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What God hath joined together no man shall put asunder: God will take care of that.

George Bernard Shaw

And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.

Pablo Neruda

Form follows function-that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

Frank Lloyd Wright

My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

Richard Adams

When I was in a play in a theater, and all was going well on stage, I felt that the audience and I were somehow joined into one.

Conrad Veidt

He joined the military to defend our freedom. The biggest disappointment to him was not being deployed to Afghanistan to be with his unit.

Ladonna Somers

His words and music weren't just joined; they were inseparably married.

John Corry

After their meeting, they joined their intellectual forces and she helped him a lot in his decisions, judgments, speeches and so on.

Bernard Landry

I had a small friendship group of quilters called the Bag Ladies. After a guy joined, we changed it to Bag People.

Cindy Young

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life?

George Eliot

It's why I joined the Coast Guard, to do things like this to help people.

James Womack

They both joined in and, hopefully, could be ready for a game in a couple of weeks.

David Moyes

We enjoyed school. There were no drugs. Heck, we never even heard of it. Nobody smoked until they joined the service.

Paul Bettencourt

It'll be about 15 of us that will be on the route the whole way and we'll be joined each day by new folks from each community.

John Cole

I didn't see it go in. I just saw everyone pile on, so I just joined the crowd.

Tia Hanson

It was just something the dads liked to do. But, when we got old enough, we joined in.

Blake Wilson

It is a clear signal China will revive the project as telecom giants have joined the industry.

Ali Keita

We joined the house for certain reasons. There's only so much you could fight it and now our only other option is to leave.

Justin Horowitz

It requires the Defense Department and the State Department to be joined at the hip in terms of how to build these program and the countries they choose.

Jeffrey Nadaner

We are delighted that Keith has joined our team.

Brian Kelley

We are enforcing the provisions of the contract we signed with our pilot employees when they joined the company.

Jon Austin

I felt it hit my stick. I just saw we scored and everybody piling on, and I just joined the crowd.

Tia Hanson

It should have remained joined but was apparently not joined and was broken away.

Michael Slattery

Karl joined Carlton direct from Wangaratta in the 2002 National Draft and we wish him all the best for the future.

Grant Williams

I thought I knew my daughter ? until she joined the Army.

Judy Dolecki

We joined that coalition since the country was under attack, now we are more useful as the opposition.

Vlado Buckovski

I think the battle's been joined.

Don Keller

One of the guys actually joined the NIRA this year, the college rodeo, because he liked it so much.

Kristi Lee

We dragged him out onto the ground. Some more people joined in and restrained him there until the police came.

Brad Byam

In the era Ted first joined organized baseball, there was, as Ted noted in his autobiography, a great deal of prejudice against Mexicans.

Bill Nowlin

Ain't You Glad You Joined the Republicans?

John Batchelor

What therefore God hath joined together let not man put asunder.


Me and Kai started it. On the first day, he called me up and said, 'We should work together, do it.' And then Ian just joined us yesterday.

Joe Barnard

Unconditionally joined the peace camp.

Benjamin Netanyahu

I never joined the army for patriotic reasons.

Isaac Rosenberg

We couldn't ask Liz Hurley for her backing, though, because she's not a member of ours. She was, she joined in 1985, but she left in 1998.

Martin Brown

He has finally joined Gracie, ... That was his love. I know he missed her so terribly and now he will be with her.

Ann Miller

I'm very, very pleased. The quality of the people that have joined is extremely high. They are excited to get started and get their hands dirty.

Bob Mitchell

Since he joined us his career has blossomed like I've never seen before.

Bjarne Riis

We can therefore map which products are going to be more successful in which channels. We're 100 percent joined up ... I'm 100 percent in control of my business.

Phil Jones

The Premiership is the only club competition I haven't won since I joined Liverpool. I'm desperate for us to do it.

Dietmar Hamann

I immediately joined the committee because that seemed to be where the conservation leadership was, within DU and the Brown County Conservation Alliance.

Dan Olson

What I wrote, (joined) with Frankie's voice, exuded passion.

Bob Gaudio

I don't think she has missed a class or rehearsal since the fall [when she joined Ballet Theatre].

Jan Dijkwel

When we joined, it changed it around. And that sound caught on.

Joe D'ambrosio

New Delhi has joined the list of capitals to which a US presidential visit is now imperative.

Karl Inderfurth

She joined the Navy to see the world and landed in Boston.

Mary Moriarty

It would be fantastic if everyone joined forces to give what they can.

Naomi Campbell

There may be an indication that Mr. Creswell was acting in self-defense outside the bar. He may have been trying to defend himself against others who had joined in the altercation.

Charles Branson

I wanted to learn 'cause my sister joined and it looked fun.

Megan Brown

It would be very effective if the pub industry joined the other groups in campaigning for a total ban.

John Grogan

It's hard to be able to express the value of your chapter, the reasons why you joined, which is brotherhood, scholarship and service, when you're a chapter of one.

Lisa Kendall

It doesn't make sense to think of them as two counties. They are joined at the hip.

Rick Harper

He was persuaded that if he joined the Marines he would get a new sense of purpose.

Rosemary Palmer

I joined rallies, but no matter what we do nothing is happening. The only way forward is for her to step down. I'll join rallies even if it is difficult.

Richard Fernandez

We sound a lot better since Jared joined us.

Blair Mays

When we joined the (California) Pacers, we started getting along better.

Faaidah Smith

The professionals are going to be joined by the average Joe. Everybody's a publisher.

Eric Brown

All the money came from his savings before he joined the army.

Zhang Jun