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On the last of his winning starts earlier in the season he gave me as good a feel as any novice I've sat on and although I was a bit disappointed with the manner of that fall, I know that if he comes back to his best he will go very well.

Tony Mccoy

Carmen Electra has just the right mix of energy, magnetism and fun to be the ideal host and guide for the young, novice competitors on 'Manhunt.

Lauren Zalaznick

We had everyone from novice fly fishermen to very advanced fly fishermen. It's amazing how, when you get these people together, they start sharing.

Ken Broeren

They all mention Les as an inspiration because of (his) early records, which were jaw-dropping when you first heard them as a novice guitarist. We revere him, but Les is so genuine and down-to-earth that he's still one of the lads.

Peter Frampton

The virtuous man is never a novice in worldly things.

Marcus Valerius Martialis

He should have access to a lawyer that he trusts. He's really a novice when it comes to procedure.

Charles Freeman

Every auctioneer wants the novice to have a very good experience. They are the future of the auction business.

Billy Long

It is extraordinary how well she has done for a novice.

Judy Wade

I'm really a novice about being a real estate developer.

Holly Brubach

It's full of wonderful novice talent.

Dale Shields

This is not something a novice user will stumble across. It's not easy to enable it. We've put a lot of safeguards in this feature.

Sonya Boralv

She was surprised and thrilled, but I'm a novice compared to her.

Richard Hall

The novice eight is great, very fast, learning quickly. This is the big time for them. They've not seen anything like the Crew Classic.

Carie Graves