Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

John F. Kennedy

The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.

Tom Peters

Most leaders spend time trying to get others to think highlyof them, when instead they should try to get their people tothink more highly of themselves.It's wonderful when the people believe in their leader.It's more wonderful when the leader believes in their people!You can't hold a man down withoutstaying down with him.— Booker T. Washington.

Booker T. Washington

One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

Arnold H. Glasgow

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.

Nelson Mandela

Never neglect details. When everyone's mind is dulled or distracted the leader must be doubly vigilant.

Colin Powell

I learned that a great leader is a man who has the ability to get other people to do what they don't want to do and like it.

Harry S Truman

It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test.

Lou Holtz

I have a different vision of leadership. A leadership is someone who brings people together.

George W. Bush

What luck for rulers that men do not think.

Adolf Hitler

If you think you're leading and no one is following you, then you're only taking a walk.

Afghan Proverb

Take care, don't fight, and remember: if you do not choose to lead, you will forever be led by others. Find what scares you, and do it. And you can make a difference, if you choose to do so.

J. Michael Straczynski

The first duty of a leader is to make himself be loved without courting love. To be loved without 'playing up' to anyone - even to himself.

Andre Malraux

The crowd gives the leader new strength.


The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.

Blaine Lee

Leaders are Readers.

Charles O. Jones

People, like sheep, tend to follow a leader - occasionally in the right direction.

Alexander Chase

A true leader must have enough backbone to stand alone - even when the crowd wants to take the easy road home. A true leader cannot be dependent on companionship for his or her security, but must learn to trust in God alone.

Leslie Ludy

Leadership is applicable to all facets of life: a competency that you can learn to expand your perspective, set the context of a goal, understand the dynamics of human behavior and take the initiative to get to where you want to be.

John G Agno

So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.

Peter F. Drucker

Leadership is liberating people to do what is required of them in the most effective and humane way possible.

Max Depree

Leadership is the wise use of power. Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it.

Warren G. Bennis

Regarding the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations, they will find us standing up or dead, but never on our knees; NEVER!

Omar Torrijos Herrera

If I fall, pick up the flag, kiss it, and keep on going.

Omar Torrijos Herrera

The Bible tells me that no greater love has a man than to lay down his life for his friends. John Kerry's fellow crewmates -- the men I am honored to share the stage with -- are living testimony to his leadership, his courage under fire, and his willingness to risk his life for his fellow Americans. There is no greater act of patriotism than that.

Max Cleland

Leaders should be collaborative, modest, and generous.

Bill Bradley

The leaders who work most effectively, it seems to me, never say 'I'. And that's not because they have trained themselves not to say 'I'. They don't think 'I'. They think 'we'; they think 'team'. They understand their job to be to make the team function. They accept responsibility and don't sidestep it, but 'we' gets the credit.... This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done.

Peter F. Drucker

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

Bill Gates

Leadership must be established from the top down.

Sam Rayburn

Effective leaders help others to understand the necessity of change and to accept a common vision of the desired outcome.

John Kotter

It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity, and the responsibility of individuals to contribute.

William Pollard

Management is nothing more than motivating other people.

Lee Iacocca

In its current form, globalization cannot be sustained. Democratic societies will not support it. Authoritarian leaders will fear to impose it.

John J. Sweeney

Leadership is getting someone to do what they don't want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve.

Tom Landry

In this era of world leadership, the metal detector is the altar and the minicam may be god.

Hugh Sidey

Great leaders are pragmatists who can deal with difficult realities but still have the optimism and courage to act.

Nitin Nohria

True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.

Robert Townsend

Leaders must pick causes they won't abandon easily, remain committed despite setbacks, and communicate their big ideas over and over again in every encounter.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish.

Sam Walton

Faith in the ability of a leader is of slight service unless it be united with faith in his justice.

George Goethals

Responsive leaders prefer knowledge and information to be spread as widely as possible among the population, because an informed public is necessary to govern effectively, independent thought produces original ideas and is the key factor by which we progress as a society. When independent thought is stifled society is and will remain stagnant until it is free to flourish once again.

Teresa Stover

Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you're in control, they're in control.

Tom Landry

A true leader always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot grasp but which keeps his public excited and breathless.

Charles de Gaulle

Popularity is not leadership.

Richard Marcinko

All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Leadership is an interactive conversation that pulls people toward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment.

John G Agno

With the furious pace of change in business today, difficulty to manage relationships sabotages more business than anything else - it is not a question of strategy that gets us into trouble, it's a question of emotions.

John Kotter

In the great mass of our people there are plenty individuals of intelligence from among whom leadership can be recruited.

Herbert Hoover

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.

Max De Pree

A leader needs enough understanding to fashion an intelligent strategy.

John Kotter

Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned.

Harold S. Geneen

A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.

Ralph Nader

Great leadership does not mean running away from reality. Sometimes the hard truths might just demoralize the company, but at other times sharing difficulties can inspire people to take action that will make the situation better.

John Kotter

He who gives love, receives love.

Omar Torrijos Herrera

The very essence of leadership is [that] you have a vision. It's got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet.

Theodore Hesburgh

The local church is the hope of the world, and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders.

Bill Hybels

Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together.

Jesse Jackson

In our system leadership is by consent, not command. To lead a President must persuade. Personal contacts and experiences help shape his thinking. They can be critical to his persuasiveness and thus to his leadership.

Donald H. Rumsfeld

Reason and calm judgment: the qualities especially belonging to a leader.

Publius Cornelius Tacitus

I don't want to go into history; I want to go into the Canal Zone.

Omar Torrijos Herrera

Leadership development is not an event.

John G Agno

The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided.

Casey Stengel

In some South Pacific cultures, a speaker holds a conch shell as a symbol of temporary position of authority. Leaders must understand who holds the conch that is, who should be listened to and when.

Max De Pree

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

Dwight David Eisenhower

Strategic communication is at the core of effective leadership. Through a leader's use of verbal and written symbols employees are motivated or deflated, informed or confused, productive or apathetic. A leader's ability to carve off the verbal fatand get to the meat of an issue, idea or plan will find success at every turn.

Reed Markham, Phd

We know that leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a greater need for effective leadership.

John Kotter

Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.

Reed Markham, Phd

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Warren G. Bennis

Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better.

Bill Bradley

The cure for what ails us is leadership.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

You learn far more from negative leadership than from positive leadership. Because you learn how not to do it. And, therefore, you learn how to do it.

H. Norman Schwarzkopf

We depended on Diana a lot in terms of settling the team down in the fourth quarter. After the first quarter her leadership on the floor was big.

Myron Corbett

Uchida is to be credited as the one who made our digital camera business into what we have now. The appointment is based on the leadership he's shown.

Toshizo Tanaka

I think we both have confidence in our own abilities. We've been around for a long time and accomplished a lot. I think we can accomplish the most by sharing leadership. We can do that and accomplish much more than alone.

Sanford Weill

We have a really special group. We have some great senior leadership and guys with experience. There's no substitution for that.

Luke Reilly

We know over the last year, in the build-up, there had been attempts to get him to step down, to attack his leadership. I don't see the fire from these sparks. It seems to have died out.

Carl Thayer

We bring leadership and we bring experience. We all have been through a lot. We've all been around the block a little bit, and I think that's important to have on a team.

John Sharper

She's been the foundation. She brings a ton of leadership to the team. I'm so fortunate to have her.

Pauline Hazan

They didn't hear from the public. I find that to be another one of the leadership problems we have in Deltona. They keep making these mistakes.

Jamie Jessup

I think there's actually a next generation of leadership on the horizon. And what's different is it's happening a lot faster.

Ran Coble

(Day) definitely stepped up and had a great game. His leadership by example, I think it spreads.

David Grewe

Political leadership is all that's missing to achieve emissions cuts of 30 to 40 percent.

Dale Marshall

The shots wouldn't fall. I want to thank my seniors for their great leadership.

Aub Boucher

But the leadership needs to step up.

Ramona Cruz

We applaud the Westin for its leadership in securing this world-class anchor to the new Fountain Square district.

David Ginsburg

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

Peter F. Drucker

I believe it is only fair now to give our party members their say over my continuing leadership.

Charles Kennedy

They gutted everything. Essentially, the church got everything it wanted. The House leadership made a deal with the devil.

Christy Miller

You don't lead by hitting people over the head-that's assault, not leadership.

Dwight David Eisenhower

Monty is a fantastic addition to the squad. I am looking forward to coaching him, he is a no-nonsense competitor who will bring great experience and leadership to our squad.

Tony Smith

Before (the site was created). . . certain professors might be cozy with the leadership of their department and be horrible professors, so there's no way any incoming student could know about it.

Michael Hussey

We have a fifteen year lead in this market and we will retain our leadership.

John Schwartz

He was great in the leadership field. He understood the game early on. It was so impressive. He was always thinking about the game. It was just obvious during his playing days what he was destined to do.

Brendan Harris

In my lifetime, I have never felt more ashamed of, or more frightened by my leadership in Washington, including the presidency, or the Senate.

Harry Taylor

Brown is an old-fashioned tax-and-spend chancellor who cannot give the leadership we need to face the challenges of the new global economy.

George Osborne

The leadership felt they had all the answers. These people, you know what they did, they showed the leaders whose union it is. It's not your union. It's our union. We're not having this.

Randy Nevels

The leadership in Beijing, I think, is deeply divided over how to deal with the United States.

Richard Solomon

Communication is the real work of leadership.

Nitin Nohria

Anyone can influence others' lives, anyone can be a leader. Hopefully, they are the emerging life of leadership.

Olivia Myers

This vote is sort of a national vote of confidence for that leadership.

Juan Cole

Intel has a history of making smooth leadership transitions.

Krishna Shankar

A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

I think our expulsion ... points to the increasing stress and pressure being put on the Iraqi leadership. And that is only going to increase.

Nic Robertson

Our problem was when we made the switch we didn't have anybody to put in a leadership role on the No. 8 car.

Tony Eury Sr.

Now we know it's far more important to focus attention to what's going on inside of the schools, curriculum, improving principal leadership, instruction and professional development.

Barbara Semedo

He has a great feel for wrestling. He's one of the young kids who demonstrates leadership.

Ron Frank

Packing the Ethics Committee with DeLay loyalists further immunizes the Republican congressional leadership not just from the Democrats but also from democracy.

Chris Bell

He definitely has assumed the leadership role on and off the field. He took control of things this summer.

Caleb Spencer

We have a strong group. These kids are excited and have good leadership.

Mike Costello

Our seniors were a good class and I hate to see them go. They provided good leadership and were some of our top performers.

Kevin Mcfann

The World Fellows have exceptional records of achievement and a proven capacity for leadership.

Daniel Esty

We believe in a biblical model of leadership in the home ... which is the man is a spiritual leader of his home and ought to lead by example spiritually in the home.

Promise Keepers

He knows the game and he is always talking which means I don't have to. He brings a lot of vocal leadership to the field.

Terry Kochis

GM continues to demonstrate bold and innovative leadership in products and technology. On these fronts and more, GM is truly on a roll.

Brent Dewar

The leadership of the North Carolina Senate feels very strongly that they both go, or no go.

Sen Clark Jenkins

We have a good group of returning letter winners. We have good leadership.

Carl Rittenour

No one showed leadership, responsibility or accountability for us on the floor.

Rick Howard

I hope I can bring some of the things I've done in the past to a team that's been hurting at that position. I was one of the guys they wanted here from the first day to bring that leadership, that competitiveness. It feels good.

Sam Madison

Leadership involves finding a parade and getting in front of it.

John Naisbitt

We consider this a strong endorsement of the company and its leadership.

Gary Ginsberg

His leadership is outstanding. He's got a feel for things. He had 10 steals against Carlson, and that's the third time he's had 10 steals in a game.

Brian Bates

Leadership is experiential... it's really a trained art.

Arun Sarin

The foundation has been instrumental in bringing us to this point, through their leadership and wise stewardship of our resources.

Abbott Nathan Zodrow

She's got the most years and the most experience. And she has good leadership.

Raymond Brown

Princeton is attempting here to attain a leadership role, a national leadership role, in something that we have come to see as a national problem.

Cass Cliatt

All three of them were awesome, they were great and they did everything for us. It was classic captain leadership.

Sarah Miller

Our best presidents have really combined domestic leadership with heroic achievements in foreign affairs or war.

Allan Lichtman

Yale's proud legacy of leadership shines through with this class of honorees.

Tom Beckett

I'd like to have the American people solidly behind the president. But again, if the president has to do it, he has to do it. And that's what leadership is all about.

James Inhofe

We pay our elected officials to represent us. Sitting on the fence may be convenient, but it's not what I call leadership.

Greg Toussaint

When we get on a roll, we've got enough leadership to push them through the ups and downs.

Royce Chadwick

Let's change the law so that the governor can't just sail in and change the leadership at the Committee of Consumer Services.

Roger Ball

Casey knows the outfit and the leadership and he thinks of it very highly, as he should.

Jim Marshall

There cannot be anything but anger and condemnation for those who've done it, ... I can only say that the Palestinian leadership will do everything it can to arrest and follow up on these actions and do its very best to stop them.

Nabil Sha'ath

Our information is that he (Rusdan) was more militant and the hardliners of JI had turned to him for leadership.

Sidney Jones

They competed very well and had great focus. The senior leadership has been great.

Tony Edwards

We can sustain our world leadership if we continue to innovate.

Dwight Decker

He has brought a new dynamic to the leadership contest and will put pressure on some candidates who perhaps are struggling for support.

Tim Yeo

The administration demanded that soldiers extract information from detainees without telling them what was allowed and what was forbidden. Yet when abuses inevitably followed, the leadership blamed the soldiers in the field instead of taking responsibility.

Tom Malinowski

We have great senior leadership. We only have four, but they are four of our best players, they're leaders like seniors should be.

Tiffani Airmet

Housing is backing off from its leadership role in the economy, but clearly something else is replacing it. The Fed has a little more to do and then they can rest on their oars.

Neal Soss

We'll be led by four of the better captains I've had in the past few years. They have great work ethics, leadership and are good track athletes.

Dave Illnicki

We need international students. They are the ones that go back to their country and take leadership positions.

Ursula Oaks

I think it's a leadership issue.

Sen Gary Hooser

Because of my service in the congressional leadership for the last 10 years.

Christopher Cox

It's a good win. It's a real competitive league. We've won a lot of close matches. A lot of that has to do with our leadership, our seniors. I have a lot of seniors and they're all good kids.

David Burkert

This is a national tragedy and a public health problem demanding national leadership.

Tipper Gore

Continuing negative leadership from unionist leaders serves only to further demoralise their own community. Unionist communities deserve better.

Martin Mcguinness

Our strength is in our senior leadership and the experience we have at the linebacker position.

Steve Schultz

Men and women of extraordinary courage and incredible capability. But it's time we had leadership in Washington to match that courage and match that capability.

Paul Rieckhoff

This is the classic confrontation you see in Washington ... because the president now has been challenged directly by the leadership of the Congress and by the lobbyists and by the bureaucracy, ... American Morning.

John Lehman

She had a great year last year. She was all-state, all-district and all-conference. She did a wonderful job for us and has great leadership abilities.

Jerry Kelbley

The collapse of this deal reflects a complete lack of confidence in the governor's leadership abilities, among both Democrats and Republicans.

Nick Velasquez

The development of transformative curriculum leadership, supported and aided by modern technology.

George Dennison Prentice

I knew he had leadership abilities. I knew he had dedication.

Verl Todd

He played intense from start to finish. He stepped up, played with courage, intensity and leadership. He took the challenge and took it head on.

Libby Dutton

Our kids held their composure. That's what senior leadership is all about. Our seniors stepped up.

Ray Sims

I think to be honest, we are much happier with the new leadership at Kmart.

Gary Knell

Gillette Fusion extends our rich history of innovation. It's a breakthrough platform that will continue to drive our category leadership.

James Kilts

We do not need international help to stop corruption, we need strong Louisiana Leadership.

David Vitter

But it would not surprise me. If it did happen it would be pretty much a failure of leadership.

Peter Charlton

We have no leadership. They rule by a herd. Nobody is in charge. ... It reminds me of a bunch of cows.

Bud Grant

If the union leadership decides to call a strike, there will be no 30-day cooling off period.

Will Holman

Three in a row — we're excited about that, and I credit our players and our senior leadership. A month ago we could've hung it up. Being 1-3 is not a fun thing to be, but gosh, I guess now we're 4-3.

Larry Sherrill

We can expect a change in leadership and there's an incredible opportunity for change in Alberta's energy industry.

Marlo Raynolds

I would move the bill, obviously, and I don't think that's what our leadership wants us to do.

Rep Paul Clymer

I am pleased to have Tom here. We feel he'll provide solid leadership.

Superintendent Gene Denisar

The leadership of the Defense Department is OK. The secretary is OK.

Glenn Flood

We're in a cycle of new leadership, and we're not competitive. Nobody in South Dakota should be surprised that the end results are going to be different from where we've been.

Tad Perry

I think gold has kind of taken on a leadership role.

Steve Platt

We got a good spark from Dillon Clark off the bench. Jeff Sego's leadership was awesome.

Tal Wold

I think as a department, with the personnel and leadership, there will be a few bumps early on but it's a positive all around.

Darrell Vires

Leadership is what it's all about. It's got to come from somewhere.

Justin Gray

We're disappointed in this indecisiveness and lack of leadership from the national Democrats and Sherrod Brown, who said he wouldn't run.

David Woodruff

It's going to require a fundamental shift in our resources, our money and our leadership.

Richard Miller

He's got a lot of great leadership qualities; he makes great decisions on and off the field. He also has a lot of athletic ability.

Alan Tucker

Authorizes the violent overthrow of the leadership of a sovereign state.

Igor Ivanov

We really do face an incredible leadership vacuum in this state generally.

Chuck Adams

Andrew played a heck of a game. He showed great leadership out there, handling the pressure and coming up with big shots.

Phil Mishler

Jack Pratt has the character, the leadership skills and the qualities to inspire confidence and optimism.

Andrew Sorensen

If we're going to become the kind of company we talk about in terms of business acumen, we have to have a pipeline of really great business leadership coming through.

David Murphy

We've got some kids that have played in big ballgames before. These kids show great leadership. You've got to tip your hat.

Ronnie Davis

That's what leadership is about, bringing people together to effect change.

Cameron Hardy

He will go down as one of the greats of Western Australian cricket not only for his efforts with the gloves and the bat but also for his leadership and team spirit.

Wayne Clark

Superb leadership at a critical time.

Christopher Cox

He's been committed to elevating the level of defense practice. His leadership has resulted in lawyers doing a better job, knowing what to do and what not to do.

Michael Donahoe

The trouble in modern democracy is that men do not approach to leadership until they have lost the desire to lead anyone.

Lord William Beveridge

With an interim dean, it's a challenge. You're always better off with stable leadership, but the interim dean has done a wonderful job. He's handled his position well and we're all comfortable working with him.

Gary Salvner

The first major congressional challenge to executive leadership in the Vietnam War, the Cooper-Church amendment, was proposed then.

George Herring

Our fire department is better than it has ever been. It's as a result of his leadership without a doubt. The next fire chief to walk in . . . will have big shoes to fill.

Victor Penman

I think it gives me more of a leadership role on the team, because some of the guys know I have a son and they see how I act.

Steve Sanders

We've never done that before. Our kids are good with leadership and they set good examples. They get good results and because of that, more kids come out to run.

Matt Paxton

If you were a president, you couldn't have asked for more than he's [historically] gotten from these [Republican leadership] guys.

Joel Aberbach

I've been with some pretty decent teams here, ... but the difference is we have leadership across the board at all positions, something we lacked in the past.

Brad Adams

I think at some point the leadership of the House and Senate are going to focus on the issue and decide what they want to do.

Andy Sauer

Sam and Tanner and Gunde (the captains) have shown great leadership for this team. It is a great group of guys.

Dave Strang

If it were an orgasm it would be fantastic. As it's a leadership contest, it's not necessarily so great.

Tim Yeo

I wanted to bring some emotional leadership that I felt we were lacking. The last couple of years we've had a guy that's kind of done that. And he's gone.

Legedu Naanee

This county had a need to supplement existing leadership development programs we have. There are never enough.

Paul Fisher

Enlightened leadership is service, not selfishness.

John Heider