The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly.

Chuck Palahniuk

In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream.

Luigi Pirandello

To teach is great, but to inspire is divine.

Vikas Khanna

Whatever you do, don't do it.

Yul Brynner

All of it has been really inspirational to us. To not play as hard as you possibly can would be disrespectful.

Bryan Williams

I played a lot of good games, but that was the best one. It was the most inspirational one, because we didn't want to lose.

Ray Hall

We don't make fun of them. It's an inspirational show, and the contestants are so courageous. We're here to help them, not hurt them.

Bob Harper

For a CEO that is so driven and so passionate, to see how he cares for his family and how important his family is to him, is really inspirational.

Steve Albrecht

She's going to be fine. She's really lucky her cancer has been treatable. She's getting better by the day. I can't wait to see her back on her feet. She's inspirational, she's a fighter.

Dannii Minogue

He had farther to come than Francis did, ... I found more to admire in Vardon than almost any sports figure I can think of. He is an inspirational figure.

Mark Frost

My brother is a very inspirational person.

Rachel Green

She was very inspirational both as a professional and in her personal life.

Speedy Bailey

It's faithful without being religious. It's a garden book but it's not about gardening. It's sort of inspirational but it's not a devotional.

Dori Hudson

They didn't think what they saw was going to be as awesome and inspirational as it was.

Terry Kohl

It's energizing and inspirational just to spend an hour or two with you here.

A.g. Lafley

He's a pretty inspirational kid -- he's kind of becoming my hero.

John Padilla

They give them to someone who has done something inspirational and beyond the call of duty.

Farah Ahmedi

My sister was really inspirational, ... She and Greg were out there training for events. So, I thought, 'Why don't I get out there? I can't sit on the sidelines forever.

Ann Clark

We have a great group of freshmen. That is very inspirational for the future of the program. We should be alive and kicking.

Brad Takach

The speakers were inspirational and enthusiastic.

Kelly Graves

He talks to me every game. It always fires me up. It's so inspirational to have him talk to you. When he talks to you, you know you have to do what he says.

Matt Farley

It's about the roots, you know? How did they do it? How might you do it? And how might you not want to do it? To me, that's very inspirational.

Randy Haberkamp

Calabash is earthy, inspirational, daring and diverse.

Colin Channer

Anthony is the most inspirational athlete I have ever coached.

Bobby Williams

It's just amazing. It's inspirational to the kids and to me. We all need that support here.

William Hughes

Anybody can get anything, anytime, anywhere, ... unique and inspirational.

Lois Huff

The first week was extremely enjoyable, inspirational.

James Walsh

It?s inspirational for people to see their neighbors? home and garden.

Judy Sullivan

It was inspirational to see Jermaine there. It has been hard playing without him, but we have been trying to get through it.

Pryce Underwood

Coach Sutton said it was one of the most inspirational victories he'd ever experienced. He said we played OSU defense. He even said the victory helped out his aching back.

Jameson Curry