I believe managing is like holding a dove in your hand. If you hold it too tightly you kill it, but if you hold it too loosely, you lose it.

Tommy Lasorda

Most of the managers are lifetime .220 hitters. For years pitchers have been getting these managers out 75% of the time and that's why they don't like us.

Bill Lee

One of the most important tasks of a manager is to eliminate his people's excuses for failure.

Robert Townsend

I don't believe a manager ever won a pennant. Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?

Sparky Anderson

The only thing I believe is this: A player does not have to like a manager and he does not have to respect a manager. All he has to do is obey the rules.

Sparky Anderson

A manager has his cards dealt to him and he must play them.

Miller Huggins

A manager doesn't hear the cheers.

Alvin Dark

My idea of managing is giving the ball to Tom Seaver and sitting down and watching him work.

Sparky Anderson

A manager's job is simple. For one hundred sixty-two games you try not to screw up all that smart stuff your organization did last December.

Earl Weaver

A manager should stay as far away as possible from his players. I don't know if I said ten words to Frank Robinson while he played for me.

Earl Weaver

The world of the 1990s and beyond will not belong to 'managers' or those who can make the numbers dance. The world will belong to passionate, driven leaders - people who not only have enormous amounts of energy but who can energize those whom they le.

Jack Welch

Some companies like managers who have their hands on everything, and some don't.

John Wooden

He's one of the most solid operations managers in that size company, but I think he'd be good in larger companies as well.

David Heikkinen

If your country calls, what an opportunity. You don't turn down the England manager's job.

Keith Lamb

I believe there will be strong and bold recommendations. I think if top managers are involved in inappropriate actions, that needs to be dealt with appropriately by the commissioner or the governor.

David Leblanc

It seems to be a good sign (for investors) if managers have confidence in their own abilities, ... You could do a lot worse than some of those funds.

David Harrell

Some of the older guys who don't want to (or can't) play anymore, become team managers. Anyone can join. We celebrate fun and fellowship.

Jim Craig

It's very subjective, ... Who's to say what is an appropriate level of investment without knowing that manager's risk and time horizon?

Chris Doyle

And these are good paying jobs. I know construction managers who make more than $100,000 per year.

Jim Cronley

This is a manager of managers for security. It lets you create one policy set for security and networking topology, which is important since they are so intertwined.

Rob Whiteley

With rates falling, managers will be going to the corporate bond market.

John Woolway

He filled the manager's shoes because of the unexpected circumstances this club found itself in back in November.

Milan Mandaric

Now the overwhelming fear among portfolio managers is being left behind.

Rich Bernstein

This is an ego-driven business. They (the managers) say they created this record, they look at all the money they made, and they go out on their own. It's a trend across the industry.

Burton Greenwald

I am concerned that people under 21 would eventually become store managers at liquor establishments if the village made changes.

Ken Crawford

The purchase made by some money managers to match the index change contributed to the advance of bonds. I did not expect bonds to gain today.

Nobuo Tamamizu

One would hope that analysis would play a huge role in a manager's decision, ... But to what extent they use an analyst would be specific to the managers.

Reuben Brewer

Always be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order.

John Gotti

Retail investors are value-hunting now. The asset managers and any institutions with money are starting to come back in.

Kirby Daley

The Old Firm match is the only one in the world where the managers have to calm the interviewers down.

Tommy Burns

Yes, but he's back again, ... As a company grows larger and larger it will have to bring in different types of managers.

Guy Kawasaki

In my opinion, the patents are worthless, IT managers and entrepreneurs shouldn't be afraid of patents. They can safely ignore them.

Vernon Keenan

He felt about books as doctors feel about medicines, or managers about plays - cynical, but hopeful.

Dame Rose Macaulay

It's been quite a sales job. Both managers are not really excited about it. I don't think the Northern League is that fired up.

Rick Muntean

We have the books being cooked, that's bad enough, but what we have then is senior managers engaging in paying hush money to cover up their misdeeds.

Rodney Hide

Bringing young players through the ranks has always been one of the manager's main priorities.

Ryan Giggs

He's prepared. He's done about everything you can do except sit in the (general manager's) chair. I'm proud of him, but we're losing a good man.

Terry Ryan

Fund managers don't want to hand investors high dividends in the year 1999 but if they take them over the course of the year 2000, it doesn't hurt as bad.

Wendy Strub

Managers were pushing to get money or the store would close.

Robin Bohlin

The key is to study the individual fund managers and their track records.

Filippo De Luca

Fidelity has 300 funds with different managers. As a company, they've lightened up on technology as technology has gone up, but there are a few exceptions.

Donald Dion

I think the city manager's had too much influence on policy.

Larry Klein

There are so many demands, on general managers especially. Doug listens well to the scouts and player-development people. People are loyal to him because he's loyal to them.

Roland Hemond

As a closer, you never like to get pulled. But it's the manager's call, and he almost made the exact right call. How could you blame him?

Braden Looper

Looking to see whether managers are adjusting their assumptions with an eye to enhancing the earnings and balance-sheet numbers investors care about. That could be fraud.

Stephen Cutler

Good managers know the work ethic of each of their employees and know who's a producer and who's a slacker.

Bill Coleman

We are confident that the federal appeals court will ultimately find in our favor. We believe we are correct in classifying our store managers as salaried managers, and we intend to continue to fight for what we believe is right.

Howard Levine

We've never been compared to the Dow. No managers use the Dow as a benchmark.

Spiros Segalas

Most hedge fund managers were extremely pleased with first-quarter trading results.

Wade Mcknight

When I think of Fidelity, one of its key aspects is flexibility. Fidelity managers are paid to invest flexibly and I think they're doing it well.

John Rekenthaler

He was always in the manager's office after the game, talking baseball. I think he was destined to be a manager. The way he handled himself, he's a smart man. He would be an excellent choice.

Bill Robinson

This is really a way to supplement what's already going on out there. This is just another way that we can get more information to fire managers.

Jim Riddering

That's when we talked to the mine managers. They were very generous, and will allow for us to dig here for two or three years.

Richard Hulbert

There's so much more need for experienced managers, it's become clear to us that we can't accept the kind of turnover we used to have.

Jennifer Allyn

If your fund changes managers, that's a red flag to pull your money.

Rick Applegate

Variety is one of the things that's great about the assistant city manager's role.

Pam Willis

One of our best managers, her second language is English. We needed her to get better at English to be able to leave her alone in the restaurant. I heard somebody compliment her today on her English.

Beth Wilson

We believe that the endowments should be used for the benefits of current and future generations of students. There was a year in which Harvard spent one-eighth of its endowment earnings on its fund managers.

William Strauss

Obviously, Buck's opinion is going to be heard, ... I think that's the case with all managers or at least it should be. But there will be a lot of people involved in all the decisions we make.

Jon Daniels

We don't have as many managers as we should, but we would rather have too few than too many.

Larry Page

We would not be where we are without everyone on this team. All the players, our managers, our four coaches and all the people who have supported us.

Marilyn Coddens

I feel like I've moved up, ... I really feel like the coaches and scouts and general managers, I think they're really interested in me.

Leonard Davis

It's a great example of what we're trying to teach managers around the commonwealth.

Bill Fontana

If you were on the board of directors of a company and you got results like this, ... you would lean on the managers to fix the problem or get rid of them.

Peter Cappelli

Our managers hadn't had that kind of success - the record company hadn't, we hadn't - and the feeling was that the next record had to be even bigger, and if it wasn't it would be some kind of failure.

Roland Gift

I came in the game with the mindset of being more aggressive. I was joking around with one of the managers and saying I felt like was gonna have a career high [in points].

Cedric Mcgowan

If you're going to call for the manager's head, the manager ought to be consulted first.

Mark Doumit

Bond fund managers don't believe long-term inflation is a significant worry.

John Norris

It's difficult to know how water managers will use [the report].

Michael Dettinger

All three of the managers could be retained or terminated. We will be looking at ways to get above the bogey.

Bill Atwood

We thought, at least it's dangerous. And we were under the wing of two great managers -- Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp.

Roger Daltrey

The managers appear to be recommending a heavily Canadian approach to asset allocation.

Tim Hicks

England will lose for the same reason they lost in 2002: lack of a world-class keeper and the manager's insistence on playing the King-of-Pop regardless of his form.

Mark Weiner

Phil is a hands-off partner who allows the managers to run the company.

Cary Granat

Managers aren't doing the wrong things - the market has changed. I don't care how good a manager is - if the trend changes, he's going to look bad.

Sheldon Jacob

Fund managers rushed to boost their portfolios that will be presented to clients at the end of the quarter.

James Lago

Everybody likes to sell at strength. I don't think the owners are any different to fund managers.

Mark Daniels

We let them know about the information they can get from social service agencies and local chapters of the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers.

Debra Seefeld

There are lockers that have $400 bottles and then there are those that have $60 bottles in them. A lot of people come in and buy half-cases ... then ask managers for suggestions on new wines.

Daniel Hurst

If the Earth could be made to rotate twice as fast, managers would get twice as much done. If the Earth could be made to rotate twenty times as fast, everyone else would get twice as much done since all the managers would fly off.

Norman R. Augustine

I think they've gotten too far away from having managers make decisions. I'm not criticizing commissioners. I'm just critiquing their platform for decision-making.

Gene Klein

I'm going to be one of the food service managers. Basically, I'll be feeding volunteers and athletes both before and after events and during breaks and lunches.

Beth Swenson

It's the general manager's responsibility, no matter what the circumstances are, to make the product on the field a winner.

Chuck Lamar

It hasn't really moved. He's met one of his managers. It's probably a 50-50 situation at the moment.

Terry Matterson

Good managers have a bias for action.

Thomas J. Peters

Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.

Warren G. Bennis

Managers can't manage diverse cultures successfully until they understand what culture is and know their own culture.

Romie Littrell

It's really to help us grow the assets of the company, to create more value to the employees, the owners, managers and everyone involved.

Kevin Mcnamara

Our athletic department and business managers had to make some tough decisions about who got to go.

John Lewandowski

Remember, benchmark performance -- beta -- can be had for virtually free; alpha is what active managers are paid to generate.

Paul Mcculley

My point of view as chairman of the League Managers' Association is we would hope that English contenders for the position have got more than a head start.

Howard Wilkinson

There were a bunch of really funny [mascot ideas[, but they would not pass through the Board of Managers or administration.

Heidi Fieselmann

Treasuries are at levels that are good to get in. We are seeing money managers start to buy again.

Toshihiko Sakai

If we had trouble with driver retention or shrink of inventory, managers would benchmark their results [internally].

Ken Carrig

The communication between the managers and the rest of the town staff is better.

Tom Mason

It is the manager's decision and whether it is me or Carlo, we will be strong enough. Carlo has been doing brilliantly well and with him in goal we have reached the semi-final. Now we must make sure we make the final.

Petr Cech

I've kind of re-energized them. I'm hoping to re-energize the mayor and city managers because we all have to get together to make this thing happen. It's not going to me. It's not going to be our guys. It's not going to be only the city. Everybody that wants baseball in South Florida has to put it all together.

Jeffrey Loria

Managers, instead of following their convictions, are following the crowd. There is a herd instinct.

David Herro

The acquisition of PCS is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the country's leading pharmacy benefits managers.

Martin Grass

It was a revolving door of city managers and police chiefs. I was asked to run in 1997 and I won by running at large. I assume the electorate wanted me back on council.

Bill Chertok

Only by rewarding managers with bonus shares can they be motivated to run companies better.

Lu Xingqian

We're putting what little money we have into the system so that managers and agency heads can reward their employees.

Patrick Pizzella

I played there so long in Europe (until he was 46), I know all the owners, the general managers, the players.

Ray Richardson

If a manager's being inundated with cash, it can make his job difficult. This is an attempt to let things cool off. Once they do, I'd look for this one to reopen.

Sonya Morris

A memorandum of understanding is currently being developed between DEP and federal land managers that will be relevant to the points in this agreement.

Helen Humphreys

We have 23,000 managers out doing directory assistance, maintenance, installing new lines. We are focused on making sure everyone has a dial tone.

David Frail

I hope that the club's managers have understood what I said when I became the caretaker.

Jean Petit

Most managers were trained to be the thing they most despise - bureaucrats.

Alvin Toffler

We asked athletes' managers to forward names to us and they have done that. It is now up to coaches to decide who is fit for the event.

David Okeyo

We have sent a list of eligible schools that have not yet applied to our circuit managers, who will check whether the schools are still interested in applying.

Paddy Attwell

First of all, land managers are bureaucrats. What they do is control things; they like to put things in little boxes and create rules. They want to do that in the easiest and most cost efficient way. When you've got a group like climbers, who want to go where they please, bureaucrats don't like that because they can't control it.

Michael Kennedy

Value managers were selling it and a lot of growth managers already owned it, even though it wasn't labeled a growth stock.

John Waterman

There are no emergency managers at any level in the Department of Homeland Security. It's all law enforcement, ... It doesn't look like anyone's in charge to me because the system has been deconstructed.

George Haddow

Effective managers live in the present but concentrate on the future.

James L. Hayes

We sat down with architects, case managers and participants to see what they would like in a home and tried to come up with a good design.

Tony Pisterzi

[I suggest you] go downstairs to the front desk, go the managers office and say that you just want to put it through their shredder.

Jeffrey Robinson

It was a matter of us having managers in charge that let little things go and not paying attention. You can have little things that actually have very little bearing on the public's health, but flat tear you up on a health inspection.

Terry Collins

They would have been short of help. The managers, we think a lot of them. We couldn't just leave them.

David Gehle

IT managers will have access to the key for any message.

Richard Bliss

What Katrina and Rita have done for emergency managers and for individuals is just create a heightened awareness of how important it is to communicate, how important it is to plan.

Gil Jamieson

Actors are trusting souls, and we must go by gut-level instinct, even after our agents and business managers weigh all the odds.

Anne Archer

Our speakers' keen insight on GLBT marketing and advertising is essential to all brand managers seeking inroads into this lucrative market.

Michael Lamb

The more managers it encompasses, the better, as it gives more people a stake in the performance of the company and prevents just a handful from benefiting.

Carlos Moreno

That will determine whether he should go aggressive or conservative, whether he should go for growth funds or balanced funds. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fund or fund managers.

Dennis Yaw

We're basically a new company. We have new ownership, including some key managers, and we're really trying to establish a new culture at the same time. It has forced everyone of us to grow professionally and that's really been exciting.

Kevin Mcnamara

The last flight I was on, the hatch wouldn't open. I was the commander of that flight. I was treated like any manager on the ground. I was asked my ideas by top-level NASA managers.

Ken Cockrell

I probably could have pitched the last two innings, ... But I will never argue a manager's decision.

Pedro Mart

A lot of the pressure has been brought on managers by the fund companies themselves. They create unrealistic expectations.

Scott Cooley

GNOSTICS, n. A sect of philosophers who tried to engineer a fusion between the early Christians and the Platonists. The former would not go into the caucus and the combination failed, greatly to the chagrin of the fusion managers.

Ambrose Bierce

All park managers agreed that there had been a dramatic reduction in crime at all camps, which needs to be sustained.

Jay Naicker

This is an opportunity for emergency managers and first responders to see what is out there and [help them] bring it into their communities to better serve their citizens.

John Legare

The manager's been brilliant. He was down yesterday...he's been through a lot.

Lomana Lualua

Lawyers make decisions based on what they think of me or a handful of other top managers of the firm. It's a personal business and personal relationships are critical.

Greg Jordan

There is a recognition in Germany that they have to reduce the coziness between managers and the board.

Garel Rhys

I think hedge fund managers have positioned themselves conservatively, ... We're near the bottom now. Almost all of them are conservatively positioned.

Barry Colvin

We have been so successful that we may have become too comfortable. We may have asked (mission managers) to take too much risk.

Dan Goldin

We made some mistakes. We had some managers we didn't like and had to get rid of, and that cost some money. Stuff like that. But overall, we did really well.

Robby Krieger

We encourage our managers and staff to interact with the customers, offer refills, and give a full-service experience.

Casie Caldwell

The majority of these hiring managers say most of their recruitment activity will take place during the first half of the year.

Matt Ferguson

If the manager has any criticism of me I want him to say it to my face. I want a managers to talk to me after the game but before going to his news conference.

Terje Hauge

I thought I was doing my right job, my day-to-day life, a manager's life. A manager's job.

Paul Rusesabagina

I don't work with the younger players. That's the manager's department. What I can do is go out and play as hard as I can.

Kirby Puckett

I've encouraged managers to allow students to try something new.

Carolyn Childs

Confidence can erode rapidly. As the global environment changes, caution and prudence should be the priorities for risk managers, investors and financial institutions.

William Rhodes

I cannot accept that the assets of a company can be put beyond the control of its managers.

Colette Neuville

It's a result of investor demand and the type of managers coming into long/short and where they cut their teeth.

Justin Dew

Active managers have to demonstrate that they can beat the index. Many more managers will take advantage of hedge fund techniques. That is the future.

Mark Rosenberg

The storm caused serious damage to 300 of our families' homes, including our general manager's.

Steve Renfroe

It depends on the timing of the runoff as to how much they (water managers) can put in the reservoir.

Ray Wilson

You can't look at costs in a vacuum, so they're [IT managers] not looking at TCO but instead are looking for the net gain.

Robert Rosen

Even in sectors and functions with a high percentage of female managers, there is a distinct gap in remuneration.

Mary Chapman

The one principle that surrounds everything else is that of stewardship; that we are the managers of everything that God has given us.

Larry Burkett

Managers are often working hard behind the scenes but don't let their employees know what action is being taken, which contributes to employee frustration.

Vonda Mills

Our customers will notice a little different feel as they walk into the financial centers, and see the managers out on the floor at a station, actively engaged with the customers.

Billy Livings

Value is in the dumps. It's not the managers. The problem last year was asset class performance. If you were a value manager, you didn't do well.

Bill Dougherty

Managers are important, they are leading the company and guiding and have to provide vision and manage the daily business.

Hasso Plattner

He has proved himself one of the great Celtic managers, and his place in the history of the club is assured. He goes with our gratitude and best wishes.

Brian Quinn

We are seeing a lot of managers, especially those for whom valuation is really important . . . build up cash stakes that are higher than historical averages. It's something we are seeing some very good managers do right now.

Todd Trubey

Managers have really successfully convinced institutional investors that $1 of buyback equals $1 of dividends.

Douglas Eby

The agency's account executive should be able to step into the sales manager's shoes if the sales manager drops dead today.

Morris Hite

Players don't answer their managers back in Japan. In Japan, what the manager says is the law. You don't question it. It's very different from here.

Shingo Takatsu

If managers find a diamond in the rough, good research pays off.

Tom Roseen

We are now going to have our own annual meets where top managers of the country converge and if such terrorist activities are on the rise, we would not know where to go.

Sushil Kumar

Case managers are what did it for me. What did my way get me for 25 years?

Bob Morris

Sensitive approach and generally happens through agents and managers.

Michael Hirschorn

I've already said it many times: I'm a manager and have a factory manager's vocabulary.

Leonid Kuchma

Coaches are an integral part of any manager's team, especially if they are good pinochle players.

Earl Weaver

I would like to make clear that I completely deny making any critical comments attributed to me this morning about the manager's selection policy at Chelsea.

Arjen Robben

One credit union set up in the back of the manager's SUV. The husband of an employee had a gun and provided security.

Charles Elliott

We're both buyers and managers, and if I'm not feeling it, she can do it.

Ashleigh Moss

We've all be impressed with the way Gordon has conducted himself. I'm delighted he has accepted the manager's job.

Eddie Thompson

Not really. Managers have tendencies, but you basically have to look at your personnel, what they're capable of doing or not doing and play the game by the book, what you would expect out of each individual, not so much out of their manager.

Ernie Whitt

If fund managers apportion just a little of their funds into gold, the price goes up by quite a bit.

Ermin Siow

This just echoes what I've heard all over the state. State employees just don't trust the governor. They don't trust him with their pensions, they don't trust him to hire competent managers, they don't trust him with the state budget.

Edwin Eisendrath