Better lose the anchor than the whole ship.

Dutch Proverb

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.

Robert Frost

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.

Robert Frost

Learn as though you would never be able to master it; Hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it.


A woman will buy anything she thinks the store is losing money on.

Kin Hubbard

Losing a game is heartbreaking. Losing your sense of excellence or worth is a tragedy.

Joe Paterno

You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you'll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit.

Joe Paterno

If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose.

Charles Bukowski

It was kind of humbling. It's fun with these type games. When you're on the winning side, it's fun. When you're on the losing side, it's terrible.

Matt Holliday

I played against a few top-ten players already, and I always kept losing in three sets.

Tatiana Golovin

To make 70 million after losing 165 million in hurricanes does show the fundamental profitability of the company.

Robert Hiscox

Losing is one thing. Losing the way we did tonight is unacceptable.

Pat Summitt

The truth is that this hurricane is severely bad, but it's not as bad as losing my mother.

David Sibley

We all believed in ourselves. It was a matter of confidence and that creates a fine line between winning and losing.

Patrice Bergeron

Our kids were incredible tonight. I never thought we'd beat a great Tremont like that after losing to them by 24 points.

Matt Winkler

We had something to shoot for after losing that first one to them. We were a lot hungrier this time, especially in the second half.

Amanda Johnson

I can't even tell you how bad we wanted to win this game, all of us. After losing to them at home and then losing to NFA twice, this was just the biggest game for us and we just wanted to come out of here with a win.

Amy Simpson

I don't think it's anything about Eastern, it's more of a coincidence. I didn't want to leave this arena or these fans on a losing note.

Brian Snider

We wanted to win really badly; it feels so awesome to win it. We came out today and just said that we couldn't worry about losing, we just had to play to win and go for it.

Max Watson

It's our tournament. We can't go out losing two games.

Matt White

If you want to win, you make calls like that. If you worry about the consequences, you keep on losing.

Wally Buono

I would regularly hear from blue-collar workers who feared losing their jobs because they didn't speak Spanish.

Chip Rogers

I don't know why everyone was stressin' because we weren't losing those games.

Carl Everett

I'm losing money as the Asian market goes down, but I look at it as more opportunities to buy, ... This is a fantastic time to look at Asia.

John Moon

I think we're certainly losing a lot of that diversity. As the numbers diminish due to age and death, you lose the people with a lot of experience to do those kinds of things.

Albert Smith

To hold them to 0-0 was a great effort for us. We showed a lot of character not to fold when the put the pressure on us. And to reach the semifinals after losing the first game was good for us, too.

Chris Stricker

No. Losing is losing, and you never get used to it no matter if you're in high school or college or the big leagues.

Josh Willingham

We're disappointed at the prospect of losing him. We've reluctantly agreed to make him available.

Gary Hetherington

Anytime you lose a tree, it's almost like you're losing a family member in your yard.

Jerry Peterson

If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing you grandmother with her teeth out.

George Brett

We are losing great teachers we are losing people that can help us get to the goal everybody's trying to reach.

Melony Smith

Most companies have somebody who is so instrumental to the business that losing them means the company may never be the same.

Loretta Worters

At least they can?t give us two losses for this one. In the standings it?s no different than losing by one run.

Kevin Mcqueen

Obviously, losing Kareem was a big deal. But Adrian will do well where he's at. We're confident A.J. will come in and take over that job.

Kevin Mawae

I wasn't losing confidence. I just wasn't taking shots. That was my fault.

Jeff Teague

It's heartbreaking. Losing my mum has ruined his life.

Lauren Bell

Just getting to the bowl is a big thing, but losing is an even bigger thing. Winning always is important, and losing always is disappointing.

Steve Slaton

Housing finance has bottomed out at a relatively high level after losing some altitude in the wake the central bank rate rise in early 2005.

Joseph Capurso

We'll be good next year, too. We're only losing one girl and we're getting a bunch of good players coming up.

Kayla Gracia

It's a confidence booster when the team can win with the top player losing.

John Pettit

We're eating much better, losing a little weight and we're better organized.

Michael Kirkbride

You have to (win at home) at this point. Losing Friday night brought Kilgore and Marshall back in.

Rick Dowdle

We may be a little behind the eight ball right now, but we're nowhere near a losing team.

Davin Joseph

Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead.

Jackie Robinson

It is the first time we can say that if you look at the entire ice sheet, it is losing mass.

Isabella Velicogna

We're not happy about (losing by two points), but at the same time, in a dual meet, we're gonna have 14 people in the lineup.

Jack Kosmicki

I love for coach to call me up to pitch at the end of the game. It does not matter whether we are winning or losing, I am going to try my best to keep us on top.

Tom Hines

In that sense, the unions are losing quite a bit of their power.

Richard Gritta

It was a lot tougher than I expected. What proved significant was that I was right there in the contest despite losing the first set.

Mara Santangelo

One out of every three Illinois hospitals is losing money. You'd be pushing them closer to the edge.

Danny Chun

You better believe it. This has been going on for four years. You end up losing a lot of sleep over it.

Bob Vila

They're not losing anything in the way of deductions. And their money is locked up for a long time.

Frank Armstrong

We're losing a big cannon from the point, a big guy in front of the net in our zone as well.

Ville Nieminen

I think the biggest difference is winning and losing.

Maurice Freeman

I don't gamble, because winning a hundred dollars doesn't give me great pleasure. But losing a hundred dollars pisses me off.

Alex Trebek

I think we had more of a fear about losing the farm during the tough times. We wanted to keep it so bad.

Alice Meduna

He's very much losing the forest for the trees. The idea that a jury would hear from all 20 of these witnesses and disregard them all is just laughable.

Barry Pollack

We're getting some good work in. But we're losing games on the schedule that we can't get back.

Rich Sadvar

I told (Mobley), 'We're leaving at halftime if Kentucky is losing. Kentucky does better when I'm at a bar drinking.

Mike Vance

Losing Craig was a big blow to us.

Charlie Christie

They're losing patients to technology.

Manuel Delgado

It's not like everyone's getting those types of raises every year, and some of us are even losing now.

Mike Abe

We don't figure out how much we are losing in property taxes if a commercial property was being built instead of a tax-exempt church. It is part of a city doing business that some property will be tax-exempt.

Connie Barron

I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.

Roger Waters

They're losing this crowd of spenders.

Stephen Happel

If losing (Thursday) doesn't do it for anyone,I don't know what will.

Sara Hunter

It's really sad because besides losing the money and having to find work again, you're also leaving the greatest working situation you're ever going to get.

Steve Schirripa

Losing that second game the way we did, it almost feels like we've been swept. That's a tough loss.

Adam Laroche

People are essentially losing their temper for things that have nothing to do with the act of driving.

Mark Edwards

Losing three (officers) would pretty much cripple us.

Larry Hawkins

To justify this expense in a commercial operation, operators need to potentially be losing $17 per acre.

Bart Drees

I'm pretty sure there's frustration because we are losing. We just have to fight our way out of this.

Curtis Hines

The building disintegrated, and a slab hit him. This has almost killed me, losing everything, and my uncle.

Marty Bryant

For a composer, it's like losing the Mona Lisa.

Jim Steinman

We wanted to make some changes. We're losing games. And we're losing games where we're up by three and then losing in the third period.

Kristen Dixon

I liked watching their team play, ... I didn't like losing to them of course, but you always like watching a team like that play.

John Logan

I came here to win a medal. I know that anything can happen in our sport. I didn't want to finish fourth in the final. Finishing fourth, it's like losing.

Dominique Maltais

It's been a combination of issues for us. A lot of it depends on how we do in the circle, but we also have to play defense and hit. I really don't like (losing) because it's frustrating. But I do think everybody is trying to figure it out.

Margo Jonker

He is such a presence. Losing Tommy hurt us more than anything else.

Ryan Herrs

In the midst of the negative atmosphere of the industry, this crowd was 180 degrees the opposite. The attitudes are up. ... They're not losing their love affair with the automobile.

Richard Genthe

If you're afraid of losing, then you daren't win.

Bjorn Borg

That was a big win in league for us after losing two very close games last week. I feel anything can happen any night with most of the teams.

Sol Jones

The biggest thing in my head was losing to a sophomore. I was like, 'I'm not going to lose to a sophomore, I'm a senior, it's my last chance, I'm going to stick it to him' and I did.

James Nicholson

Hopefully, (the win) will set the tone for us to keep on going. The thing is, I think we've all learned more. I know I have. I know what it takes, to be up a certain amount of points, and then keep from losing it.

Courtney Beasley

The thing that excited me about Georgetown is that I know I'll have good kids. Some of the things that other coaches have to worry about -- losing your best player because of academics -- I won't have to worry about. I just have to get them to play basketball.

Mike Rowinski

The numbers say we've quit losing population. We've evened out since 2000 and are now looking at some moderate gain.

Leon Heath

Both of them have a long history of success, and they're both great people. That's why I feel kind of good about it. Even though we're losing kids to them, I know they're going to great people and teachers of the game.

Rick Little

We have to start getting the breaks. When you're losing close games, it seems like they are going against you. We have to keep these guys' mindset positive because we are playing good baseball.

Tom Scarpinato

He had a dream. But he also had a nightmare that America was losing its soul.

Reverend Edwin King

Losing Emily hurt because she creates shots for other people. I probably should have called a timeout to get her out of there.

Steve Koehler

One thing they say about coaching is that losing is your best teaching tool. I've learned through a couple of tough losses. Losing has kind of been a blessing for me.

Jerome Toby

Every year is different in and of itself. At a highly competitive level, a Division I level or in pro sports, the difference between winning and losing is so minute. We won a bunch of close games last year. Things aligned.

Terry Zeh

He never had possession with his leg up off the ground doing an act common to the game of football. He was losing it while his other leg was still on the ground.

Pete Morelli

I think us losing to JSU was a big wake-up call. ... I honestly don't think that will happen again. I don't think we will lose energy anymore, because that was a big loss and it hurt us really, really bad.

Amber Bacon

I got a little teary because there was a flash of losing another one.

Connie Johnson

A lot of people warned me we'd be losing, but hey, guess what, we're in the middle of the standings.

Salaia Salave'a

It was a great quarter for them. They're doing a very good job of telling their story that even though they're losing access lines, they're gaining customer connections.

Thomas Watts

I'm losing one of my best friends because of this. He's dying and it's all because he went into the water.

Stephany Sofos

We are looking to turn the corner this year and come out of a losing slump.

Talen Singer

Never change a winning game; always change a losing one.

Bill Tilden

It's awesome, especially after losing in the quarterfinals. It was harder then to keep moving forward. After losing, you have to get out of that mindset. You have to focus on what is coming up next instead of looking back and what you just did. This is awesome.

Colten Moore

We had them on the ropes, and you could feel them losing confidence. We pressured them out of their offense, and they were getting rushed. We were just able to capitalize.

Russell Robinson

Losing Larry is definitely going to hurt us. Everyone needs to step it up.

Ira Newble

That's the sad part of working with people my age. You lose one, and it's like you're losing family. I have a big album of people I've lost here.

Dortha Chapman

If they had acted fast there was a chance to win our hearts and minds, but they are losing that chance.

Imtiaz Ahmed

Whether we're on a three-game winning or losing streak, you can understand that that's not everything.

Lindsay Whorton

People are actually losing comprehension of what's going on. People are coming because they have a crush … A person has been accused of a crime, killing two people.

Sheriff Barry Stankus

Losing a player like her was hard because she does so much on and off the court.

Nicole Ohlde

It won't ease it a lot, as much as we've lost. But it would help us. Once you get going on a losing streak, it's hard to break. We've got to get in our minds that we're going to win.

Dwayne Curtis

It wasn't pretty, but winning ugly is better than losing.

Dave Spinale

It had to be done. We're down to one sixth-grade class, one fifth. They're cutting sections because we're losing kids.

Jennifer Levesque

Yes, it's a bit disappointing [losing the final of the World Cup against Australia].

Sourav Ganguly

Losing used to hurt me.

Ronnie O'sullivan

He's prepared. He's done about everything you can do except sit in the (general manager's) chair. I'm proud of him, but we're losing a good man.

Terry Ryan

Losing one or both of them would be devastating.

Darrell West

Instead of losing jobs, Mississippi is gaining jobs. We are also seeing tremendous interest from companies that have never had any presence in Mississippi but have now committed to investing in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

John Harral

It's not a question of us losing anymore. Now, we're going into the game knowing that we can win.

Greg Andrews

There is the possibility of losing your hearing. That's when it gets to a very serious level.

Melaney Arnold

The time-trial will be very difficult, more than it seems. I think there may well be some huge time-gaps at the finish. But I'm not leaving the starting gate with the intention of losing the jersey. I'm going to defend it.

Roberto Heras

In the last eight games (since losing to G-A), we've been playing much better defensively. (G-A) is a good team ... but tonight our kids just played very well.

Jerry Mastenbrook

Losing two students is a shock to the school and to the school community.

Sara Stern

You've got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.

Arthur Ashe

My mother and daddy were just crushed. Daddy didn't live much after that and I always thought he died from the broken heart of losing his oldest child.

Mayme Jo Robinson

We keep losing these close games, but five or six bounces, and we could be 4-0.

Coleman Collins

We should have won last week but ended up losing and it was a disappointment. We have got to rectify that.

Jim Moffat

Losing jobs in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities is quite serious. Look what happened with the Gate Gourmet dispute with British Airways.

Gary Titley

After losing last year, we really wanted another chance. Playing in this atmosphere is just one of the greatest feelings.

Brittany Rogers

After losing last year, it feels great to win one.

Mark Chase

That's nuts. I honestly didn't know that. Hopefully he keeps not losing games here.

Tony Young

NBC is losing between $2 (million) and $3 million each time they air The Book of Daniel. With those kinds of losses, NBC may decide to cancel the show.

Donald Wildmon

It's always good to get a win, but especially right now with us losing a couple of games, to get us back on track.

Troy Farnsworth

Compliance with regulations ... that's not a big stick, ... When companies start losing customers, that can have a very significant economic effect.

Larry Ponemon

We are not losing production. We have highly productive operations with fewer employees.

Patrick Schillinger

It's amazing what we've done. But after today, it won't sink in until later. We hate losing.

Lee Coleman

They handed it to us on our home court, and we hate losing on our home court. So we knew we had to have a big game today.

Sha Brooks

Gained his fame not by winning, but by losing.

Brandon King

This is really special for us. We've dealt with the losing season and the .500 season. We now have a chance to experience the winning side.

Ryan Brooks

The lead helped our confidence. We knew we had to avoid a letdown after losing this morning.

Katie Aaron

My concern is that we're placing him in this institutional conflict of interest, and that the library could end up losing in the end.

Mark Lieberman

You know, the breaks didn't go our way. It hurts losing this game.

Jimmy Balderson

I just hope our guys don't fall to the pain of losing. That's what it seems like could be ahead, but you've got to fight.

Antwan Peek

People are tired of losing. They want someone who can win this race, and they believe I am the one who can do that.

Ron Saxton

Most of that comes from winning. Because when you're losing, you can't make jokes, kid around and give high fives. The winning allows you to do a lot of things. Everybody's loose and playing loose.

Julio Lugo

You can see it. It has to be tough for him. There's a lot of pressure on him. He's handled it well, and I'm sure losing is frustrating for him.

Alexander Auld

It's a lose-lose situation. The world is losing consumption faster than people can cut back production.

Paul Aho

I'm fighting like an animal, and I get so close. I was getting so close and losing. That's disappointing, but I know why I'm playing this kind of game. I'm confident for the future.

Kristof Vliegen

It is hard to say with any confidence...there is a very small difference between winning and losing.

Dean Barker

Losing this way and having this kind of season just motivates us.

Brianne O'rourke

I don't think the new festivals have affected us. You'd look at whether films we want are choosing to go elsewhere or whether we are losing audience and so far neither has happened.

Richard Pena

Losing a pound isn't necessarily a reward. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself is the reward.

Nancy Peterson

Winning may not be everything, but losing has little to recommend it.

Senator Dianne Feinstein

If I lose my job, it's worth it. It's worth losing several jobs to get my papers.

Jose Cruz

Stephanie hates losing, and I hate losing. Me beating her, pushes her and her beating me pushes me. We are both real competitive.

Jordyn Kroboth

I am losing $2,600 a week on fuel that used to go toward my profit.

Robert Mills

He said take out your maps, folks, here's where we're winning, here's where we're losing, here's what we have to do.

Chris Wallace

I thought our team did a good job of coming back after losing in the morning. The coaches told the team we were the little fish in the big sea.

Marie Muhvic

If District 7 is money is going to the northeast project, and then it's not completed, we come out on the losing end.

Jeff Tidyman

Looks excessive for the right to own a loss-making, share-losing business.

Mark Swartzberg

We thought it was a good way to honor my father's service, ... And this is really important because we are losing so many.

Harold Koenig

We need to do better in batting, ... We have been losing too many wickets with the new ball. If we get out of that habit we should be okay.

Habibul Bashar

You get tired of losing at certain places. That's all part of maturity.

Rene Portland

It starts as soon as it impacts our production. We're losing production of vehicles so it's already impacting our profits.

Gerry Holmes

I think I am losing the battle to keep up the good name.

Andrew Fraser

The momentum of the game, I liked it, ... Because even though we were losing, it was coming in our favor. The guys never stopped fighting.

Salomon Torres

That's the way I play. I hate losing, I'm always fired up and I just want to win. I like to get the fans going and get the team pumped up.

Shawn Evans

He knew who I was and that I was a fighter, and he said 'I'd like you train me, will you teach me?' And I ended up training this kid and then I ended up losing contact with him.

Aaron Brink

That was our first NCL loss. It's not just losing in the NCL. It's losing in general. That lost might have been an awakening for some people.

Mark Royer

Losing is no fun no matter who it's against. This was a tough loss for us, but we will regroup and come back.

Lee Maciejewski

We're kind of playing that way right now, where we're getting a lead and then losing it. We can't do that against West Salem.

Jack Martino

It's a fine line, the difference between winning and losing, and you have to win these games. It gives you confidence. It gives you momentum. A win like this takes the question away of whether we can do it. We've done it now.

Robbie Tobeck

He has become good at figuring out how much he can get out of them without losing them.

Dennis Hutchinson

We have never given up, no matter how bleak things looked. These guys are fighters; they could be losing 24-2, and they'd still never quit.

Andrew Hopman

The ability to change one's views without losing one's seat is the mark of a great politician.

Morris K. Udall

I'm pretty happy to get out of here only losing five points after that heat race.

John Wolfe

David does everything for us, and not having him in there definitely hurts us. I'm sure he would have made a difference. I don't know if he would made the difference between winning and losing.

Jason Treutelaar

We're losing twice, we're losing money and we're losing the confidence of the people in the township.

Rob Stevens

Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it on to someone else.

Mitch Albom

That's gonna be the difference between winning and losing.

Jesse Nakanishi

I don't know how to explain it but they're not losing their determination to win despite those consecutive victories.

Jong Uichico

His hand injury was significant because it was shot point blank. They were concerned about him losing some of his fingers.

Yvonne Martinez

We can't be without power too long without losing fish.

George Phillips

Over the long haul, it's almost certain that these will be a losing bet.

Russ Kinnel

We've got a lot of new kids coming on, but we're only losing two of our boys. So we'll still be fairly strong.

Mike Cordray

Winning and losing are both contagious and right now, we're on the good side of it.

Kurt Cohen

Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality.

Jackie Chan

We will do an in-house service. If they will get their employees together, we'll go in and address those issues that they're losing points on routinely.

Charles Stephens

After forty a woman has to choose between losing her figure or her face. My advice is to keep your face, and stay sitting down.

Barbara Cartland

You have these high numbers, and it doesn't even seem like you're making a dent. You're losing Wilkes-Barre.

Frank Marra

They are trained to be what they want to be. They get used to the drama of winning and losing when they are 17. They grow up faster.

Maurizio Gherardini

We are losing business opportunities as a result of the shortage of workers and the affordable housing issue.

Kathy Baylis

At a time when we are losing manufacturing jobs in this country, we should be doing everything we can to help our manufacturers stay competitive. They are the backbone of our economy.

Debbie Stabenow

I'm tired of losing to those guys. Let's get it done.

Curtis Haggins

It's a losing game because they can always build a bigger bomb.

Daniel Goure

I always want to win. I hate losing. Hate it.

Marissa Kazbour

So I see the terrorist attacks as acknowledgement on the terrorists' part that this is a center of gravity [in the war on terror] and that they're losing.

Marine Genpeter Pace

I am at piece with my decision. Sure I will be losing my six figure income but, I think its time.

Gary Degraide

The only thing that really dampened this season was the losing. I had a great time with this team. Those kids were great. Really, only the losing was a negative.

Joe Blair

All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.

Scott Alexander

This was happening at the same time the Indians were losing six of the last seven games, and my dad said, 'Your job isn't so different from being an Indians fan,' .

Hal Lebovitz

We've designed the telescope at a fraction of the normal cost without losing any resolution.

David Buckley