

David Malone

Strong performance across most of our power operations delivered a quarter-over-quarter increase in net earnings of almost 200 percent.

Hal Kvisle

You are always disappointed with a loss, but I'm more disappointed in how we lost. R-B is a good team and deserved to win, but I think we lost with a very sub-par effort and sub-par performance.

Dennis Cromer

It was an absolutely great performance. She's basically playing on one leg out there. One of the unfortunate parts of losing the way we did was that we wasted that effort.

Chad Lavin

Capital markets performance was excellent, a blow-out quarter.

Gavin Graham

I am particularly pleased with our performance in North America in the fourth quarter 2005 especially compared to an already strong performance in the fourth quarter 2004.

Chris Killingstad

We think that the economy will be putting in a better-than-expected performance over the next several months.

Tom Mcmanus

Now we have the best performance we've ever had in the Olympics. Bam! It's done. We did it on the first day. Now it takes the pressure off and we can just focus on improving the performance aspects.

James Upham

There's no player that we respect more than Isaac, both for his performance on the field and for his work in the community. We just kind of ran out of time.

Jay Zygmunt

We understand that graduates are eager to find a job, but the country's labor law states that employees should be paid according to their performance.

Lu Tingfei

We hit the ball well and we had a good pitching and defensive performance. It was a good game for us.

Keith Nall

There is at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the next level of performance. Miss that moment - and you start to decline.

Andy Grove

An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.

William Dean Howells

It's unrealistic to expect a repeat of this year's performance.

Barry Randall

The exceptional performance of household purchases in February bodes very well for growth in private consumption as a whole in the first quarter.

Mathieu Kaiser

He is the horse. He's in front. There's no performance anybody has seen yet that rivals what he's done.

Steve Asmussen

We're very pleased with our performance, but the Poles have protested.

Lee Mcconnell

Just the way we gave up the goals, mistakes that we couldn't clear. It was like there were three different teams at one point out there. It was an all-around performance — nobody played up to their expectations.

Luis Carmona

Our performance would be pretty similar to this group, which is why there's some inclination to move us in there.

Patrick Rogers

One month's out performance does not mean the long-awaited consumer revival has arrived.

Daragh Maher

Boeing is advancing on several of the most important programs in its history, and I offered my resignation as a way to put the distractions and controversies of the past year behind us, and to place the focus on our performance.

Phil Condit

I'm just glad I got the opportunity to be here. I feel my performance was good today and that shows how far I've come and how hard I've worked.

Tyler Ebell

We were real pleased with his performance.

Kary Hadden

Imagine a performance with huge crowds, the city closing off River Drive for festivals and concerts where everyone could gather on the campus grounds as a setting. It would be a great gathering lawn that would easily hold 5,000.

Jim Bowman

Performance incentives focus education dollars on effective teaching and student learning.

Chris Patterson

It's another excellent performance on the gross margin level. That has to imply taking costs out. There's a continuous process of trying to squeeze costs.

Paul Diggle

Continued fund flow into Hong Kong and positive market performance overseas helped support gains in the market.

Peter Lai

(The meet against Stanford) had to be the fastest dual meet ever swum at USC. It was the best performance of any Trojan team I have had.

Mark Schubert

Mark did a good job managing the game and getting the ball where it needed to be. This type of performance is what he can give us and what we need each and every night.

Joe Aiello

Jeffersonian principle of (an) informed citizenry being necessary for democracy. It's a window on the operations of government and the performance of government officials.

Paul Mcmasters

This is an encouraging performance, but there remains much to be done.

Stuart Rose

I don't think it will have an effect on the girls' performance this Saturday. They are well-prepared.

Len Klepack

It's been said that nominations are based on performance. But if I'm not on the team now then that's not apparently the case. They should openly tell me that it's not performance but rather that someone can't stand my face.

Christian Woerns

It is the media area where the differential performance has been greatest and where we feel the valuation gaps across the Atlantic now look most extreme.

Brian Scott

I guess I was the leading receiver for our team, but I'm not satisfied with my performance or how we played.

Chris Jackson

Performance degrades gracefully.

Brent Miller

The audition is the final performance.

Irene Gillies

As always he had a good performance. He comes along late in the race. He knows what he is doing.

Roger Mchone

What we're talking about with Niagara is six time to 15 times improvements in performance for certain kinds of workloads.

Larry Singer

I was very pleased with Michael's performance in only his second paid outing.

Chris Hall

If you picture a fraction with cost as the denominator then, as the numerator, you have things like reliability, performance...

Doug Scott

I am very proud of her performance. She followed the game plan. Today she was more confident about her diving in every aspect. She gave the crowd that came to see her something to watch.

Tom Davidson

The deceleration in liquidity growth may be traced mainly to lower net credits to the public sector as a result of the improved fiscal performance.

Amando Tetangco

This is in response to fairly weak advertising performance.

John Morton

I said to the team, 'boys, we've got to be men and I thought we were tonight. I'm happy with their performance, but disappointed that we lost. Honestly, that's our best 80-minute performance. We won't see a tougher team than Maize.

Jim Post

While the performance in Cairns wasn't what we wanted, the big positive to come out of the match was that we had no injuries.

Ivan Cleary

It is strange how your understanding of a play changes. It normally happens after a performance and you suddenly think, 'So that's what that line really means' - it's like a light going on.

Richard Mccabe

I'm happy with our performance. It was a tight game and it was just a little bit of home advantage that swung it their way.

Paddy Kirwan

Our pharmaceuticals division gained additional market share, with all major products contributing to this strong performance, particularly our new cancer medicines.

Franz Humer

The only way we can build any momentum is by stopping getting beaten and we've done that. I know it was a home game and everyone will say it was a game we should win. Maybe had we been on 16 or 17 points and flying we might have done but we're struggling like hell. That was a really good performance and a good draw.

Mick Mccarthy

Marijuana is a performance reducing drug - I don't know why they are testing for it?.

Geoff Toovey

We had that game won after the first half. I told these kids that if we can hold them to a 0-0 tie at half, our best performance has always been in the second half.

Duane Despain

Key to American's and the broader sector's future performance will be the industry's ability to raise prices and offset higher fuel costs, which is a function of capacity, in our view.

Gary Chase

Well their performance was really brilliant. They should get an Oscar for best performance in a comedy.

Laura Pollan

He will critique our performance and give us lots of professional advice.

Mark Heydinger

PeopleSoft's strong performance in this challenging economic environment is a direct result of continued market acceptance of PeopleSoft 8 enterprise applications.

Craig Conway

We had no way of identifying where the problem occurred. We didn't have very good information, and user experience and application performance were somewhat of a mystery to us.

Rich Ackermann

(Hunt) has a good doubles lineup, and that's what pulled it out for them. It was, by far, our best performance of the season. Each time, we keep getting closer and closer to a win. Hopefully, next time we'll finally get it.

Kelly Matthews

It says, 'Natalie would like to dedicate this performance to an officer and a gentleman -- her husband Jared.' It kinda sums up her love for her husband.

Paul Dwyer

He was fussy and very childlike. He'd be a handful, ... He'd have you so angry, but then he'd come up and hug you. He was just aggravated and somewhat fearful about the key. But we knew if we made him stretch, he'd have to invent something for the performance, slide off into a little falsetto, and it just worked.

Lamont Dozier

We might buy a little of the fund in personal accounts before we have those interviews. That way we track the performance and see how it's behaved in different market phases.

Lou Stanasolovich

This kind of face-to-face competition will hurt performance. That's why it's important to stay profitable over the long term. Some local retailers have been declining.

Sun Luan

It was great to be back at the Eastern Area tournament. I was very pleased with our performance. We had all but three kids place among the top six.

Vince Testa

I'm happy with my performance. The bike set-up was good and the track too was much better than what it was yesterday.

Loris Capirossi

This wasn't my best performance. This was a huge opportunity that I let slip through my fingertips.

Davarryl Williamson

INTENTION, n. The mind's sense of the prevalence of one set of influences over another set; an effect whose cause is the imminence, immediate or remote, of the performance of an involuntary act.

Ambrose Bierce

(Willingham) would have to demonstrate to me (and the athletic director) that we would maintain an objective performance assessment and evaluation for pay increases.

Mark Emmert

Friday's trade data allowed the market to focus on the cyclical performance of the U.S. economy, ... It doesn't appear that the yield difference will shift in favor of the euro any time soon.

Lena Komileva

The Insight combines high fuel economy and ultra-low emissions with comfort, performance and desirability.

Tom Elliott

March 2006 was probably the one of the most difficult and challenging months in terms of performance that our facilities ever experienced.

Steve Schroeder

The very worst we've ever gotten out of feeding once a day in the afternoon was equal performance to twice a day.

Robbi Pritchard

I thought our performance was awesome. The scores were not what we expected, but the kids stayed really focused. This is the first meet we haven't counted a fall.

Tom Farden

This was a very convincing win for us in a match that was a must-win. It was an impressive performance up and down the lineup.

David Ramirez

Our capacity management and divestiture efforts, coupled with a rigid financial discipline, are having a favorable impact on our performance and will continue.

John Dillon

The CS5343 provides higher performance than the CS5330A/1A yet it is smaller and more cost effective compared to the CS5340/41.

Carl Alberty

Our performance today was nowhere near indicative of how strong we are, so of course that's a big disappointment for us, to know we had a good chance to get some points tonight and we just couldn't capitalize on it. We're going to be busy gearing up for Long Beach, and will just try and get this one behind us.

Mike Shank

I know that one good performance that will turn our season around is just around the corner.

Frans Ludeke

He (Corrigan) has re-united the county (with the three championship wins). He has done a good job and I am happy with his performance - he is a gentleman to work with.

Joe Queenan

It was great to be at home. We had a nice crowd, and that's nice. I was proud of our performance today.

Stacy Gemeinhardt

She never gives a bad performance. There are one or two disappointing films, like Mata Hari, but it's still full of fabulous imagery.

Kevin Brownlow

Having been there for 15 years I have learnt to take things positively and focus on improving my game and bettering my performance.

Anil Kumble

We were very disappointed with our performance today but we're happy to take the points.

Rodney So'oialo

Gambling is an unspoken addiction. It doesn't manifest itself physically, outwardly, although it certainly does in performance on the pitch, and mentally.

Peter Kay

We qualified for the New England's in the 4x800 relay by finishing third, but it was not our best performance of the year.

Shawn Woods

Our continued performance delivery has underpinned our capacity to increase the dividend.

John Browne

I was satisfied with my team's overall performance.

Austin Eguavoen

The leadership development and compensation committee has failed to align executive pay with performance in any meaningful way, as shareholders continue to be impacted by a long-stagnant share price.

Jason Ward

Overall Palestinian Authority performance to date has been far from satisfactory.

David Welch

Given the increasing global importance of retirement issues and the rethinking of health care benefits and executive compensation, we expect our solid performance to continue in fiscal 2006.

John Haley

It was a pretty good performance on a wicket that was easy to play on but not easy to score on.

Graham Barlow

The market is actually putting on a pretty good performance in the face of this oil move up to new highs.

Jay Finkel

Better performance fees than we were expecting have driven the earnings number sharply higher.

Geoff Miller

It was a good performance from the singles all around against a strong Aspen squad. And they've been practicing indoors.

Dave Weisfeldt

Being named best drum major is beyond my control. I could have the best performance I have ever had, and someone else could have a better one at the same competition. All I can control is how well I do, and I know I'll try my best.

Aaron Himes

People are choosing performance over partisanship.

Adam Goodman

Thorpe said they were bad swims, but for anyone else, that's a world-class performance ... Thorpe has been below 1:46 only four or five times in his life.

Dean Price

I am certainly pleased with their performance at the county tournament, everyone who won All-County honors and the kids who didn't. They all wrestled competitively.

Don Jantzen

The yuan has moved more closely in sync with the overall performance of the region's currencies against the US dollar.

Qing Wang

She wowed the crowd. It was an unbelievable performance.

Bill Moreland

At the start of the year, the investment community was very bullish on Asia, ... The currencies' performance is clearly surprising.

Nick Bennenbroek

It's clearly an issue. Performance fees will come and go, but the assets they manage have also grown so base management fees will increase.

Rob Patterson

We ... are pleased by our client growing interest in business transformation outsourcing -- the combination of outsourcing, consulting and other capabilities to improve key business functions and achieve a significant and sustainable improvement in enterprise-level performance.

Joe Forehand

Molly's performance goes back to hard work. This time last year she was just beginning and now after putting in lots of miles, she is excited to get a medal, and I am excited for her.

Trent Lancaster

I was really pleased with the performance of Steffen Anderson.

Richard Menicke

Bill Maher is one of today's most insightful comedic minds who has, through his comedy, influenced political debate in this country. This performance is Maher at his best, and will appeal to both die-hard and new Bill Maher fans alike.

Barry Gordon