If you wish in this world to advance your merits you're bound to enhance; you must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, or, trust me, you haven't a chance.

William S. Gilbert

Neither soldiers nor money can defend a king but only friends won by good deeds, merit, and honesty.


This litigation is completely without merit. The settlement bars future lawsuits, but it does not and cannot bar future legislation.

Brian Mcclung

To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also.

Igor Stravinsky

Is simply untrue and without merit.

Paul Reubens

But they did, and it's amazing. It's a high, high honor. And they were each judged on their own merit.

Janet Johnson

Now, which of these students will have a better selection of colleges? Which one will be eligible for merit scholarships?

Nicholas O'neill

Any addition or deletion has to go through the merit board. If there have been new [positions created], the merit board needs to be aware and brought up to date on it.

Van Shaver

I think what Ian said has a lot of merit.

James Sutherland

This is not a done deal, we are examining some parts of the order that may merit rehearing, ... We are encouraged by FERC's decision, but we are looking at some of the limitations in the order.

Charles Robinson

They told me something very interesting, they promote on merit. What a refreshing idea.

Marilyn Tam

The lawsuit is totally without merit and worthy of no further comment.

Robert Morvillo

The county obviously has found merit to what we were saying.

Scott Kouchi

I think it has merit and I'm not locked into it, but until somebody shows me something better, I like it.

John Bryan

Wholly without merit, both factually and legally.

Denny Chin

It's a clear reflection the lawsuit was lacking in merit in the first place.

Peter Stirba

There is no merit to the allegations, Michael is innocent. This is in keeping with what we've said all along.

Stuart Backerman

We'll be seeking to exonerate Alan Brogan. We feel what happened did not merit a red card.

John Costello

What is merit? The opinion one man entertains of another.

Lord Palmerston

Our biggest hope is that it wouldn't be long at all. This is just one isolated incident...It doesn't merit a total suspension.

Ben Malor

We believe the lawsuit is without merit and we will defend against it vigorously.

Steve Langdon

This is a case without merit.

Jennifer Millerwise

I'm a law abiding citizen and I believe my public record of service stands on its own merit.

Jim West

If there is a Fourth Estate function, if the press is supposed to be an advocate watching out for the public interest, then cases like these merit the attention.

John Mchale

It is more honorable to be raised to a throne than to be born to one. Fortune bestows the one, merit obtains the other.

Francesco Petrarch

We think they?re unsubstantiated and have no merit.

Robin Pence

There has always been some cause for concern about that. But I feel we have done a very good job at doing our homework on these projects, and really, we hope the public will look at each one of these projects as they stand on there own merit.

Scot Mcneley

If they feel they're not there on merit that can also have very bad implications. It's really about getting the balance, about being active but also retaining the appearance that everyone is qualified and doing a good job.

Michelle Ryan

Virtually everything in that story was misleading and wrong. It was so full of errors that it's completely without merit.

Theodore Pappas

There were issues raised in the series that merit attention, and we are reviewing them.

Teresa Schilling

To suggest that these African-American leaders would somehow shortchange their own citizens is absolutely without merit.

John Breaux

Despite our belief that the complaint ... was without merit, we elected to settle this case so that we can put it behind us and maintain our focus on serving our customers.

Catherine Miller

A book is worth a few francs; we Germans can afford to destroy those. We all may not appreciate artistic merit, but cash value is another matter.

Paul Scofield

We're looking at using the funds strategically for market and merit raises.

Lisa Nelson

The political culture involves favors and paybacks, and it may not involve merit.

Dan Lawson

You've got to come in with a strong case as to how and what you've done to merit the promotion.

Laura Berman

The type of legal support we typically have is minor that is doesn't merit a line item on its own.

Hal Morton

Most schools don't have enough grant dollars to meet the full needs of their students, so they have to decided whom to give it to. There is merit component to need-based aid. There also are schools that award merit-based aid but only to students with need.

Sandy Baum

It may have merit because we realize we will never fund this on admissions.

Jim Porter

With regard to the merit, I hope that the prosecutors will ask to close the case.

Niccolo Ghedini

I went from summer school to merit roll. I learned that the more you do in school, the better you will be in life.

Harry Campbell

That has no impact on Sen. Bowers. Each case rises and falls on its own merit.

William Massey

There is some merit in some of the things Barry says.

Julia Gillard

He would not bring this case, at what is probably the end of his career, unless it was a case with great merit.

Lloyd Doggett

We categorically object to most of the unedited report's content and conclusions as largely without merit and not based clearly in the facts.

Kevin Moley

The suit is without merit. The accusations are baseless. The fact is XM does not air commercials on its music channels.

Nathaniel Brown

They have all played very well and deserve to stay in on merit.

Brian Taylor

On that merit alone there were enough crashes to warrant installing the signs.

William Porth

The issue before the court is the legality rather than the merit of Vermont's proposal.

William Sessions

Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.

Mark Twain

One of the areas we believe needs to be investigated is installation criteria. We would see merit to having a registered engineer witness the installation.

Jeff Kohler

There is merit in that argument. I see no logic, though, in committing coaching suicide as per the Welsh.

Martyn Thomas

This begins the weakening of the merit system.

Jan Johnson

For its merit I will knight it, and then it will be Sir-Loin.

Charles Ii

This list also has the merit, we hope, of leading the way at a European level, so that we get a European blacklist as soon as possible.

Maxime Coffin

Japan needs a weak yen. We have argued that case for months, and finally it is proving of merit.

Dennis Gartman

This is a belated copycat lawsuit that is completely without merit, and an interesting tactic for someone that didn't vote against the merger.

Rick Stone

Pride in boasting of family antiquity, makes duration stand for merit.

John Zimmerman

After reviewing the complaint, we believe the claims are without merit. Once facts are known in the case, we believe the lawsuit will be dismissed.

Pete Owens

He and I were able to convince the trustee in Ohio that the claim was without merit.

Brad Young

Although we didn't think the case had much merit, it is an expense and distraction for the city and for John and Mike, ... We are certainly happy that we can put this behind us.

Bill Mueller

At these meetings they were talking about non-merit jobs.

Brett Hall

If I win I get to the top of the Order of Merit.

Colin Montgomerie

We should note that there will never be merit raises.

Larry Wolf

FREEBOOTER, n. A conqueror in a small way of business, whose annexations lack of the sanctifying merit of magnitude.

Ambrose Bierce

The idea might have some merit but [Chafee] would only encourage it if there was local community input, with homeless advocates and others affected, at the table.

Stephen Hourahan

If we win our last two games, then we go in on our own merit, not on somebody else's. I think that's the most important thing right now.

Joe Bryant

There's a certain stigma attached to anybody who becomes a National Merit and 'fails.' It's not really from the administration, but personal.

Levi Rowland

These claims have no merit. Because of the laws protecting grand-jury secrecy, no other comments can be made. The investigation is continuing.

Ronnie Earle

The allegations are entirely without merit and will be defended vigorously.

Jennifer Glass

There have been many merit pay plans over the years. Those that were funded failed miserably when the funding disappeared.

Yvonne Lyons

If you wish your merit to be known, acknowledge that of other people.

Oriental Proverb

As part of a bipartisan, broad-based effort. Obviously, it's clear that the attorney general is not interested in seriously participating in an effort to improve the merit system.

Carla Blanton

We have formed a legal defense team that includes prominent American, European, Asian and Arab lawyers who were chosen on the basis of competence and merit to put up a strong defense.

Abdel Haq Alani

The judge found our issues for appeal to have merit. The man has a perfect history and is not a threat to the community. There's no reason he should be held during his appeal.

David Goldstein

We're not sure how we can do that legally or logistically. How do we sift through all the claims to determine which ones have merit? We have a process ahead to figure that out.

Marc Violette

We decided there was merit to the thing, and that your average Canadian doesn't want to see the thing put away and hidden just because of a commercial dispute in a professional hockey league.

Gard Shelley

I'm not at liberty to talk about it, ... At the end of the day there will be no merit behind that, too. The fact is I'm not in a position to talk about those things, but someone will assert that's why I'm leaving town. There's no truth to that.

Mike Gibson

The whole thing was a complete fabrication. We are gratified with the Appellate Division's unanimous decision. This is a perfect example of how vulnerable celebrities are to the filing of lawsuits that don't have any merit.

Benjamin Brafman

There's no merit to what you're trying to write a story about.

John Biggs

We want to err on the side of caution. We're not child psychologists so we don't know if there's a problem, but it may merit further action or intervention.

Tim Peters

It will come down to which camp comes out with products that have merit for consumers. Content will also be key.

Kiyoshi Nishitani

We were disappointed that they decided to go ahead with the filing of the lawsuit. It has utterly no merit whatsoever, and we're convinced that we will prevail in court.

Bill Goodman

We had already taken the lifesaving merit badge, so we knew what to do. At first, I thought it was a little girl, but when we got to him we could see it was, like, a 250-pound man.

Tyler Brown

We spend billions of dollars on projects with very little merit that serve primarily local interests.

Scott Faber

This Court finds that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution did the founding fathers state that it was permissible to lie in a court of law. This argument is simply without merit.

Robert Bailey

The suit is without merit, and we will vigorously defend ourselves. Beyond that, we will not comment on ongoing litigation.

Mark Fredrickson

Scientific images are very artistic, and we wanted to present the artistic merit of science.

Michael Davidson

We contend the suit is without merit.

Richard Meyer

Felicity, not fluency of language, is a merit.

Edwin P. Whipple

When we take all of that into consideration, we believe these claims don't have any merit.

Erik Christianson

We don't really see any merit to limiting our investment universe, so we'll hold large-caps and small-caps, as well as domestic and international stocks.

Eric Barden